Nora and the Search for Friendship

by mialbowy

Ellie is excited to go to university and finally make friends after a difficult time at high school. However, she’s a little worried when the book club has her read a really awful historical-fantasy story about what sixteen-year-old Eleanor gets up to at a “prep school” for the children of nobility. Still, she’s hopeful since the other girls seem nice, and they surely want to make fun of the story, so she’s in high spirits on her way to the meeting.

Then she dies.

Eleanor de Kent, beloved second daughter of a duke, slowly comes to terms with her memories of her past life as Ellie—including that she’s apparently the lead character from that book. Her childhood has its ups and downs, and loneliness seems to be inescapable. Now sixteen years old and attending the very school from the book Ellie had read, can she finally escape her fate and make friends?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue / The Early Years (1/6) ago
Violet / The Early Years (2/6) ago
Growing Up / The Early Years (3/6) ago
Cyril / The Early Years (4/6) ago
School / The Early Years (5/6) ago
Catharsis / The Early Years (6/6) ago
Chapter 7 - An Unexpected Reunion ago
Chapter 8 - The Beginning of a Plan ago
Chapter 9 - Put the Plan on Hold ago
Chapter 10 - Earning Some Dough ago
Chapter 11 - Like Mother Like Daughter ago
Chapter 12 - Not-so-magical Choices ago
Chapter 13 - Sew to Your Heart's Content ago
Chapter 14 - A Befitting Job ago
Chapter 15 - A Job Offer You Can't Refuse ago
Chapter 16 - Sew Long and Thanks for Nothing ago
Chapter 17 - Judging the Distance ago
Chapter 18 - First Day on the (New) Job ago
Chapter 19 - Another Note of Friendship ago
Chapter 20 - The Art of Embroidery ago
Chapter 21 - The First Promise ago
Chapter 22 - A Budding Friendship ago
Chapter 23 - An Unreasonable Teacher ago
Chapter 24 - An Unexpected Guest ago
Chapter 25 - Much to Think About ago
Chapter 26 - Think of Me ago
Chapter 27 - A New Style ago
Chapter 28 - Lottie's Strength ago
Chapter 29 - A More Unexpected Guest ago
Chapter 30 - Mock Results ago
Chapter 31 - A Lady's Worth ago
Chapter 32 - Cut to Size ago
Chapter 33 - Gerald's Compromise ago
Chapter 34 - Conceding Defeat ago
Chapter 35 - Time Flies ago
Chapter 36 - Dressed to Impress ago
Chapter 37 - Free Time ago
Chapter 38 - The Second Promise ago
Chapter 39 - Len's Worry ago
Chapter 40 - Imagination ago
Chapter 41 - Thoughtless ago
Chapter 42 - Letters ago
Chapter 43 - An Unforgettable Evening ago
Chapter 44 - The Penultimate Prince ago
Chapter 45 - The Morning After ago
Chapter 46 - A Complicated Present ago
Chapter 47 - Uncomfortable ago
Chapter 48 - Comfortable ago
Chapter 49 - Suitable Compensation ago
Chapter 50 - The Confrontation ago
Chapter 51 - Resolution ago
Chapter 52 - Nothing Changes ago
Chapter 53 - Dining Alone ago
Chapter 54 - Friends ago
Chapter 55 - Circle of Strife ago
Chapter 56 - End of Term ago
Chapter 57 - Home at Last ago
Chapter 58 - A Promise Kept ago
Chapter 59 - Responsibility ago
Chapter 60 - Growing Pains ago
Chapter 61 - Another Point of View ago
Chapter 62 - Pinky Promise ago
Chapter 63 - The Guests Arrive ago
Chapter 64 - Florence ago
Chapter 65 - Everything Goes Well ago
Chapter 66 - A Long Day ago
Chapter 67 - An Old Connection ago
Chapter 68 - Decorating ago
