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Chapter #10: The HORDE


(Phil’s POV, Human Form)


[5 Humans killed] [No Skills have leveled] [No Skills are available for Purchase]


The voice echoed within my head.


As I sat cross legged Edwin and his group just stared. They were all confused by my appearance and were just awestruck by the fact I now looked human.


As the group stared at my blood covered body I looked behind myself, I saw Sun and Moon just eating to their hearts content. The occasional sound of a bone breaking could be heard but other than that, there was no sounds.


As we all sat waiting for Cinta and Jarolds groups to arrive Irvine decided to break the silence.


“Why did you eat Remy? Are you not human?” Irvine questioned me.


“I ate Remy because I was hungry, I probably eat 5 times as much as a human in a single day. As for me being human, I’m not. If I was the same race as you I wouldn’t eat you but I’m not. Ultimately, it’s as simple as you eating an animal that you’ve hunted and killed, it’s the same to me. The only difference I see from eating Humans and Orcs is I can understand one of you.”


“But humans are intelligent, Orcs are not, that’s not the same!”


“Maybe, maybe not. Do you know Orcs are not intelligent? Seems to me they are, they’re currently patrolling this very forest in a verity of formations. On top of that they have a King, just because we lack means to understand them doesn’t make them not intelligent. Along with that how do you know Sun and Moon are not intelligent? * I pointed at the them* Wolves fight in coordinated packs and teach their young how to hunt and survive. Seems their intelligent to me.”


“There just beasts, nothing more nothing less, there’s a difference between us and beasts.” Irvine replied.


“Maybe to you but not to me. I’m an animal, I wasn’t created by some god, my species evolved into what we are without any help, we had to fight to survive and that’s what I am doing. I’m not going to go out of my way to kill humans and eat them, but if they try to hunt me down or hurt my pack I will kill them and eat them just like any other animal would.” I stated


I turned around to eat more from Remy’s corpse, but sun and moon were already eating from it. I let out a long sigh, and mumbled “I’m still fucking hungry, I sort of feel like this appetite is a curse.”


As I finished mumbling Cinta and Jarolds groups came running through the underbrush. They were surprised to see me just sitting down next to several cleanly picked corpses and a group of horrified adventurers.


Helia looked around and stared at me. “I thought we agreed for you to wait Phillip…”


“Hey, it’s not my fault they decided to start fighting each other, I just decided to help the people who weren’t trying to hunt me down and kill me for the Holy Kingdom. Look since I’m going to have to explain some shit to the adventurers why don’t you guys sit down I and I’ll run through what happened when I was brought to this world, that should help to clear things up with these adventurers and clarify some aspects to Cintas, Helia, and Albert.”


Cinta, Albert, and Helia looked at me inquisitively


“Brought to this world?” Cinta questioned me


“Yup, just sit down for story time. It shouldn’t take too long, and I rather get this out of the way sooner rather than later.” I replied


Cinta and Edwins groups just looked at me and waited.


“So, here’s the short version. I’m not from Aredeaia, I’m from a planet called earth. I was just doing my job and ended up almost dying thanks to some idiot poachers. In that process I was dragged into a portal and dropped into the Holy Kingdom of Illengard. At the time I couldn’t speak your language. The Holy Kingdom gave me a class and tried to heal me” I pointed to my scar on my lower abdomen.


“When they gave me my class from that stone thing I started to shift into my werewolf form, Because of this they decided to attack me. I fled into the forbidden forest after being shot with arrows and chased down by some guys on horseback. I made my way through the Forbidden Forest fighting Orc patrols and ended up in the Animal-Kin Kingdom meeting Jarold’s group, they brought me to Keenheim. That about sums up my adventure in Aredeaia so far.”


Edwin spoke first “Your saying the Holy Kingdom of Illengard summoned you?”


“Yup, they were doing some shit with magic as I came out of that golden portal, so I guess they did.” I replied


Edwin didn’t say anything and just sat thinking to himself


Bedlum spoke next, “So, your saying they summoned you then tried to kill you? That doesn’t make a lot of sense.”


“I agree but I don’t try to understand stupidity. From what I’ve heard the Holy Kingdom isn’t the nicest place for Non-humans. Why would they spare me from that treatment, they summoned me and after they gave me a class they understood we weren’t the same race, then tried to kill me.” I replied


Albert spoke to me next, “You not even a race from this world… that makes sense why my family didn’t know about your race. Why did you hide that fact earlier?


“haha, if you were with Jarold, Amina, and Ahben when we met Lord Elbuck you would understand. Ask me more about it when we get back to Keenheim, I’ll tell you there.”


“I will” Albert replied with a glint in his eyes


Anthony one of the Bloodhounds spoke, “We still have a contract to bring you back to the Holy Kingdom.”


