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Ever since dinner, Kurenai's body has been growing hot, yearning for attention. Despite her mind's imposing fortitude to regulate her arousal, her body's desire found cooperation in her intense heartfelt appreciation of Naruto. After Naruto and Asuma left, Kurenai had the most wonderful conversation with Hinata about her future and how she wants to train even harder so she can be strong like Naruto. It filled Kurenai with such a sensational glow of hope, that she grew wet with eagerness to repay the blond genin.

Hinata went to sleep early and Kurenai didn't hesitate to go to her walk-in closet and fashion herself into the sexiest black and blood-red lingerie she owned; a lace floral patterned bra, matching garter and ultra-low G-string with thigh high black stockings. Moist red lipstick, a hint of powder blue eyeliner, a couple of dabs of perfume she rarely wears, herbal oil in her lush dark locks and a black choker to complete the hypnotic appearance underneath her large travel cloak. Before leaving, she pockets a tube of Anko's favorite lube and locks the house behind her.

By the time she reached Iruka's, her walls were slick and her glutinous quim was aching to be fed with load after load of hot cum. Her nipples were hard and even her sphincter puckered, itching to be scratched. Despite the cold air, the anticipation in her wet core made her hot as she picked the lock, walked in and found Naruto in the living room. But for the one lamp next to the love-chair he's sitting in, the room is dark. He's wearing a simple black t-shirt, sleeping shorts, and his funny sleeping cap with round eyes and buck-teeth. He's reading a scroll and her heart aches with pride by the fascinated look on his face. In a trance, three gentle strides lead her to him.

In a low husky voice, Kurenai sang, "Naruto."

Startled, his blue eyes snap to her as she slowly undoes her large cloak. He couldn't get a word out before she drops the concealing outwear and steps forward with more sway of her hips. He large breasts jiggle in her lacy bra as her arms rise and rustle the majority of her long lustrous locks to her left shoulder, not bothering to eye him seductively just yet. 'Let him enjoy the show,' she mentally hums as he drinks her form in. 'Let him warm up to the idea that tonight will be one of the most memorable nights of his life,' she adds making her smile wider before she kills him with her own hungry red eyes.

At the sound of the scroll hitting the wood floor, Kurenai's sharp eyes find him stunned, wide-eyed, heavy of breath, and most importantly, fully erect. With the single lamp-light above him, his spiky hair draws long shadows over his forehead and his eyes are cavernous patches of darkness, carnivorously transfixed on her erotic, nearly nubile body. Enjoying her effect on him, Kurenai teases him by sweetly bringing up, "if you're too tired, I understand-"

Kurenai was fairly certain he used chakra to stick to the ground for more leverage to rocket off the love-chair and tightly snatch her around her pelvis. He has her by her middle and she grips his shoulders to stay upright and before she knows anything else, he's slammed her against the wall, edging her closer to sexual frenzy at the delicious thought of rough, passioned sex.

'I'm going to hurt tomorrow,' her mind delectably revels with a smile as his gripping strength squeezes more womanly nectar down her thigh-high black stockings. Physically raising her up the wall makes his target clear as she uses chakra on her hands to lift her honey hole to his hungry mouth and his rough tongue is instinctively lapping up her sweet juices before she even realizes. "Ahh!" she moans as her mind yells, 'hot!' She was already hot and bothered before walking into his home, but with his desperate tongue frantically voracious for her honey, spikes of pleasure shoot up her arched spine and heating her core to nearly an unbearable degree.

"Naruto! MMNnn!"

Her flushed face moans at the dragging contact of his eager tongue. He rips the thong to the side and probes her quivering honey pot, licking and sucking in an unrelenting frenzy, breaking all her focus on her chakra as she slides down the wall. His tight grip won't release her waist until he's had his fill so her head and shoulders are on the ground against the wall as her soaking womanhood is dined upon by a hyper-aroused boy.

"Mmmnn!" Kurenai moans as her aroused mind feels like it's being oral sucked on as much as her snatch is. Her jittery pelvis bucks as she moans, "yes! MMnnn! Hah! Yes! Right there! Just like I taught- Mm!"

All Kurenai can do is moan, watch, sweat, and spasm in repeated tremors of pleasure as his long honey-coated tongue digs out as much pungent juice from her melting vagina as possible. She shudders when his swirling tongue drags against one of her erogenous spots, breaking any strength in her legs and vastly accelerates her first big gushing drop of the night. Squeezing her eyes shut, she kneads her soft pliant breasts, pinching at her swollen teats and when her wet mind ponders how many orgasms she'll likely surrender to tonight, her cushy chamber of arousal seizes ferociously at the double-digit number.

Fear of pleasure makes her grip his ankles for stability while her entire body convulses in mind-shattering ecstasy, moaning loud and deeply as her quim quakes rivulets of her gushing essence directly into his gulping maw.

It was only the first one and it was powerful enough to scare her about the rest of her night. As if on cue, he drags his soaked mouth over her puckered labia to the little death button saluting him and sucks on her throbbing clitoris. He grips her boneless body tightly as she spasms in the pleasurable fit of a second springing orgasm. Streams of her vaginal juices run down her ass-crack and perspiring back.

Heaving and mindless, Kurenai didn't understand why she was dropped to the floor until her legs are drawn back so her knees are pressed into her shoulders, her breasts balloon between her sticky thighs, and her throbbing quim is bare before him. Naruto could only suffer a second to marvel at the raven-haired goddess below him; Panting and whimpering, sweaty and hot to the touch, in super sexy lingerie, black choker, and black thigh-high stocking. At the sight of her luscious, red lips, Naruto wanted nothing more than to hear her moan loudly and continually for all of eternity. He aligned his thick pulsing rod at her beating center and effortlessly plunged his entire length into her soaking hot core.

"OOOOHHH," Kurenai moans, banging her aroused head against the tatami mat as a mini-orgasm seized and ruptures up and down her dripping body. Naruto took that as an invitation, leaning forward and taking her stiff nipple in his mouth.

Deep inside her hot wetness, Naruto feels like he's going to melt as her spasming lower mouth sucks him in. Sensitive as he is, pulling out—to their mutual groans—nearly did him in, but slamming back down with a loud 'shloop' sent both their fragile minds into mild catatonia where only erupting pleasure existed. Every ounce of man-milk Naruto hoarded to excess was pressure-poured into Kurenai's pink furnace, flooding her uterus with potent cum and crossing her red eyes. Such liquid heat filling her so impassioned, Kurenai's rolls into her head as she's racked with wave after wave of a mighty orgasm.

She regains a bare minimum of awareness after an undetermined amount of time, feeling right away, hot, wet and repeatedly stuffed. Kurenai's in ecstasy at the mounting perfection of friction as she's being fucked and opens her eyes to find Naruto, dripping with sweat, rutting on top of her with the most satisfied strain of his face. They're still on the floor, though without the wall bending her at the neck and shoulders, and her legs are wrapped around his waist. Naruto doesn't cease his mad pumping, grunting with every thrust as Kurenai continuously moans ecstatically in tandem with the wet smacking of their aroused groins filling the sex-stenched living room with musk.

Less impatience in their passion, Naruto and Kurenai tighten that throbbing pleasure coil tighter and tighter with every slow thrust of his cock, rub of her body, squeeze of her tits, suck of her nipples, quickly building to their monstrous release.

"Nai-chan! Nai-chan! I'm almost- almost-"

"Yes! AHHN! Fuck me Naruto! Ahn! Ahnn! Do it," Kurenai commands. "Do it! Mnn! Fill- Ahnn! Fill me, mmnn! I'm- I'm Ahmm! Cummmmmnnnn!" Naruto stuffs her down to her cervix and breaks his balls deep inside, adding to the overflow of his white batter. His knot swells at her entrance linking them together and plugging any escape of his overflowing semen. Kurenai shudders in heavily vibrating pleasure riding the massive wave of her own earth-shattering climax.

