An Animal in Sheep's Clothing



Chapter #5: Leaving the Forbidden Forest Part 2


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At the behest of a reader i used a lot less semi-colons in the Chaper this will be a trend going forward. For the sake of Clarity if you come across a semi-colon ";"  it means "and". Also their are a few Authors Notes within the chapter just a heads up. 

Chapter #5: Leaving the Forbidden Forest Part 2.


As I questioned Jarold and his group, they looked at one another questioning my previous statement.


(Jarold) “Yes, you are on the border of the Animal-Kin Kingdom. Do you not know where you are and why do you come to our Kingdom?”


(Phil) “Why would I know where I am? I have no map, am I supposed to magically know which fucking direction I’m going? I just came through the Forbidden Forest because I heard that your Kingdom was in this direction.” I thought talking about Oleden would only bring trouble, so I kept the fact that I met him to myself.


The group just stared after I finished talking in shock, while the Jarold stated…


(Jarold) “You came through the Forbidden Forest? You do realize the only creatures in there are an Elder Dragon and magically tainted creatures?”


(Phil) “Never saw an Elder Dragon {I lied}, but if you are talking about the damned Orc’s and Deer like creatures, I met plenty of those. Damned things are a pain trying to kill me while I was passed out, damned High Orc almost chopping my arm… They taste good though.”




Jarold chimed in (Jarold) “Take a breath Amina. He clearly doesn’t know about that!”


I looked at the group while stating calmly (Phil) “Why does that matter? I don’t have any magic, so how could I become tainted by them?”


The group mouths just hung open. They couldn’t grasp what I had just said.


(Phil) “Jarold did you not pay attention when you inspected me? Did you see any magic in my status? Did you not see the De-buff “Non-Magical Being”? I’m not the creation of your gods, Nature made me what I am.” I stated.


(Amina) “You do realize what you’re saying!? The only life created in Aredeaia that is not a creation of the gods are magically tainted creatures!” she blurted out without thinking


(Phil) “I would appreciate if you didn’t lump me in the same category as Orcs. Along with that did I ever say I was born in Aredeaia?”


The group of three all looked at each other in shock and astonishment.


(Ahben) “Then how did you get to here?!” the bull-man blurted out.


(Phil) “Fuck if I know? One minute I’m dying, the next minute I’m being dragged through some golden portal of light into your world.” I coldly growled to the sky, not looking at the group.


The group of Animal-Kin stared at me in disbelief. Jarold was the first to speak.


(Jarold) “Your saying a god brought your here?”


(Phil) “I don’t know, nor do I care what brought me here. What I do know is I am not some creation of your gods, nor will I respect them. The only thing I respect besides nature is death.” I stated coldly.


As I finished I thought to myself stating to these people that Illengard and her Kingdom brought me here would probably cause problems. So, I said just enough so the gods who might be watching me could figure out who brought me here.


(Ahben) “Are you implying the god of death, Necrosis brought you here?”


(Phil) “Did I say that? No, I didn’t. I said the only thing I respect besides Nature is Death. Don’t lump death in the same category as some god.” I stated, implying that death wasn’t the domain of Necrosis.


(Ahben) “What are you even saying?! Necrosis is the god of death, the keeper souls!” The bull-man exclaimed.


(Phil) “You may not understand what I’m saying but your god of death does. That is all that matters.”


(Amina) “You act like the gods are watching your every move?”


(Phil) “Why wouldn’t they? I was not created by any of them, nor do I obligations to them. I am a mystery an enigma to them. Along with that, I walk the same planet as they’re children, so why wouldn’t they not keep an eye on me? If they didn’t I would be quite surprised at their stupidity.”


The group just looked at me in silence. Rather than let the conversation continue on this course I slowly shifted my body back into its human form.


(Phil) “If you’re not hunting my pack I have no problem with you.” I stated as I pulled my kilt up and started howling.


Sun and Moon walked out from the thickets almost right behind the group. As they walked by the group they let out a low growl. Sun and moon walked to either side of me, I then started to rub and scratch their heads as their tails began to wag vigorously.


