An Animal in Sheep's Clothing



Chapter #7: Meeting the Animal-Kin Kingdom's King Part 2


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Chapter #7: Meeting the Animal-Kin Kingdom’s King Part 2

(Phil POV)


I just sat at the meeting table in Elbucks castle not noticing the King, Elbuck, their Court Mages, and the group of guards whispering about what had just happened. I knew that I had to calm the boiling rage in me It felt like the anger that was not my own. As I finally calmed down I began to hear the groups whisperings.



(Conrad POV)


What was most surprising about everything that had transpired was Phillip just decided to sit back down, after being dragged to the ceiling by Illengard then being picked up again by some mysterious being by the throat. He looked like he was just breathing but if you looked hard enough you could see he was just sitting trying to control his breathing while trying to calm himself down and thinking about something. I thought about how furious he’d gotten after the mysterious being left and his statement to Illengard, then one of Elbucks guards began to speak.


(Jarold) “Why is Illengard so interested with Phillip? Why was she so mad that he spoke about how he got to Aredeaia? What was that black figure and What does it want?


(Elbuck) “Jarold, I’m guessing its based off of what Phillip implied, that Illengard brought him to Aredeaia with the help of her followers preforming some ritual. How that ritual works I have no idea, nor do I have any idea why Illengard would be so upset with Phillip just saying it out loud. Maybe it has to do with the other gods in Aredeaia, but ultimately we don’t know.”


(Conrad) “I agree Elbuck, Illengard probably didn’t want Phillip to say anything because Illengard isn’t the only god watching him. He’s said openly a few different times that he was not made by gods and doesn’t really respect them; after this can you really blame him? I’ve never seen a god descend merely to try to silence someone from speaking, it’s an eye-opening experience to say the least…”


(Amir) “Conrad my King, I would have to agree. If Phillip wasn’t made by the gods of Aredeaia then that’s all the more reason the Gods felt they needed to keep an eye on him. If she wasn’t supposed to bring someone from another world, she wouldn’t want them talking about it informing the other gods of her own actions. Look at what popped out when he was about to die. What that mysterious being said is puzzling, it sounded like he was upset that our gods didn’t understand what they were doing, it acted like it was dealing with children not gods. Not only that It said something was meddling with its power without its consent. I fear Necrosis is the god it was referring to, what that means I do not know but I do know Phillip won’t sit idlily by.”


(Conrad) “Your right Amir, but rather than guess what Phillip will or will not do let us wait. He is still trying to take in what happened and can we really blame him? A god descended and tried to kill him for merely speaking, then a mysterious being gave him a task to complete that pertains to our gods. Let us wait and see what he plans to do from here.”


The group of individuals decided to sit back down at the table, they all just watched and waited for Phillip. One thing they all noticed is that he had a black chain now around his neck. It wasn’t a physical chain, but It looked as though it was now a part of his skin.


After starring at the mysterious chain, they just continued moved back to starring at Phillip’s face. At first it looked like he was just breathing but then he began to smile, it became bigger and bigger. As his smile grew the whites of his eyes began to become pitch black.


The group began to mutter amongst themselves wondering what was happening, but Phillip said nothing. He just sat looking at a single point at the wall in front of him, this transpired for over 10 mins then he began to look at the each of the group and his gaze finally landed on Amir and he began to speak.


(Phil POV)


(Phil) “Amir can you use your telepathy skill so that all of us can talk?”


Amir looked just looked at Phillip in the eyes which were now pitch black with dark green iris’s. Amir finally responded.


(Amir) “Yes I can.”


(Phillip) “Good do so.”


Amir used his telepathy skill and linked the group together, so they could speak with just their thoughts, but he feared what Phillip might show the others. As he finished images began flash before their eyes while trickling through the groups heads. At first it was just people they had never seen but then the people picked up strange tools. They were then showed war, thousands of people using these tools, killing one another.


They group just shook in terror they had never seen so many corpses. They all were of men, they were blown apart by these tools or pierced by balls ranging from as a big a person’s head, to as small as a finger-tip. The group was shocked that such a tool could cause so much death.


