Vainqueur the Dragon

by Void Herald

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Fantasy Satire Anti-Hero Lead LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Strong Lead

Vainqueur Knightsbane is your average dragon: a giant, fire-breathing lizard who loves to take naps on his golden hoard, kidnap princesses for fun, and make the life of adventurers miserable. Vainqueur's only pleasure in life is to watch his treasure get bigger, one coin at a time.

So when a would-be thief turned unwilling minion tells him about "classes," "levels," and "quests," Vainqueur wonders if maybe, just maybe, he should consider a career change. 

After all, why bother hunting monsters for free when you can get paid for it?

(The original art of the cover picture was made by Björn Lensig

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Void Herald

Void Herald

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Vainqueur the Dragon ago
2: V&V ago
3: First Quest ago
4: Chief of Staff ago
4x: Human-Sized Loot ago
5: Food Chain ago
6: Gather the Minions ago
7: Interlude: Murderhobos ago
8: Level Grinding ago
9: Gods and Zombies ago
10: The Battle for Haudemer ago
11: Multiclassing ago
12: Looking for Dungeons ago
13: The Event ago
14: Just your average Hometown ago
15: Cult Management ago
16: Vainqueur's Private War ago
17: Job Interviews ago
18: Uninvited Guests ago
19: The War of the Hoard ago
20: Emperor Vainqueur ago
20x: Minions of the Month ago
21: Interlude: The Shining Knight ago
22: The Meat is Life ago
23: The Regent ago
24: Dragon Profiling ago
25: The Demon King ago
26: First Blood ago
27: Heaven's Door ago
28: Interlude: The Chocolatine Factory ago
29: Dragon Guests ago
30: Demon Feast ago
31: The Monsters of Murmurin ago
32: The Bitter Day of Brandon Maure ago
33: BFF ago
34: Bragging Day ago
35: Season Finale ago
0: The Great Calamity ago
36: Interlude: Tales of the Kobold Rangers ago
37: Meet the Dwarves ago
38: Minion Deathcare ago
39: The Ballad of Jolie Dragon ago
40: Tomb Trouble ago
41: The Djinn in the Bottle ago
42: Interlude: God Game Night ago
43: Fool's Gold ago
44: Lawfu Fight! ago
45: The Dragon Wingmate ago
46: Quest Competition ago
47: The Smartest Bandit in the World ago
48: Ghostbusters ago
49: Those who hunt dragons ago
50: Class Struggle ago
51: The Greatest Gladiator ago
52: To the Mooooon! ago
53: Interlude: The Fairy Lords ago
54: Dark Side of the Gold ago
55: Perk Practice ago
56: On Relationsheeps ago
57: The Dragon's Speech Check ago
58: Detective Work ago
59: Fangs in the Night ago
60: Interlude: A Lich's Tale ago
61: Castlevania ago
62: Basement Dwellers ago

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This is one of the funnest reads i have ever had. 

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Yep. That title and summary are 100% correct. this story is about the VAINEST dragon you will ever see and the unlucky thief that awoke him from his "nap". It would be perfect but the dragon and his minion both take away half a star because of their motivations.


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What happens when the most op fantasy creature, dragons, gain access to the fair omnipotent MC factory known as 'the system'? Antics, shinanigens, and this story right here.

Ok, I need two hundred characters so lets go further, thought it may be a bit dry.

this is a comedy  bromance story set in a fantasy world paralel to earth.  Victor the protag is a charismatic thief who uses his street smarts and satyr realism to survive in a fantasy world.  Vainquar the real protag Knightsbane (with a capital K he can tell and he is listening... maybe its over 200 characters so maybe not) Calamity of his age King of the Albanion mountains is the real protag and quickly hijacks the story the protags life and all good things like any good natured protag should.  Hijinks and shinanigens ensue in a very bromantic way that will captivate all the hearts and minds of bromantics everywhere!

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To balance the half star rating I gave the last story I looked at. Also is good.

Juan Jose Sanchez Rojas
  • Overall Score

It is a flying tank not just enough to go some kingdom and get into his vault would think that over the years and the fact of being a dragon of greed would make him more cunning than other dragons.
It boasts of the nobility and does poor tasks of humans in adventures .__. 

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A lighthearted but intensely enjoyable read. By far one of the best novels on the site.

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I like it. Isn’t sure what else to say.... Meep!

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Easy to read, more chapters needed!

Reviewed at: 1: Vainqueur the Dragon

 Nice old juck food! hopefully you can post more :D Ireadtonsofbooks                                                                                                                             

  • Overall Score

This is good not great, to me

Reviewed at: 10: The Battle for Haudemer

I like the mc but the story is not for me it just lack somthing i do enjoy the comedy it just not on a level with most of the other funny good novels on royalroad no hate just My OPN