High on the aftershocks of their descending bliss, they remain melded to one another, despite how stuffy the room is, until their incredible immersion settles to humming satisfaction. Kurenai knows it won't last long, he's flush against her soft body and still conscious. She knows it won't be long until he's hard again, and snatching the initiative, Kurenai runs her hands through his sweaty, now brownish-blond locks. His head is under her chin and so rotates his resting head to look at her.

The second his eyes land on her, she didn't expect him to kiss her, but she kisses him back with all the appreciation she could give a lover. As they make out, she thrills over the taste of her vagina on his mouth while he kneads and massages her sensitive mounds and perky teats, until she feels him stiffen from within her. She pulls away, breaking their kiss and confusing him before she speaks with a mildly husky voice. "I need to thank you, Naruto," she says softly as her slippery pink center grips his tender pleasure stick amorously.

"Huh?" Naruto asks, obviously confused amidst his arousal.

"This is a little hard to explain," Kurenai starts, feeling a tickle of nervousness at the pit of her stuffed stomach. "For many little reasons, I've grown content with you in my life. I want you to become strong; to become Hokage. One day, it would make me very happy to call you Hokage-sama, and I-" Kurenai is interrupted at the feel of his cock swell and steel faster than she ever felt before. "Wait, Naruto- Mnn!" Kurenai whimpers as her cunnie squeezes his exquisitely carved head. "The- The bed- Ahn! Th- bed!"

They groan when he pulls out of her. Grabbing the squeeze container of lube from her cloak, she can feel the thick globs of his semen run down her leg as they hastily move to Naruto's room. Kurenai hops on the bed, and on all fours, she arches her spine as she injects the nozzle into the entrance of her anal cavity and squeezes the entire contents of the tingling lubricant into her bowls. It's Anko's favorite anal lube, and judging by the fast acting tingle and relaxation of her anal cavity, Kurenai can understand why.

"Mnn, remember what I told you about anal, Naruto," she conveys with an appetizing wiggle of her luscious full cheeks. Eying him warily, she gulps audibly at his ravenous stare. Tossing the empty container aside she rests her head on the bed and spreads her ass-raising legs for him. His cum slowly dribbling out of her sex, she reminds him, "I enjoy getting fucked in my ass but start slow," she informs as she relaxes her colon and ass as much as she can.

Every cell in his body heard her say, 'fuck my ass,' and nothing else. Further inspiration wasn't necessary as Naruto's greedy hands spread her warm buttocks to gaze lovingly at her lubricated pulsating bunghole. Gripping his honey-soaked cock, his heart is beating rapidly as he aligns himself before he slowly inserts his diamond-hard erection into the Jōnin's very tight anus.

"Uaahhh," Naruto groans as goosebumps breakout across her sweaty skin when his head plugs her pouty bung and spreads her luscious cheeks. Her head bangs against the pillow and Naruto immediately loves the way his cock stretches such a small pulsing hole as her anal muscles squeezes the tingling lube coating his meat.

Kurenai bites her lower lip as he penetrates her slippery tight orifice bit by bit. With his girth sliding in her tiny hole, the lubrication is a Godsend as he stretches her rectum wider than anything she's every expelled. As his steel girth pushes her cum-filled uterus out of the way, her every inhale made him feel twice as big the more he slowly sheaths his entire length in her lubricated ass. Stuffed so completely, it's like Kurenai can feel him in her throat, somehow making her mouth produce more saliva than she can contain and stream out her mouth. Even her lungs vibrate when he yells, "it's so tight! Hot! Your ass feels so good! The best!"

While Kurenai would never choose ass over pussy, she can't say she doesn't enjoy getting plugged. For the raven-haired Jōnin, it's the delicious way her barely separated vagina flounders around every thrust. It sets her skin ablaze, feeling the dizzying lurch when he pulls out, jerking her sensitive vagina back in place before his next thrust rolls her sex organ like a massage. Kurenai squeezed her crimson red eyes shut as Naruto relished building a slow and steady rhythm. His large and shapely knob continuously rubs so completely against the split-ends of the pleasure nerves of her satisfied sex, it doesn't take Kurenai long to vigorously meet his ass-stuffing thrusts, focusing on losing herself more and more to the monstrous sensation building within her.

"Ahhn, ahh, mmmn, yesss, yess, fuck- ahn!"

Her moaning grows louder the more they soak the sheets and smog the room with the sweet stench of vigorous sex. To her wonderful surprise, Naruto grips a fistful of her luscious locks and tugs at her hot and sensitive scalp, sending delicious shocks down her neck to his thick thrusts at her spine's base. Her whole body trembles weakly as she bites her drooling red lips at the crackling tingle of energy overloading her nerves. "MMmmmn! Oh! I'm almost- I'm almost- Keep pullinnnnnnn!"

"Nai-chan! Nai-chan," Naruto yells, ending the build before the strong drop.

"Anh! Uggh! Ohhh, yess, yesss, yess," Kurenai vocalizes. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! FuuaAAHHH!" Kurenai crows, feeling him complete encase his thick shaft in her twitching rectum before blasting a steaming flash-flood of semen in her quaking bowels. Feeling thick man-milk fill her from the bottom up, her head snaps back as shock after earth-shattering shock racks her body with unmitigated pleasure. Cumming together, Kurenai tears at the pillow she's face-first in just as Naruto grips her hips to adhere her rectum to his jutting crotch. When his heaving body falls on top of her sweaty buzzing form, she twists her torso with him still inside her and kisses him. Tongues swirl, lick and play amorously for several long minutes until they're both calmer and satisfied.

Now soft, he pops out before they rest comfortably. Though winded, she relays, "you did… mmnn… very good starting slow… building a rhythm. Always remember… the anus can't lubricate like the vagina can, so while it can still feel pleasurable, it can hurt without the proper preparation."

Catching his own breath, Naruto simply nods when a spark of thought has him ask, "um… Did I hurt Ino-chan? I mean, I don't remember having that?"

"Well, she was drugged so it's a little different in her case," Kurenai tells him.

"Did Chōji really do that," Naruto asks with a pained expression. "I just can't see him doing something like that to anyone, much less his own teammate."

"Chōji-kun didn't know," Kurenai reassures him. "He misunderstood how the medicine would actually affect Ino-chan. He gave it to her believing it would make them better friends and had no idea she would respond the way she did."

"So…" Naruto stays quiet long enough that Kurenai wonders if he'll speak again. After nearly two minutes, he reasons aloud, "so she never wanted to do that with me."

"…I'm afraid not," Kurenai empathetically states. "You were, quite simply, the person with her when she couldn't stand it any longer."

"Does…" Naruto shifts around so he's closer to her face. Earnestly staring into her red irises, he asks, "does that mean you want to stop? I mean, I was- I thought of this because of Ino-chan. She made- …"

His hesitation alone is curious enough, and with great interest, asks, "she what?"

"…She made me start to think… differently," Naruto struggles to say. "It's always been Sakura-chan that made my heart… but I could be nineteen and she still wouldn't give me a chance."

"You can't know that," Kurenai comforts him.

'Naru-nii does,' Naruto thinks as he responds, "that's what it feels like. After everything that happened with Ino-chan, getting shot down by Sakura-chan felt a bit more final; it had more weight, so I didn't try quite so hard. It was even easier not asking her out all the time. I started thinking maybe… maybe Ino-chan… m-might like me." He shakes his head and chuckles, adding, "but I guess… it's obvious she'd never, huh? I was just-"

Kurenai rolls him on his back and straddles his waist, but rather than initiating anything sexual, she wraps her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly. Stunned, Naruto needs only a moment to feel her genuine empathy and support flush against him, and he hugs her right back, letting silent tears stream out the corner of his eyes as they hold each other.