This startled the group, they became more on edge realizing they had been in so close to the pair of dire wolves without even notice. Jarold spoke out again.


(Jarold) “How did you tame two Dire wolves?!” he questioned.


(Phil) “I didn’t, tame Sun and Moon. Their apart of my pack, they follow me because I’m also a wolf, just a little different from them. Look I don’t know you or trust you, I accept the fact that you are patrolling the Animal-Kin Kingdoms border; admire that fact. But Rather than continuing to stand here and talk all day, show me the way to your Kingdom. We can continue our conversation as we walk, if you need to take me to your superior do so. I want to get some actual cooked food in my stomach get some beer or what-ever it is in you have in this world; start my new life in this world.”


The group was surprised by what I said but acknowledge what I said.


(Ahben) “He’s right, we need to take him to Keenheim. He’s not an adventurer or a citizen, on top of that he is a new race. When we get back to town, we should inform the King, he can send someone to come inspect him, we can proceed from there.


Jarold; Amina both nodded while starting to walk to the west following Ahben. The group motioned me to follow them so Sun, Moon; I started after them.


As we followed the group I notice that they all wore similar amour with a short cloak that had a sword and shield with the face of a what appeared to be a lion in the center, with a snake coiling around the sword.


As we walked I asked the Amina about the crest.


(Phil) “Amina correct?”


(Amina) “Yes, what is it?”


(Phil) “What up with the crest on your groups cloaks?”


(Amina) “It’s the crest of the Animal-Kin Kingdom. We are part of guards for the town of Keenheim, a town on the border of the Forbidden Forest. Are job, is to check people entering the kingdom, while making sure to stop tainted monster from getting too close to Keenheim.”


(Phil) “Sounds like a necessary job to protect the town. Those Orcs were sly, they seemed fairly organized when I came across several groups patrolling the forest. the even had that High Orc leading them in that one patrol.”


(Amina) “What do you mean organized, they just roam around in groups looking for food within the forest?”


(Phil) “They had a formation, every patrol I came across had one Orc in the front, with one in the rear around a main group. That seems like their organized to me.”


(Amina) “That’s not normal, they usually just run around in groups…” Jarold chimed in.


(Jarold) “Shit… looks like a High Orc evolved into A High Orc King. When we get back to the Keenheim we need to tell the Adventurers guild.”


(Phil) Adventurers Guild? High Orc King what the hell are you talking about?” I questioned?


(Jarold) “The adventurers guild is a Guild that formed several hundred years ago, they are stationed in every Kingdom. They allow the Kingdoms Government, citizens, and other adventurers to post contracts for a fee. Groups of Adventurers will accept the contracts and completed them, but they will not participate in assassination. The guild is neutral in politics and will not participate in wars. They only help with threats that would affect the city they’re stationed in, such as bandits attacks, magic tainted monsters or other creatures that attack the towns. Magic tainted monsters evolve as they level, this allows them to become stronger and smarter. This is how the High Orc King came into existence…”


(Phil) “Thanks for the information I appreciate it, since I do know much about how things work in Aredeaia.”


(Ahben) “What was the world you came from like?” he questioned me.


(Phil) “It is way different than Aredeaia. It is fairly peaceful and there are no gods or magic. There was only a single intelligent race Homo-Sapiens, we evolved from apes over time not in the same way the Orcs evolved. As timed passed my race became the rulers of our planet known as Earth. Since there were no other intelligent races like on Aredeaia we ruled uncontested. Rather than other races like in Aredeaia, we had differing skin color, ideologies, beliefs this is what we waged war over. This is still the case today… that basically sums up the basic difference between our worlds.”


(Ahben) “You evolved from Apes?”


(Phil) “Yup, that’s why my race has opposable thumbs, five fingers; toes. We didn’t evolve like I’m guessing Orcs did though. Over time we gained more intelligence because those of my race who survived had to be smart enough to not die looking for food, this continued over thousands of years. What I mean by evolved is are offspring inherited the traits of the parents. This allowed traits of those who survived to be passed down, that’s what I mean by evolved. It’s not like we leveled up then just magically evolved one day.”


