Rebirth in a Magical World

by Flying JMW

Fan Fiction ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Magic Male Lead Reincarnation School Life

What would you do if you were reborn inside the Harry Potter Universe. Follow Alexander Fawley's adventures as he is reborn in the Harry Potter world. In this tale, he will have new unique adventure to call his own, And he will discover that the Harry Potter Universe is much greater than he had imagined. 

P.S This is my first story, so please leave reviews, to let me know how I am doing, so I can get better. Also J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter, I simply play in her world.

On a side note, I am curently re-editing the first half of the story. So, you might see grammer mistakes. I am working on fixing the problems, if you can push through to the chapter thirty-five ish the grammer improves alot becuase White Wind has been editing my mistakes. 

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Flying JMW

Flying JMW

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Rebirth ago
Chapter 2: Visitors ago
Chapter 3: Lesson 1 ago
Chapter 4: Long Day ago
Chapter 5: History ago
Chapter 6: Adversaries ago
Chapter 7: Tower ago
Chapter 8: Knowledge ago
Chapter 9: Uncle John ago
Chapter 10: Dueling ago
Chapter 11: Wand ago
Chapter 12: Magic ago
Chapter 13: Day One ago
Chapter 14: Hogwarts ago
Chapter 15: Ravenclaw ago
Classes ago
Animagus and Potions ago
Nemesis ago
Hagrid ago
Ambush ago
Revenge ago
Vanishing Cabinet ago
Making Plans ago
Forbidden Forest ago
Chapter 25: Vampires ago
Chapter 26: A Helping Hand ago
Chapter 27: Homecoming ago
Chapter 28: Journal ago
Chapter 29: Borgin and Burkes ago
Chapter 30: Details ago
Chapter 31: Ring ago
Chapter 32: Barrier ago
Chapter 33: Preparation ago
Chapter 34: Breakthrough ago
Chapter 35: Confrontation ago
Chapter 36: Fight ago
Chapter 37: Victory ago
Chapter 38: Dumbledore ago
Chapter 39: Mystery ago
Chapter 40: Going Home ago
Chapter 41: One Month ago
Chapter 42: Yu Yan ago
Chapter 43: Dinner ago
Chapter 44: Friends ago
Chapter 45: Summer's End ago
Chapter 46: Return to Hogwarts ago
Chapter 47: Ravenclaws Reunited ago
Chapter 48: Old Fear ago
Chapter 49: Invitation ago
Chapter 50: Silver Spears ago
Chapter 51: Tryouts ago
Chapter 52: Not Again ago
Chapter 53: Occlumency ago
Chapter 54: Patronus ago
Chapter 55: Going Home ago
Chapter 56: Family Feud ago
Chapter 57: Clan Macmillan ago
Chapter 58: Dad's Wisdom ago
Chapter 59: Chapter House ago
Chapter 60: First Round ago
Chapter 61: First Up ago
Chapter 62: Finale ago
Chapter 63: Mind Palace ago
Chapter 64: Struggle ago
Chapter 65: Lockhart ago
Chapter 66: Memory ago
Chapter 67: Surprise ago
Chapter 68: Broken ago
Chapter 69: Alone ago
Chapter 70: Fawley and Whithorn ago
Chapter 71: Healer Chen ago
Chapter 72: Meetings ago
Chapter 73: Trial of Ravenclaw ago
Chapter 74: End of Year Two ago
Chapter 75: France ago
Chapter 76: Nicolas Flamel ago
Chapter 77: Secret Meeting ago
Chapter 78: Spell Creation ago
Chapter 79: Main Cast ago
Chapter 80: Lancaster Commodities ago
Chapter 81: Goblins ago
Chapter 82: Negotiations ago
Chapter 83: Return ago
Chapter 84: Arithmancy ago
Chapter 85: The Unspoken Reward ago
Chapter 86: A Game ago
Chapter 87: Two New Professors ago
Chapter 88: Private Lessons ago
Chapter 89: Change? ago
Chapter 90: The Next Day ago
Chapter 91: The Grey Lady ago
Chapter 92: Hogsmeade ago
Chapter 93: Rita Skeeter ago
Chapter 94: Success ago
Chapter 95: Testing ago
Chapter 96: Going Home ago

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The only Fan-Fiction I've ever enjoyed

Reviewed at: Not a chapter

First off i'm going to say i'm horrible at reviews, most of the times that I give a review it's pretty much just it's a good story, now heres my problems with it.

But this story is just great, I enjoy it deeply. As someone who isn't even really a fan of Harry Potter, this is surpising that I just spent the last full day reading this.

Most fanfictions have a habbit of changing up the story a lot, or giving their own completely different take on characters or just being unlikeable. I've tried to read several fanfictions but I just can't see the appeal in most of them, this is by far original and it doesn't seem to push against the main story for the purpose of replacing the MC of the original or the current MC doesn't feel the need to take the burdens of the story on himself, of course he prepares but thats just responsible at this point. I loved reading this and I'm going to sleep because I just read 62 chapters in one sitting. Good night and I look forward to reading more.


Old premise done well, with good characters and bad grammar.

Reviewed at: Ravenclaw

(read up until chap. 15)

Not a new premise, though it's been well thought out and excecuted, with a well thought out original corner of the HP universe. There are some neat lore additions, though some are questionable like house requirements.

Makes great use of HP side-characters, fleshing them out in new ways. Great original characters.

My one story complaint is that the main character has everything handed to them essentially at birth, never struggling with anything personally. 

It's good enough that I'd probably keep reading, but grammar problems were so frequent that I couldn't bear it. 



  • Backstory
  • Characters are well designed.
  • has a coming of age feel.
  • the story is well thought


  • MC is OP and in his first year masters all his clases.
  • MC masters occlumency alone with the help of a book, and i say masters not just learns it.
  • There is not enough time progression.

