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I don't like when villains pop up out of nowhere so im doing some foreshadowing

The gods went silent and the people went loud, cries of great sins and divine wrath came first until some claimed to have been reborn from the future, the magic, they said, the magic would become stronger an wilder and terrifying beasts would come from other worlds, even the native monsters would grow stronger at a never seen before speed and trample upon the kingdoms and the races.

Even when some belonged to different factions and had opposing ideologies their reports were consistently fitting altogether, forming a grim and dark conclusion of defeat and loss, and their final conclusion was the same: humanity should prepare and unleash their strongest resources from the very beginning, for if they waited it would be too late.

The rulers were doubtful, the commoners were skeptic, but they all were willing to believe when the one week timeline was met and a very faint wave of magic washed all over the world, barely perceptible if not for the warnings of the returnees, they spoke of two other waves of increasing strength until the barriers of the world broke and the great destruction began.

Now, all the nations were busy getting ready, food was stockpiled, metals hoarded, weapons stored, magical instruments were made more robust to rebuild the spells once magic changed, wild beasts and monsters were frantically exterminated as to prevent them from mutating and becoming a bigger threat, they still had to see the other two waves to believe but the possibility of danger was too great to be ignored.

All of this was of little concern to Malik, who stared at the screen in front of him with intense eyes, clutching his family emblem on his fist.

Malik’s past was not easy, he had been born as the son of the secondary branch of his family and recognized as a genius from age five, his proficiency with spells was just a little above average but his body reinforcement very stable and compatible with fire magic, which made him a prime candidate to inherit the magic arts of the clan.

But alas, the god of fate took him as his chewing toy and crushed him lower and lower in several occasions, William, the arrogant young master of the main branch and his father Will framed him as responsible for assaulting a servant girl and used this as an excuse to force him into service at the monster subjugation squad the family kept at the frontier.

There, he was consistently sent to dangerous missions in hopes of getting him killed, but he overcame the odds and kept becoming stronger by absorbing the cores of the defeated beasts and consuming the rare plants he found deep in the wilderness.

Finally, he came back home triumphant, with the seed of a very rare and precious medicinal spirit plant as a gift to the clan, if absorbed this seed would grow on the user and provide a second mana pool of healing energy, even more compatible with the clan arts.

All he had to do was to win the family’s youth tournament and he would be officially awarded the seed together with the materials and spells required to absorb it, still, even if he didn’t win they would give him a large amount of resources and a set of spells, armor and weapons as a payment for the seed, even defeat looked bright.

But the main branch would not accept a talent of his caliber to eclipse them and once again framed him, this time accusing him of stealing the same seed he had handed over to the clan, such ridiculous pretense was obviously a lie but the clan simply let it happen, making it obvious the elder had been bribed to look the other way.

Even his fiancée Violet, whom he had been sending resources from the frontier denounced him as a thief and broke their engagement.

Malik’s inner core was shattered and his magic power lost, he was then sent to work as a caretaker at the family’s hospital and further forgotten in the area for heavier cases, where people were sent to wait for death.

Just like him.

But now things had changed, if this status screen told him the truth that meant he could become stronger by killing monsters and people even with a broken core.

Malik Flamestone












(Level 5 to unlock)


Flame Strike 5

(Level 5 to unlock)

Flame Dash 5

(Level 5 to unlock)

Flame Body 6

(Level 5 to unlock)

Body Reinforcement 5

(Level 5 to unlock)

Area Perception 7

(Level 5 to unlock)

Fire Lance 5

(Level 5 to unlock)

Flamestone Synergy 5

(Level 5 to unlock)

Thunder Lance 3

(Level 5 to unlock)

Water bubble 2

(Level 5 to unlock)

Shadow Coat 4

(Level 5 to unlock)


(Level 80 to unlock)

Why had the returnees told nothing about this system? Malik had been pondering it the whole day until he came to a conclusion: they didn’t know.

The change to come would kill so many people, who could keep track of everyone? After more and more pondering Malik realized why had the system come to him: he had no magic.

Almost everyone had magic up to a certain degree and even commoners would learn a water and fire spell for their daily needs, but people who had no magic at all were extremely rare, most of them were like Malik and had been born with magic only to lost it after their cores shattered, an ironic fate as it would be impossible to lose the connection to magic if one had never formed a core in the first place.

The other kind were those born without magic at all, even more rare and they still had the ability to gain magic if they received a core from a dead relative, but of course, this only applied if one had strong family that could produce experts.

Those who already had a core and lost it could not receive another as the magic would not be compatible, but this system bound to him under its own rules.

What if the people with a system were fated to die?

