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Max awoke and saw nothing but darkness, everything was pitch black. He heard the scuttling of small critters and the sounds of what seems like a cave? He was confused but he was always quite good at adapting to situations, so he threw some ideas around to no one in particular. ‘Could I be kidnapped?’ He quickly dismissed that idea and as he did so his vision was slowly adjusting. He could now see a few meters in front of himself, but as he was deep in thought he heard a bang and light suddenly blinded him. There was a man, wait no? Maybe a child?

As his eyes got used to the sunlight he saw exactly what was in front of him, a goblin. despite all of the thoughts running through his head he was calm, he never panicked because it didn’t help anything. Eventually after a second or two of stairing at the goblin his mind fell on a semi-reasonable explanation, ‘I'm in a fantasy world aren’t I?’

He actually got exited, he would be able to do mostly what he wanted. And if he could use his knowledge from earth here he would basically be a god, despite the fact that he got into fights often at school he was quite intelligent. From his point of view he was rational, for the most part he thought that emotions were worthless. Forming connections was important for later in life, he understood that well but at the same time. Love and compassion were needless emotions that only served to take away people’s ability to rationalize and control themselves. 

As he was deep in thought the goblin stepped forward breaking his trance and began walking deeper into the cave with what looked like the corpse of a rabbit with a horn in its head and needle-like sharp teeth, he would hate to be bitten by those. As the goblin left he wondered to himself, ‘am I even human anymore?’ He tried to move his neck to look down but it was far too stiff so he settled for moving his hand in front of his eyes.

 A small green hand the size of an infant, but this was no human infant. It belonged to a goblin. Despite finding out he was a goblin Max didn’t even seem bothered, in fact he seemed happy. It’s not like he had much attachment to humanity to begin with and in-fact this might be a blessing instead of a curse. 

From what he understood from games on earth goblins are relatively weak and more of a pest than anything. But they grow fast and more importantly, they grow fast. To add to that goblin packs obey the strong so if he could somehow find a way to usurp the chief he would have a loyal army of goblins at his disposal. With that being said he finally decided what his reason for living was, he would rule the goblins.

A few days after he declared his goal in this new world he finally grew enough to support his neck and with this he could look around to his left and right, what he saw was 18 goblin children including himself. He noticed that they were separated in groups of three.

He also noticed that every once in a while 6-8 goblins wearing shabby loincloths and using clubs or rocks that looked jagged and sharp would leave and after a while they would come back with the horned rabbits, deer and occasionally a bipedal dog that I referred to as beast men for obvious reasons. A fully grown goblin was 1.2 meters on average (1 meter = 3.3 feet roughly)

and these beast men are around 1.4 meters but these are just the ones that the goblins brought in so they might be children beast men for all I know. As I was watching the goblins roaming around doing various miscellaneous tasks a group of hunters came back with another beast man corpse but it looks different.

It’s snout was more defined and even through the blood soaked fur and broken bones from a severe beating with a blunt club, I could still tell it’s muscles looked powerful and i wouldn’t have any doubt it’s jaw could break bones. He had a new goal in mind as well as ruling the goblins, he would tame one of these beasts.

As his train of thought was broken by the hunters walking into the cave he noticed that half of them were missing, originally they’re were 6 goblins and now only 3 remains. Upon closer inspection the clubs were soaked in blood and look damaged some of the makeshift hide armor had rips and blood-soaked patches.

It was clear these all had encountered a strong beast man and got too cocky thinking they could take it on, this was the aftermath. Still a victory technically but I doubt they gained more than they lost, the leader of the hunter party stepped towards the one that I’ve deducted is the chief. 

I listened intently trying my best to learn more of the goblin language, suddenly I heard a loud ‘ding!’ In my head. I looked around and saw no one else had heard it, then I realized I could understand the goblins now. “Chief lose warriors wolf man strong” the younger goblin said towards the chief who stood a little taller than the average goblin at 1.4 meters the same as the beast men I’ve seen so far. 

The chief grunted towards the goblin, clearly displeased at losing half of the hunting party. He raised his sword towards the defenseless goblin and swung in a sideways arc, slicing the goblins stomach area. As the goblin screams and starts holding his hand over his wound in an attempt to keep his intestines from falling out the chief smirked and looked quite pleased with himself.

After a short while of screaming the goblin fell to the ground dead, rage was swelling up inside me. Was it because he killed an innocent goblin? Or maybe it was because he was obviously quite sadistic and enjoyed it? Both wrong, it was because he fucking dared to rob me of a potentially valuable chess piece.

He mindlessly killed anyone he disliked with no planning for the future, if it were me and I had someone I particularly hated I would at least gain some value out of their life. For example, I could use him as a frontline fighter to take the full force of the first charge, he would eventually die but it would also give his life some value. I despised this chief, I swear I’ll kill you one day. Why build an empire when I could just take one from someone else.

A note from Kye

just so you all know the MC has full understanding of the goblin language now, it’s just that less intelligent and evolved goblins speak in broken English.

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