I looked at the man named Anthony, “I’m a citizen of the Animal-Kin Kingdom, does that change your stance on the matter?”


“Yes.” He replied


“Good.” I stated

The woman Elena just stared at me with hatred in her eye. I guessed she wasn’t too happy that I’d eaten a human, but I didn’t let her opinion bother me. I have too much on plate to worry about besides some adventurers opinion of me.


Edwin spoke again, “We have to report this to the board members.”


I whistled, “So who are these board members? I’ve heard some interesting things about them.”


Edwin replied immediately and without hesitation, “I cannot give you any information about the board. It’s against regulations to do so.”


“Well that’s a bummer but I expected as much” I replied.


“Any questions you have Helia, Cinta?”


They both shook their heads saying no they didn’t which slightly surprised me, but I wasn’t going to press.


“Time to find the High Orc King, I’m still hungry.”


“Are you ever not hungry?” Jarold questioned me as we laughed.




Edwin looked at us and said “A High Orc King?! Did you tell the guild and why are you going to fight such a thing with so little people!?”


Jarold looked at Edwin with disdain while saying, “We don’t want people who will run away half way through their contract, we already informed your guild, they can do as they please.”


Edwin looked over at Jarold with a questioning gaze “We’ve never abandoned a contract half way through.”


“You may not have but that’s what your guild does.” Jarold stated coldly


“Look, I don’t know what you’re going on about, but we have to get back to guild and plan for this properly, you can go off on your suicide run if you so please.”


“Suicide run? Ha, I just took five of you out in less than two minutes, you were the ones on a suicide run and you didn’t even know it. We know what were up against, we are better off than you were before I saved your asses from in fighting, you best remember that Edwin, Irvine, Natasha, Anthony, Bedlum, Elena, Anthony, Bushwick, and Grey of the Blood Hounds.” I said to Edwin


Edwin looked at me startled by what I had said. He realized he and his group were no longer welcomed and decided to leave.


“Thanks for your help Phillip, we will inform the Board of your actions and make sure the contract posted by the Holy Kingdom of Illengard is taken down.” Edwin replied


“Thanks, I rather not have to kill anymore adventurers, I don’t have a problem with you.” I said with a smile showing fangs


His group stood up got their things and headed off towards Keenheim.


Cinta and Jarold groups started to get their gear ready and I was given my gear and pants by Helia. Once we had geared up again, Jarold and Cinta both started talking.


Cinta “I think we should split up and search for the High Orc King, we can cover more ground and be less noticeable while looking through the forest.”


Jarold replied “I don’t like the idea of splitting up, there is too much that could go wrong. I know we monitor and patrol the Forbidden Forest but like you said earlier to Phil, their many beasts within this forest. It not just the Orcs we have to worry about.”


Cinta, “I agree but if we don’t split up we will be looking for the Orcs for who knows how long. We need to get back to our post!”


I interrupted to the two as the discussed our current situation.


“I’m with Jarold, but who’s to say we can’t fan out to cover more ground that way instead of completely splitting up? If we’re completely split up and we come across the High Orc King who knows how long it will take us to find one another, if we fan out in a formation we could cover more ground and still roughly know each other’s positions. If we do that we can easily contact one another and inform one another of what happening.”


Cinta, “That makes sense… Let’s do that.”


Jarold “I’m on board with that as well, how do you purpose that we group ourselves?


“I say that that we each separate a half mile apart in a line, I can be with Sun and Moon. Cinta can be with Helia and Albert, and Jarold can be with Amina and Ahben. I’ll be in the middle and your two group can be on the outer edges. We can have Sun and Moon in-between each of your groups searching for the Orcs scent trail, so we are not missing anything. If we do that I can have them eitherstay in-between your group’s and myself or zig zagging back in forth between each of your two groups and myself. It’s up to you how we do it.”


Cinta and Jarold looked at one another and both nodded coming to a silent understanding.


Cinta asked, “Can you communicate with Sun and Moon?”


I replied, “Yes, I can.”


Cinta stated, “Then have them stay in-between Jarold’s and my group. If you find anything tell them to come and get us. We will do the same if we find anything, I’ll send Helia to find you and I’m guessing Jarold will send Amina.”


Jarold nodded then said, “Everyone be careful we don’t know what we will come across so stay together. If anybody finds the High Orc King wait for the entire group to meet up before going into action. We need to plan our assault properly if we want to succeed and come up out of this without any injuries. If you come across a Magic Tainted Monster and need help send a runner.”


Everyone nodded and began doubled checking their gear. I strapped both my quiver and bow across my back and pulled my pants on. Getting ready to start the search for the High Orc King.