As the images flashed before them they soon realized that these were not Phillips own experience they were from several books. The images had text around them they could not read but it was clear that they were not things Phillip had done, just a record of what had happened, but then images were cut off by him.


He then asked in the telepathic link.


(Phillip) “Do you have Dwarves in Aredeaia?”


Conrad answered first


(Conrad) “We do but why does that matter? After everything that happened that’s the first thing you ask?!”

Phillips smile only grew as he heard this he responded calmly.


(Phillip) Good and yes, it is. Also, since were using this skill I’m sure the god that created the Animal-Kin race is listening and is very interested in my intention whether they will respond is up to them, but I will say this to them. I’m coming for the tavern wench, she will be made an example for the rest of you. No one escapes death, that applies to you gods as well.”


(Phillip) “With that said, I have no issues with the rest of you. Unless you decided to support the tavern wench that is. Now, where are the dwarves, King Conrad? Do they have their own kingdom?”


The group was shocked, why would Phillip believe their god Crenith their god would be listening to their conversation? From what they knew about the telepathy skill only those who were linked could hear the conversation, even with these thoughts Conrad responded to his question.


(Conrad) “Their Kingdom is far to the west past our own kingdom, with that said we have a few dwarven emissaries within the capital of our Animal-Kin Kingdom.”


(Phillip) “That’s great, I’m guessing dwarves are known for their craftsmen-ship or am I wrong?”


(Conrad) “yes they are? Why does that matter though? They are not known to help others they are prideful in their creation and they seldom build items for outsiders of their country. We have a dwarven craftsmen in our Kingdom, but he won’t build anything based on requests, he only builds items he wishes to, he refused to build me weapon at one point.”


(Phillip) “HAHA, this is great, things will go more smoothly with one of their craftsmen. I’m guessing my plan will be able to come about faster than anticipated. Moving forward, is there a type of magic that forces decomposition to happen?”


(Conrad) “Yes there is, the Demon-Kin Kingdom has such magic but they just like the dwarves won’t give away their secrets.”


Conrad guessed he wanted to know of the race capable of using the magic he had referred to, so he just included them within his response.


(Phillip) “this is great, my plan should be able to come about in a month or two rather than several years ahahaha. Also, that fine I don’t want their secrets, I want their expertise and help, that’s it. As long as they hate the Holy Kingdom and our willing to help our cause, that’s all that matters. Now King Conrad I have a request for you and your court mage, cut the link so we are the only ones able to hear it. After I’m done you can reconnect us all.”


Amir did this and he and is king waited for Phillip to start speaking.


(Phillip) “I’m sure you don’t like the holy kingdom, from what I heard from Jarold, you’ve fought several wars with them, they also enslave your own kind that they capture in the wars and within their kingdom. Is this true?”


(Conrad) “Yes they do, there are several large clans of Animal-Kin enslaved along with other races such as Demon-kin and Dwarves included.”


(Phillip) “what idiots do they want the entirety of Aredeaia to fight against them? It would appear so. If that what they want, then that’s what’s going to happen if all goes according to plan, A war in which this world has never seen. I’ll tell you both my plan if you agree to my request’s, after that point you will be considered my allies, but you will have to follow through with a few demands pertaining to knowledge from my own world.”


(Phil) Onto my request, Amir I need dead bodies fresh preferably. I also need a place to put them in the earth far away from any city in a place that is dry. Next King Conrad I have a bit of difficult request for you. I need ground water, feces, and urine in mass. I need them to be transported to where location the bodies will be in mass.”


The two men just stared at Phillip the couldn’t understand what he needed corpse’s, piss, shit, and water for, but they just responded.


(Amir) “I can get you corpse’s… will magic tainted monsters work?”


(Conrad) “I can get you the other items as well, we can just make a latrine and make the army use it and transport it to the location we find for your corpses. The ground water will be a little more difficult to find but we should be able to do so.”

