A note from LeckerSendvich

A bit short but this should be the last one like that, letting these first to chapters be more of an introduction to the story. The rest will be probably triple this size. Enjoy!

A tall blonde woman strides into WMP with an annoyed expression, her leather jacket still covered in the carnage of last night’s barhopping. Quickly striding through the marble lobby she ignores the secretary who immediately attempted to call security. The woman clamps her hand onto the phone, her formidable strength easily placing the phone back down.

“I’m not in the mood,” She says as she stares into the terrified secretary’s eyes. “Call your boss, tell him Fey is here.”

Without another word she moves into the elevator and hits the top floor, her annoyance growing with every floor.

Unbeknownst to her, a man sits atop the elevator, shrouded in all black. His attention is directed at her due to the commotion, and all he could do was hope she wasn’t going where he was.

As soon as the elevator reaches the top floor the woman barrels out the doors stringing along a creative line of curses. Quickly followed by a shadow silently dropping down from the elevator's emergency exit. Walking past the cubicles full of busy workers the woman didn't spare them any peace while she continued her stream of unprofessional words making a beeline for the double doors at the end of the floor. Despite the commotion none of the workers flinched. The only two who looked were a man and a woman standing near the water cooler. Staring intently at the figure heading towards the office. None of them wavered not even when the woman threw the door open. As soon as the door was closed however all of the workers began to shimmer slightly, except for the two by the cooler.

Ripping open the door Fey spots two people, a short woman with bobbed red hair in standard office attire, freckles covering her face and a big enough breast size to make Fey take a second look. As well as a tall middle eastern man without a speck of hair on his head but a sizable beard, dressed in an expensive looking red suit. Both of them were looking at her in complete surprise, her entrance not fitting the professional tone of the building.

“Miss Blustrunstig,” The man says, having already recovered from his surprise. “The secretary said you were on the way, I had hoped you’d be a bit more tactf-“

Fey slams her hands into his desk, the force causing many of the decorations on it to be felled. Leaning in close she stares into his blue eyes, her amber one’s full of hostility. “I’m one sentence away from tearing this building apart. You woke me on a Saturday, so tell me the job and hope it’s to my liking.”

Without another word she plops herself onto one of the two chairs set in front of his desk. Both the man and the woman look at her in awe but quickly shake it off in a professional manner.

“Of course,” The red haired woman says, her face smiling but her eyes pissed. “We just have to wait on one other person before we start.”

“He’s already here.” Fey says as she looks near the bar.

All three look at it but see nothing. Just as the dark skinned man goes to question a slight shimmer occurs as a man appears, leaning against the bar.

“Impressive, you’ll be telling me how you did that.” He says as he begins fixing himself a drink. With expert finesse he makes a standard whiskey on the rocks before turning back towards the others. “WMP needs to update their security.”

“Well, seeing as you’re both here I’ll start the introductions.” The dark skinned man says as he stands. “I am Hammid Yennef. And my lovely assistant here is Rebecca Hammers.”

“I’d skip to the part where your life is valuable to me,” Fey says, kicking her feet up on the desk as she does. “Because I’m getting bored already.”

“I would prefer that as well,” The man clothed in black says. “Specifically why you’ve called two contractors here.”

“Because I have a job for both of you,” He says as if its obvious. “You’ll be working together to-“

“I’ll be stopping you there.” The other man says, placing his glass down and starting to walk out of the room.

Hammid however quickly attempts to stop him by standing in front of the door. “I assure you, despite your misgivings about working with others, this will be worth your time.”

Noob stands there for a second, weighing his options. “Fine.” He says, walking to the other chair and sitting down.

Hammid lets out a sigh of relief before walking back and sitting in his own chair, then waves Rebecca over. “Hand them the files please.”

Without a word she hands the two a pair of dense files. Fey casually begins flipping through it while Noob starts from the beginning. Eventually they both set the files down.

“No.” Comes Noob’s answer. “Her file doesn’t matter, I work alone.”

“Not gonna happen.’ Fey concurs. “This thing barely has anything it in anyway, other than how much I’ll be payed if I gut him.”

At the ominous tone Noob looks at her in hostility, though its covered by the mask he wore. Fey on the other hand wore a cheeky grin. Her lips curling into a smile at the anticipation of a fight, the small scar on her upper lip making the action more intimidating. Before a fight can break out a loud thunk sounds sounds, drawing both of their attention. Sitting before them is two large brief cases.

“Do open it.” Hammid says, leaning back in his chair.

Fey quickly rips it open, her eyes sparkling at the sight. Noob then opens his, having waited for Fey to open it to ensure it wasn’t rigged. Inside was stacks of one-hundred dollar bills.

“That is two million dollars,” Hammid says with a grin. “Merely an upfront payment to assure my goodwill. The actual payment upon job completion will make that look like pennies.”

“How much?” Fey asks, her interests suddenly peaked.

“Should you accomplish what I ask, I’m offering four trillion dollars in assets.” Hammid finishes.

“So what are you asking?” Noob asks as he closes the briefcase slowly. “The destruction a country? Little else would demand this level of payment.”

Before Hammid can answers a slight glint from the nearby building draws Fey’s attention.

“Get down!” She yells.

Before anyone can react the glass shatters and blood splatters across the room.


The World of 2060 Waits for No One

A note from LeckerSendvich

Not sure if anyone cares but Fey being in both my stories is more of a personal quirk. Like if you get the option to name your character in a game, mine is probably going to be Fey. I just enjoy the name, sorry if that was a bit confusing.

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