'He grew so accustomed to solitude,' Kurenai thinks, easily understanding how daunting trusting a new bond can be for someone who's been hated on for long. 'It's probably why he latched on to Haku,' she mentally muses. As she comforts him, she's surprised by how pleasantly good it makes her feel as well, forcing her to wonder, 'maybe I needed a hug too' and they hold each other.

After a while, Kurenai leans back up, still straddling his waist and unhooks her shuffled-up, lace bra as she assuages, "our deal had nothing to do with Ino-chan." His eyes zone into her the pillow mounds of her gorgeous chest, compelling his heart to beat harder. She continues, "as I understand it, our bargain only ends when one of us feels it'll betray someone we want to enter into a relationship with." His hands run up and down her toned thighs, massaging the inner muscle of her legs as she leans behind her to stroke his essence-coated pleasure pole. "I don't want to stop, Naruto. Do you?" Despite the emphatic way he shakes his head, his erect thickness is all the answer she needs before she raises her moist cunny and once again spreads her slick, sensitive folds with his puffed-out knob and thick shaft.

"MMNNnnn!" Kurenai moans as she expertly rides his thick rod all while he kneads, massages and sucks her swinging tits. Minutes collect and grow as they slam their wet, pungent sexes repeatedly, moaning, grunting and groaning, all the while building to that fantastic peak. As connected and sensitive as they lovemaking is, it isn't long until Kurenai hoarsely screams as a groaning Naruto shoots another massive amount of thick semen into the quaking suction of her dripping glory. Heaving hot and sweaty, they hold each other until sleep takes them.

It's well into the night when Kurenai wakes up and rather than succumbing to slumber in his warm embrace, Kurenai extricates herself from his softened cock, only half waking him in the process. She gently peppers his slumbering face with kisses, coaxing him back to sleep before putting on her bra and exiting his sex-scented room. To her surprise, it's a lot colder in the hallway than she remembers, and to her utter dread, Kurenai finds her cloak folded neatly on the table in the living room. The lamp Naruto was using earlier lights with a click and seated in the same seat is a serenely smiling Haku.

The hackles on Kurenai's neck stand frightened as if an invisible hand seizes her pumping heart and squeezed. Her brain feels deprived of oxygen and her first instinct isn't to flee, but to kill. Kurenai's education springs to life and her training effortlessly instructs her to silence the witness. She regains her wits when Haku addresses her with, "good morning Kurenai-san."

Instantly, the Genjutsu Mistress of Konoha rips out hand signs to disappear from his view.

"Ah, wait," Haku gently says, weakly standing on his feet and looking around the now empty room. "Please, don't misunderstand."

Her mind rushes from one plan to another in the few moments of silence. Watching the pretty, yet exhausted looking boy scan the room for her, Kurenai eventually asks from nowhere he can see, "misunderstand what?"

"With the thin walls and the open door, I heard everything-"

"If your train of thought is leading you anywhere near blackmail-" "Kurenai-san please-" a tired Haku tries, pleadingly but without vulnerability. "It will not end well for you," Kurenai finishes.

Abruptly, Haku bows, asserting with a strained voice, "I have no such intention."

"Convince me."

Haku lets out a long humorous exhale, conveying, "for nearly three days, that's been your Torture and Interrogations Departments sole mission. I will tell you honestly, as I told them. I am Zabuza-sama's tool and he bid me to stay by Naruto-kun's side to bring about the better world he envisions. Even if that takes the rest of my life, I will serve this nindō."

Kurenai has no idea if he's telling the truth. She could ask Anko what she learned from him but he could cause enough damage with one conversation to the right person. Holding him against his will seems like the best solution. 'Naruto hasn't seen him yet,' her mind reasons, and she only needs to ascertain if he's being honest. After that, she can bring him back before Naruto notices.

"I want to thank you, Kurenai-san," Haku states still bowing and breaking her out of her threat assessment and mission management. "In a short amount of time, I've been able to learn more about Naruto-kun from your conversation then I expected."

Rounding beside the bowing boy to see his reaction, though asking as if her voice was coming from the far end of the room, she grills him. "Is that how you satisfy your perverse urges? Is the village aware of your voyeuristic impulses?"

His expression did not change as he answers, "while Zabuza-sama was apathetic to my presence when he fornicated in our room, I'm not a voyeur. I slipped in silently so as to not wake Naruto-kun, and despite being made to stay awake for three days, I was unable to sleep and heard everything"

'You could've left when you realized what he was doing!' Her mind yells before she considers what mild and prolonged torture Haku might've suffered for three long days. He's sweating feverishly, he has dark bags under his eyes… he looks horrendous in the most beautiful way possible as she states, "…The interrogation team had to be certain."

"They are."

"But I'm not," Kurenai practically growls.

"I can't make you trust me, Kurenai-san," Haku softly states in his strained voice, standing straight as he continues. "But even if I didn't hear about the understandable incident or your resulting bargain, I did hear your proclamation to Naruto-kun. Like myself, you also believe in his dream for the future. It must be difficult for you. After walking with you and Kakashi-san, I know your relationship with Naruto-kun isn't public knowledge."

"…No, it isn't," Kurenai confirms. "And I will make certain it stays that way. Do we understand each other?"

A pasty Haku nods, expressing further, "ordering me, his tool, to stay with Naruto-kun is the best gift Zabuza-sama was capable of giving me. I will not ruin that in any way by betraying either of them. You have my word, on Zabuza-sama, on Naruto-kun, I will not speak of this to anyone."

Though uneasy about a stranger learning of her jeopardizing relationship with Naruto, Kurenai observes his sincerity and demurely accepts his promise. She dawns on her cloak before dispelling her genjutsu, materializing again as she warns him, "if you ever do betray-"

"I'd sooner take my own life," the feminine boy interrupts with a genuine smile, before adding, "however, I'm well aware how genjutsu can trap a person's mind in an infinite nightmare from which there is no escape. I understand, Kurenai-san."

Tying her cloak tight, Kurenai nods, then notices all the evidence on the floor has been wiped clean. 'He aired out the room and cleaned the cum stains,' she uncomfortably notes as she takes several moments to ease into the uneasy feeling that another person finally knows of her clandestine bedmate. Feeling her body's sudden drop in energy, the raven-haired Jōnin simply shrugs, telling Haku, "you should know there are many in the village, civilian and shinobi alike, who deeply dislike Naruto."

"I'm aware," Haku sadly responds. "They used his history in an effort to shake my devotion to him."

"Something along the lines of, 'why waste your time holding such conviction for the Dead Last of the village?'" Kurenai ponders aloud.

"Exactly," Haku confirms the tactic. "Despite their assertions or what some slip of paper says about him, I've witnessed Naruto-kun, armed with his convictions, battle—not fight; truly battle—Zabuza-sama twice, besting him on his own the second time. I'll trust my eyes."

Nodding in agreement, Kurenai then informs him, "the interrogation of your interaction with him has more than likely been redacted, so be careful of what you say." Her pause lasts a second as she tries to explain in the simplest way possible why that is. "He's special that way."

"He would have to be," Haku agrees with a lovely smile. "Or Zabuza-sama wouldn't have done as he did."

Kurenai actually smiles with him, finally feeling a bit of security in her abrupt assessment of the long-haired brunette. Moving toward the door, Kurenai asks, "before I go, may I ask what you intend on doing now that you're a probational resident of the village?"

"In our travels, I've often sold medicine I prepared myself for ryo, food, and or shelter," Haku explains. "I've always enjoyed that work."

Kurenai nods once before asserting, "welcome to the village, Haku."

"Thank you," he responds with a nod before offering with a kind smile, "please let me know when I can cover for you both."

Kurenai's response is a tight smile before leaving.


It's been one of the best five days of her life. Though considerably toucher, her mornings of training with her team and afternoons of missions hadn't changed, however, evenings and dinners with Haku-san, Naruto-kun, and Kurenai-sensei were enchanting. Hinata felt like they were her personal branch family, only made of spare parts no one wanted.

