Despite the look of unease of Fey’s face no one can pinpoint why. Each of them know that Fey has undoubtedly killed hundreds of people. That is until Theresa connects the dots and immediately hugs onto Fey in an attempt to comfort her.

Seeing the reaction Yug thinks for a moment, until the timeframe hits him.

“You were only thirteen at the time. That was your first time killing anyone wasn’t it?”

Fey nods, her eyes still distant. Luna cocks her head to the side confused.

“I don’t see why that’s a problem. I mean sure she was young but she’s battle hardened now, I don’t see why…”

Luna pulls up her phone and begins sifting through it until she finds the report again. Reading off the description, “Death by being crushed by scaffolding during a public interview, wrote off as an accident until examination of the scaffolding showed unnatural damages to the support structure.”

Fey looks up towards Luna, “I used my ability to weaken the structure until all it took was a small push, she wasn’t the only one I crushed though.”

After listening to her explanation Luna’s eyes return to the report, “Sheva was pronounced dead on the scene but was delivered to the hospital in an attempt to save her unborn child. The child was delivered via C-section and pronounced dead.”

Fey’s head hangs lower at the announcement and Luna stops for a moment, the entire group sitting in silence for a moment until Luna continues, “She survived by her parents, Elsie and John Chambers, and her fiancé… Hunter Nyk.”


The room is silent as Luna pronounces the name. Each of the group absorbing the information.

Breaking the silence Yug walks over to Fey, “Who gave you the job to kill her?”

Fey doesn’t look up as she answers, “He only called himself Dr. Lupa, he gave me an offer I couldn’t pass up.”

Yug pushes further, “What offer? What was worth killing her?”

Fey looks him in the eyes, defiance radiating from her, “A chance. He said he could get me and Theresa out of that fucking orphanage. Even if I knew about her pregnancy then, I’m not sure it would have stopped me.”

Yug nods his head, satisfied with her answers he walks back towards Gaak and Cade, “I won’t blame you, I do far worse to keep Mack and Allison safe.”

Fey lets out a hollow laugh, “He was telling the truth too, the moment I did the deed he bailed me out, even set me up with the Jaeger Corps. The only problem was that Theresa was gone by the time I returned.”

Theresa’s grip on Fey noticeably tightens at her mention, “I’m sorry, I… I thought you lef-”

Before Theresa can continue, Fey grips onto Theresa’s arm, “I already explained this to you, I don’t blame you, as long as you do the same for me.”

After gaining this new information Cade speaks up, “I suggest we look into this more, if we can ascertain the connection between Luna’s father and Mr. Nyk it may lead us to valuable intel. Possibly even how he plans to control Kin.”

Yug begins laughing at their situation, “Anyone else wanna drop a bombshell? Gaak, you feel like telling us you’re actually God? Anyone else have any baby sized baggage they need to let out?”

Fey flips Yug the bird, “Screw you, sorry I wasn’t born into the American dream.”

Instead of reacting to her comment Yug’s face contorts into anger, “None of this matters! All of your personal issues be damned! We need to focus on dealing with the fact Nyk is trying to control all of you! Am I the only one that remembers that part?”

Seeing the discussion turning bad Cade attempts to be the voice of caution, “I believe it is best we understand why our enemy seeks domination before we ac-“

Yug whips around staring at the plant, “Shut it! None of you understand how this works! It doesn’t matter why! It doesn’t matter how! What matters is that this bastard needs to die! He tried to kill us, why he tried doesn’t make a difference! He can’t control the world if he’s dead!”

Yug goes quiet as his anger cools, eventually reaching a level head again, “We need to act. We can discover the cause after, if we really want to. This is no longer a job, or a contract. This is war, and a war needs soldiers. Soldiers don’t question why, and they don’t let their personal issues get in the way. They complete the objective and go home. That’s what we are going to do. From now on we aren’t mercenaries, we’re soldiers and we’re the only thing standing between Nyk and what is essentially the end of the free world. If you don’t like that then cut and run.”

A few breathless moments pass, each member wrestling with their thoughts. Until Fey stands up, “I won’t be a soldier, but Nyk needs to die so I can buy my island. So I say fuck it, we can deal with the aftermath later.”

Theresa, still cling to Fey’s back, also nods, “He’s gonna hurt in ways even I haven’t thought of yet.”

Gaak caws in agreement and begins hopping around Cade. The plant seemingly less excited, “Despite the fact that seems far too similar to a speech given to the frontline in a war, I also agree. Fuck it.”

With their changed attitude each of them stand tall, even Cade seems to be taller. Each of them look towards Luna, who is staring at them with a less than stellar expression, “While I would like to discover the reason behind all this, eliminating the looming threat takes priority. So yeah, I’m in.”

Despite her acceptance everyone looks at her expectantly. After a few seconds Luna rolls her eyes, “Fuck it.”


Clinging to the side of a large tree overlooking the Vulpine Medical complex Sheva taps the side of her head. Ringing begins to echo through her head until a voice picks up, “Sheva, have you found them?”

Sheva’s pupil dilates causing her vision on zoom in. Peering through the window of the complex she can see all of her targets gathered in what seems to be a meeting room on the second floor. The room surrounded by glass and hanging over the first floor around thirty feet up. Cleary made for upper employees to discuss things while having a view over the workers.

Sheva’s eyes return to their previous state, “Yes, turns out following that lead on a bird stealing a jet was fruitful, led me right to them.”

A sigh of relief echoes from the phone, “Good, remember your objective is to kill Vulpine. Kill the rest if you can but do not harm Yug or his family, they’ll have your ass if you do. Besides that, just make sure you come back. The plant won’t be a problem as long as you aren’t close.”

Sheva smiles slightly, “I’ll complete the mission, whether or not he dies is his fault, just make sure they’re prepared when things go loud.”

With that Sheva taps the side of her head again ending the call. Taking one last look over the complex she drops from the sixty-foot tree, landing without a sound. Dusting herself off she begins slinking her way towards the complex, and the soon to be battle ground.







The world of 2060 waits for no one.


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