Rebirth in a Magical World

Rebirth in a Magical World

by Flying JMW

What would you do if you were reborn inside the Harry Potter Universe. Follow Alexander Fawley's adventures as he is reborn in the Harry Potter world. In this tale, he will have new unique adventure to call his own, And he will discover that the Harry Potter Universe is much greater than he had imagined. 

P.S This is my first story, so please leave reviews, to let me know how I am doing, so I can get better. Also J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter, I simply play in her world.

On a side note, I am curently re-editing the first half of the story. So, you might see grammer mistakes. I am working on fixing the problems, if you can push through to the chapter thirty-five ish the grammer improves alot becuase White Wind has been editing my mistakes. 

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Flying JMW

Flying JMW

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Rebirth ago
Chapter 2: Visitors ago
Chapter 3: Lesson 1 ago
Chapter 4: Long Day ago
Chapter 5: History ago
Chapter 6: Adversaries ago
Chapter 7: Tower ago
Chapter 8: Knowledge ago
Chapter 9: Uncle John ago
Chapter 10: Dueling ago
Chapter 11: Wand ago
Chapter 12: Magic ago
Chapter 13: Day One ago
Chapter 14: Hogwarts ago
Chapter 15: Ravenclaw ago
Classes ago
Animagus and Potions ago
Nemesis ago
Hagrid ago
Ambush ago
Revenge ago
Vanishing Cabinet ago
Making Plans ago
Forbidden Forest ago
Chapter 25: Vampires ago
Chapter 26: A Helping Hand ago
Chapter 27: Homecoming ago
Chapter 28: Journal ago
Chapter 29: Borgin and Burkes ago
Chapter 30: Details ago
Chapter 31: Ring ago
Chapter 32: Barrier ago
Chapter 33: Preparation ago
Chapter 34: Breakthrough ago
Chapter 35: Confrontation ago
Chapter 36: Fight ago
Chapter 37: Victory ago
Chapter 38: Dumbledore ago
Chapter 39: Mystery ago
Chapter 40: Going Home ago
Chapter 41: One Month ago
Chapter 42: Yu Yan ago
Chapter 43: Dinner ago
Chapter 44: Friends ago
Chapter 45: Summer's End ago
Chapter 46: Return to Hogwarts ago
Chapter 47: Ravenclaws Reunited ago
Chapter 48: Old Fear ago
Chapter 49: Invitation ago
Chapter 50: Silver Spears ago
Chapter 51: Tryouts ago
Chapter 52: Not Again ago
Chapter 53: Occlumency ago
Chapter 54: Patronus ago
Chapter 55: Going Home ago
Chapter 56: Family Feud ago
Chapter 57: Clan Macmillan ago
Chapter 58: Dad's Wisdom ago
Chapter 59: Chapter House ago
Chapter 60: First Round ago
Chapter 61: First Up ago
Chapter 62: Finale ago
Chapter 63: Mind Palace ago
Chapter 64: Struggle ago
Chapter 65: Lockhart ago
Chapter 66: Memory ago
Chapter 67: Surprise ago
Chapter 68: Broken ago
Chapter 69: Alone ago
Chapter 70: Fawley and Whithorn ago
Chapter 71: Healer Chen ago
Chapter 72: Meetings ago
Chapter 73: Trial of Ravenclaw ago
Chapter 74: End of Year Two ago
Chapter 75: France ago
Chapter 76: Nicolas Flamel ago
Chapter 77: Secret Meeting ago
Chapter 78: Spell Creation ago
Chapter 79: Main Cast ago
Chapter 80: Lancaster Commodities ago
Chapter 81: Goblins ago
Chapter 82: Negotiations ago
Chapter 83: Return ago
Chapter 84: Arithmancy ago
Chapter 85: The Unspoken Reward ago
Chapter 86: A Game ago
Chapter 87: Two New Professors ago
Chapter 88: Private Lessons ago
Chapter 89: Change? ago
Chapter 90: The Next Day ago
Chapter 91: The Grey Lady ago
Chapter 92: Hogsmeade ago
Chapter 93: Rita Skeeter ago
Chapter 94: Success ago
Chapter 95: Testing ago
Chapter 96: Going Home ago
Chapter 97: Charm Crafting 101 ago
Chapter 98: The Guild ago
Chapter 99: The Mirror of Erised ago
Chapter 100: Athena's Origin ago
Chapter 101: A Few Snippets ago
Chapter 102: Conference ago
Chapter 103: Nimbus Falls, Firebolt Rises ago
Chapter 104: The Syndicate ago
Chapter 105: Back to Alex ago
Chapter 106: Rome ago
Chapter 107: Duels ago
Chapter 108: It's Over ago
Chapter 109: Final Days ago
Chapter 110: Changes ago
Chapter 111: The Board ago
Chapter 112: Hodari ago
Chapter 113: Uagadou ago
Chapter 114 : No Magic? ago

