Rebirth in a Magical World

by Flying JMW

Fan Fiction ONGOING Action Fantasy Magic Male Lead Reincarnation School Life

What would you do if you were reborn inside the Harry Potter Universe. Follow Alexander Fawley's adventures as he is reborn in the Harry Potter world. In this tale, he will have new unique adventure to call his own, And he will discover that the Harry Potter Universe is much greater than he had imagined. 

P.S This is my first story, so please leave reviews, to let me know how I am doing, so I can get better. Also J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter, I simply play in her world.

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Flying JMW

Flying JMW

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Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Rebirth ago
Chapter 2: Visitors ago
Chapter 3: Lesson 1 ago
Chapter 4: Long Day ago
Chapter 5: History ago
Chapter 6: Adversaries ago
Chapter 7: Tower ago
Chapter 8: Knowledge ago
Chapter 9: Uncle John ago
Chapter 10: Dueling ago
Chapter 11: Wand ago
Magic ago
Day One ago
Hogwarts ago
Ravenclaw ago
Classes ago
Animagus and Potions ago
Nemesis ago
Hagrid ago
Ambush ago
Revenge ago
Vanishing Cabinet ago
Making Plans ago
Forbidden Forest ago
Chapter 25: Vampires ago
Chapter 26: A Helping Hand ago
Chapter 27: Homecoming ago
Chapter 28: Journal ago
Chapter 29: Borgin and Burkes ago
Chapter 30: Details ago
Chapter 31: Ring ago
Chapter 32: Barrier ago
Chapter 33: Preparation ago
Chapter 34: Breakthrough ago
Chapter 35: Confrontation ago
Chapter 36: Fight ago
Announcement: Not a chapter ago
Chapter 37: Victory ago
Chapter 38: Dumbledore ago
Chapter 39: Mystery ago
Chapter 40: Going Home ago
Poll ago
Chapter 41: One Month ago
Chapter 42: Yu Yan ago
Chapter 43: Dinner ago
Chapter 44: Friends ago
Chapter 45: Summer's End ago
Chapter 46: Return to Hogwarts ago
Chapter 47: Ravenclaws Reunited ago
Chapter 48: Old Fear ago
Chapter 49: Invitation ago
Chapter 50: Silver Spears ago
Chapter 51: Tryouts ago
Chapter 52: Not Again ago
Chapter 53: Occlumency ago

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Honestly i think this is the best "fanfic" i have ever read, it doesn't just throw the MC into all of Harry's scenarios, instead starting several years earlier than any of the books and crafting an awesome original storyline making use of forgotten side characters and new original characters, heck i'm 43 chapters in and i don't even think i can remember "Harry Potter" be mentioned once.

The only critisism i could even make is a few cases of incorrect grammar and questionable choice of words / phrases that can throw you for a loop, but all the series really needs is a proof reader, and the grammar does improve in more recent chapters as the author has been putting up google docs where the readers can make note of mistakes.

All and all i would highly recommend, this fanfic is awesome, at 43 chapters in we have just reached the end of year 1 with the author mentioning 7 years have been planned, so hopefully we can strap in for the long haul, i look forward to reading everything this author gives us.

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Sure it's a fanfic but you don't have to read Harry potter to enjoy it

Reviewed at: Chapter 31: Ring
Like the title says, you don't need to be a Harry potter fan to read this. Sure their are some characters that are in this that are in the books as well but I just look at it like a bonus to those of us that have read them. The characterization of the characters we all know and love are enjoyable, while keeping true to the books. The mc is a likeable kid whose not op but is obviously a prodigy when it comes to magic, but he works hard for it and he plans carefully instead of relying on plot armor. He's got his own adventures (which are actually interesting) instead of relying on the main plot of the books but it takes place around the same time, (the mc is Fred and George Weasleys age, also Cedric's, whose his best friend so that's fun) so I'm sure we'll see him get involved in some of Harry's shenanigans somewhere down the line. 
I don't usually write reviews because I'm a terrible writer and tend to ramble but I felt like helping out as much as I can because I want this to succeed and I'm genuinely think other people will enjoy this.
The pacing is good and the chapter release seems fast. My only gripe is the vocab (I am by no means a grammar snob) it can be a little jarring from time to time but doesn't interfere with the story and it's something I can look past. 
All in all check it out. I haven't read any other Harry potter fanfics but I just might if they are half as interesting as this one. Keep up the good work author sama.
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An almost original Harry Potter fanfiction

Reviewed at: Chapter 31: Ring

The story is almost original but set in the harry potter universe. The story is not tightly constrained by the harry potter but does tie in events in the books with an original story.

The writting is rather good, the length of chapters are longish but not boring or incoherent (Not a bad length for a book chapter). A couple of spelling mistakes or missing words (very minimal).

The MC's character is easy to read and MC doesn't seem to have to much plot armour so far, most encounters the MC spends time thinking before doing.

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Going into this story was a bit of a rollercoaster at first, based on reviews I had rather high expectations but seeing the rather mediocre grammar quickly lowered them.