The story is good but if you just ignore that the mc will be always the best and be a grander than life talent you will enjoy it.



Best fanfic I've read of anything

Reviewed at: Chapter 85: The Unspoken Reward

Hands down the best fanfic I've ever read. Avoids all the common pitfalls of the genre. Set in the HP universe, but explores a wealth of things not covered in the books. MC is not Harry Potter, or even a self insert that is his best friend. In fact, he's a couple years older and has already been at Hogwarts having his own adventures for two years before The Boy Who Lived even shows up. Even then, he's careful to not screw up the plotline too much by interacting with them a lot. This is very much the life and adventures of an entirely independent stand alone character that just happens to live in the same world and general time period as Harry Potter. Give it a read, you won't regret it!

Mr. Ibis

fun premise with a rough start.

Reviewed at: Chapter 82: Negotiations

The early chapters are seriously rough, between absolutely terrible dialogue and major grammatical errors. The story was fun enough for me to get over that, and the author got really serious about stepping up their game after ~40 chapters. From there, it's been pretty consistently great with no signs of Mary sue-ness from a decidedly powerful main character.


It has already been said, but this is one of the best fanfics of Harry Potter out there. Rather than following JK Rowling's story, this acts as a stand alone story which focuses on the magical side of HP as well as more discovering secrets at Hogwarts. Please do give this a shot.


Many flaws, but still quite enjoyable

Reviewed at: Chapter 93: Rita Skeeter

I'm probably very biased, given that Harry Potter my childhood obsession over this particular franchise (as is probably the case with most people from my generation). This is also likely why I can overlook many of the flaws in this story. Despite all this, however, it's one of the better fanfics I have ever read, and for this alone, it's worth giving it a try imo. 

The good: 

- the added world building to the original 
- the added motivations and plot for the MC and his family 
- in general, well fleshed out main and side characters 


The bad

- sometimes quite atrocious punctuation and grammar (although, admittedly, it got better later on)
- oftentimes continuity issues  with the storyline or the characters 
- the overwhelming OPness of the MC: the MC is supposedly a genius among geniuses, apparently rivaling Dumbledore and the Dark Lord himself. The MC is constantly stuck in situations that he should not be able to survive in any reasonable measure, but he still does. This goes beyond anything that seems rational to me, even beyond the ridiculousness that the original already displayed.


What I do not mind, however, is that our MC sometimes acts in an immature, and even apparently stupid and unreflected way, even blatantly disregarding the lives of his best friends (who are mere children). This is something other reviewers pointed out as another issue, and something with which I don't particularly agree.

I don't mind this point precisely because the MC is a child himself. It doesn't matter that he has reincarnated, and that his actual age should be in his mid or late twenties. He was still only 15 (I think?) when he died. He barely led a decent life before, barely had the opportunity to develop himself mentally in a more adult way, given that he had more than enough on his plate. And even after his reincarnation, he led the life of a child, with the expectations of a child put upon him. Of course, he is more mature than most, but that doesn't mean that he actually does act, or even should for that matter, act like an adult. 



There are, of course, other questionable story points (e.g. the way the reincarnation part was handled), but it doesn't distract too much from my overall enjoyment. I'd still recommend it, if you're a fan of the original franchise.



Do read it, it's amazing ! Really !!!!

Reviewed at: Chapter 86: A Game

~~ This review concerns the story up to chapter 86 ~~

Overall impressions :

Don't be afraid of the Fanfic side of this work of art ! I was at first, and that was my bad !!! You'll be in for a ride in reading this masterpiece !

The story is set with a good MC that is not totally broken in a wuxia happening in JK Rowling's infamous work. Our MC makes encounters with more and lesser known characters from the HP world and tries to prepare for what he knows is coming : the return of Voldemort. Alex is an avid young sorcerer in quest of knowledge and adventure who knows about some pieces of the future. A future he is doomed to change by simply being reborn in this world. Knowing that, there is nothing else to do but work. Having preserved his memories from back when he was a sick youngster reading the 5 first books, he will start early on his training and discovery of the magical world !

Flying JMW offers us a wonderful world and character building that does not feel like fanfic at all ! He just takes inspiration in Rowling's world and invites the readers to come along for a long and pleasant journey. The characters have their own view of the world and are depicted as such. They have their own backstory and way of doing things. The author de-demonize Slytherin's house too, which I find more than deserved. Alex is really enjoyable to follow : he is realistically depicted with strong points and the inherent drawbacks those bring to a person like pride which tend to lead him to do errors.


Anyway stop reading all those reviews and get on track for the adventure train that this story embodies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s More Than Good, It’s Grrreat

Reviewed at: Chapter 86: A Game

I can honestly say that I don't like fanfics.  Most fanfics are either a wet dream of a reader, an "I would have done it better story", and/or a pale imitation that ignores the defined characters.  This is not.  The characters act within reason. The writing is well done. The characters specific to the novel have flushed out personalities and stories  that don't conflict drastically with the prewritten text.  Admittedly, due to the addition of the main character, there are slight deviations to the story.  So far(ch 86) there are no meaningful alterations to the prewritten novel.  This is well worth reading. Give it a try.


Good story, good character design but later I couldn't stomach the punctuation

Reviewed at: Ambush

A good story overall, however I had to stop reading it. I don't know if the earlier chapters were betad or the author just spent more time on polishing them but sadly, by the chapter 'Ambush', the grammer reached a level where it made reading and understanding the story a challange.

The biggest issue is the punctuation or if I was more precise, the only major one. There was one ore two minor thing about sentence strucures but generally speaking, everything else was acceptable.

If this problem was fixed, I would easily give it a 4 or 4.5 star.