On her way to the hospital, every time Hinata recalls her sparring sessions with Naruto, she'd feel like a walking puddle of love and joy, as rainbows would burst from her singing heart. Though skipping and humming happily now, Hinata needed a lot of motivation and assurances in the beginning. She was certain he'd hate her if she struck him and the first time she tagged him clean against his liver, Hinata was sure the popping sound in her chest was her heart exploding. Reminiscing on it now, Hinata's sure she'll never live down the embarrassment of bursting into tears in front of Naruto-kun, Haku-san, and Kurenai-sensei…

…Though, when he comforted her by brushing the top of her head with gentle pats, her stomach did back-flips before bursting into thousands of fluttering butterflies. Amazingly the sun didn't explode, the earth didn't shatter, and Naruto was happy. That's all Hinata wanted; was for him to be happy.

At first, it was obvious her taijutsu was far superior to his Academy makeshift mix of close quarter combat. Initially, Naruto didn't grasp that her Jūken inflicts internal damage, and while she wasn't using her Byakugan to target his tenketsus, she doesn't even have to try hard to target his organs. Terrified as she was every time she landed a mildly strong hit, Hinata loved how Naruto wouldn't give up, wouldn't stay down, and ask for another round.

With Kurenai-sensei's permission, she instructed Naruto-kun on where he was telegraphing his attack and how they were easy to see with her eyes. To her great relief, Naruto-kun was amazed and she loved him all the more for it. Though Kurenai-sensei would only allow three rounds per day, by their fifth sparring session, he was keeping up with the speed of her technique. When Hinata had to actually try in order to land a clean hit, it made her want to train longer and harder to make certain she was always helpful to him; a sentiment she was happy to learn she shares deeply with Haku-san.

The beautiful boy certainly threw her off. From his spars with Naruto, Hinata learned the beautiful brunette was a highly skilled shinobi. Yet, in a world where the best killers gain the most notoriety and monetary income, Haku—exceptionally trained in the killing arts—chose to heal rather than kill and that greatly touched her. Naruto also never mentioned how absolutely gorgeous he looked—but after a couple of hesitant interactions, Hinata's eyes could easily see his sincere loyalty.

It was as if their connection to Naruto made them fast friends and Hinata grew to enjoy her conversations with Haku-san nearly as much as her time with Naruto-kun, Kurenai-sensei, and her team. Their connection was so clear, Haku may say to her, 'I never thought I could embrace my purpose to this degree,' Hinata was certain he meant to say, 'I've never been so happy.' Naruto's heart and never-quit attitude amazed them both—in Hinata's case, sometimes to tears—and she was further happy to have a partner in their love of Naruto.

Wearing her standard white and gray jacket and navy blue pants she makes her way to Konoha Hospital before Haku's welcome party. At Naruto's jovial invitation, Hinata happily accepted to see her favorite sensei and it warmed her heart to see how much Iruka-sensei and Naruto-kun cared about each other.

It was the very relationship she wanted with her father, and yet at the thought of her family, old familiar wounds rooted deep within her soul ached. It wasn't every hour that she thought of her family. It was hard to when she's constantly surrounded by her teammates, her motherly sensei, Haku-san, and Naruto-kun. They just wouldn't give her many moments to dwell on that ache, and though she felt guilty about it, she was happy to be away. Not that she would ever abandon her little sister, but at the very least, she knows Hanabi will remain safe as the favorite daughter.

"The best five days," Hinata whispers to herself, praying to kami she didn't jinx herself somehow. Her one regret was she hadn't learned if Ino-chan was seeing anyone. Aside from meeting Sakura-chan regularly, Hinata hadn't seen anything out of the ordinary. She hopes Kiba-kun doesn't do anything too reckless at the party. Above everything else, she just wanted Haku to feel welcomed.


"You train very hard, Naruto-kun," Haku mentions to Naruto after hearing all his clones grunt in unison. They are both having breakfast on top of the newly created water-fall Kurenai-san managed to set up for Naruto-kun. His welcoming party wasn't until noon and they still needed to meet Hinata-chan to visit Iruka-san before welcoming everyone who is attending the celebration. While clones of Naruto are attempting to split the heavy rush of water with chakra alone, Haku marvels at his life now.

After Naruto slurps his noodles, he answers his friend, "I have to."

"Why," Haku curiously asks. "I know you want to build a better world, but to nearly kill yourself every day to be Hokage… I wonder if there's more to your plan for the future."

"I wouldn't say more," "But it's a big world, you know, and I'm not really ready."

"What is it you expect might happen that you feel such need to be strong for,"

"Mmm, you're going to think it's stupid," Naruto asserts.

"I'm sure it's not stupid," Haku assures him.

After a deep breath, he replies, "I want us all to understand each other."

Curious, Haku asks, "who's everyone, and in what way?"

"The five nations," he answers and Haku feels lacking, as if he truly doesn't understand the scale Naruto-kun is operating on. Naruto continues, "I've been hated for as long as I can remember, but not a single one of those people ever took the time to understand me, and the ones that did, didn't hate me anymore: Ji-chan, Teuchi-jiji, Ayame-neesan, Iruka-sensei, Kurenai-sensei, Kakashi-sensei, Sakura-chan, even the teme. And if you still hate someone after you understand them, then maybe you should fight. I mean, I learned everything I needed about you when we fought. I knew you were kind, and strong, and someone I could really care about. For some reason, I don't think it's any different with the five nations. We should all have that chance to understand each other like friends do."

Muling over Naruto-kun's philosophy, Haku asks, "and you would do this through strength?"

"I don't want to force them," Naruto answers. "Honestly, I don't know how I'll manage it, but I feel like if something really bad ever happens, all shinobi would come together to stop it. I want everyone to choose love and peace, instead of hate and war, so we can all make it."

"That does sound difficult," Haku admits.

"I know, but we're friends, so I know it can work," Naruto smiles. "I just have to be strong enough to show everyone that it's okay… to not fight? Which sounds weird I know, but… that's what I think."

"I think I know what you mean," Haku asserts.

"You do?"

"There's a saying in the Land of Water," Haku starts. "When Shinigami-sama whispers in your ear, 'you're not strong enough to withstand the storm,' you whisper back, 'I am the storm.'" Haku enjoys Naruto's smile, claiming, "You're the storm, Naruto-kun."

With a chuckle that turns into a smile, Naruto clarifies, "I want everyone to tell death that." Haku nods as the blond finishes, "and I'll protect those that can't."

"So you wish to fight death on behalf of the world," Haku states with a small hint of jest. "As fierce as this world is, you'll have to be quite strong to be heard by so many. Fortunately you have me, Kakashi-san, Hinata-chan and of course, your precious Nai-chan." Naruto laughs with Haku before the girlish boy asks, "do you think the both of you might become a couple?"

"Uh, I doubt it," Naruto answers, thinking how happy he is to be able to talk to someone about this. Naru-nii, unfortunately, doesn't have the time for a lengthy conversation, which makes having Haku that much appreciated. "She pretty much said no matter what we do, that won't ever happen, so…"

"I see. I like Hinata-chan," Haku slowly tells Naruto inspecting his every physical cue.

Naruto smiles and agrees, "Mn, I like her too. Her Taijutsu is crazy good. She's showing me so much."

"I think she'd make a good wife someday," Haku states inspecting Naruto closely.

Naruto tilts his head before his mouth spreads to a big grin. "Haku! Kami, are you in love with Hinata-chan?"

Haku deflates at Naruto's obliviousness, clearly not grasping the unasked question. Haku simply shakes his head answers, "no, Naruto-kun. She's a sweet girl but ultimately, not my preference."

"Oh," Naruto states with a shrug. "Well, you gotta tell me when you find a girl you love so I can root for you."