What if they could not become strong enough and were fated to be killed in the end?

Is that why the returnees had no knowledge of them?

Malik had lost so much and it has made him cold, after finishing his contemplations he simply went to the ward for terminal patients and killed one, he felt the system absorbing the magic from the body as the patient died.


He could feel it again!

“Level five to unlock...”

“This means i need to gather five levels worth of magic before my body can recover the ability to use it?”

Malik killed the patients one by one until he reached level five, then, he finally was able to feel the magic inside his body, but unlike before it was not flowing through his natural channels, instead moving as if it had a live on its own.

He casted a flame on his hand, even if the method was different the result was the same, however, his newly reacquired mana ran out ten times as fast as before.

“This must mean my mana is just one tenth of what it used to be, would this system say my original level was fifty?

Ten years ago Malik would be joyful and grateful at recovering his power, but now?

He just felt potential, a potential to take back what was rightfully his and crush those who wronged him, his killing of patients had been just a clinical thing, a mean to obtain a resource done even colder than the culling of the magical beasts, his spirit and ideals had withered in this hospital just like the patients, he felt no affection towards the clan, no martial pride, no magical philosophy.

This time he would not care about the clan, or about his position, nor about climbing the ranks, he had to plan and scheme, wait in the dark and use whatever means necessary until he leveled up enough to kill his enemies.

Malik sit to write a letter and begged his family for a place inside the clan, he spoke of his fear in front of uncertainty, the changes too big, too terrible, for he in his insignificance was unable to defend himself even from a regular dog, he apologized for trying to steal the spiritual seed, he begged to be readmitted as a servant, willing as he was to throw away the Flamestone name to obtain safety.

He begged for a place in the stables, near the beasts and manure where he belonged, he would wash the pigs, clean the stables, he would be where he belonged.

Near strong beasts that would be easy to kill.

Near the servants who had high magical abilities to tend to the needs of their masters but had no combat ability.

Near the old experts, too close to death to retain their strength but too valuable to simply die, kept alive by virtue of medicines so they could train the new generations.

The letter would arrive to the clan in one day, and the answer maybe would come back to him a day after, with the second wave of magic starting people would not be able to feel his newfound strength if he hid it, especially since they would be looking for magic emanating from the natural channels, which he would keep diligently dried of any magic.

But with most certainty they would be too busy to care about him, this was certainly a world changing opportunity.

Malik killed the rest of the patients, the nurses and the doctors, raising his level to twenty five, a feat that before took him years of effort, he looted all of the medicines and tried to absorb them, noticing that their effects were not compatible with his system, they could heal him and boost his strength but the effects were temporary.

If this was the price to pay for this power then Malik would like to pay even more to get stronger.

The clan’s envoys arrived two days later just as the second wave of magic began, as expected, they told him of the magnificence of the clan that would take back a criminal like him out of pity.

Malik killed them all, reaching lever thirty five.

He traveled back on his own killing as many people and beasts as possible, mingling with merchants and leveling up thanks to their guards, using human blood and magical bait to lure the monsters to him, a trace of blood people would not care about with the looming threat of world ending destruction coming at them.

He arrived at the clan an hour before the third wave of magic, his clothes tattered, his face dirty, his body bruised, the complete image of a refugee who barely managed to escape the dangers of the road, only the clan’s seal allowed him to enter and the Will father and son had no time to wait for him and mock him when he arrived two days late.

They were busy ensuring the safety and prosperity of the clan in those turbulent times.

His magic channels were checked and nothing was found, and he was sent to the stables as expected and took to his job diligently.

Malik had not gone on a killing spree just to reach level sixty, he wanted to become colder, harder, more evil, the system was a godsend but it required killing, only a certain type of man could take full advantage of it.

Malik required a cold head and a burning heart, he wanted to reawaken his bloodlust, to regain his cold killer instincts.

To reignite his hatred.

And then, he would burn them all with it.

A note from hakatri gin

Do you see what i did with his status?

Of course you do, because all of my readers are smart, but i will explain it anyway because i like to hear my own voice

Malik's levels in fighting are mostly at level five because his abilities are balanced as he was a genius, his only non-flame attack is of a lower level and his hiding ability is just below his combat ability, his perception is above five because its on all the time, i also mentiond that everyone has a water and fire spell for daily needs so he has a water spell

Also, his next skill is at level eighty because he already has tons of skills and his system cannot just grant him stuff, basically the system is adapting to him because someone who already has magical abilities but has no magic is a rarity even among the multiverse

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I WILL finish very single fiction i start, but it will take time, LOTS OF TIME.
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