Is it possible to become a supreme being?

After his involuntary departure from Space Forces, in which he spent twenty years of life, captain Sava Gromov desires an extra reason for his existence. With a vague idea of becoming a merchant, he buys a secondhand spacecraft, loads the cargo, and leaves for an adventurous journey through the solar system.

On his way, he receives an SOS coming from an immobile research module, severely damaged by an ancient defense system. To rescue the crew in a crisis is the easier part; the harder part comes afterward. The research team discovered an abandoned weapon, originating from a forgotten empire. Unfortunately, not everyone considers the vanished empire harmless. There is an organization actively searching and destroying its remnants.

Only two choices remain for Gromov: either to die or operate the unknown weapon in a slight hope that the archaic device may deter his pursuers. Choosing the latter, Gromov assimilates with inhuman digital being into the ultimate symbiosis of the organic and digital world.

The Universe turned out to be a dangerous place: full of conflicts, threatening aliens, and unpredictable twists. The unmanageable chaos dwells in desperate need of a unifying force.

Will Gromov become the Sovereign of the Solar system?

There is an official repository for Sovereign on Github. If you are familiar with Github, you can suggest your edits there.

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Pavel Morava

Pavel Morava

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Volker Huetter

Decent story with realistic characters

Reviewed at: Under fire

This book contains a good story dept, your interested in what will happen next and the best thing is the actually really good developed characters not just the mc but every person feels alive and 3D. One huge plus point is also that the mc is a likable person and stays true to his character. You can see that this book is written by an experienced and mature person because you can definitely see that the story is fleshed out and that there is definitely content going to come. Mature person because the mc is not perverse who lusts after every woman he sees but also he treats women the same as men which are often not the case and destroy the atmosphere in those stories. The author reacts to your comments and actually wants to improve the story! The end of chapter one was kinda confusing for me but the rest of the story was really good in terms of understandably and grammar. 


41 chapters and we're still in the prologue...


Honestly, it'd be easier to condense all of those chapters into just 10.