"…Thank you," Haku smiles. "As your tool-" "Friend," Naruto cuts in while Haku continues. "I want you to find love as well."

Naruto smiles broadly while his thoughts not only projects Sakura's smiling face, but Ino's, Kurenai's, and even Hinata. Naruto knows there are many types of love so he doesn't understand, but it's his hope everything becomes clear soon.


Walking up the stairs of the nearly empty residence of the Haruno home, Ino smiles wickedly. The pair of kunoichi had decided to meet up Saturday before going to Iruka-sensei's house, and she was early… an hour early. Entering Sakura's room, she's thrilled to hear the shower running in the connected bathroom. Ino removes her purple, lace-up crop top, matching wrap skort and thigh high black stocking. After removing her lace underwear, Ino henge's into Naruto and sneaks into the hissing and humid bathroom.

When Sakura senses a disturbance in the foggy atmosphere, it's too late. Ino snakes her arms under Sakura's to snatch up the Pinkettes lathered up breasts. "Too slow Sakura-chan," Ino in Naruto's face and voice calls.

"Ino! Mnn-" Sakura is cut off when Ino tweaks her hardening twin peaks between ample kneading.

"Ino-chan?" Ino-as-Naruto questions, letting the shower wash over both their bodies as she expertly massages the pink-haired girl's soft B-cups. "Where? Does she want to watch?" Ino plays as one hand sneaks down Sakura's taut stomach and just past her pink wisp of hair toward her warming sanctuary. At Sakura's 'MMMN!' Ino plays, "does she want to join?"

"S-St-Stop, Ahn!" Sakura tries as she takes a step to move away. For the past week, Sakura and Ino—in Naruto's guise—make out, lick and suck each other. Sakura would always protest, Ino would always stop and ask if she wanted to stop. However Sakura only needed a few moments to recall what's at stake, and as if to prove to herself her feelings for Sasuke-kun are stronger, she would initiate kissing, licking and sucking all on her own. Exactly like in this moment, with Ino's Naruto-fingers pumping and probing Sakura's soaking sex. For the past five days, they've explored their sexuality, learning what Sakura feels the most, what doesn't work as much, all in Ino's attempts to make the pinkette cum as many times as possible.

"Who's touching you right now, Sakura-chan," Ino in Naruto's voice asks. Ino had surrendered a photo for Sakura to call her Naruto when they make out. Now, no matter what they do, she must call her Naruto… no matter how much that sexually frustrates the Yamanaka. Ino moves the pinkette front-forward against the slick tile wall of the shower, lightly pressing Sakura's face against it as she continues her ministrations of her budding pink nipple and wet pussy lips.

Sakura likes it a bit forceful, thrusting into the girl as her digits piston in and out of the pink-bushed girl. It was killer on the muscles of Ino's forearms, but hearing Sakura grunt grotesquely as she squirts her orgasm is always worth the burning lactic acid. Sakura ruts back into her hand and Ino knows she getting close, so she slows down as she roughly tweaks the girl's stiff nipple, asking again, "who's touching you, Sakura-chan?"

"Mnn! Please, ahh, I… mmn…" Ino slows down further and she can hear Sakura whimper a bit before whispering, "…Naruto. AHH!"

Sakura yelps at the tight pinch and pull as Ino relays, "I can't hear you-"

"Naruto! Naruto! Naruto! MMNNN!" Sakura moans as Ino presses her own body against the bucking girl, resuming her intrusive pleasure.

"Who's going to make you cum?" Ino-Naruto whispers in Sakura's ears, pumping soaking digits faster until her forearm feels like it's melting.

Rutting, trying to pull away but also wanting more, Sakura loudly groans, "Naruto! MMnnaruto! AHn! Narutooooohhhh!" She yells loudly in her climax, gushing her love nectar all over Ino's hand as her quaking spine arches and her toes curl. Pressing her spasming head against Naruto's, Sakura shivers and quakes cutely against the disguised Yamanaka, who happily spins the girl around and kisses her, tonguing her with wide maw until they're both breathless.

"Naruto," Sakura moans in her pleasure haze and though Ino feels a sense of accomplishment, she also feels a tremendous amount of heat in her crotch and an overflow of her own throbbing sex. The heat of the water, steaming bathroom and her humid core is making her feel dizzy as once again, bone aching frustration sets in like an itch too deep for fingers to scratch.

Ino learned early on that her plan of enlightening Sakura was a double edge sword as the past five days seemed to be Sakura receiving orgasms, Ino being left unattended, frustrated, and thinking about Naruto, then feeling angry for feeling frustrated. Looking like Naruto, hearing Sakura call out Naruto's name never failed to force Ino to continually think about her own mind-bending, cum-gushing experience with the blond and Ino's biting her lower lip to control herself.

Yesterday was the first time Ino had ever given another girl cunnilingus. At first, she tried to emulate what Naruto had done to her, only to realize she was drugged at the time, so technically, anything he did would've felt good—as evidenced by her regular anal fantasies. Not only did she find out she didn't mind Sakura's pretty pink pussy, but she was pretty good at it.

However, despite giving Sakura several orgasms, Ino couldn't risk her strategy of horrible awareness by asking Sakura to return the favor. If Sakura is ever going to gain a comparative point of view between her love of Sasuke-kun and the loving affection she can still feel with someone else, Ino can't ask for pleasure to be reciprocated. Ino needs to shake the girl's obsession and see what comes loose, and so suspects the second their activity becomes about Ino's growing need, Sakura will use that as an emotional escape, rending all her efforts pointless.

Still, the only way Ino may get lucky enough to feel a plunging organ in her sex would be if Sakura asked to so of her own accord, which won't happen. It forced Ino to find her own ruptured bliss, only to then feel the ache of grief when she compares it to her time with Naruto. After she had eaten Sakura's pink goodness, a buzzed Pinkette then told Ino about Naruto's welcome party for Haku.

"Haku?" Ino asks, unable to match a face to the name.

"Naruto made a friend when we were on our mission," Sakura hums laying in bed with Ino before explaining what she's allowed to of what transpired on their Land of Wave Mission. "He's a very strong shinobi with a kekkei genkai, but you won't believe how beautiful he is. I don't mean beautiful for a man either. I mean he looks more beautiful than a lot of girls!"

"I'm surprised you want me there," Ino alludes.

"Well…" Sakura grumbles to her self a moment before asserting, "look, I don't care if you go or anything, but if you do, maybe Asuma-sensei will too. I thought that would give him an opportunity to talk with Kurenai-sensei." When Ino-Naruto and Sakura aren't snogging for a long time, they stick to topics they have in common because talking about Sasuke-kun always ends in stubborn shouting. Safe topics such as their parents, flowers, medicine, and their agreement that Kurenai-sensei and Asuma-sensei deserve each other can sometimes even make them forget why they're spending time together.

Confused, Ino asks, "I thought- wait, doesn't he see her every time he helps Naruto?"

"I don't think so," Sakura shakes her head. "Asuma-sensei really only gives Naruto tips and since your team is on hold, he only meets Naruto in the morning when Kurenai-sensei isn't around."

"Men," Ino curses rolling her pupil-less eyes. "He doesn't tell us anything. Alright, I'll make sure we're there." At the thought of being in close proximity to Naruto, Ino distracted herself by eating Sakura out vigorously.

Oddly enough, Ino is in Iruka-sensei's home, where Naruto's been living… with a former Kiri-nin. 'Uwah…Sakura wasn't kidding! Haku may actually be prettier than me!' What's more unexpected is the gathering in their former sensei's home. If Chōji and Sasuke-kun were present, the entire Rookie 9 would be in Iruka-sensei's home. It put her in a melancholy mood and she happily signed Iruka-sensei's Get Well Soon card. Ino found it sweet that Naruto would make a card for the caring Academy instructor… far too sweet.