Chapter 69 - Not Studying ago
Chapter 70 - Studying ago
Chapter 71 - Extended Family ago
Chapter 72 - Letters ago
Chapter 73 - Church ago
Chapter 74 - A Little Warmth ago
Chapter 75 - The New Term Begins ago
Chapter 76 - Sketchy ago
Chapter 77 - Supper ago
Chapter 78 - A Busy Evening ago
Chapter 79 - Mixing Paint ago
Chapter 80 - Working Out ago
Chapter 81 - Back to Work ago
Chapter 82 - Melancholy ago
Chapter 83 - Monday Blues ago
Chapter 84 - Hard to Get ago
Chapter 85 - Time Flies ago
Chapter 86 - The Waiting Begins ago
Chapter 87 - Reminiscing ago
Chapter 88 - Backfired ago
Chapter 89 - The Waiting Ends ago
Chapter 90 - Hurt ago
Chapter 91 - Valentine's Day ago
Chapter 92 - Disillusion ago
Chapter 93 - Talking ago
Chapter 94 - Idle Chatter ago
Chapter 95 - Finding Resolve ago
Chapter 96 - Coming to a Decision ago
Chapter 97 - Moving On ago
Chapter 98 - Closeness ago
Chapter 99 - Moving Forwards ago
Chapter 100 - Friendship ago
Chapter 101 - Teasing ago
Chapter 102 - Being Brave ago
Chapter 103 - Telling Tales ago
Chapter 104 - Ripples ago
Chapter 105 - What Goes Around ago
Chapter 106 - Finishing Touches ago
Chapter 107 - Letting Go ago
Chapter 108 - Not Looking Back ago
Chapter 109 - This Is Nice Too ago
Chapter 110 - Making Friends ago
Chapter 111 - Acting ago
Chapter 112 - Opportunities Come and Go ago
Chapter 113 - A Measured Success ago
Chapter 114 - Exam Time Again ago
Chapter 115 - Opening Up ago
Chapter 116 - Logistics ago
Chapter 117 - Sew It Goes ago
Chapter 118 - Giving Support ago
Chapter 119 - Winding Down ago
Chapter 120 - Making Plans ago
Chapter 121 - Inviting Trouble ago
Chapter 122 - Teddy Bears ago
Chapter 123 - Sleepover ago
Chapter 124 - The Morning After ago
Chapter 125 - Homeward Bound ago
Chapter 126 - Settling In ago
Chapter 127 - A Good Day ago
Chapter 128 - Warming Up ago
Chapter 129 - Visiting a Friend ago
Chapter 130 - The Best-Laid Plans ago
Chapter 131 - The Calm After the Storm ago
Chapter 132 - A Welcome Surprise ago
Chapter 133 - Small Battles, Little Victories ago
Chapter 134 - Fond Memories ago
Chapter 135 - A Bright Future ago
Chapter 136 - Teasing Violet ago
Chapter 137 - Violet's Modest Revenge ago
Chapter 138 - Old Wounds ago
Chapter 139 - Unpainting a Picture ago
Chapter 140 - Jemima ago
Chapter 141 - A Selfish Lesson ago
Chapter 142 - A Shoulder to Cry On ago
Chapter 143 - Unforeseen Consequences ago
Chapter 144 - Money Problems ago
Chapter 145 - Gaining Experience ago
Chapter 146 - Settling Into a Rhythm ago
Chapter 147 - Model Maids ago
Chapter 148 - The Heat Is On ago
Chapter 149 - The Rain Comes ago
Chapter 150 - Getting Difficult ago
Chapter 151 - Letting Go ago
Chapter 152 - Slowing Down ago
Chapter 153 - Lazy Summer Days ago
Chapter 154 - Preparations ago
Chapter 155 - The Show Begins ago
Chapter 156 - Ebb and Flow ago
Chapter 157 - Near and Far ago
Chapter 158 - A Dress to Impress ago
Chapter 159 - The Last Exams ago
Chapter 160 - The End ago
Chapter 161 - Epilogue ago
Chapter 162 - Bonus: Oscar ago
Chapter 163 - Bonus: Lily ago
Chapter 164 - Bonus: May ago

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A charming story that follows the second life of Eleanor de Kent as she navigates the complexities of interpersonal relationships in a fantasy 19th-century Victorian style high society. 

