Leveling up brought Biff hope and excitement. It was sad that so many people had to die, but that was beyond him. The third floor had four goblins; two were close to him and two were on the other side of the the hallway. More could be inside the rooms. They were patrolling the hallway if he could say it that way.

Deploying a few tactics he took care of them all. A goblin wasn't that strong, and along with the few points he invested in himself he felt better than ever. He already started to adapt, and it was frightenigly fast.

Level up !

"Such sweet words" He put another two points into agility and one into intelligence even though he said it's useless he just couldn't help himself. Plundering all he could find useful he descended yet again. The second floor had a few more dead bodies but no goblins were in sight, instead some noises were coming from the first floor. He wanted to go directly down, but on a second thought he stopped and decided to check everything up before descending.

He was in somewhat of a hurry but that didn't stop him to be extra careful, and soon, he was glad he did so. In one of the rooms a goblin waited in ambush. This one was different, and to Biff's surprise it could use magic. It looked like a fireball. Despite the fact that the goblin was smarter than the rest it wasn't to an extent that could trouble him. The room wasn't that big, with the increase in agility and the small gap between them he swiftly killed the goblin.

"I'm starting to like this shit"

Congratulations ! You have obtained a skill book: Fireball

Fireball: A small but dangerous ball of fire; Damage: 50; Cost: 10 mana; Requirements: 10 intelligence.

Do you wish to learn the skill 'fireball' ?

Of course he wanted to learn it, luckily he put a point to intelligence earlier thus fulfilling the requirments. With but a thought in his hand appeared a ball of fire. He could summon or unsummon it freely. That was something different, Biff's excitement grew to new heights.

"So skill books exist, and they have requierements, interesting"

Checking out the first floor he had a shock. A group of goblins were trying to get inside a room. Since they didn't managed to do that yet, the room was most probably blocked and enforced from inside, meaning there were people.

"One, two, three..shit, thirteen goblins ?"

There were quite a lot of them, but luckily he had a skill now and it was the best chance to test it out. Getting as close as he could he started to shoot fireballs one after another. The hallway was narrow and nine shots hit their targets. One hit one kill.The spell was very effective.

Level up !

The remaining four goblins were also taken care of. Beside an injury on his left arm he was fine, that extra agility proved to be very useful.

Level up !

Congratulations ! You have gained a new skill: Identify

Identify: As long as the difference in strength is not that great you can see the level of others. Cost: none; Requirements: level 5

At this point he was expecting anything, nonetheless his excitement grew yet again. Thanks to his regeneration per minute his arm wound was healing, slowly but surely. Slowly maybe was not the right word for it; what would have taken him a few weeks to heal was going to be done in a matter of minutes. Six more unallocated points, for the moment he decided not to use them, he needed to plan his future wisely.

Name: Biff
Level: 5; 0%

HP: 115/135; regen 3.5/min
MP: 3/120; regen 3/min

Class: -
Title: -

STR: 10
AGI: 17
BODY: 13
INT: 11

Unallocated points: 6

Skills: Fireball Lvl 1; Identify Lvl 1

Checking his status he was very pleased by what he saw. He wasn't sure of what to do, go all on agility, go all on intelligence or combining them. If he had more powerful skills then going all on intelligence wouldn't be that bad, but only with a fireball it was too risky. Like how he killed the goblin, someone else could also easily kill him in close combat if he relied only on spells. If he had a variety of spells those problems could be fixed but at the moment he clearly didn't. Now he wanted to check the survivors, so he left the decision for later. In case of an emergency he decided to put all of them into agility.



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