Our groups looked at one another than separated. I looked at Sun and Moon who had picked clean the Remy’s Corpse. Then howled at them to get in-between our groups and try to sniff out the Orcs but not engage if they found them and return to me or the closest group if they did find a scent trail.


Sun and Moon both howled, I could feel their discomfort from being separated from one another but they both nodded after howling and ran off after each group to get into position.


I waited for about 5 minutes before I decided to head out, I figured each group would need some time to get into position before we headed off.


I started off and for a while encountered nothing trekking through the dense forest and underbrush. As I continued forward I stayed silent and just admired my surrounding while looking for tracks and constantly sniffing the air.


This transpired for several miles, but I found nothing. Eventually 3 hours and about 15 miles later I caught wind of something. It didn’t smell like an Orc, but I was still hungry and felt like I should check it out. I let my blackened fangs and claws retract from my mouth, hands, feet, and pulled my bow and a single arrow of my back in preparation.


I advanced through the dense forest low the ground constantly smelling the scent trail. It led to my right towards Cintas group, I then heard a howl in the distance. It was Sun, he had found something that wasn’t and Orc but needed help.


I took off at a dead sprint in his direction and howled back telling Moon to stay in position and I would help Sun. I covered the distance between us in a matter of minutes. As I came closer I could smell blood, I soon heard growling and a fight going on.


I advanced and moved recklessly towards the sounds emanating from the forest. I soon came upon Sun, fighting a huge Snake. It was at least 10ft long and had grey scales covering its body. I immediately drew my bow and fired at the snake’s face aiming for its eye.


Unfortunately, I missed, and the arrow bounced off the scales of the huge snake face as it let out a hiss realizing it was being attacked from a different direction. It swung its massive head around and struck at me bearing its fangs.


I dove to the side, while throwing my bow. As I hit the ground I unbuckled my quiver and stood up. The massive snake did not give me lee way though it immediately struck again, as it launched itself again at me. This time I just dodged rather than diving to the ground.


As I dodged to the left the snakes huge head I shoved my clawed right hand forward aiming for its eye. This time my I hit the mark, but I was unable to free my hand from its eye socket. The Snake used the to its advantage and swiveled its head in attempt to bite me. As the snake tried to bite onto me I jumped over the snake and began straddling it. I used my free left hand to dig my claws into the skull of the snake, while using my clawed feet to dig into the sides of its neck, attempting to use the leverage to free my hand from its eye socket.


The massive snake wasn’t having it though it began to roll on the ground. Sun seeing this used the moment to attack the now exposed underside of the massive Snake. He lurched forward and bit into the middle of the snake’s underbelly, then ran away holding onto a chuck softer scales and meat he had ripped out.


The snake continued to thrash around an I continued to straddle it like a bull rider. I continued attempting to free my hand, as I did, I had an idea form in my head. I then began to use my leverage to not pull my right hand out of its eye socket but to dig further into its skull towards its brain.


As I did the this the snake writhed and rolled trying to crush me. Using all my strength I could muster held on while continuing to shove my hand further and further into the Snakes skull. I then heard a loud (CRACK) then the massive Snake went limp.


As the snake went limp I switched my efforts from digging in to its skull to pulling my stuck hand out. As I did this I looked over at Sun, surprisingly the sly wolf wasn’t injured. I then heard another (Crack) and felt my hand slip out from the skull of the Massive Snake. I then let out a howl telling Sun and Moon to continue.


[Juvenile Basilisk killed] [Achieved Level 5] [10 SP and AP Acquired] [Claw’s; Fangs of Death increased to level (4)]


Name: Phillip Mauger]

[Level: 5]

[Race: Homo-Sapien {Homo-Sapiens: a race of animals that evolved into humans without the any assistance of gods}.]

[Class: Shape-Shifter {Undiscovered Class Shape-Shifter: a non-magical class that allows its holder to adopt the forms of other life, in its pursuit for its own survival.}]

[Health: 220/280 regenerating 228/280]

[Stamina: 200/280]

[Magic: 0/0]


[Inspect Level (4): Allows the user to gather information about items; life. The amount of information provided grows with the level of the skill}-passive.]

[Shapeshift Level (4): A skill that only the Shape-shifter class can use. The Skill allows the user to Shift in other forms, the forms will evolve with your understanding of the original life form. This skill may trigger unconsciously due to mental state or other reasons. Leveling the skill allows for better adoption of the transformed body by the class holder} -passive].

[Regeneration Level (4): Allows the body and mind to regenerate from physical; magical attacks, as the level increases so will your own ability to regenerate. -passive]

[Scent Tracking Level (4): Track other beings by their scent, your ability to do so will increase with each level of this skill -passive].

[Claw’s; Fangs of Death Level (4): Grow claws; fangs while in your human or Shapeshift form. The sharpness, hardness, other properties will come about as the level of this skill increases in level. Your Claws and Fangs are now stained black and will siphon the souls of those you kill, the souls you take will be given to Death -passive.]

