Can't a Girl be a Fearsome Demon Lord?

by cyanwaw

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Female Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai Secret Identity Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Thinking about all the female Demon Lords in her memory, Alex thought to herself.

Should a Demon Lord be a tiny loli?


Shoud a Demon Lord be the servant to some guy?


Should a Demon Lord simply be waifu material?


A Demon Lord is supposed to inspire fear and awe, not just pander to otaku!

Thus, having died and forcibly summoned to another world, Alex decided that she would become the ideal version of a demon lord that she envisioned in her mind.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Entering the New World! ago
The Grind? ago
Level Up! ago
The System? ago
Elves! ago
The Sobbing Half-Elf ago
The Half-Elf's Tale ago
Turning Point I ago
Question ago
Answer ago
Subordination ago
Skills, Abilities, and Upgrade ago
[Lord Subordination] & [Doppelganger] ago
The First Step ago
Interlude I: The Kingdom of the Sacred Tree Pt. 1 ago
Interlude I: The Kingdom of the Sacred Tree Pt. 2 ago
Interlude II: The Order of the Grey Heron Pt. 1 ago
Interlude II: The Order of the Grey Heron Pt. 2 ago
The First Day ago
The Meta ago
All Roads Begin at Dene ago
Alex and Alice Morgan ago
The Sworn Blades Pt. 1 ago
The Sworn Blades Pt. 2 ago
The Sworn Blades Pt. 3 ago
The Sworn Blades Pt. 4 ago
The Sworn Blades Pt. 5 ago
Alex's Recount ago
Discoveries Pt. 1 ago
Character Stats(Pre-Labyrinth) ago
Discoveries Pt. 2 ago
Discoveries Pt. 3 ago
Discoveries Pt. 4 ago
The Dark Lord ago
Dene: The Princess's Party ago
Dene: Allen and Diana ago
Dene: Zilva ago
Dene: Zilva and Charlotte ago
Dene: Alex and Ailya Pt. 1 ago
Dene: Alex and Ailya Pt. 2 ago
Dene: Alex and Ailya Pt. 3 ago
Charlotte ago
Explanation ago
Yet Another Appearance Change ago
New Outfits ago
Bathhouse ago
サビス~ サビ ス~ ago
You Can (Not) Run ago
The Red Swan ago
Dene: Charlotte Pt. 1 ago
Meeting ago
Dene: Charlotte Pt. 2 ago
Dene: Big Hat Logan Pt. 3 ago
To the Guild! ago
Registering as an Adventurer ago
Stats, Levels, and Potential ago
Level & Stat Cap ago
The Church Pt. 1 ago
The Church Pt. 2 ago
Progress ago
Confrontation with the Witch Pt. 1 ago
Confrontation with the Witch Pt. 2 ago
Confrontation with the Witch Pt. 3 ago
Confrontation with the Witch Pt. 4 ago
New Ally? Pt. 1 ago
New Ally? Pt. 2 ago
New Ally? Pt. 3 ago
Decision ago
The Library ago
Chemistry & Alchemy ago
A Week's Time ago
Exposition ago
The Sick Girl ago
The Red Headed Girl ago
The Day Before the Beginning ago
No Such Thing as Coincidences ago
Back to the Labyrinth ago

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nice world meh characters

Reviewed at: New Ally? Pt. 1

The world is built well and the whole thing feels natural I honestly think it was good, I wasn't tripping over the sentences and grammer was good even the lowest ratings here don't bash it.

The story is a bit forced the pacing is off and the characters are inconsistent or hard to like in general.

I wont say that the characters poor character is a flaw in the characters as far as writing goes but they don't live up to the expectations we have been given and it doesn't come across as a cool subverted expectations thing. Mc is a jumpy wimp and a pushover after putting points to mental defence and steeling herself to living in the world and going through some tough patches just a bit ago, little girl has a weird inconsistent personality that could at the start be passed off as a product of the plot brainwashing but just feels off, and the new characters all start acting too familiar, even for people that are written as pushy and overly friendly to start with. 

mc's brainy influence plot point feels weird with the mental manipulation being not applied by the spell 'not sure if they were right but they said it wasn't' and her being an anomoly according to fate, feels like a meh i'll make the mc nice but have to do evil things because i can device instead of a interesting story point. Honestly the story could have been written without it so far and not much would have changed if you made the boys act first and put her in a tough spot. really makes the villainous lead tag feel like it doesn't belong. 

not really my cup' a tea good world meh characters bad pacing too much plot device not enough plot 

Last Plan
  • Overall Score

It's good . . . until a certain point.

