Rebirth in a Magical World

Rebirth in a Magical World

by Flying JMW

What would you do if you were reborn inside the Harry Potter Universe. Follow Alexander Fawley's adventures as he is reborn in the Harry Potter world. In this tale, he will have new unique adventure to call his own, And he will discover that the Harry Potter Universe is much greater than he had imagined. 

P.S This is my first story, so please leave reviews, to let me know how I am doing, so I can get better. Also J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter, I simply play in her world.

On a side note, I am curently re-editing the first half of the story. So, you might see grammer mistakes. I am working on fixing the problems, if you can push through to the chapter thirty-five ish the grammer improves alot becuase White Wind has been editing my mistakes. 

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Flying JMW

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Chapter 4: Long Day ago
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Chapter 7: Tower ago
Chapter 8: Knowledge ago
Chapter 9: Uncle John ago
Chapter 10: Dueling ago
Chapter 11: Wand ago
Chapter 12: Magic ago
Chapter 13: Day One ago
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Chapter 31: Ring ago
Chapter 32: Barrier ago
Chapter 33: Preparation ago
Chapter 34: Breakthrough ago
Chapter 35: Confrontation ago
Chapter 36: Fight ago
Chapter 37: Victory ago
Chapter 38: Dumbledore ago
Chapter 39: Mystery ago
Chapter 40: Going Home ago
Chapter 41: One Month ago
Chapter 42: Yu Yan ago
Chapter 43: Dinner ago
Chapter 44: Friends ago
Chapter 45: Summer's End ago
Chapter 46: Return to Hogwarts ago
Chapter 47: Ravenclaws Reunited ago
Chapter 48: Old Fear ago
Chapter 49: Invitation ago
Chapter 50: Silver Spears ago
Chapter 51: Tryouts ago
Chapter 52: Not Again ago
Chapter 53: Occlumency ago
Chapter 54: Patronus ago
Chapter 55: Going Home ago
Chapter 56: Family Feud ago
Chapter 57: Clan Macmillan ago
Chapter 58: Dad's Wisdom ago
Chapter 59: Chapter House ago
Chapter 60: First Round ago
Chapter 61: First Up ago
Chapter 62: Finale ago
Chapter 63: Mind Palace ago
Chapter 64: Struggle ago
Chapter 65: Lockhart ago
Chapter 66: Memory ago
Chapter 67: Surprise ago
Chapter 68: Broken ago
Chapter 69: Alone ago
Chapter 70: Fawley and Whithorn ago
Chapter 71: Healer Chen ago
Chapter 72: Meetings ago
Chapter 73: Trial of Ravenclaw ago
Chapter 74: End of Year Two ago
Chapter 75: France ago
Chapter 76: Nicolas Flamel ago
Chapter 77: Secret Meeting ago
Chapter 78: Spell Creation ago
Chapter 79: Main Cast ago
Chapter 80: Lancaster Commodities ago
Chapter 81: Goblins ago
Chapter 82: Negotiations ago
Chapter 83: Return ago
Chapter 84: Arithmancy ago
Chapter 85: The Unspoken Reward ago
Chapter 86: A Game ago
Chapter 87: Two New Professors ago
Chapter 88: Private Lessons ago
Chapter 89: Change? ago
Chapter 90: The Next Day ago
Chapter 91: The Grey Lady ago
Chapter 92: Hogsmeade ago
Chapter 93: Rita Skeeter ago
Chapter 94: Success ago
Chapter 95: Testing ago
Chapter 96: Going Home ago
Chapter 97: Charm Crafting 101 ago
Chapter 98: The Guild ago
Chapter 99: The Mirror of Erised ago
Chapter 100: Athena's Origin ago
Chapter 101: A Few Snippets ago
Chapter 102: Conference ago
Chapter 103: Nimbus Falls, Firebolt Rises ago
Chapter 104: The Syndicate ago
Chapter 105: Back to Alex ago
Chapter 106: Rome ago
Chapter 107: Duels ago
Chapter 108: It's Over ago
Chapter 109: Final Days ago
Chapter 110: Changes ago
Chapter 111: The Board ago
Chapter 112: Hodari ago
Chapter 113: Uagadou ago
Chapter 114 : No Magic? ago

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Honestly i think this is the best "fanfic" i have ever read, it doesn't just throw the MC into all of Harry's scenarios, instead starting several years earlier than any of the books and crafting an awesome original storyline making use of forgotten side characters and new original characters, heck i'm 43 chapters in and i don't even think i can remember "Harry Potter" be mentioned once.