The group had stopped walking and just stared at me.


(Ahben) “Well I guess that means your closer to an Animal-Kin than human.” He stated happily


(Phil) “I would appear so.”



(POV Adventurers sent by the Holy Kingdom of Illengard)


A group of 15 men and women silently walked through the Forbidden Forest whom were all humans. One man led the group. He walked through the forest carefully, if one payed close enough attention they could see he was using some type of magic to make the tracks on the forest floor more visible to the naked eye. He was integral to finding the contracts target Phillip Mauger.


A man from the main group quietly talked to the man leading the group of seasoned adventurers.


(unknown) “Edwin, how far ahead is he?”


(Edwin) “I don’t know, his tracks changed. You all remember the area near the entrance to the forest where I said it looked like a fight had taken place?”


Most of the group nodded, the ones that did were a part of the group known as the “Blood Hounds”. The ones that didn’t nod, were a different group of adventures that had joined them on the contact against their wishes, but the guild had demanded that the contract required more than the group of eight that made of the “Blood Hounds”.


(Edwin) “well I didn’t think anything of it at the time but the target “Phillip Mauger” tracks changed. I thought it was because he had a pair of wolves following him, but it is clear now that his own tracks have changed, the tracks are more like that of some type of animal… He been running from what I can tell on all fours for the last several miles, only taking short breaks. Since we passed that lake a way’s back his tracks have turned back to that of a human, but his speed is astounding. According to the contract he should be only level 1 but he is moving faster than us…”


(Unknown) “what do you think caused his tracks to change?” a member of the Blood hounds asked Edwin.


(Edwin) “I don’t know Irvine, according to the contract the targets human. If I had to guess the target is not human but an Animal-Kin… The fact that he is going towards the Animal-Kin Kingdom only helps to validate this fact.”


The group continued to walk following Edwin, the group who had joined the “Blood Hounds” continued to stay quiet.


(Irvine) “If that is the case, shouldn’t we inform the guild?”


(Edwin) “No, not yet if we do find out the target isn’t a human, but until we know that is the case, we will continue to follow the target.


Several murmurs could be heard from the group that had be joined the “Blood Hounds” but they said nothing directly to the group. The entire group continued on until the found another gory scene blood, guts; bones picked clean were scattered about everywhere.


(Edwin) “What is this guy, I think he ate Orc’s!!” Edwin had leaned over and pulled a huge Orc skull from the ground. The skull was crushed, and several huge fang marks could be seen penetrating different areas of the crushed skull.


This cause the entire group of adventurers to start talking amongst themselves. They all knew no race created by the gods could eat magic tainted creatures without being transformed into a one, so why would someone willingly, do so?

(Phil POV)


Our group had traveled several miles. We were making good time, but I still felt like we are going at a snail’s pace. Since I gained the [Bottomless Stamina] I could run for 30miles without even breaking a sweat.


Rather than complaining I kept this to myself, these guards seemed like good people, but I wouldn’t trust them until they had earned it.


We had continued to talk the entire time. I would ask about certain things about Ardelia. While the guards would ask about things from earth.


For the most part I never mentioned tools beyond what had been created in this world, I discussed science, philosophy and the history of some of the early cavillations that had been on the earth. I never went into subjects like technology, weapons, or other aspects that could possibly impact Aredeaia like they had Earth.


I felt that introducing new things into Aredeaia was a sure-fire way be put on the gods shit list. I also felt why spoil another world with earths way of doing things? I also figured keeping my way of thinking was fine, but I needed to learn how common sense operated in Aredeaia.


This was why the majority of the question’s I asked were about common sense. I asked about money, people, and society. While also asking about general things like if it was right to help those in need, to treat other respectfully and so on.


I found out generally, at least in the Animal-Kin Kingdom, common sense was fairly similar to earths. Even the things that didn’t seem like common sense to me, were apart of common sense of earth at one point or another.


Such as prisoners of war being forced to work in chain-gangs, violence was common and accepted, and death at an early age was likely for those who weren’t part of nobility within a kingdom.