(Phil) “Yes Amir they should work. Great, you will tell no one of this ever. What I going to make is what like what I showed you but far worse. I’m planning on making something different, but it will cause just as much destruction or more as what I showed you earlier. I will next need to meet the dwarf craftsmen in your kingdom. Then I will need to find a Demon-Kin who is capable of using decomposition magic. Then I will go to their Kingdoms to ally them with our cause. I’ll say this only once, I will be keeping the construction of what I’m going to make to myself. I don’t want it used ever again after I’m done, if you try to recreate it you will be my enemies am I clear?


The two men nodded


(Phil) “Amir you can reconnect everyone if you don’t mind”


(Phil) “That’s good, now onto my telling you my plan. I figure due to how the Holy Kingdom Operates your kin are not the only ones being used as slaves as you stated. I’m sure this is the case for all kingdom’s, so I plan to unite you all and go to war with the holy kingdom. I don’t plan on killing every human, but I do plan on destroying the kingdom the tavern wench built. Once that’s done I’m going after her I should have leveled enough by then that I should be capable of doing so.


(Phil) I’m not going to lie, you’ll lose a people in this war and it will be like nothing this world has ever seen but once it’s done you should be rid of the Holy Kingdom for good. If all goes to plan when I visit the other’s kingdoms I plan on getting them to sign a peace treaty on your behalf, in doing so hopefully this world will never have another war but I’m not going to guarantee that.”


Conrad and Amir just starred at Phillip, he had done a complete 180 on creating things from his own world and now was going to war with their kingdoms mortal enemy he also planned to build the weapons of his country to help them not fight against them. This fact pleased them both, they also did not disagree with his standpoint on them not knowing how they were created, they believed that the less they knew about the construction of such weapons the better off Aredeaia would be.


Conrad had only one question


(Conrad) “I think that your plan is fairly sound, its fairly general, but I believe that with the help of weapons from your world we should have a clear advantage over the Holy Kingdom if we are going to start this war. My only question is will you be contributing troops? War Is numbers game even if we unite with the Demon-kin, Dwarven Kingdom we will still lack numbers over the Holy Kingdom. They have 4 times the amount of land, and 5 times the amount of people in their army as any given Kingdom. Even if we follow through with your plan we will still be lacking in numbers.”


(Phillip) “Hmmm, I planned for them to have more than people than us, but I didn’t realize there were that many ready to fight within the Holy Kingdom. I have a solution to this issue, but It will take time to make it happen. I’d say it would add another 5 or 6 months to my plan but it’s still feasible. For your own clarity ill just make my pack bigger, so I’ll need to locations that wolves live in your kingdom, and the others once they sign onto this. If I can do that I’ll make a big enough pack that it should be able to contest with their numbers.”


The group of people excluded from the conversation just starred lost in what was being said. While Conrad and Amir continued to speak with Phillip.


(Conrad) “That could work! Do you really think you will be able to control that many wolves though?”

(Phil) “I don’t control them, they just follow me because were family at this point at least Sun; Moon. Other wolves should be similar to a degree, so I shouldn’t be too much of an issue as long as I can find food for them. I could also recruit them and leave them where they’re at then call on them when the time comes. In doing so the amount of food I would need wouldn’t sky rocket.”


(Conrad) “Sounds like a good plan, I would go with the latter of the options just because it would be difficult to accommodate that many wolves within a given kingdom, the only issue would be gathering them when the time comes.”


(Phil) “Don’t worry about that, ill figure something out long before we go to war. Now, if you could tell me Dwarven craftsmen in your kingdom I’ll head over to him once we finished, then ill head to the Demon-Kin Kingdom find a mage they’re and discuss our plan, then do the same in the Dwarven Kingdom. If possible, I like to have Amir or someone else with the Telepathy skill around when I do so go to the kingdom’s I feel that would be the best option in keeping this secret from the Tavern wench (Illengard). Before that happens though I’ll need to level up a bit while you guys start gathering what I requested of you. Is there place I could level up fairly fast around here?”