The only critisism i could even make is a few cases of incorrect grammar and questionable choice of words / phrases that can throw you for a loop, but all the series really needs is a proof reader, and the grammar does improve in more recent chapters as the author has been putting up google docs where the readers can make note of mistakes.

All and all i would highly recommend, this fanfic is awesome, at 43 chapters in we have just reached the end of year 1 with the author mentioning 7 years have been planned, so hopefully we can strap in for the long haul, i look forward to reading everything this author gives us.


Far exceeds expectations

Reviewed at: Chapter 86: A Game

Going into this story was a bit of a rollercoaster at first, based on reviews I had rather high expectations but seeing the rather mediocre grammar quickly lowered them.

Yet as I read I found myself blown away by how far beyond this exceeded what I was expecting! the author (not to be rude) is some random dude with no other works and hasn't even been on RR a year and yet he manages to weave fascinating Harry Potter lore and a perfect portrayal of the characters we've all seen in the books into a quality story that remains both unique, lore and timeline friendly and most importantly forces you the spend hours binging the story only to be crushed that you've reached the latest chapter!

I might be a bit excessive saying this, but I believe that with good grammar this story might even contend with the works of Lone or L. Nimbus.


Sure it's a fanfic but you don't have to read Harry potter to enjoy it

Reviewed at: Chapter 31: Ring
Like the title says, you don't need to be a Harry potter fan to read this. Sure their are some characters that are in this that are in the books as well but I just look at it like a bonus to those of us that have read them. The characterization of the characters we all know and love are enjoyable, while keeping true to the books. The mc is a likeable kid whose not op but is obviously a prodigy when it comes to magic, but he works hard for it and he plans carefully instead of relying on plot armor. He's got his own adventures (which are actually interesting) instead of relying on the main plot of the books but it takes place around the same time, (the mc is Fred and George Weasleys age, also Cedric's, whose his best friend so that's fun) so I'm sure we'll see him get involved in some of Harry's shenanigans somewhere down the line. 
I don't usually write reviews because I'm a terrible writer and tend to ramble but I felt like helping out as much as I can because I want this to succeed and I'm genuinely think other people will enjoy this.
The pacing is good and the chapter release seems fast. My only gripe is the vocab (I am by no means a grammar snob) it can be a little jarring from time to time but doesn't interfere with the story and it's something I can look past. 
All in all check it out. I haven't read any other Harry potter fanfics but I just might if they are half as interesting as this one. Keep up the good work author sama.

An almost original Harry Potter fanfiction

Reviewed at: Chapter 31: Ring

The story is almost original but set in the harry potter universe. The story is not tightly constrained by the harry potter but does tie in events in the books with an original story.

The writting is rather good, the length of chapters are longish but not boring or incoherent (Not a bad length for a book chapter). A couple of spelling mistakes or missing words (very minimal).

The MC's character is easy to read and MC doesn't seem to have to much plot armour so far, most encounters the MC spends time thinking before doing.


I adore this fanfiction. It's by far the best of its kind I've ever read. The grammar is not as bad as everyone says it is or maybe I just have lower standards, regardless, I can promise grammar will not be a turn-off in this novel/fanfic.

PS: Is there really going to be no more chapters?

some total kretin

TL;DR: It's here. The second novel I like to casually read after Azarinth healer. And it's - again, what a surprise - a light serial novel adventure with slightly OP MC, starts okay-ish and gets better as you progress.

Disclaimer: I deleted my earlier review and wrote this one, because my feelings changed with the latest chatpers.

I like to read Azarinth healer. I'm even a patron for that one, which is something I didn't think I would ever do. See, I'm a skinflint. And, well, this little fanfic has the same general tone.

It's light reading. No stress, no grimdark opressive world kicking the shit out of a grizzled hero/ine so he/she has to eat it with their cereal every morning.

