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Death is a fickle thing.

For most, it’s a force of nature, but Agil Novan sees the reaper in a different light. As the greatest swordsman of all time, he cherishes life, and he’s lived one full of both struggle and success. After all of his accomplishments, he too must face the reaper and its scythe.

When challenged, however, the swordsman is not one to go without a fight. After parrying it once and impressing the reaper with a show of the blade, he is offered something more. A second chance at life—one that he is all but forced to accept.

Now, stranded in an unfamiliar land with an unfamiliar body and far too many questions, Agil has his life threatened at every turn. Still, he is determined to survive. He knows what the reaper did to him.

And he has never been one to let vengeance go unfulfilled.
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Steve Moss
  • Overall Score

I enjoy stories about swordsmen.  Nowadays every MC is a mage or a sword-mage. A good old fashioned swordsman is a rarity. So the story concept interested me.

But this story stumbles over itself, mostly due to word choice. For example, he carries a swordstaff sheathed at his hip   A swordstaff is a pole arm, a spear with a long blade  It is not sheathed on a hip.  

In one scene his wife replies to him, but the author uses the word “spat”.  That’s normally used for a venomous response and was poor word choice.

The MC is supposed to be a mature swordsman reborn but persists in a preteen worldview where that’s “not fair” is central.  A hardened warrior of decades experience would be a bit more practical.  

These issues and others drag me out of the story.  But the concept is good so I’ll stick with it for now.  


Scesce Scesce
  • Overall Score

 good read, nothing exceptional,but nonetheless a good way to pass time. so you can take it, BUT DON'T EXPECT OP MC, HE MAY HAVE BEEN good but currenty nope. 

  • Overall Score

It's a great story with perfect grammar, but one warning: don't go into this story expecting a veteran in a teens body, expect a teen with the knowledge of a veteran. Throughout all that I've read While has failed to act like a veteran, and I can only assume that either Agil only trained and never experienced real battle, or death simply gave the memories of Agil to a teen with poor impulse control and little pain tolerance.