After threatening Kiba with castration if he acted as anything more than an acquittance, she stayed clear of him and the only other blond in the room. However, despite keeping her hands busy preparing lunch with Hinata-chan and Kurenai-sensei, the lower half of her mind and body are completely locked on Naruto. His voice carried to her ears effortlessly, her eyes always saw him with such accuracy she felt like she had the Byakugan, and his infectious scent was everywhere. Ino felt a week's worth of heavy of frustration coursing hot through her veins, making her fear the second he touches her, her will might snap.

"How are you doing," Kurenai whispers close to her, cutting cucumbers as Hinata-chan walks over to Sakura and Haku to inquire about portion and preferences. Kiba and Shikamaru argue with Naruto about training while Asuma and Genma converse quietly. "He's stayed away," Kurenai adds.

"I'm feeling…" Ino instantly wants to withhold, as she's trained to do, however, Kurenai-sensei already knows everything and more than that, she trusts the raven-haired sensei. "I feel… hot, sensei, like too hot," she exhales deeply. Though Ino won't mention all her frustrating sessions with Sakura, she does admit, "it's more than the memories I can't stop thinking about. I feel sensations i-inside, echoing all over and it's driving me crazy!"

"Given the amount you ingested, that's perfectly understandable," Kurenai speaks directly into her ear. "Remember, Naruto is essentially a psychological stimulus, triggering, in vivid detail, those feelings from your experience with him. You're doing a great job controlling those urges."

'…Blowjob,' Ino's mind misheard, evoking vivid memories of bobbing Naruto's thick meat in her wet, sucking mouth when she was in Sakura's body. Ino's mouth salivates before she shakes her head of the images.

"Why don't you take a walk," Kurenai suggests. "There are a few things we need from my home; Iruka-san doesn't have enough dishes and utensils. If you can get them-"

"Sure," Ino quickly asserts, quickly wiping her hands before she sneaks away. When Ino is a safe distance away, she slows her frantic pace to a brisk walk. She's near Kurenai's home when she hears from behind her, "Um, Ino-chan?"

Whipping around, he's walking toward her and her eyes take in every inch of him; slightly winded, tan skin, golden-blond hair, the clearest sky-blue eyes she's ever seen, and the shifting of his crotch. "Hey," he says stepping to her. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay." She can taste his skin by his musk alone and Ino audibly gulps. "I may not deserve it, but I'm really hoping we can be friends after… you know," he nervously raises his brows.

'I know,' Ino's numb mind and body reverberate. 'I feel it."

"Feel what?" Naruto asks, shocking Ino to realize she said that last comment aloud.

"I- I- …" Ino takes a few deep, calming breaths, but with one look at him, she turns away and walks to Kurenai's front door. Though she hears his footfalls follow her, she can't tell him off while her body's grand urges and her mind's self-respect battle for her ability to speak. His male voice then thrusts into her ear, like a thick cock up her quaking quim, "Ino-chan? Are you okay?"

"I… I…" Ino states, still trying to escape as she grabs the handle to the door. Though turning the handle and stepping inside is what she expected to happen, the knob didn't turn and she didn't step inside, because it was locked, making a dazed Ino run into the wood barrier before Naruto bumps well into Ino. She felt the pressure of his strong chest against her back, his face—but more importantly—the rubber of his lips against her hair, and above everything else, his cock-housing-pelvis press just enough into the middle of her humid crack.

"Mnn!" She moans as everything jiggled deliciously and her nipples instantly stiffen. He steps back with a quick apology she didn't hear. Aroused, Ino's fragile voice softly calls, "Naruto…" Her body squirms under his radiating eyes and she tries to ask for anything but the very thick thing she craves. "Can- can you-" 'fill me up! Just say it!'

"Ah," Naruto calls, snapping his fingers. "Of course," he happily says, exciting her with anticipation that softens her knees and moistens her center. He moves right beside her and she can smell him like no other scent existed. She doesn't even question why it is his chakra can unlock Kurenai-sensei's Fūinjutsu security as he opens the door for her and states, "there you go. Do you need anything else?"

Ino's mind gives up as her body grabs his sleeve and shoves him inside, closing the door behind her. She leans heavily against the door while he looks at her confused. The throbbing is so bad, her hands slowly move up to her platinum-blond ponytail and she releases a cascade of long silky hair so it drapes over her bare shoulders and partially covers half her flush face. Legs pressed together as she begins untying the strings of her lace-up crop top, asking in a breathy moan, "do you think I'm pretty, Naruto?"

Gazing at the sensual way she sways her hips and bends her sexy assets, Naruto had no answer but the feel of his cock thickening.

The flaps of her untied crop top fall and shows just a bit of her pink, stiff nipples. Her hand caresses her bare stomach before she starts at the knot at the left hip for her miniskirt wrap. "Am I pretty, Naruto," she moans. "Am I… do you think I'm pretty?" Her voice is breathy and she closes her eyes as her hypersensitive pussy builds to a large orgasm on arousal alone. She opens her eyes when she feels his radiating heat wash over her pushing her to within mere moments of glorious relief.

He's an inch away, obviously horny, yet has the presence of mind to ask, "did- did someone drug you again?"

Feeling pained, Ino grabs him by his ugly jacket and pulls him against her as she yells, "no, you idiot!" She's so close. Her quivering pussy is drenched, streaming continuously down her thighs and thigh-high nylons. She rubs her fleshy chest against him as she tells him, "I just need- I just need… Just fuck me Naruto!"

Cupping her jaw to force her to look at him makes her whimper as he asks, "but- but you don't love me, right?"

"I don't care about that!" Ino calls as she grinds her pelvis against him and though she can feel his raging erection, she can't reach the explosive state of nirvana she craves. "I- For now, Naruto," her voice and eyes plead. "Just help me with this for now, and I promise, we'll talk later!"

The look of sheer concern on his face, in his beautiful blue eyes, is so strong she nearly sobers up from her lunacy, until he leans in and kisses her. All thoughts immediately evaporate as her vibrating body comes alive with his warm lips and massaging hands. His kiss took her by surprise. He seems so much more confident than she remembered, the sure way he leans and presses but doesn't push or dampen the building feel… she happily lets him have his way in her submissive mouth. Deep-tissue kneading continuously stimulates and prod an ever-tightening knot of giga-pleasure at the wet root of her womanhood.

He abruptly pulls away and she whimpers, leaning forward to kiss more when he softly tells her, "move your panties to the side." One hand leaves her round ass cheek to unzip his fly and the concussive sound of his zipper caused her to panic. Ino realized she wasn't going to live through this when his other hand effortlessly moved her feverish pelvis closer to his. Her heart is racing in her chest, her skin is hotter than he is as he aligns his massive cock with her drenching, pulsing slit. Leaning against the door, her shaky hand moves the bit of flimsy material out of his way as the electric current crackles up and down her system in anticipation.

'I'm going to die, I'm going to die, I'm going to die-' her mind constant assertions is dearly interrupted when he stuffs his entire steel rod in her pleasure sauna. Her neck snaps back, prying a strangled cry from her small throat as her body is flooded with rupturing euphoria, repeatedly ripping through her from end-to-end with the most mind-blowing orgasm she's ever felt.

"Kami, your pussy!" Naruto grunts as he holds her shuttering body to him. "So tight! It feels- MNn! You feel- Amazing!" Her quaking pussy is a vice around his thick cock, sucking him in for more as her climax conquers all her senses for minutes.

When she finally feels like she may be coming down, Naruto's shapely cock head drags along the quaking walls of her love membrane as he slowly pulls out, unearthing more rippling pockets of pleasure the curl her toes and hug him tightly. He gives her a second, then slams back in. All strength evacuates her melting muscle as she climaxes, hard, for a second time.