[Howl of the Pack Leader Level (4): Intimidate Non-predatory animals while communicating your intentions to your pack, current skill level gives low Strength and Agility buff to your pack. The effects of this skill will increase and grow as the level of the skill increases - active {cost -50 Stamina}]

[Animal Instincts Level (4): Your heritage is that of an animal, instincts are what kept your kin alive, in a hostile and unforgiving world. As this skill increases so will your connection to your animal instincts. -passive.]

[Pain Resistance Level (4): Your body has developed in a high tolerance for pain, the higher this skill level increases the more pain your body will be able to experience without passing out or going into shock. This skill does not eliminate the pain you feel, it only dulls it. -passive]

[Fang; Claw Mastery Level (4): Gain a better understanding of how to use your claws; fangs to fight as the animal you are. As the skill level increases so will your understanding of your claws and fangs; your ability to use them in combat -passive.]

[Enhanced 5 senses Level (4): Your 5 senses grow sharper with each level of this skill -passive.]

[Bottomless Stamina Level (4): Stamina is your only means of attack and defense. Strenuous movements cost little to no stamina, as this skills level grows all stamina movement will cost nothing; Active Skills that use stamina costs will be reduced -passive.]


[De-Buff’s: Non-Magical Being – Permanent {This being has never contained magic; its body will never be able to store magic or use magic skills}]

[Attributes: Strength-44, Agility-44, Constitution-48, Intellegence-24; Wisdom-24] {Str, Agility; Con have +2 due to the title: Leader of the Pack: +10 to all stats due to title: The one who escaped Death.}


[Child of Nature: You are a child of nature, not the gods. Nature will recognize this so will the gods; their followers.]

[The Last of His Race: You are the last of your kind, will your kind die or survive? This questions rests of your shoulder. Increases [SP] and [AP] gain when leveling up from 5 to 10]

[Leader of the Pack: While with your pack you gain +2 Strength, Agility, Constitution; your ability to lead your pack is significantly increased.]

[The One Who Escaped Death: You escaped the clutches of Death, an admirable but ultimately pointless feat. you gain +10 to all Stats.]

[Deaths Hound: You are Deaths Hound, Find the souls that escape your masters reach! You gain ????? but cannot use ?????]

[Skill Points {SP}-9 after leveling skills], [Attribute Points {AP}-0]


{Author Note: Marked by death buff only means Phillip’s Soul cannot be taken by anyone besides Death. He can die but his soul will go to Death, but if someone tries to steal his soul Death will be summoned.}


Seeing I got 10 SP and AP I used my AP to dump 3 points into Strength and Agility, and 4 into Constitution. I then used 7 SP to bring my remaining skills all to level 4 and saved the remaining 3, making my total unused SP 9.


I didn’t know when I would get another chance to buy skill’s, so I didn’t want to spend them all. I felt having some in storage so to speak would only benefit me. I also figured if I was in pinch I could level up a skill or two to help me out.


I then heard a sound (GRRRUMMBLE) I looked around then down and realized it was my stomach rumbling. I then proceeded to rip several pieces meat off Basilisk then carved the heart out and ate it on the spot. After satiating my hunger, I grabbed my gear and ran off.


As I ran I howled, then heard howls respond back. The howl’s said Jarold’s group had found tracks, and they were following them with Cintas group. I rushed speeding through the forest as fast as I could as I neared the group I slowed down and finally found them.


Jarold “Where were you?”


“Found a Juvenile Basilisk and leveled up.” I responded


“More like you ate it, you still have scales around your mouth.” Jarold stated while everyone snickered


I felt like a child getting caught putting their hand in the cookie jar…


“uhhh I was still hungry, and it was in-between Cinta and myself thought I’d take a look. Never mind that though, you found some tracks?” I replied trying to change the subject


“We did, but It was thanks to Moon finding a scent trail and leading us. Looks like a Trail to the Hordes main camp. It’s well used, and we’ve seen several patrols using it.” Jarold replied as he patted Moon on the head


“Sounds like you’ve been busy, let’s find this encampment.”


Our groups now reunited and began to creep through the dense forest off a way’s from the used path created by the Orcs, trampling the underbrush continuously.


We continued for another 3 miles like this until we came to a clearing, dozens of shacks lined the clearing not allowing a clear view into the interior of the encampment. As we pressed forward Helia whispered, “We should get to higher ground, so we can scout the area out better.”


We all nodded and started heading for a mountain that shaded the clearing. After 20 or so minutes of hiking up the small mountain we arrived near the summit. We gazed off into the clearing and were surprised to see at least 200 of Orcs within the clearing…

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