All Days Shall Be Numbered ; A LitRPG

by uncultured

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Grimdark High Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Mythos Portal Fantasy / Isekai Post Apocalyptic Space Opera
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Bayler Shrike's old life ended badly. It ended with him in a coma, blind to the world ending around him.

By the time he wakes up, Earth has fallen into the Sea of the Underworld, the Abyss, an endless realm of black water that will slowly swallow the shards of the world. Countless other races, other worlds, have suffered the same fate, and they all want to conquer the remains of the earth for themselves.

Overseen by the Kthons, the gods of death, a series of deathmatches will determine the new rulers of Earth.

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*Squint* I'll be back for the answers to my questions.

Reviewed at: A Gift ; A Plan

So I like the horror lit genre but I'm always reluctant to start a new one because it often becomes a pale 2D 'body count' structure from the get go. Not this one. Who is this person with the face flaps? What is this box of things? Will he stop looking like a mummy?


I've got questions that can only be answered by coming back and tuning in next week.

Which, really, is all I want out of fiction.

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Horro LitRPG combo, what could go wrong?

Reviewed at: The Door ; The Eye

That is a really good start and build-up of the story. Can't wait for a few more chapters to change that 4.5 to a 5, because that is where this story is going. Keep it up. 

Update: I really love the feeling of the story. It's a really good blend of slow horror, that is somewhat lacking in most fics. In addition, the handling of the skill/rpg elements is done with finess that would cater to those that are not big fans of the litRPG genre. Well done and keep up this great work! You've earned that 5 star rating in my eyes. 

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Grimdark is back, and it could be in this new world.

Reviewed at: Sam ; The Gu

First four chapters already blew me away, hooked on reading. Maybe I am just easy to be impressed, but I know good art when I see one. This fic slowly introduces and eases you into its world with its nice fight scenes and pacing. A lot more to it honestly, but read it for yourself to find out!


So, the next thing you know is that you’ll get immersed; feeling and seeing exactly as that of the protagonist’s. It’s brilliant and refreshing to read for just being a genuine grim dark fantasy story.


That’s right we’ve come full circle. Grimdark fantasies on RR is back, and you can start new with this.


You just have to give this story a try. Open its first few pages, and you’ll be intrigued.


I’ll be updating my review soon for a more formal take into this promising and compelling webnovel.

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Great horror litrpg story

Reviewed at: Bargain ; Lacuna

 This story brings a delightful blend of litrpg and horror in a dark souls kind of way.

I only hope the author continues the story in the same manner as before.

Good grammar and spelling.

Written in an easy to understand style that manages to invoke images of the locations described in the story.

 As of chapter 16 the characters are being fleshed out and none have shown signs of being tired teo dimensional story characters.

Fully recommend this story to anyone.