(Conrad) “Sounds like a start, Phillip Mauger we will support you and your plan to destroy the Holy Kingdom, from this moment forth you are an ally and citizen within our kingdom. you are not required to pay taxes, but I still want you to follow our laws, no one is above them not even myself or you.” The king exclaimed


(Conrad) “Amir and I will look around for a way to communicate with you over distances it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Once find a way, I can send Amir to use his skill whenever you need it.”


(Phil) “Sounds fair to me, my king. Just a heads up I’m not going to bow or kneel ill acknowledge your position but I’m not bowing.”


(Conrad) “That is fine. Unless you need anything else from Amir and myself we will be leaving to prepare what you asked. Elbuck can tell you where the dwarven craftsmen is.


(Phil) No, Thanks for asking though. Also, thanks for helping me, I wouldn’t be able to do this without King Conrad, I sincerely appreciate your help. I hope our mutual goal succeeds.


(Conrad) “As Do I Phillip Mauger, we will speak soon. Until then I bid you fair-well.”


Conrad and Amir both disappeared and Elbuck, Rina, Amina, Jarold, and Ahben were all just staring at me in in shock and trying to understand what I had discussed with their king. Elbuck was the first to speak.


(Elbuck) “well I guess a lot has transpired, Phillip you said something about leveling up fast. We have a dungeon near by the would be of great use to you. From my understanding within the dungeon there are several species of Wolf and other creatures. Along with that the king mentioned you wished to meet the Dwarven Craftsmen within our kingdom. He is further within the Kingdom in the city of Areffheim. I believe once you are ready to head in that direction that Jarold, Amina, and Ahben would be happy to accompany you if that is what you desired. They can also show you the location of the Dungeon we have near Keenheim.


(Phil) Damn lord Elbuck you’re on top of it, Thanks for the information. If anything, else comes up ill come to you. For the time being if I need to get word to the King I feel your Court Mage Rina will be the quickest way to do so, as long as Rina and yourself do not mind?”


(Elbuck) “It’s nothing really, and I don’t mind but you I cannot speak for Rina. I may be her Lord, but I am no one’s master.


(Rina) “I do not mind, and I appreciate you asking me.”


(Phillip) “It is no big deal, it just common courtesy” I said with a friendly smile.


I then stood up and stretched; said


(Phil) “before I go to the dungeon or anything I need to go back to the Forbidden Forest. If Jarold, Amina, and Ahben wish to accompany me that’s fine if not I understand. I’d also like to get some warm food, beer, and a goodnight sleep before heading out.”


(Elbuck) “We will have a bed moved to their courters, so you can stay with them, as long as they do not have any objections?”


Jarold, Ahben, and Amina just nodded, they were still dazed and confused after all that had transpired.


(Elbuck) “Then your accommodations are decided, if you wish to eat just head by the kitchen and tell them I sent you, they’ll happily give warm meal and some ale.”


(Phil) Great I’ll be heading over there then; you guys want to come with I’m sure you’re hungry as well” I looked at the group of guards and Sun; Moon who were both dozing off since the room had become quiet.”


Jarold responded


(Jarold) “yeah… will lead the way to the kitchen and mess hall.”


(Phil) “WOOOHOOO warm food and ale!


We then all left the meeting room and walked to the mess hall. As we did I decided to take a look at my status.


Name: Phillip Mauger]

[Level: 4]

[Race: Homo-Sapien {Homo-Sapiens: a race of animals that evolved into humans without the any assistance of gods}.]

[Class: Shape-Shifter {Undiscovered Class Shape-Shifter: a non-magical class that allows its holder to adopt the forms of other life, in its pursuit for its own survival.}]

[Health: 110/220 {Regeneration} 125/220]

[Stamina: 168/220]

[Magic: 0/0]


[Inspect Level (2): Allows the user to gather information about items; life. The amount of information provided grows with the level of the skill}-passive.]

