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Chapter #8: Heading back to the Forbidden Forest Part 1


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Chapter #8: Heading back to the Forbidden Forest Part 1


As I woke up I saw the sun had not risen, I also noticed both Sun and Moon laying on either side of me on the bed that was brought into the room. I looked around and noticed that no one else was awake, rather than wait for them to get up I started getting dressed and headed towards the kitchen.


After a brisk walk I arrived at the kitchen and mess hall, I noticed that most of the cooks were hard at work preparing for breakfast. I walked over and asked.


(Phil) “Good morning, any way I could get some breakfast early?”


A short pudgy woman who was human came over and answered.


(Cook) “It a little early Sir, but if you go sit down we will get you some food. Do you have any preference?”


(Phil) “No mam, I’m not cooking so whatever you bring me I will happily eat.”


(Cook) “Haha, if only everyone was as easy to serve as you. Your food should be out shortly.”


The portly woman walked back into the kitchen and started to think about what I had dreamed about, while scratching Sun and Moon heads. I couldn’t recall much from my dream, but I remembered the feeling rage.


This bothered me, I tried to grab the feeling and shove it within the depths of myself, but it didn’t work, if anything it only made it worse. I soon noticed that I had stopped petting both Sun and Moon and my Claws and fangs started grow out.


Looking at them I noticed that they were now stained black all the way through. This fact intrigued me, but I still felt the feeling of rage wafting throughout my body. Rather than let this feeling control me I started petting both Sun and moon again.


The feeling on their fur and their innocent looks began to calm me down. I was still baffled by the overwhelming feeling of rage. I knew that I needed to get it under control, my actions up until this point within Aredeaia were purely emotional, I was acting like a child not a grown man.


I knew I had a valid reason for doing so but a phrase echoed within my head, “the only action’s you have control over, are your own.”


By this time the portly woman had come back over and was looking at both Sun and Moon. Before I could say anything, she said (cook) “would your companions like some food as well?”


The fact that she asked me this surprised me, but rather than look a gift horse in the mouth I politely replied.


(Phil) “Yes mam, if it’s not too much trouble it would be greatly appreciated.”


The woman just smiled and walked back into the kitchen after handing me big bowl of eggs mixed with other ingredients mixed within it. I immediately started eating, by the time I was about half way through the huge bowl of eggs she had brought over similar bowls and sat them on the ground.


After finishing chewing the food in my mouth I said (Phil) “Thanks you mam”.


She just waved her hand and said (Cook) “It’s my job, and it’s always nice to serve those who are respectful.” She then walked back into the kitchen without another word and continued with the other cooks getting ready for the breakfast rush.


As we sat eating, Jarold and his scout group walked into the kitchen. They weren’t surprised to see me, and they all just started laughing. Amina stated, “I told you he would be here.”


They all went over to the kitchen and place their orders a came over and sat down next to me.


I stopped eating and looked at Amina and said, (Phil) “what’s that supposed to mean?”


Amina stared at me and just started laughing, Jarold and Ahben snickered as well. after they had stopped laughing Amina said “Since we met you that’s about the only consistent thing about you is eating absurd amounts of food. So, when we woke up we knew you’d be here eating”.


She stated while the others nodded their heads in agreement.


I said (Phil) “I guess you’re right, but everyone’s got to eat simple as that” I said and began to stuff my face again which caused another laugh from the group.


By the time I had finished they had all gotten their food and started eating. Looking at their bowls of food I notice my own was substantially larger. This made me get up and go find the portly lady within the kitchen.


I walked over and found her within the kitchen hard at work and just put several coins next to her and said(Phil) “thank you”. Before she could respond I walked out of the kitchen and sat back down with the group.


I began to talk to them about what I had planned for today. as they ate.


(Phil) “My plan for today is to go back into the Forbidden Forest, will probably be gone for several days. I have to go talk to someone before I continue on the path that I’ve set out on. We will be walking to the center of the forest. I’m pretty sure if you guys are up for it we can look for the High Orc King along the way we should be able to kill it. We should also inform the Adventurers guild since we forgot to yesterday after everything that transpired. Sound good?”


For the most part they all nodded, Jarold finished a mouth full of food and said (Jarold) “if were planning on taking on the High Orc King we should probably get some more people to come along. We have no idea how big the horde it’s made could be and how organized they are.” He said as he continued to eat.”