It's a pure escapist wish fullfillment fantasy that borders on unreasonable. That said it still only toes the line for me. There is still a challenge. And the author obviously goes to great lengths to keep it that way, because unreasonable wish fullfillment looses all challenge.

That's exactly why I like reading Azarinth healer and now I'm counting this one there as it's younger sibling. So, for being my little oasis of peace for a few minutes every few days, I'm having you as my second most favourite on this site. Mind you, not for extreme literary excelence, but because you evoke relaxation.



Great potential but needs some serious rewrites

Reviewed at: Vanishing Cabinet

There are many reviews that makes this fic seem very enticing to read so I'll be focusing mostly on my issues with this fic. For any new readers who might like to know about the flaws of this novel before diving in, here goes-

The author writes in a simple, easy to understand way that may flow well IF you don't look into it too much. I did and believe me when i say there are so many instances that just left me exasperated or shaking my head in disbelief. The author adds scenes that if looked from a different perspective comes off as really cruel or contradicting. SPOILERS- there is a scene about 5 yr old Alex where he is hit with a tickling charm as his family laughs. Sound nice and wholesome right? Now imagine a 5 years old boy being floated above the ground, held upside-down as he is hit by a spell that makes him a laughing mess as his parents and half a dozen adults surround him and laugh as tears flow down his face and he screams at them to stop. Still funny? I didn't feel so. Another example is when they go to diagon alley. Alex's mom is said to be different from other women in that she doesn't like shopping (like males) but when they come back, she is said to be smug and both Alex and father are dead tired. That reaction seems to be more like a woman who is satisfied after a few hours of shopping while the males ran around behind her. Not at all an expression you'd expect from someone who hated shopping. I know what the author was going for but this is not an anime so it just doesn't come off his/her way. There are a lot of different scenes where their emotions doesn't make a quota of sense or seem very contradicting. You might think that it's a small issue but it breaks the immersion of someone who likes imagining every scene like a movie, though probably not a problem for those who usually skim over small details. 

Story- The plot of the story seems interesting and original. If you're looking for a new oc in hp world story after storming through fanfiction site then you will enjoy it. The mc is 2 years older than hp, 3 if u count strictly from beginning of school year, so expect him to participate in T-W-Tournament. If the author continues writing then i dont think he will ever have a problem with plot planning. There is just so much for him to work with that it'll be difficult for him to have a block. 

Grammar- Grammar is not a strong point in this fic. The first 20 or so chapters that I've read till now seems like some raw first draft posted just for fun, so don't expect professional work. Author does get an editor i think later on, though i haven't read till then.

Character- Damn, The characters. I think you already got some ideas from reading my first para. The people in this fic are really unreal yet still manages to come off as real people. The author gives them proper back stories, motivation, emotions and everything and yet these emotions never seem to make sense sometimes. The way the characters interact sometimes make me cringe or burst out laughing or grit my teeth in annoyance. One example straight from the story- ''the man asked- is this your first time here'' "i replied this is my first time here".  Dude what is this? Seriously this is not how people usually interact. Just let it flow and don't repeat everything again and again. That was actually a mild example and i dont remember any right now but i hope u realise how silly that interaction came off. Atleast add an 'indeed' or 'yes' in that and it'll seem more real or just make him nod his head or something.  

Another problem is inconsistent mc. I read a review that states how stupid and inconsistent he becomes in later chapters but i had one HUGE issue with the mc in one of the scenes. SPOILERS- So there was a mini plot where mc n gang goes against some bullies. In one scene the mc is badly humiliated and hurt by a few boys and thrown inside a closet. The mc swears bloody revenge and i liked that he won't be a pushover, he tells his friends to not do anything cause he wishes to personally handle it. Nice, good, i was anticipating some good action. U know what the mc did? NOTHING! HE DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Like what the fuck? He was going off about how he's going to take revenge and then it's just fucking glossed over with his friend cursing one of the bullies and that's it. He doesn't even say or think anything about it again. It's just forgotten. I kept waiting and waiting but i got nothing. He should have atleast been angry with anna instead of being scared. She just went against his request and he's scared of her. He tells Cedric off about not having any pride but does he himself have any? This is where i left the story. I could handle many things but an inconsistent mc who goes too and fro from a competent genius to an absolutely useless wimp is not one of them. I hope the author clears this for me because I really want to read this fic but i just can't torture myself willingly. Sorry. 