I also found out that within the Animal-Kin Kingdom slavery was banned and that anyone found with a slave was killed, even nobles or royalty. This fact surprised me, while also making me laugh at the thought, that It took my own country almost 100 something years; countless wars to figure out that simple fact.


Throughout out our conversation we walked coming closer to the town known as Keenheim.


As we neared the town I picked up the all too familiar scent of Orc, because of this I asked the guards about it.


(Phil) “Are Orc’s supposed to be this close to Keenheim?”


My question caused the group of guards to come to a halt. Ahben responded.


(Ahben) “No they are not, why do you ask?”


(Phil) “Because there’s a group of them about a half mile over there. *pointing in the direction of the scent*”


(Ahben) “looks like will be making a detour.”


(Phil) “Don’t worry about it, I’ve worked my appetite from this walk, I’m sure Sun; Moon are feeling about the same. I’d rather not have to pay with my non-existent money for a huge meal, granted I still would like to get a hot meal and some booze. You guys can follow and help us out if we need it.” I stated as a toothy grin appeared on my face.


My carefree tone surprised the group and they stared as I started striping my kilt, causing me to blurt out while throwing my kilt over my shoulder.


(Phil) “Come on don’t look at me like that, it’s either this or tearing my crappy hand made clothes if I have to shift my form.”


The group said nothing, but still looked at me like a was crazy for going naked into a fight.


I sniffed the air and got on track following the scent of the Orc’s. From the smell I could tell this group was fairly large. They probably had ten or more Orc’s in this patrol. As we continued to travel I told the group of guards to stay back unless they wanted to kill the patrol.


Amina responded (Amina) “Phillip, I don’t know why you think you can take a group of ten Orcs on but were not leaving you to fight them on your own. We have an obligation to get you back and show you to our King.”


(Phil) “Hey it’s not like I have a death wish or anything far from it. I just thought since I misunderstood your intentions earlier, I’d help you all out with your job as recompense.”


(Jarold) “Don’t worry about it, it’s normal for the people we come across to act that way. Most don’t even listen to us or try to kill us… it usually doesn’t go well for them, but we appreciate what you’re saying though.” He responded


As we neared the Orc’s I put my finger to my lips and pointed ahead of me. I began to look at the weapons the guards carried. Ahben had a huge axe, Amina carried a bow with two short swords at her waist, while Jarold carried a Long Sword at his waist, with a crossbow and several bolts in a quiver on his back.


After taking note of this I took off my equipment setting on the ground near a tree. I also motioned for the group to come over while I whispered.


(Phil) “Your group circle around to the left, I’m going to draw their attention while sending Sun; Moon to their right and from behind. You will know when to attack, just wait for me to draw their attention. Also, don’t put your lives in danger for me, I heal quickly so If I get injured don’t think about it just keep fighting.” I stated


This surprised the group; it appeared they were not happy with my plan or surprised at what I said. Rather than call me out they just went off, to my left walking stealthy through the forest. I thought to myself that maybe they wanted to see what I capable of.


As they made their way to left I let out a howl, causing Sun; Moon to run off to my right understanding my intentions. My howl alerted the Patrol of Orc, but they didn’t stir they thought they were being stalked by just pack of wolves rather than people and just looked in my direction.


The patrol was about 400 yards in front of me, I could barely make their shapes out as they walked in and out of sight between the tree cover.


This also allowed the group of Guards, Sun and Moon to sneak around them more easily. Rather than wait I started to rush forward through the trees heading towards the group of Orcs without changing my form.


As I rushed through the trees I made no attempt to do so sneakily, so they patrol new something was heading towards them. As I rushed the patrol I used my [Inspect] Skill, I soon knew that the group was mostly Orcs at level 15 while it had two High Orc’s at level 18.


As I popped out of the sparse trees the patrol looked at me in confusion, they quickly realized I was not carrying a weapon. I was only about 200 feet from the group, when I stopped; started roaring and forcing my form shift while I ripped my skin from my expanding body.


This cause more confusion in the patrol, they’d never seen a creature like myself. As shifted my body I stopped roaring and let out the skill [Howl of the Pack Leader] buffing Sun and Moon while telling them to kill the Orcs furthest away from the group, then run away and repeat the process if they could.


