Job Arseoth - A CYoA Adventure

by Necrontyr525

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It turns out that graduating from the Mage Academy isn't enough to guarantee a comfortable life. Nobody wants to hire an ex-streetrat afterall, even if they've been in school and out of troubble for the past ten years. Now that graduation has come and gone, with no job in sight, what's a young dragon-blooded Sorceror to do?

For Job Arseoth, celebrating your 18th(ish) birthday turns out to be just the beginning of an adventure.


Part 3 of the Arisverse Saga

On The Series - This series was begun as a Choose Your own Adventure (CYoA) on the /r/HFY and Spabebattles forums. The between chapter votes have been omitted, as they are not part of the story, despite their influence on it.

Spelling, grammatical, and formatting changes have been made in the process of archiving this story: none of the contents of the story has been substantially affected.

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