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Honestly i think this is the best "fanfic" i have ever read, it doesn't just throw the MC into all of Harry's scenarios, instead starting several years earlier than any of the books and crafting an awesome original storyline making use of forgotten side characters and new original characters, heck i'm 43 chapters in and i don't even think i can remember "Harry Potter" be mentioned once.

The only critisism i could even make is a few cases of incorrect grammar and questionable choice of words / phrases that can throw you for a loop, but all the series really needs is a proof reader, and the grammar does improve in more recent chapters as the author has been putting up google docs where the readers can make note of mistakes.

All and all i would highly recommend, this fanfic is awesome, at 43 chapters in we have just reached the end of year 1 with the author mentioning 7 years have been planned, so hopefully we can strap in for the long haul, i look forward to reading everything this author gives us.


Far exceeds expectations

Reviewed at: Chapter 86: A Game

Going into this story was a bit of a rollercoaster at first, based on reviews I had rather high expectations but seeing the rather mediocre grammar quickly lowered them.

Yet as I read I found myself blown away by how far beyond this exceeded what I was expecting! the author (not to be rude) is some random dude with no other works and hasn't even been on RR a year and yet he manages to weave fascinating Harry Potter lore and a perfect portrayal of the characters we've all seen in the books into a quality story that remains both unique, lore and timeline friendly and most importantly forces you the spend hours binging the story only to be crushed that you've reached the latest chapter!

I might be a bit excessive saying this, but I believe that with good grammar this story might even contend with the works of Lone or L. Nimbus.


Sure it's a fanfic but you don't have to read Harry potter to enjoy it

Reviewed at: Chapter 31: Ring
Like the title says, you don't need to be a Harry potter fan to read this. Sure their are some characters that are in this that are in the books as well but I just look at it like a bonus to those of us that have read them. The characterization of the characters we all know and love are enjoyable, while keeping true to the books. The mc is a likeable kid whose not op but is obviously a prodigy when it comes to magic, but he works hard for it and he plans carefully instead of relying on plot armor. He's got his own adventures (which are actually interesting) instead of relying on the main plot of the books but it takes place around the same time, (the mc is Fred and George Weasleys age, also Cedric's, whose his best friend so that's fun) so I'm sure we'll see him get involved in some of Harry's shenanigans somewhere down the line. 
I don't usually write reviews because I'm a terrible writer and tend to ramble but I felt like helping out as much as I can because I want this to succeed and I'm genuinely think other people will enjoy this.
The pacing is good and the chapter release seems fast. My only gripe is the vocab (I am by no means a grammar snob) it can be a little jarring from time to time but doesn't interfere with the story and it's something I can look past. 
All in all check it out. I haven't read any other Harry potter fanfics but I just might if they are half as interesting as this one. Keep up the good work author sama.

An almost original Harry Potter fanfiction

Reviewed at: Chapter 31: Ring

The story is almost original but set in the harry potter universe. The story is not tightly constrained by the harry potter but does tie in events in the books with an original story.

The writting is rather good, the length of chapters are longish but not boring or incoherent (Not a bad length for a book chapter). A couple of spelling mistakes or missing words (very minimal).

The MC's character is easy to read and MC doesn't seem to have to much plot armour so far, most encounters the MC spends time thinking before doing.


The story evolves around Alexander Frawley, a reincarnated 15 year old boy gets the chance live as he was stuck in a hospital for 14/15 years. As a fan of the Harry Potter books I fell in love with this novel because the story stands on its own feet. The story evolves around the the books without interfering in its story to much as Alex is in the same school year as Fred and George and makes so much more of the Harry Potter universe than Jk Rowling ever did , just to name a few things the author adds to the original story he explores more and deeper magic, characters (new and old), dueling clubs, wild live, more world wide Wizarding society, countries, criminal organizations and much more. It doesn't break any "rules" of Jk Rowling and adds much more without reading what we already know of the story.


