A Broken Promise

by Fivzd

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Mystery Magic


Once upon a time—in a time at the dawn of time—a promise was broken. This was a promise of unspeakable magnitude; it's breaking caused the fundamental components of the world to shatter. Very few know of this broken promise, even less know how the world once was.

Sayhas is a simple man of ordinary roots. Although he was never exceptional as a child, with the help of hard work, a few close friends and a little bit of luck, he became a genuine master of magic. Now he lives on the road with his close friends and a few nuisances, exploring the world. Like most, Sayhas makes promises that he will keep, promise that he would do his utmost to keep, and promises that he would not even try to keep. Little promises, of course, nothing world breaking.

But when forces beyond his comprehension and the broken promise of ages past threaten to break the world once again, Sayhas is left with two options: To run and hope that it all blows over. Or to stay and to pick a side. 

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