[Shapeshift Level (2): A skill that only the Shape-shifter class can use. The Skill allows the user to Shift in other forms, the forms will evolve with your understanding of the original life form. This skill may trigger unconsciously due to mental state or other reasons. Leveling the skill allows for better adoption of the transformed body by the class holder} -passive].

[Regeneration Level (3): Allows the body and mind to regenerate from physical; magical attacks, as the level increases so will your own ability to regenerate. -passive]

[Scent Tracking Level (3): Track other beings by their scent, your ability to do so will increase with each level of this skill -passive].

[Claw; Fang of Death Level (2): Grow claws; fangs while in your human or Shapeshift form. The sharpness, hardness, other properties will come about as the level of this skill increases in level. Your Claws and Fangs are now stained black and will siphon the souls of those you kill, the souls you take will be given to Death -passive.]

[Howl of the Pack Leader Level (3): Intimidate Non-predatory animals while communicating your intentions to your pack, current skill level gives low Strength and Agility buff to your pack. The effects of this skill will increase and grow as the level of the skill increases - active {cost -50 Stamina}]

[Animal Instincts Level (2): Your heritage is that of an animal, instincts are what kept your kin alive, in a hostile and unforgiving world. As this skill increases so will your connection to your animal instincts. -passive.]

[Pain Resistance Level (2): Your body has developed in a high tolerance for pain, the higher this skill level increases the more pain your body will be able to experience without passing out or going into shock. This skill does not eliminate the pain you feel, it only dulls it. -passive]

[Fang; Claw Mastery Level (2): Gain a better understanding of how to use your claws; fangs to fight as the animal you are. As the skill level increases so will your understanding of your claws and fangs; your ability to use them in combat -passive.]

[Enhanced 5 senses Level (2): Your 5 senses grow sharper with each level of this skill -passive.]

[Bottomless Stamina Level (2): Stamina is your only means of attack and defense. Strenuous movements cost little to no stamina, as this skills level grows all stamina movement will cost nothing; Active Skills that use stamina costs will be reduced -passive.]


[De-Buff’s: Non-Magical Being – Permanent {This being has never contained magic; its body will never be able to store magic or use magic skills}]

[Attributes: Strength-41, Agility-41, Constitution-44, Intellegence-24; Wisdom-24] {Str, Agility; Con have +2 due to the title: Leader of the Pack: +10 to all stats due to title: The one who escaped Death.}


[Child of Nature: You are a child of nature, not the gods. Nature will recognize this so will the gods; their followers.]

[The Last of His Race: You are the last of your kind, will your kind die or survive? This questions rests of your shoulder. Increases [SP] and [AP] gain when leveling up from 5 to 10]

[Leader of the Pack: While with your pack you gain +2 Strength, Agility, Constitution; your ability to lead your pack is significantly increased.]

[The One Who Escaped Death: You escaped the clutches of Death, an admirable but ultimately pointless feat. you gain +10 to all Stats.]

[Deaths Hound: You are Deaths Hound, Find the souls that escape your masters reach! You gain ????? but cannot use ?????]

[Skill Points {SP}-16- {6 after upgrading}], [Attribute Points {AP}-0]


{Author Note: Marked by death buff only means Phillip’s Soul cannot be taken, not that he cannot die.}


As my status popped up I realized I had gotten quite a bit from my experience with death, + 10 to all attributes, the fact no one could take my soul besides death, and the question marks in Deaths hound title were also very interesting. I was also surprised to find out I had a total of [16-SP]


Since I only had 11 skills, I figured I would put a point into each of them besides [Inspect]. This brought [Howl of the Pack Leader, Scent Tracking, and Regeneration] to level 4 and the rest of my skill to level 3.


By the time I had finished looking at my status I realized we were already within the kitchen and had been served food. The group had been staring at me as I mindlessly followed them around inspecting my status, but they had somewhat expected me to do so after all that transpired today.


After eating and drinking our fill, we went back to the Jarold, Ahben, and Amina’s big room. Once we arrived we all said our goodnights and immediately hit the sack. As my mind floated off to dream, I could only think how nice it was to sleep on an actual bed.






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