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Welcome to my redo of this book, I come back a better writer (maybe) and significantly dumber. Do enjoy your stay in the world of 2060.

As a man flipping a coin sits in a high-rise office overlooking the Seattle skyline, a woman walks through the double doors behind him.

Adjusting her hair, she places two folders down in front of the him then walks towards the bar tucked into the corner of the room. She looks into the mirror for a moment, her tanned skin showed no blemish, black hair cascading perfectly down her back, and bright green eyes alert and attentive as always. She quickly fixes two glasses of scotch, the best they had on hand, and walks back to the man as he turns around.

“I don’t believe this is the best course of action.” She says, handing one of the glasses to the man. “I could complete it without such risks Hunter.”

Hunter takes the glass and puts it aside as he picks up the files.

Contractor codename: Noob

First Name: [N/A]

Last name: [N/A]

Age: [N/A]

Hair color: changes constantly

Eye color: Hazel

Height: 5'11"

Weight: [N/A]

Place of origin: [N/A]

Aliases: [N/A]

Known Kin abilities: Possibly Camouflage

Notable Achievements: [N/A]

Known abilities: Advanced stealth, assassination, expert CQC (Judo, Krav Maga), riflemanship.

Known weaknesses: teamwork

Price: 2,500,000 USD base, may vary depending on job.

Current location: [N/A]

Bounty: 7,085,043,000 USD


Contractor Codename: Mag

First Name: Fey

Last Name: Blustrunstig

Age: 23

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Amber (possibly due to Kin abilities)

Height: 6'3"

Weight: [N/A]

Place of origin: Hesse, Germany

Aliases: Fey Weiss

Known Kin abilities: Magnetism (most effective around body)

Known abilities: Advanced field medicine, CQC (boxing, kickboxing, pankration), 123 milisecond reaction speed, complete knowledge of the human body, unparrelled proficiency with blades

Notable Achievements: Eliminated the “Animal” and “Mind” early in career.

Known weaknesses: temper, teamwork

Price: No known set price, is reported to take jobs depending on whether or not they are "fun".

Current location: Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine

Bounty: 2,349,009,000.73 USD

As he finishes reading the profiles he stands up from his reclining chair and adjusts his two-piece suit before walking around the desk next to the woman. "I have no doubt Sheva, but your involvement is something I’d prefer to avoid."

Sheva takes out a pair of reading glasses from between her breasts and takes the folders off Hunter's desk. “How can you be so sure they won’t kill each other first?”

"The money will keep them together in the beginning, at least until it’s too late for them to back out. If the job goes right they'll be competent enough to finish what we started." He says, picking up the glass and downing it in one go. Still flipping the coin.

As Sheva stands there and absorbs what he is saying she begins to shift her feet and crosses her arms while looking down. "This is a one-way trip, all or nothing. You get that don’t you?"

Looking around the room, he glances at his numerous trophies, ranging from animal heads to Egyptian artifacts. With a soft sigh he brings his hand under her chin shifting her eyes to look into his. "No need to worry, after all, most things usually go heads up for me. Don’t you remember?" He releases her chin and walks back to his chair flipping her the coin as he sits. "Do yourself a favor and take the rest of the day off, you need a break."

Sheva looks at him for a moment, chiseled jaw, brunette hair, and a large burn mark along his left cheek. Shaking her head she walks out of the office and past the empty cubicles that litter the floor. "Heads as always…luck will only last so long." she mutters as she steps onto the elevator.


The World of 2060 Waits for No One.

A note from LeckerSendvich

A lil' teaser for y'all. 

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