(Phil) “I’m fine with that, my only quip with that is that when I meet my friend if others are with us, I’ll be going alone.”


The group just stared at me, then looked at each other. Amina asked (Amina) “why can’t anyone else see your friend?”


(Phil) “Let’s just say he’s not found of unannounced visitor’s.”


The group continued to look at me but gave up when I said nothing else. After they finished eating I said, (Phil) “I’ll be waiting outside since I’m all good to go. Take your time packing and bring whatever you’ll need for a few days possibly a week or two at the most.


The group nodded and headed back to the room. Sun, Moon, and myself waited outside for about 20 mins before they arrived. They’re were 3 extra people with them. Ahben said (Ahben) “this is another scout group that basically do the same thing as us in a different part of the Forbidden Forest”.


Ahben pointed at small woman wielding a Mace an shield who had black Fur and small pointed ears and said (Ahben) “this is Cinta, she is a leader of the scouting group”


I put my hand out and said (Phil) “Great to be working with you Cinta, I’m Phillip. Has Ahben told you the details of our little excursion?”


(Cinta) “Nice to meet you as well; yes, we know the detail of our excursion. We plan to go into the Forbidden Forest and take down the High Orc King that you have found evidence about, we will also be meeting someone you know within the forest, but we will not be accompanying you to meet whomever it is your meeting.”


(Phil) “that about sums it up” I moved forward and introduced myself to the two others within Cinta’s group.


One was a tall slim man named Albert, he looked like some type of unknown reptile, he had scales all over his body wielded two swords at his waist. The others were a woman named Helia, she was Hawk of some type, she had a beak on her face, bird like feet with four huge talons on either foot, and feathers all over her body. Rather than having wings for her hands they were feathered covered arms with fingers similar to that of a human. She wielded a huge bow that was almost a tall as her. Surprisingly she lacked arrows to shoot from it though.


After our introduction we all headed for the adventurer’s guild to inform them of the High Orc King. Cinta had stated, (Cinta) “Even with our current group depending on the size of horde we do not know if we will be able to handle it.”


We decided because of this it would probably be wise to go inform the adventurers guild about the issue. Helia also interjected (Helia) “Since this issue has the possibility of affecting the guild they will not charge the kingdom for posting a contract.”


We walked through town and eventually arrived at a fairly large building with a huge sign posted outside of it. The scout groups walked in and I followed. they went straight for a counter lined with several individuals posted to help in the process of making bounties and quests. Jaorld walked up to a woman sitting down at the counter and simply said (Jarold) “we came to inform the Adventurer’s guild that there is a High Orc King within the Forbidden Forest, Lord Elbuck wished us to inform you since this issue may affect your guild as well as or city.”


The woman just stared with her mouth agape as Jarold turned around and walked away I was little surprised by this but followed the group as well. when we got outside I asked Jarold, (Phil) “what was that about? You didn’t really give them much information to go off of.”


Jarold turned around and had a scowl on his face, he said (Jarold) “The adventurers guild is not a part of our kingdom, they will not gain information that are lord Elbuck has not given us permission to give them.”


(Phil) “Come on Jarold, I get that but whats up? The scowl gives away your utter hatred for them. I don’t have a right to say anything to you after how I acted yesterday but I still would like to know what’s up with you buddy.”


We continued walking on our way out of town, before Jarold spoke again. (Jaorld) “The adventurers guild is not someone you can trust Phillip, they’re only interested in protecting themselves and making money, yes they help kingdoms out, but it is only a façade that helps to further their goals.”


(Phil) “Fair enough but is that the only reason that your mood is as fowl as mine was yesterday after I got to meet the tavern wench?”


My question caused him to smile and laugh, (Jarold) “hahaha, I really can’t believe your calling “her” a tavern wench Phillip, but your right. No that isn’t the only reason I hate the adventurer’s guild. They left my family for dead after we had made a contract through them, that’s why I hate them, their no better than common mercenaries in my personal opinion.”

(Phil) “I’m sorry Jarold. Your right they are not anything but mercenaries that accept contracts from anyone.” I said as I patted him on the back.


We continued to walk and exited the city, our group stopped. Far in the distance we could see the outline of the Forbidden Forest waiting for us.

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