Alex knows most stuff that happens in the first 5 books wich sets the plot up great as the "important" stuff really takes of in book six, so no knowledge of hocruxes and how the major game is going to end in the books. Alex has his own story, own family (great and realistic characters), new enemies (OP In a way) and friends without interfering in Harry's story at all. 


Alex is a more powerful wizard (like Tom) but hasn't really been that great as even the best ones need a lot of years until he can stand on par with Dumbledore and Tom. As an isekai story he doesn't fell into the trap of being actually much older than his age suggest because he was shackled to a hospital bed for all his live without making any experience at all. The characters are well written and fleshed out. The story in general is well written an deep as he is committed to try and save some guys who die in the 4th and  5th book (not all) without interfering with the "mane" story wich is great story telling. Alex researches new magic, invents new stuff and prepares for voldi and the bigger enemy of his family. 


I fell in love with the story, it's characters, plot, world building and feel invested into Alex's characters (good and bad xD). I am looking forward what choices are going to be made, how he wants to deal with all the stuff that will come his way down the line. 


Great Story, characters, plot, normal comedy(not much actually, which I like), deep lore, he builds up his own live and makes mistakes (he doesn't act like an OP wizard at all and it won't help him that much because the enemy is just impossible to beat alone) 


Best Story an rr for me as I am looking forward to everything that is going to come in the story. Once I was angry at the story for being/evolving around the HP story (he is 2 years above him) but was wrong to doubt the author and quickly fell in love with the plot and the characters. Life ain't easy and alex although he knows some stuff, will be just a bumpy as life can be. I'm thrilled to have found the story on rr and am amazed with the ongoing potential of the story. Will he be part of any of the order of the Phoenix stuff, or will he be thrown to the death eaters (family bonds and stuff xD)


I am excited of what will come, and play out ideas what will happen in the future in my head witch only few books have ever made me do. 


Thanks for the story author and give yourself a cold as beer and look into the sunsety friend, you truly deserve it for all the thought and work you put into your novel to make it as exciting as it is to date. 


PS.: I am not native so sorry for my English :) 



Can't wait for more. I love the character development and I often found that while reading I would stop reading to watch the movies to spot where alex would be in that instance. Surprisingly I have found that he could be canon and just never shown in the movies so far.


Ps: Read all of it while being logged out, so it was only showing I am up to chapter two when I have finished it and want more lol


I have to say that this is probably one of the best fanfics that I've read.  Not that I read much fan fiction, but this is turning into a great novel that I'm really enjoying.  The author is inhabiting J.K. Rowling's world without to many bumps and adding depth to this universe.  While there are gramatical errors, they don't distact from the story.  

I'm really enjoying the trip back to Hogwarts and hope that the author stays on track.  Keep up the good work Flying JMW!!!  


I usually stay away from fan-fictions, as they generally aren't very well written. That isn't the case with this novel. While it stays true to the HP world, it doesn't really rehash the original storyline. There are many details that are well though of, that fit into the world seemlessly. Also, the main character has a very different life experience from Harry Potter, which provides a fresh perscpective. Another positive for me, which can be off-putting for some, is that at the start of the book the MC comes off as very arrogant and stupid at times (he keeps making stupid decisions because he is ahead in his studies.) This gets better as he gets older, as he realizes that he can very easily die, and that he has to think more before commiting to doing something dangerous. All in all, I would suggest this book to all fantasy lovers, even people who haven't read/seen Harry Potter. 


Prepare to lose a couple of days

Reviewed at: Chapter 107: Duels

I really enjoyed this fanfiction. My only other Harry Potter fan fic for comparison is Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, which sets an extremely high bar.
I'm pleased to report that this fan fic is within spitting distance of it. I was entirely engrossed and captivated living out my Harry Potter universe fantasies vicariously through the main character.

How dare the author not have a patreon 40 chapters ahead I can throw money at them to access. Already feeling the withdrawal symptoms after catching up. Y'all got any more of them chapters?


Just the right thing I wanted in a Harry potter bo

Reviewed at: Chapter 107: Duels

Simply amazing the plot ,the story, the characters are just the right thing up my alley the interactions between family feels so natural and funny that I always look forward to it love that side characters are very present and love the added magic explanation to think this was the authors first book .I have to say this is one of the most brilliant fabrics I've ever read it adds so many brilliant ideas that this feels like a real story as in a fanfic when I finished I couldn't go back to my normal books compare to this masterpiece they fell very dull . to the author I have to say please continue writing I really enjoy the story and can't wait to see what's in store for Alex in the future .