So overall this story seems entertaining if you ignored a few issues.I might pick it up later if i feel an urge or if the author hopefully replies to my last issue.


this is honestly the best "Fan Fic" I've ever read, so much so to the point that I don't think of it as a fan fic, its just and extension of the harry potter world through another characters eyes. Although the story does admittedly change because of said character its not super drastic (at least not yet) and honestly doesn't really have a lot to do with harry or any of the trio at all. I like that the MC doesn't start off super over powered and remembers their whole past life, I also like that the the author makes the MC actually pay attention and appreciate the world he is living in, I do think that the relationships could use some work but I think that the author is already working on that. (cant say I'm in love with his love interest but she is admittedly the better of two evils in my opinion). love the fact that the antagonist in the MC life (for the most part) actually isn't vlodemort and his emo possy. one negative on my end is the somewhat fast pace, kinda wish the author would slow down some times to explain the the situation in detail or not do so many time skips, maybe get into the nitty gritty of the projects he's working on. but all in all its beautifully written and in some ways (in my opinion) more enjoyable than the actual harry potter books. definitely recommend, even if you arent a harry potter fan.


Author can't decide what he wants to write

Reviewed at: Chapter 69: Alone

The story is passably well written, grammar and style wise. The story itself has not been particularly compelling but I can't say it's been boring either (it's basically hogwarts school life, mostly, not as creative as it could have been but not as boring as it could have been either), the characters are a little bit better than average, but nothing to write home about, grammar is stellar.

With that out of the way lets talk about the problems.

For one, we have an OP protagonist that's written as if he's not OP. The short of it is that he's a genius when it comes to his schoolwork, leaps ahead of his classmates at every turn, and when he fights without his life on the line, everybody is a pushover, he just won't lose. Whenever his life is on the line however, he's that guy that got dumped into a fantasy dungeon naked and gets ripped apart by monsters yet somehow miraculously survives through mostly luck everytime. It's like when it counts, he's useless, when it doesn't really count, he's a god. I just can't tell through reading this story if the protagonist is meant to be  atotal pushover or a true blue elite.

He also does a lot of stupid things, such as when he was a kid practicing wandless magic, he doesn't follow through, he just drops it, he accepts that he will be helpless without a wand after struggling a little bit. (Yet later on when he's learning something else that seems ridiculously hard for him, surrender gets removed from his dictionary...)

The worst thing for me though, and the point where I dropped this story, is that this is a reincarnation story, except it's not a reincarnation story. Confused? Yeah me too. First off the guy is reincarnated with memories from our earth, and most of the harry potter books, then later it gets retconned to be much fewer harry potter books... And then

Spoiler: Spoiler

In other words, author just wasted my time with this. If I didn't want to read a reincarnation story, I wouldn't have ever come here. If I didn't want to read a fan fic, I never would have come here either, I wonder if next up the guy gets teleported to the world of Narnia now, with his memories from the Harry Potter world magically disappearing next? Or maybe not narnia, since that would still be fan fiction, maybe some original world of the author instead? Yeah seems more likely, after all since he tagged it as a reincarnation story, then borderline retconned it so that he's not really a reincarnation character anymore, I would not be surprised if he decides he doesn't want to write fan fiction anymore either.

It's a real shame, I kinda liked where the story was going, even with the weirdness of not being able to tell if the mc is overpowered or pathetically weak, that was forgivable. But this is not. With this event, either the entire tone of the story changes in a way I don't want to see it change, or the writing quality will drop like a rock because the author won't commit to seeing through the effects this kind of effect should have on the protagonist's personality. Either way, it would be a waste of time for me to keep reading.


I've read a fair few fanfics and this is easily cream of the crop, to the point where I think the author could have adapted it into an original work if they wanted to.

As many others have mentioned, the grammar is not the best, it's more the choice of words than anything but you can understand through the context and they seem to be making lengths to fix this issue.

I can't recommend this story enough, the protagonist is likeable but not perfect, the reincarnation is done in a more original way rather than the usual cut and paste scenarios you tend to see lately and every scenario feels authentic.

I've blasted through the current 76 chapters and am looking forward for more, good job.