Naruto pulls out before diving back in, and soon, he builds a steady rhythm, pumping in and out of her hot dripping cunnie as Ino moans, whimpers and shrieks in his ear.

"Ahhn, ahh, mmnn, yeess, you're so great, yes, yes, yes!" he was thrilled to hear.

Holding her legs up by her thighs and using his weight fully to pin her against the door felt delicious all on its own as Ino suffers happily through effortlessly earth-shattering orgasms. With his head resting delightfully against hers, he softly asks, "can I cum inside? Will ya let- I need-"

Her legs weakly wrap around his ass. "St-Stay," she manages between uncontrollable moaning. "Just- AAHH! Just- OOHH! Stay inside!"

Gripping her right where her ass meets her thighs, Naruto pumps his rock-hard cock relentlessly inside her incredibly lubricated love tunnel, hitting a pleasure mine in her sex she didn't know she had and rockets to the high heavens. "I-Ino-chan!" was his only warning before molten liquid gushes through her cervix like a geyser, triggering within her yet another powerful orgasm and snapping what last shred of lucidity she had left.


"So how was it?"

Naruto whips around to look at Haku's knowing smirk. They're outside in Iruka's backyard, testing the accuracy between a senbon, a kunai, or a shiruken while Sakura and Hinata are setting the table. Championing the shiruken, Asuma had taken Shikamaru to guide his student in the same manner Genma had taken Kiba to help his weapon, the kunai, win some sort of contest between the men. Haku and Naruto stand well away from them when Haku continues saying, "did she forgive you?"

Since Naruto defended him against a teammate as well as took him into his confidence when the blond filled in the details of what had happened with both Ino and Kurenai, Haku didn't need a party to feel welcomed. It's yet another reason Haku finds Naruto to be so singular. Rather than treating these woman like many men would, as just another notch on his bedpost, Naruto worries about their friendship, about their bond with him far more. Haku knows with complete certainty Naruto wouldn't be upset if the kunoichi decided to be friends rather than sexual partners and that tells Haku a great deal about Naruto's character, making him thank Kami and Zabuza-sama all the more.

"Um," Naruto tries to answer without being confused by sudden sex with Ino. "She said we can talk later, so I think that's good, but I don't know. She still seems off. I thought someone drugged her again but Kurenai-chan said that wasn't it. I hope she's okay."

"Me too," Haku adds. "And the qipao girl?" Haku is not a fan of the intrusive girl hounding Naruto-kun with ever increasing offers to purchase Kubikiribōchō, as if Zabuza-sama's sword were some collectible to be mounted on the wall of a wealthy person. 'Naruto-kun may not have the height to wield Kubikiribōchō properly, but Zabuza-sama entrusted it to him, and with Naruto-kun is where it will stay,' Haku mentally asserts.

"Tenten?" Naruto asks. "Yeesh, talk about obsessed. But you know? I think she finally gets it's not just a sword to me. It means more than selling it." Haku smiles with satisfaction before striking the target dead in the center with his senbon, impressing the other four shinobi. "Told you," Naruto happily brags. "Haku's a damn surgeon with those things."

"I'm surprised you even know the word surgeon," Kiba laughs.

"Keep it up Dog Breath and you're going to need one when I get done with ya," Naruto hollers and Haku laughs, yet again, marveling at the absurdity of his life now.


Sometime later, Ino woke up to Kurenai-sensei staring down at her. Ino felt like she was on a bed before realizing she must be in sensei's room. When she recalls what happened, the sensations flood her brain with a delicious buzzing, letting out an audible, "mmnn."

"No one but me found you, so that's one less thing to worry about," Kurenai begins to explain before asking, "how are you feeling?"

"The self-loathing hasn't kicked in yet," Ino answers with a small smile, feeling her scalp, breasts, nipples, back, thighs, toes, ass, pussy, and everything in between tingle with satisfaction. Not a moment later, her eyes snap wide open and she sits up in stark surprise. "Ah! I'm so sorry, sensei! Doing such a thing in your own home- I'm the worst- I'm so sorry-"

"It's okay, Ino-chan," Kurenai assures the girl taking her frantic hands in her own and rubbing them. "I know you wouldn't have if you were in your right state of mind."

With a long exhale, she looks around before asking, "where's Naruto?"

"At the party," Kurenai answers. "I told him to tell the others we'd be along shortly… that is of course if you're up for it."

"I'm feeling better," Ino responds honestly.

"Ino-chan," Kurenai states in a tone demanding careful attention. "Before we do anything else, I think we need to talk about this."

Finally feeling the shame and guilt mount her riding remorse, Ino weakly agrees with a resigned huff, "I know."

"I'm aware you take care of yourself," Kurenai gently states, and Ino blushes at the mention of her masturbation. "What I need to know is—to the best of your knowledge—do you think you can control your urges without needing, for lack of a better term, 'a fix?'"

Though slightly offended, hating having to think the sentence, 'I'm not a junkie for Naruto's dick,' Ino can see how Kurenai-sensei might use addiction in this case, but the intelligent sensei is wrong. If it wasn't for the mounting frustration of dealing with Sakura, Ino knows for certain she wouldn't have needed a thorough pounding. However, Ino is too ashamed to tell Kurenai about her dealings with Sakura, making her wonder if her frustrations might get worse as the month progresses. After a single week of messing with Sakura, Ino was throbbing simply at the sight of Naruto… 'could I manage for another three weeks without another mind-blowing release?'

Turning away from the kunoichi she greatly admires, Ino begrudgingly admits, "I… don't think I can… yet." Kurenai lets out a long, patient sigh and Ino feels pain in her chest at the thought of disappointing this beautiful sensei who's helped her so much, as if a woman of her caliber would never make such decisions.

Kurenai picks the blond's chin up, turning Ino to look into the woman's red irises before she responds, "it's okay, I understand. I know how difficult it is to be honest about our personal lapses in judgment but that's where we have to start if we ever wish to change ourselves."

Ino feels such relief to hear her says so and asks, "so, what are you thinking sensei?"

"I'm thinking I'd like you to try and control your urges," Kurenai answers. "Our options at that point are you struggle to hold out until the strength of the trigger eventually lessens, or you act on those impulses. If you're absolutely sure you may act…" Kurenai asks Ino with her eyes if that sentiment is still accurate. When Ino begrudgingly nods her head, Kurenai continues, "then, reclaiming complete control over yourself would mean making you stop with gradually declining increments; like weaning you off. That brings us to an important question." Ino waits before Kurenai asks, "are you truly okay involving Naruto?"

That is not what Ino was expecting to hear. Confused, Ino answers simply, "well, yeah. I mean, I'd rather not, but Sasuke-kun isn't ready for a relationship and, well, you know, Naruto's the trigger for my... urges, so it would have to be him, right?"

Kurenai nods before stating, "I ask because he's not quite as impersonal when it comes to connections with others. At the very least, it's unlikely he'll be as clinical about this as you are."

"So?" Ino blankly wonders. "He gets to have sex a couple- a few more times with—and I'm not being arrogant here—thee hottest kunoichi in our year… no strings attached. You know how many guys would kill for that opportunity? I can't see him having a problem with this."

"Do you know why he had sex with you today," Kurenai patiently asks. When Ino tilts her head as if to say, 'shouldn't that be obvious?' Kurenai shakes her head, 'no,' and answers, "he said you asked for help. He told me you said, 'help me now, talk later.' What do we know about him, Ino-chan?"

"… He had a hard life."

"And continues to do so," she corrects before quickly asking, "how many people genuinely cared about him?"

"Not many."

"Despite an entire village of people, a classroom of fellow students, he had two maybe four people who cared about him… all adults."

"So he's lonely," Ino agrees with a huff. "I get it, but if anything, that should make him more okay with this-"

"Not necessarily," Kurenai states. "Do you think someone like him would want a meaningful or a meaningless bond with someone?"

"…Meaningful," Ino begrudgingly answers.

