The Kin of 2060

by LeckerSendvich

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content


In 2036 a small population of newborns of any species began being born with abilities akin to magic. 1 year olds bursting into flames without being burned, pigs with the ability to fly, and psychic monkeys became the norm. Now in 2060 these "Kin" as they are called are highly sought after whether it’s for communications, building, or a multitude of other things. The most popular however is contractor work. People from every corner of the world pay top dollar to have "Kin" work for them specifically for the less than reputable jobs. 

YUG "Noob" Unknown was born for this life. Quiet, skilled, and incredibly deadly he could accomplish any mission before anyone even knew he was there. Little information is shared about him. Some say he was trained by assassins; others say he is death's reaper but those are all just exaggerated rumors. After all those who knew the truth are already dead. He may not play nice with others but he doesn't need to in his line of work, well at least he didn't until now.

Fey Weiss started in the dirt. Born in the ghetto of the ghetto, the only way she knew how to get by was to take. If she wanted it, she took it. If someone tried to stop her she made them regret it. She was never subtle and you could easily track her by the carnage and broken bones left in her wake. This cycle repeated for years until someone offered her a job. After that job Fey Weiss was gone. Replaced by the murderous brawler known as Fey "Mag" Blustrunstig. One thing never changed though. After her first partner, she was alone. She stole alone, fought alone, survived alone and she liked it. To her, partners were a liability. Guess she'll just have to deal with it.


The world of 2060 waits for no one.



AN: Upload schedule is going to pretty much whenever I make time so I apologize if updates take a while. 

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