“Ugh…” a fatigued voice murmurs, before falling back to sleep. A ray of sunshine lands directly on its eye, causing a frown to form on its face “Did I forget to let the curtains down again” the voice utters dazedly as it turns his body in order to escape the rather uncomfortable feeling of having its eye lasered by sunlight. Now noticing the tickling feeling on his nose and the unusual hardness of his “mattress”, the figure starts to awaken. “What’s go-“opening its eyes the figure was about to shout out in frustration, but as soon as its brain registered what was actually in front of him, well lets just say it was a bit of a shock.


 “Wha…” struggling to comprehend what kind of imagery his eyeballs were sending to his brain, the only other words that managed to leave his mouth were “where…wh-why am I in a forest?” He couldn’t help but ask out loud, even if the chances of him getting an answer were next to nil.

Finally, aware of his surroundings he could only stare, visibly confused and more than a bit mad at whoever thought this would be a funny prank. “oh, very funny Mike. I bet you’re laughing really hard behind one of those trees.”  He said, glaring at the trees covering the land for as far as the eye could see, only to be left without response. He stood up and dusted himself off. It was far-fetched but he’d like to think his playful but annoying best friend Mike would have pulled the ultimate prank on him, rather than him being a kidnapping victim.

  Now that he thought about it, there wasn’t any forest in his nearby area, he was never good at geography, but he could at least remember what the area around his hometown looked like. Pondering with a concerned face he muttered “Isn’t the closest forest more than 7 km away from town” taking a closer look at the trees he remarked “I also don’t think I’ve ever seen this type of tree before”. Even if he wasn’t a tree expert, he could still tell these weird trees weren’t native to his hometown. Noticing that things were taking a definite turn for the worse, he decided “okay, its in situations like these that it’s i- important to stay calm” he said trying to ignore the sinking feeling in his stomach.

 “Okay first of all, I’ve got to figure out where I’m at” he said, looking around the vicinity. His eyes ended up passing by his place of awakening, taking a closer look he could tell from the rectangular and shiny look of the slim object, that it was his phone. “sheesh that was lucky, almost forgot it” he mumbled, happy that he wasn’t completely stranded. he picked up his phone and immediately and unlocked it. “Aaaaa come on” he groaned, as he noticed the no service icon blinking on the top left corner of his screen. He tried the S.O.S call but, as if to mock him, that also ended up not working. His hope was crushed mercilessly yet again. “On the bright side, at least it wont die for a while”. Luckily his phone hadn’t been used to much throughout the night, as a result he had 67% percent left, which would, if used conservatively, last a pretty long time.

 As he was swiping trough his smartphone, he noticed another peculiarity. Right now, according to his phone it was supposed to be 2:21 am but as far as he  could tell from the shadow being casted at his feet, the sun was definitely in the sky. If he had to guess it would likely be 11:00 – 12:00 am. This just added to the ominous feeling he felt before.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! How did I even get here?” Frustrated that not even his phone could help him, he couldn’t help but let out a scream. Feeling that his anger still hadn’t been sated, he kicked a nearby stone with full power to a tree. The stone flew trough the air impacting the tree, but to the surprise of this person, the stone carried the momentum and ricochet back in the direction of one surprised face.


“This is off to one fucking GREAT start of a day”  


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