Sitting at the head of the table Fey leans back and props her feet up, much to the distaste of Luna, “So what’s the plan? I’m taking suggestions.”

Instead of answering the rest of them take the remaining seats, Yug taking the other end seat, “We need to hit him where it hurts. We have to take down his building, hopefully with him inside.”

Fey removes her feet from the table and looks at him, “So you want us to essentially become terrorists?”

Yug nods slowly, “Well yes but actually… yes. As much as it seems like we would be, it’s the best option. It’s in a wealthy area, few people on the street during work hours, the building across from his is sturdy enough to survive it, and it guarantees that even if we don’t kill him we at least slow his plans.”

Theresa leans on her hand as she looks over to Yug, “And if we get caught? Do they give terrorists bail?”

Yug stands up, “If we get caught, then we get caught. We plea our case and hope for the best. If we don’t do this, then we lose. If we try, then we at least have a chance. I have a couple contacts that owe me favors. They should at least be able to secure us enough explosives to reduce the building to rubble.”

Luna shakes her head quizzically, “I don’t see why you believe this is the best method, but you’re the soldier. I’ll help you in any way I can, but my company can’t assist. My people do good work here and I won’t compromise that if we get caught. My own personal resources however, will be at your beck and call.”

Yug’s lips grow a smile at her acceptance, “Good, we really only need you anyway. You’re our exit strategy. What’s a better escape than disappearing into thin air?”

Luna rolls her eyes, “So that’s why you were so eager to talk about it last night, should have guessed it was odd at the time.”

Cade’s voice echoes from the loudspeakers in the room, “I am assuming this was during the talk where Yug sold us all out?”

Yug rubs the back of his head, “Yeah, the ‘talk’ we had.”

Luna interjects before anyone can question his phrasing, “I apologize for not asking each of you individually but time was of the essence, as it is now. So let’s move on.”

Fey’s eyes narrow in suspicion at their sudden hurry but chooses to ignore it, “So we set charges in the foundation and blow it to hell?”

Yug shakes his head as he touches the table causing it to erupt into a 3D model of the building. Yug then swipes at the model until just the foundation remains. A large internal pole like structure secures the entire building.

Yug points towards three different sections of the structure, “The whole building is supported by an internal concrete pillar. It’s massive in size and a one of a kind invention. We have to set the explosives in each of these positions or the inner parts of the building won’t fall.”

Theresa pokes at the model causing it to spin, “So we’re gonna blow up the pole thing?”

Yug shoos away Theresa’s hand, much to her disappointment, “No, we could level the city and that thing would still be standing, we are going to destroy the floors surrounding it. It’s like a bunker, if a threat is noticed everyone in the building is going to run to the center of the building and into this support structure. It’s hollow but incredibly durable, if Nyk figures out where we’re coming after him then he’ll go there.”

Luna nods her head, “So if he spots us we lose him?”

Yug shakes his head yet again, “I always have a backup plan. If things go wrong and he hides in there, you are going to teleport me and Cade inside of it. That should be few enough people to make your teleportation accurate right?”

Luna nods with hesitance, “I can get us in there, but to make it that accurate I’ll more than likely pass out from the strain. We’ll need another exit.”

Before Yug can continue Cade interrupts him, “Does he have ways to keep me from just opening the door from the other side?”

Yug zooms the image in towards the bunker, “It’s about thirty feet of concrete, fifteen feet of steel, and almost entirely mechanical in nature. The only technology inside is a hand reader and password lock to open the main door. I need to be there to kill him and make it read his hand, then you need to get into the passcode.”

After Yug finishes Luna speaks up, “How do you know all this?”

Yug just smirks at the question, “I scoured the entire building before I went to the meeting where I met Fey. I like to know incase my would be employer sets me up.”

Fey chuckles at his answer, “Prepared as always. As for an exit strategy I’ve got me and Theresa covered.”

Yug’s smirk disappears at her addition, “What is that exit strategy?”

Fey shrugs, “We need to disappear after this, best to do it separate as I’m sure you’ve also guessed. Me and her are bailing out, all thanks to some last minute upgrades to the Drachen.”

Gaak’s head hangs at the news, letting out a small stream of squawks.

Fey reaches across the table, patting the birds head, “Cade knows how to find me, you feel like getting drunk under the table again, he can take you to me.”

The bird chirps with renewed vigor at the news.

Yug looks over to Fey, his eyes showing slight hurt, “I guess this is it then.”

Fey throws her hands up, “For now, yeah. It’s better to scatter after something this big. But after all this cools down, if you miss me that much I could probably convince Theresa to join up for another job.”

Yug nods, understanding her situation. He turns to Cade and Gaak, “What about you two? What are you going to do?”

Cade’s voice responds quickly, “We will be allocating our abundant finances. After that we are simply going to secure our survival. I was assuming you’d be more keen on enjoying off time with your family.”

