Dreadnought - A Superhero Novel

by RebootLordMagmano

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Sci-fi Male Lead Secret Identity Strong Lead Super Heroes War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content


Damsels in distress in need of saving from villains that only the hero can fight off.

A single protagonist that will save the universe from its fated doom.

Despite the odds all of the heroes survive a battle they shouldn’t.

They win a war that can’t be won.

Those are fairy tales.

And fairy tales are no good entertainment.




The world as we knew ended not with an explosion or the apocalypse, but a cry of an infant.


That was the birth of Dawn, the world’s first gifted with the ability to warp reality itself.


153 years have passed and all manners of conventional weaponry have disappeared from the face of the planet and textbooks. Only a vague idea of what it did remains. In such a world, gifted roam with little to no competitions aside from other gifted. Thankfully, however, the decently strong ones live on the front lines fighting the other factions all thorough the year in a not-so-cold war for another continent.


In such a world where two factions battle for supremacy on the mainland, Damian Edison plans to make a living as a soldier of the Empire before he discovers a much better path to wealth and fame all the while helping the world. Things seem too good to be true, but maybe the old man is telling the truth. What other choice did he have? After all, he’d be living out his life in a dungeon if he didn’t accept the offer.


Our newest hero tries to make a living as a public figure in search of fame and glory, yet the stakes rise to the skies in a manner of months and he finds himself fighting for the fate of the entire world against a terrorist organization that seems to have brought back conventional weaponry into the fray.


Can the gifted around the world hope to defend their nations from weapons of mass destruction, or will they bend the knee?














This is the first book, already finished and undergoing editing before it hits the markets. And what better way to advertise myself as well as have free beta readers than RoyalRoadl!!!

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