This web novel is not a typical reincarnation story where an overpowered main character breaks the society they are re-born into. Instead, we follow Nora as she uses the knowledge, experiences, and pain from her past life, to overcome her insecurities and awkwardness. At the same time, she skirts the line of acceptable behaviour for a young lady of her status and remains true to herself. 

This is a beautiful, slow, heart warming story that is not common on this site. And that is not a bad thing. It has a josei feel, and it's a genre that I like reading, so I really fell  for this story. Title-wise, I like the earlier one, although the story progression has moved to friendship instead of the isekai aspect of the story, so I understand the reason for the name change. Hopefully, it's still a work in progress and author would found a name that would better reflect Ellie's journey. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! And can't wait to read more.

It's nice. I really love the introspection and thought given to every interaction and our Mc's thoughts. The reason for the -.5 stars is that a few times a chapter the auther uses a comma and then a statement. And sometimes it comes across timing wise weird. It'd be better to separate the sentences or give some "filler" transition words after the comma so that the flow is not broken. It's somewhat jarring and literally the only thing I can thing of that is off about this story. It's an excellent read that'll give you both the bad, but mostly the good feels


Slow and Sweet Slice Of Life

Reviewed at: Chapter 164 - Bonus: May

A must read if you're looking for a slow paced low stakes story with excrement writing and better characters. Reading this story is like hugging your favorite stuffed animal, it's just so warm and comforting. 

Written in a short of journal style you're really pulled right into the main characters life, and her goals and motivations are so relatable you can't help but cheer her on as she works hard to just make some close friends. An very well executed style choice for the subject matter.

The story itself is perhaps a bit slow paced, while the ending might feel a tad rushed but those are really the only downside to the whole thing. And as someone who liked the ending and enjoys a slow pavcd slice of life they weren't downsides at all. Plus, I mean, how much more relatable can a story be when the whole thing is about someone struggling to make friends. It doesn't shy away from incorporating the setting (a kind of glamorous, white washed Victorian England) and the difficulties that places on relationships either. Class and gender divides being consistent themes and realistically handled. 

The grammar was very solid, never tripping me up enough to have to reread a sentence to figure out just what was meant. Though there were a handful of typos throughout they were rare enough that it didn't impact my reading in the least.

The characters are really the stars of the show for this story. Our sweet Eleanor is a complex, if not complicated lead character. Struggling to become someone that she's proud of woke also working through the very real struggle of figuring out who she is exactly. Violet is a sweet girl whose rather bad at expressing herself and tries her very best to be a proper Lady. She makes an excellent contrast to Ellie, and they both affect each other for the better. The prince's are an eclectic group, many of them very endearing.

It is over all a heart warming story of the glamorous ultra rich beautiful ladies and handsom princes's sort. And while the emotions and motivations are well grounded, it can be easy to balk at the egregious wealth of the main characters made all the more stark in comparison to the not-poverty of a few of her friends. Also, I think that there is not a single character of color in the whole thing, like it's a mesmerizingly white story. Not that that isn't a common issue on this site.

I highly recommend reading this, it's one of my favorite stories on RR and I plan on rereading it on occasion for years to come.


Nice fluffy novel about making friends in school.  Characters are nicely done and properly motivated, dialog is fun and witty, and the prose flows smoothly with no obvious grammatical/spelling errors.
Plot is nothing innovative, but is well executed.


I love how Nora puts so much thought into everything she does, and the story's a great balance of introspection and action. For me, reading about all of here different projects is very satisfying and entertaining. Additionally, she's pretty relatable. I like how Nora's feelings are more complicated than happy or sad. It's clear that there's a lot of though put into how Nora thinks and acts. I'm not done reading yet, but it's a fantastic read so far!


 the ending was too rushed but a great story nonetheless