Reviewed at: New Ally? Pt. 3

The story is not that bad, easily 4, 4.5 stars until Charlotte starts interacting with the main characters. She is so amazingly irritating, and the author has made her so overpowered that the latest chapters have just been "Charlotte insults and torments the main characters, bullies them into giving up their secrets and practically mind controls them, for no good reason." All with the protagonists being completely helpless. Charlotte completely neuters what made this story good.

  • Overall Score

Good idea, poor exekution

Reviewed at: Decision

Well where to start? The idea is not really all that bad, though there are some really big flaws.

First of all the story flow is really bad, its like putting water into a sieve and in hope to fill up, normally this phenomenon i only witness  asian authors do that are beeing paid depending on how much words they write. What iam trying to say is, there is alot of things said in a chapter that could be said in two or three sentences. At this point we are 300 pages in and nothing really happend at all.

Second would be the constant shift of pov´s, i understand povs are cool; i like them aswell, but you dont use them every second or third chapter especially on characters that are really not likeable. Pov´s are great for world building or some foreshadowing, not for constant use that makes one feel the story goes nowhere.

The last thing for me is more personal, i just dont like the characters, and that wouldnt be a problem if you wouldnt force povs on them or group members all the time. I mean you got a dude that sleeps around with women even though he has a fiance, a princess that seems to be a bitch aswell, the pet of charlotte, charlotte herself who randomly forces herself on the mc, and a girl that just gets used by two sites without any personality.

The mc is boring she has no drive even tho she said she wants to become a demon lord the only thing she has done was killing some bugs, went into the labyrinth and instant left it again? Now she is enslaved to charlotte and is almost wetting herself everytime she sees her (ironic for a fearsome demon lord with mental defence skills huh?!) oh and she has a loli as her friend, seems pretty much against everything you wrote in the description.

Rant over, pretty dissapointing just because i thought it had alot of potential. The idea was really cool to become a demon lord from nothing, even with the influence from the outside source was interesting...

Pale imitation
  • Overall Score

Good first few chapter then it becomes incoherent garbage

Reviewed at: The Dark Lord

the problem is that the author is wasting endless paragraphs trying to maintain the MC as demon lord with a heart of gold. But then she does evil things that need to be explained away. the story then gets stuck with illogical answers inside a stupid moral box she has put herself in.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Started Strong, then goes down hill fast.

Reviewed at: A Week's Time

I have a few problems with this story, but I'll keep this review brief. It started of strong and pulled me in even with the short chapters I was enjoying the story, however after the labyrinth dive it falls off the rails quickly. 

Super short chapters, including one that is just the MC getting a skewer from a street vendor thats the WHOLE chapter.

We have an MC who keeps talking about wanting to get stronger but she doesn't push to get stronger, she leaves the labyrinth that has monsters she can kill to get stronger to instead go to a city for..........reasons???????? 

Then the story completely loses me with the introduction of Charlotte who basically make the MC her servant ( guess the author forgot when they wrote a demonlord shouldn't be a servant). 


  • Overall Score

Enjoyable story. At times Bad Grammar.

Reviewed at: Back to the Labyrinth

The story is overall quite enjoyable, though some things are just plain stupid. What drags the story down from 4½ stars is the grammar mistakes found in every single chapter. It seems like, the author is not doing proofreading at all, which means these mistakes which are easy to spot come regularly and often.

  • Overall Score

Obviously influenced by anime and the worst parts of japense books. Chapters are really short and takes forever for anything to happen. 

  • Overall Score

Good grammar, weird style, WELL thought out world building and analysis. 

Somethings aren't pretty, but the right way to confront them is head on. I LOVE how the protagonist can analyze hers and the world flaws and address them directly without hypocrisy. 

No need to try to justify at all cost, shift the blame from oneself or stick your head in the sand hoping that lala land is real. 

Almost like an adult. Take notes, social studies wannabes 😁

Only read to chapter 6 but for now this is DAMN WELL promising.