"He knows two things about you," Kurenai interrupts. "One, you don't love him, and two, you were drugged when you were with him, which to him, is the equivalent of being tricked. Before he learned the truth, he hoped that you might actually have feelings for him," Kurenai shares with the surprised blond.

Ino has long since lost all barring when it comes to Naruto. She doesn't hate him or even dislike him as she used to. He seems to be a good, strong person, Kurenai seems to have a good opinion of him, and add to that he can make her feel really really good, it leaves Ino with deep and prolonged confusion. She never thought she would ever think of Naruto in a romantic way, but he's giving her less and less reasons not to.

'Plus more sex,' her vagina happily thinks as Kurenai continues. "When I explained to him you didn't have romantic feelings for him, he was genuinely hurt. Bonds matter a great deal to him and it hurts him that much more when he learns a connection he thought he made was actually a trick. When you were with Naruto earlier, if you had said you wanted to stop, no matter how aroused he was, do you believe he would've?"


"Despite what led to it, you both shared something incredibly personal. Asking him to be that level of intimate with you, someone he cares about, while telling him his feelings will not be returned… I don't like that any more than what happened to you."

"So…" Ino can't believe she's asking this. "So, what? You want me to date him? Even though I don't love him?"

Kurenai sincerely responds, "I want him to completely understand what it is he would be agreeing to and I want you to respect his decision if he decides not to go through that."

Ino recalls how he asked if she was drugged despite her lecherous display and she becomes morose at the thought that he might say no. Voted as the sexiest kunoichi of their class, Ino finds it so incredibly backward that she's actually wondering, 'how do I make sure the not-so-dead-last of our class agrees to have sex with me… me!' Ino snorts, mentally yelling, 'It's ridiculous! He should be on his knees begging to convince me!'

But the Clan training within her can't discount his emotional scars. As the Yamanaka heir, she was made to study and discuss, at length, mind walking. She hadn't minded one bit at the time, as she had never-ending questions about Sasuke-kun's state of mind and learned a great deal.

Ino ponders on the primary difference between Naruto and Sasuke-kun's past. Sasuke-kun felt the love of family for a number of years before it was horribly ripped away. Naruto had nothing but hate and loneliness for the grand majority of his life until he found a few tentative bonds of affection. Ino couldn't answer who had it worse; having it and losing it, or never having it at all, but she knows it's terrible in either case.

Ino knew if the tables were turned and it was Sasuke-kun asking her for meaningless help, she didn't think she could do it and not fall in love. Maybe she is asking too much, though Kurenai interrupts her thoughts, saying, "come on. You don't need to answer right now."


"Tou-san," Tenten exhaustively calls. "I'm telling you, I asked! I literally said. 'name your price.' He could've asked for a billion and I would've said yes, but he said the same thing he always does, 'sorry, Tenten-chan, I can't sell it to you.'"

"There has to be something, Ten," her flustered father snaps. "I just heard from a former colleague in Tanigakure. The current market price for Kubikiribōchō is nearly nine hundred million ryo! With that much, we'd be in the top one percent of Konoha instantly!"

"Kami, that's a lot," Tenten gasps, before shaking her head of the money. Begging, she asks, "do we really have to sell it? It's a legendary sword, Tou-san! It might take me a while, but in time, I'm sure I could master wielding it."

While Tenten understands the importance of ryo as well as their family struggles, in her mind, this was too special of a sword to simply sell. The thought of selling it after they take ownership hurts to her very soul. 'I get how much the money would help us, but I want to be remembered as one of the strongest kunoichi this village has ever seen, and a legendary sword would definitely help!'

"There are others," Dānyī easily dismisses his daughter's passionate plea to keep the sword.

"But this one's here now," Tenten bemoans to counter. "I know we're destined to have Kubikiribōchō, just like I know I'll be one of the best kunoichi ever. Don't you think the reputation that would bring us would help us more in the long run than the ryo will now?"

Dānyī lets out a disappointed sigh, eying his daughter sympathetically, before informing her with absolute certainty, "ryo is power, Ten; a clear tangible unit of power. The more you have, the more power you wield. Who is more powerful, the Hokage or the Daimyō? And if you're so naive to think the Hokage, simply because he's a shinobi, than remember, daughter, he serves at the pleasure of our Daimyō."

"But the Daimyō can't be the Daimyō without the Hokage," Tenten tries to point out.

"Violence is paid with Ryo to maintain power," Dānyī exasperatedly tells his daughter. "I thought I taught you better than this. Violence is always used to protect sources of money. Remember this well because I don't want to keep repeating myself: this world is not built on the backs of shinobi, but on trade. Ryo can make people disappear or it can build great things. The Hokage represents violence, nothing more, so please, stop. Is that understood?" Slowly, with clear sadness, Tenten nods to her father before he continues. "Now, rather than your reeducation, we need to discuss what to do about the Demon-Boy. There has to be something he wants."

Though upset by her father's staunch views on the world, Tenten sets her frustrations aside for the target range later, and focuses on trying to acquire Kubikiribōchō now. "It would have to be something big like giving him the store-"

"Please do not joke at a time like this," Dānyī huffs. "My old friend has a line on a potential buyer and is willing to facilitate the sale for us at a neutral location for only 12.5 percent, which is an absolute steal! All we have to do is give it to him and he gives us the ryo. Simple."

"I think I should do more recon on Naruto-kun," Tenten suggests. Even if the subject matter, in this case, is weak and boring, Tenten has always loved investigating. She easily recalls angering Neji when she uncovered, not only his seal, but the circumstances around it. No matter how many times she apologized, he didn't talk to her for a whole month and even now, two years later, he can still be very chilly towards her.

"We should also consider an alternate plan of action should he be unwilling to part with Kubikiribōchō amicably."

Tenten's eyebrows raise surprised as she cautiously asks, "what kind of backup plan?"

"There's no scenario in which that sword doesn't end up in our ownership," her father asserts with cold eyes. "I prefer the easy way, but it's not the only way."

"Tou-san!" Tenten whispers her yell, looking at him as if he's lost his mind. "He's a shinobi of the Leaf-"

"So am I," Dānyī responds.

"Retired!" Tenten corrects him. "He may be a genin but he's active shinobi. We can't attack him without getting in trouble ourselves and we definitely won't get Kubikiribōchō if we're fined to our eyeballs or in prison."

"Listen, you don't know this but that demon's been attacked multiple times throughout his life and no one has ever been fined or sent to prison… though some have died," her father casually asserts. "We'll be fine. But I'm serious about drastic measures if he won't part with it."

"Tou-san… I…" Tenten isn't comfortable with this degree of ambition; it feels like a line that shouldn't be crossed. Certainly, she's never thought anything of him but he's a fellow Konoha ninja, after all, and Tenten isn't sure she's willing to hurt him simply to take his famed property. Tenten has a sinking feeling it would be best for everyone if she figures out a way to get Kubikiribōchō from Naruto-kun. "I'll get it for sure. Just give me two weeks!"

Eying her warily, he simply nods, informing her, "I'll tell my friend the negotiation is still ongoing, however, I know that old mule. He'll simply say maybe he should be talking with the actual owner. After that, I'll be forced to respond that we're in possession of Kubikiribōchō whether we have it or not, or else, he may actually make his way here. You have two weeks. After that…"

Tenten isn't sure what her father would do, but she knows she doesn't want to give him the chance, mentally cursing as her father leaves. 'I swear he'd lose the business if it wasn't for me.'

A note from Graefoxx

Yay, Haku! I hope you guys didn't think Haku would fade into the background. I always wanted him to be a partner in crime and a dear friend.

More Ino goodness to come.

Kurenai is inching closer to the big decision. There should be a little less lemon with her since Ino's going to partake. Though I don't think she'll do so well. Naruto learned a lot from Nai-chan after all. We'll see.

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