As I howled I saw a bolt and several arrows shoot out from my left. I waited for them to hit their targets which caused even more confusion amongst the group. I used this moment to charge the High Orc’s in the front of the patrol.


The patrol of Orcs was also spaced out evenly, unlike the patrols Sun, Moon and Myself had come across before.


{Author Note: Confusion is not an ailment, or de-buff. It just means being literally confused, which slows your reactions, like in reality.}


Before the patrol of Orcs could realize what was happening covered the gap and launched myself on top of the High Orc in the front of the patrol. I used my hands struggling to pin its arms down while shoving my toothy maw around it’s skull cracking it before it could retaliate.


I then jumped onto the nearest Orc, repeating the process. As I did several arrows and two cross bow bolts buried into the High Orc and killed two Orcs out right.


Seeing the injured High Orc with several arrows pined into it, I rushed through the patrol and slashing with my claws rushing past Orcs, towards the now injured High Orc. As I neared one Orc swung it swords cutting deep into my back, but it didn’t stop my frenzied rush, my mind was on focused on how much damage the first High Orc I came across had caused, and rather than letting it recover I barreled towards the now struggling High Orc.


As the High Orc pulled an arrow from its chest, it looked up as other Orcs screeched and yelled at it, but not soon enough. As it lifted it head I grabbed its right arm wielding its weapon with my left hand, burying my claws into it.


In the same moment I turned my head grabbing it by the throat while shoving my right hand deep into its stomach. I then began snarling while lifting the High Orc into the air with my arm and face.


Several Orc’s now turned towards me while slashing their swords but were met with Sun; Moon launching onto the right two Orcs, onto their backs and taking them down by the neck and ripping their throats out.


Only 3 Orcs and the High Orc in my jaws were left. Two of the Orcs were swinging their swords tearing into my back and left side, while one looked in horror as Ahben rushed it; slammed his Axe into its skull killing it on the spot.


During all of this, I began to shake my head vigorously tearing deeper into the High Orcs neck while rattling its brain in its Skull. I then Heard a *SNAP* as I broke its spine and It lay limp in my jaws.


I then threw the dead High Orc onto the ground while roaring. The two Orcs who continued to cut into me with a flurry of attacks stared in horror as I ducked past one their strikes while taking the second and shoving my right hand into its throat.


As I went strike the last Orc a cross bow Bolt and Arrow buried into its chest, so I just it pushed it over, onto the ground forcing the arrow and bolt further into its chest. as it struggled I yelled to the Jarold and Amina.


(Phil) “It’s your kill, and Amina sorry for killing the High Orc but they’re too much of a pain to leave unchecked, one almost took my arm off so I’m not letting that happen again.”


As I shouted I looked at the blood coming down my dirty blond fur. I had several hig gashes across my body, but they all slowly began to force themselves closed as they regenerated.


At the same time the group of guards was already running at me trying to shove a bottle with some green liquid in my hands but stopped as my wounds slowly closed to their astonishment.


(Ahben) “What the fuck?! How are your wounds closing if you don’t have magic?!” he spurted out.


Jarold just stared in astonishment.


(Amina) “Maybe, he has a skill that heals him?” Amina asked


I then heard a voice chime in my head [Achieved Level 4] [ 10 SP and AP Gained] [2 High Orcs and 2 Orcs Killed] [No Skills have Leveled] [No New Skill Available for Purchase]


I used my [10- AP] immediately and as usual put 3 into both [Strength-31] and [Agility-31], while putting 4 into [Constitution-34]. I saved my SP not wanting to think about which skills to level up.


{Author Note: I thought instead of showing the entire Status like I previously have been I would just show the total Attributes values. I figured since I’m only increasing the attributes in this chapter why show the entire status? I still plan to use the status, just not when I just increase the MC Attributes. Let me know what you think about this change in the comments.}


I then heard the voice [Acknowledged]


As they talked, I rubbed my hand across my back while I noticed a wound that was severely deeper than the rest. I looked at one of the sword cuts on my arm and watched as it slowly mended back together.