Yug nods yet again, the gravity of their situation, and his own finally weighing on him, “Well, three months is enough to get sick of you all so I guess I could use a break.”

Silence settles over the group. Only broken with a squawk from Gaak as he looks outside. Everyone looks towards Fey for translation. She just stares in the same direction of Gaak.

Fey quickly turns around, “Luna move us!”

Not having the combat training the others have, Luna stares at Fey in confusion. Instead of continuing, Fey grabs Theresa and smashes the glass nearest to them, jumping to the floor below. Gaak carrying Cade close behind them. Yug bolts towards Luna and tackles her out of the room, using his body to break the glass. Just as they exit the room, a large explosion obliterates the room. Yug and Luna being launched from the explosion. Just as they are about to hit the ground a white light consumes both of them. In an instant they reappear with their momentum altered sideways and begin skidding across the ground, eventually being stopped by the wall of the building.

Fey gets from her downed position and looks up to see the room they were in, in flames. The supports beginning to wane. She stands up and grabs Theresa’s hand, lifting her up and hefting her into a fireman carry. The smaller woman giving a grunt of pain, “I hate that landing strategy.”

Fey chuckles at her, “Thanks for the cushy landing, how long till you can walk?”

Theresa looks herself up and down the best she can from Fey’s shoulders, “No deadly damage, once I repair my spine I’ll be good to go. Gimme five to walk and fifteen to fight at tip top, more than a few ribs went when you landed on me.”

Fey shakes as she begins jogging towards Luna and Yug, “We rely too much on your endurance. How much do you have in reserves?”

Theresa shakes her head, “Besides basics, I won’t be able to do much unless you have a buffet down your pants.”

Gaak and Cade land next to Luna and Yug. Gaak nudging the two with his beak, neither responding to his touch. Gaak hops out of the way as Fey arrives. Leaning Theresa against the wall she begins looking the two of them over. After a few seconds Fey removes Luna from Yug’s arms and slaps her across the face. In an instant the woman is awake and in a coughing fit.

Patting Luna on the back Fey turns her attention to Yug. Before she can interact with him another explosion rocks the complex, this time from the ground floor opposite the side where everyone is huddled.

Looking back towards Yug, Fey begins checking his pulse. After getting over her coughing fit she sees the situation, “Is he ok?”

Removing her hand, she shakes her head, “Nope, he’s dead.”

Horror etches across Luna’s face, the expression worsening once she sees no one else reacting. That is until Fey flips Yug onto his back. Fey primes her arm and slams it down onto Yug chest, right over the heart.

Yug gasps for breath as his heart restarts, “That… was the worst landing… ever… of all time.”

Fey stands seeing him back in the land of the living, “Luna, help him walk until he’s good to go.”

Luna nods, pulling Yug’s arm over her shoulder, “There’s a bunker in the basement, we’ll be safe there. Allison should be there too, that’s where the daycare is.”

Yug looks up at Luna, “You have a daycare bunker?”

Luna shrugs, “I tend to over prepare.”

Fey mimics Luna and Yug’s position, pulling Theresa by her arm, “You good to stand.”

Theresa nods, flexing her repaired back, “I’m gonna need a great massage but yeah.”

Fey turns to look at Luna, “Lead the way to the bunker, I’ll cover the rear.”

Luna nods, heading through the workspace and towards a small corner room with double doors.

Just as Fey is about to follow she throws Theresa forward, rolling backwards soon after. The ground where they once stood shatters as something impacts it. Fey pulls out two knives and faces towards the figure, Theresa behind her with both of her guns trained on it. Standing up from her landing Sheva curtseys at them.

Theresa immediately opens fire dumping both thirty-three round magazines at her. The bullets riddling Sheva. As soon as Theresa stops Sheva begins laughing at them, the bullets stopping in her skin, “Did you think I wouldn’t be prepared for small arms fire? Honestly it’s a surprise you’ve survived this long.”

Theresa shrugs, “Worth a shot.”

Fey stares down Sheva, “You look good for a corpse.”

Sheva puts her arms up in a shrug, “I’d say I recovered well. A couple upgrades too.”

Fey glances over her shoulder to see Luna and Yug gone, along with Gaak and cade, “Gotta say I didn’t recognize you when you contracted me or maybe I just chose not to. You could have just taken revenge then.”

Sheva shakes her head, “Oh no, this isn’t revenge. I know Hunter still feels guilty but you were doing no more than what you had to. Honestly, I’d have done the same in your shoes.”

Fey’s eyes narrow at her, “So it’s just business then?”

Sheva nods slowly, “Mostly, can’t say I won’t enjoy this a little.”

Fey’s mouth curves into a smirk, “I’d hate to have to kill you again, but business is business.”

Sheva’s mouth mimics Fey’s, “Indeed.”







The world of 2060 waits for no one.


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