Yet as I read I found myself blown away by how far beyond this exceeded what I was expecting! the author (not to be rude) is some random dude with no other works and hasn't even been on RR a year and yet he manages to weave fascinating Harry Potter lore and a perfect portrayal of the characters we've all seen in the books into a quality story that remains both unique, lore and timeline friendly and most importantly forces you the spend hours binging the story only to be crushed that you've reached the latest chapter!

I might be a bit excessive saying this, but I believe that with good grammar this story might even contend with the works of Lone or L. Nimbus.

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i like most of the explanations behind some of the decetions and magical mekaniks that we get

be aware there are a few chapters not suitible for asmatics....(had me wheezing with laugther)

For style 5. As it is close to the original but I the gap it is true to its own

For story 5. As a fanfic of one of the most fanficed stories out there this one is original enough to hold its own

For Grammer 3.5. While the mistake Are often you can genarally tell what was intendet

For charrecter 5. The charrecter we know Are true enough reflections of the orriginals that it feels real

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Great use of Harry Potter world for original story

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: Rebirth

I was recluctant at first due to this being a fanfic but I'm very glad I gave it a shot. It's great to revisit this setting I still love with an MC that, as an adult, I think is better than Harry. He's driven to learn magic and study, not weirdly lazy like Harry, which never made sense to me in a world where you directly gain abilities from studying. He also was only a young teen and sheltered previously so the story lets him be a more normal teen character than many reincarnation stories. If you liked Harry Potter or other magic academy stories I think you'll enjoy this read!

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Im not an author, nor is english my first language so take my review with a grain of salt. This is also my first review on this site.

I will start with grammar, if you are able to overlook the glaring errors of how many of the authors sentences are structured aswell as missing words and/or letters here and there, you will most likely have a good time. If you like me have a hard time overlooking that, this will be a difficult read =) not the worst on this site by far since i actually have read all chapter til the date of this review, but bad enough that i can say i was getting close to just edit some of the chapters myself and post them in the comment section.

Style/Story. I will just put both together here. I really like how the author manages to draw you into the story and get you hooked on it. It is quite a feat when thinking of the poor grammar, and how at quite a few parts in the story he skips over parts of the characters day to day life wich could easily have been turned into whole chapters by itself, what i mean by that is lessons held by some of the proffessors, like in astrology, we get to know that the main character is interested in astrology and that he thinks it will be fun to study it. And thats where that whole subject is dropped and not talked about again, the author might delve deeper into it in the future, and i hope so since i like a deeper dive into the day to day of the characters in these types of story. It makes the story feel a bit shallow.

The characters are..... hard to place really, the author does a good job of establishing the main character and his family, aswell as his drive and motivations. It is just a bit difficult to feel for them at times, especially his friends, mainly for the reason i mentioned above, that they feel shallow at points, more in-depth day to day interactions between the characters other than his family would be welcome. On the other side and i will try not to spoil the story on this, but one of the later adventures in the main characters first year at school really just draws you in and captures you in the moment in the same emotional way some of the better stories on this site manages to do. But, and there is a but, certain parts of the story feel fast paced and glossed over or just straight up neglected.

Overall: this is not one of the best stories on this site, not by a long shot. But if you can get past the grammar, you will see that the story has a soul to it, and i personally will continue reading for as long as the author pumps out chapters. Having an editor look over it would do wonders, but i don't suppose it's worth the effort as it is a fan fiction. Having been a longtime stalker on this site, i have read quite a few of the novels on it, and cannot with good conscience give this more than a 3 score rating (giving it 3,5 because i want to). Improving the grammar and simply giving the main characters friends a bit more depth would go along way in bumping my score up. 

As a sidenote, i was impressed by the authors knowlede of the Harry Potter universe, and from reading comments from him on the chapters so far, it seems he/she/it has been spending alot of time researching/having fun with magic of it =)

Edit: as of chapter 46 grammar has gotten considerably better.

Steve Moss
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A different sort of Harry Potter fan fic

Reviewed at: Chapter 33: Preparation

A cancer ridden young orphan is reborn in a Harry Potter world.  He died before the series ended so his knowledge is incomplete.

I enjoyed it as the MC is not focused on Harry, Ron or Hermione.  He seems to be plotting his own path, doing his own thing. He just happens to share the universe with the Rowling’s characters. 

Grammar and spelling could use a lot of work.  Other than that, the story is enjoyable and an easy read.  Recommended. 

Jacksonion Democracy
  • Overall Score

Very enjoyable read, standard MC reincarnates into noble house in HP universe - unique plot and arcs tho as well as lots of fleshed out lore. Very few grammer errors that are usually fixed soon. Only complaint is the sometimes MC will be a tiny bit of a beta-male, often tolerating some stuff he really shouldn't (tho rhis has only happened a few times in 30 chapters so) In general, this is worth a shot at least

Frank Kostick
  • Overall Score

I am not a big fan of fanfic stories but have to say this is really well done. I like Harry Potter but was never a die hard fan but the way the author writes the story in the universe and has developed the characters is great. I have enjoyed every chapter and I am looking forward to seeing how it further develops!