I then stated as I laughed (Phil) “Yes, it is a skill and I told you all that I heal quickly, haha” I thought to myself, they either care about me as a person or just getting me back to their King, only time would tell which was the case.


(Jarold) “You weren’t kidding…”


(Phil) “ Nope and well I’m starving after that, haha, I’d looked away if you’re not prone to gore.” I said with a toothy smile, “OOHH, I almost forgot in my fervor. Is there type of trophy you can take so you can sell it?”


Ahben chimed in, (Ahben) “you can sell their horns, based on their length and width the Adventurers guild or Kingdom will pay handsomely.”


I walked over to each of the Orcs tearing their heads off and throwing them one by one, over to the guards. As I finished I stated (Phil) “You can do so while I eat, divide it up as you see fit.”


I then grabbed both High Orcs and tossed them on top of one another. I moved about grabbing the remaining Orcs and laid them down next to each other calling over Sun; Moon. I pointed to the pile and gave them the go ahead to start eating as the pleased.


I walked over to the high Orcs gutting them as I previously had then eating them both in a matter of several minutes. When I finished I looked over at Sun and Moon, who both looked like swollen balloons. Laughed as I looked at my own swollen gut then proceeded to laugh even harder.


They had devoured the remains of Four Orcs apiece, this made me laugh and question where the hell all that food went? Was it because we traveled so far yesterday? Or were they just chow hounds? I would may never know….


After finishing we rolled are selves over to the group of guards who had finished pulling the Horns from the Orcs and High Orcs heads. They just stared at us and the flesh stripped bones that were the Orcs and High Orcs.


(Ahben) “How the in the gods names did you eat that much?! Your wolves ate 4 Orcs apiece and You 2 High Orcs in Less than 10 mins, in one fucking sitting?!


I just stared at the Sun; Moon who looked almost exactly like a fat Wolf from a Manga I used to read, I then started to hysterically laugh as I continued to role on the ground, I managed to force out two wods between laughs.


(Phil) “ AHAH, Bottomless, AHAHA, Stomach, AHAHA”


As I stopped laughing at my internal thoughts, shitty joke, and collected myself. I ran off in my shifted form and grabbed my equipment, then came back in my original form, while stating.


(Phil) “sorry about that, I’m sure you are all ready, so let’s head to Keenheim.


We then started to head back to Keenheim, it was fairly quick apparently, we were only about 6 miles away from it. We all moved quicker than before trying to get to the town. After about 2 miles the forest disappeared and rolling hills dotted the landscape with huge mountains in the distance.


As we crested one of the rolling hills, Amina walked over and handed me four horns while saying “Here’s the High Orc’s horns and don’t worry about killing the one I shot, I landed a few arrows in it but I wouldn’t have killed it. When we get into town will all go to castles quarter master and sell them. Will then go to the garrison, then head to Lord Elbuck’s Castle, He should be able to contact the King through his court mage.”


(Phil) “Thanks, and sound like a plan.” I then stated loudly “Don’t fuck me over, I’ve already been fucked over by the whoever brought me here, you seem like good people so I’m warning you in advance.”


The guards all looked somewhat astonished at me, it appears they actually did care about what happened earlier, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


(Phil) “Look I’m not trying to be an asshole, I’m just being honest and upfront with you now.”


(Jarold) “Fair enough, but just so you’re aware if we wanted to “fuck you over” we would have done so when you had your back turned to us when fighting the Orc patrol.” He stated


(Phil) “Fair point…” I said I my voice trailed off while I thought I might have just fucked up a little bit.

We continued on walking in silence as we eventually came to a road. Amina broke the silence by saying


(Amina) “You have every right not trust us, but you’re going to have to trust someone at some point…”


(Phil) “You are very right Amina, you have earned my trust, just don’t abuse it.”


(Amina) “We won’t, same goes for you Phillip.” She said with a smile.


(Ahben) “Well since that awkward moments over, this is the road leading back to Keenheim. It’s not like the roads in the interior of the Kingdom, it loops around the Forbidden Forest to North for trade with the Demon Kingdom. We should be about a mile away from the town.

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