Can't a Girl be a Fearsome Demon Lord?

by cyanwaw

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Satire Female Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai Secret Identity Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Thinking about all the female Demon Lords in her memory, Alex thought to herself.

Should a Demon Lord be a tiny loli?


Shoud a Demon Lord be the servant to some guy?


Should a Demon Lord simply be waifu material?


A Demon Lord is supposed to inspire fear and awe, not just pander to otaku!

Thus, having died and forcibly summoned to another world, Alex decided that she would become the ideal version of a demon lord that she envisioned in her mind.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Entering the New World! ago
The Grind? ago
Level Up! ago
The System? ago
Elves! ago
The Sobbing Half-Elf ago
The Half-Elf's Tale ago
Turning Point I ago
Question ago
Answer ago
Subordination ago
Skills, Abilities, and Upgrade ago
[Lord Subordination] & [Doppelganger] ago
The First Step ago
Interlude I: The Kingdom of the Sacred Tree Pt. 1 ago
Interlude I: The Kingdom of the Sacred Tree Pt. 2 ago
Interlude II: The Order of the Grey Heron Pt. 1 ago
Interlude II: The Order of the Grey Heron Pt. 2 ago
The First Day ago
The Meta ago
All Roads Begin at Dene ago
Alex and Alice Morgan ago
The Sworn Blades Pt. 1 ago
The Sworn Blades Pt. 2 ago
The Sworn Blades Pt. 3 ago
The Sworn Blades Pt. 4 ago
The Sworn Blades Pt. 5 ago
Alex's Recount ago
Discoveries Pt. 1 ago
Character Stats(Pre-Labyrinth) ago
Discoveries Pt. 2 ago
Discoveries Pt. 3 ago
Discoveries Pt. 4 ago
The Dark Lord ago
Dene: The Princess's Party ago
Dene: Allen and Diana ago
Dene: Zilva ago
Dene: Zilva and Charlotte ago
Dene: Alex and Ailya Pt. 1 ago
Dene: Alex and Ailya Pt. 2 ago
Dene: Alex and Ailya Pt. 3 ago
Charlotte ago
Explanation ago
Yet Another Appearance Change ago
New Outfits ago
Bathhouse ago
サビス~ サビ ス~ ago
You Can (Not) Run ago
The Red Swan ago
Dene: Charlotte Pt. 1 ago
Meeting ago
Dene: Charlotte Pt. 2 ago
Dene: Big Hat Logan Pt. 3 ago
To the Guild! ago
Registering as an Adventurer ago
Stats, Levels, and Potential ago
Level & Stat Cap ago
The Church Pt. 1 ago
The Church Pt. 2 ago
Progress ago
Confrontation with the Witch Pt. 1 ago
Confrontation with the Witch Pt. 2 ago

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I usually prefer to wait until a story has released more chapters before leaving a review, but I figure someone should since there aren't many other reviews yet. Other than a few minor quibbles that aren't worth mentioning and the MC breaking the 4th wall a few times, which is a huge pet peeve of mine, I have no complaints with the story so far and found it good enough to binge until I ran out of chapters. I found the story by searching using the LitRPG & Portal tags, and the story certainly scratches that itch.

galileo persons
  • Overall Score

Good stuff looking forward for more

Its a semi-genre savvy isekai with a fourth wall nudging MC. Its a little rough around the edges, but I am no world war ii grammar German, and can appreciate the wonderful story for what it is. As long as you go into this story looking to have fun and be entertained then i heartily recommend this!

(If you are the author of an isekai/fantasy novel and are in a bad mood; then you might wish to peruse another story until you have re-attained your inner peace. This novel pokes fun at genre tropes and those that write them, and it is well known that when one is in a bad mood you generally do not desire for your personage to be the posterior of the comedy)

  • Overall Score

I can hear SJW screeching 😁

Good grammar, weird style, WELL thought out world building and analysis. 

Somethings aren't pretty, but the right way to confront them is head on. I LOVE how the protagonist can analyze hers and the world flaws and address them directly without hypocrisy. 

No need to try to justify at all cost, shift the blame from oneself or stick your head in the sand hoping that lala land is real. 

Almost like an adult. Take notes, social studies wannabes 😁

Only read to chapter 6 but for now this is DAMN WELL promising.