Vainqueur the Dragon

by Void Herald

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Vainqueur Knightsbane is your average dragon: a giant, fire-breathing lizard who loves to take naps on his golden hoard, kidnap princesses for fun, and make the life of adventurers miserable. Vainqueur's only pleasure in life is to watch his treasure get bigger, one coin at a time.

So when a would-be thief turned unwilling minion tells him about "classes," "levels," and "quests," Vainqueur wonders if maybe, just maybe, he should consider a career change. 

After all, why bother hunting monsters for free when you can get paid for it?

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Vainqueur the Dragon ago
2: V&V ago
3: First Quest ago
4: Chief of Staff ago
4x: Human-Sized Loot ago
5: Food Chain ago
6: Gather the Minions ago
7: Interlude: Murderhobos ago
8: Level Grinding ago
9: Gods and Zombies ago
10: The Battle for Haudemer ago
11: Multiclassing ago
12: Looking for Dungeons ago
13: The Event ago
14: Just your average Hometown ago
15: Cult Management ago
16: Vainqueur's Private War ago
17: Job Interviews ago
18: Uninvited Guests ago
19: The War of the Hoard ago
20: Emperor Vainqueur ago
20x: Minions of the Month ago
21: Interlude: The Shining Knight ago
22: The Meat is Life ago
23: The Regent ago
24: Dragon Profiling ago
25: The Demon King ago
26: First Blood ago
27: Heaven's Door ago
28: Interlude: The Chocolatine Factory ago
29: Dragon Guests ago
30: Demon Feast ago
31: The Monsters of Murmurin ago
32: The Bitter Day of Brandon Maure ago
33: BFF ago
34: Bragging Day ago
35: Season Finale ago
0: The Great Calamity ago
36: Interlude: Tales of the Kobold Rangers ago
37: Meet the Dwarves ago
38: Minion Deathcare ago
39: The Ballad of Jolie Dragon ago
40: Tomb Trouble ago
41: The Djinn in the Bottle ago
42: Interlude: God Game Night ago
43: Fool's Gold ago
44: Lawfu Fight! ago
45: The Dragon Wingmate ago
46: Quest Competition ago
47: The Smartest Bandit in the World ago
48: Ghostbusters ago
49: Those who hunt dragons ago
50: Class Struggle ago
51: The Greatest Gladiator ago
52: To the Mooooon! ago
53: Interlude: The Fairy Lords ago
54: Dark Side of the Gold ago
55: Perk Practice ago
56: On Relationsheeps ago
57: The Dragon's Speech Check ago
58: Detective Work ago
59: Fangs in the Night ago
60: Interlude: A Lich's Tale ago
61: Castlevania ago
62: Basement Dwellers ago
63: Bottomless Fear ago
64: Dawnfall ago
65: Don't Wake the Dragon ago
66: Buzz's Jelly Adventures ago
67: Season 2 Finale ago
68: Beware the Orcs! ago
69: Criminal Games ago
70: Heart to Heart ago
71: Vizier Holidays ago
72: Interlude: Interim Chiefs ago
73: Of Witches and Flames ago
74: Victor Dalton and the School of Necromancy ago
75: Pocket Minions ago
76: Graduation Day ago
77: Starter vs Legendary ago
78: The Storm ago
79: Dragon on the Shore ago
80: Swimming with the Sharks ago
81: Goldbeard the Pirate ago
82: Raiders of the Lost Hoard ago
83: The Burning Fields ago
84: A Clash of Kings ago
85: Interlude: Jolie Dragon vs the World ago
86: Advanced Civilizations ago
87: The Trip ago
88: El Dorado ago
89: The Life we Lead ago
90: The Shiny-ing ago
91: The Superboss ago
92: Fallout ago
93: Golden Leaders ago
94: That time I reincarnated as a cup! ago
95: God Game Night II: Good Expansion ago
96: Need a Raise ago
97: The Dragon's Share ago
98: Scaled Woes ago
99: Dice Island ago
100: The Winning Card ago
101: Empathy Training ago
102: Dialogue Options ago
103: Kaiju Day ago
104: The Mermaid's Revenge ago
105: Orknoob Unchained ago
106: Last Minute Merchants ago
107: Kings of Monsters ago
108: Pride and Prejudice ago
109: Minion Recipe ago
110: The Heaven Talk ago
111: Interlude: The Princess Documentary ago
112: Baths and Munchkins ago
113: A Slice of Cat ago
114: Looking for a Farm ago
115: Item Farming ago
116: TPW ago
117: Sleep Disorders ago
118: Home Again ago
119: Prophecy Fulfilled ago
120: Season III Finale ago
121: Breeding for War ago
122: Slimonies ago
123: One for the Team ago
124: The Return of the King ago
125: The Third Way ago
126: Relationship Boards ago
127: Interlude: The Tomb of Furibon ago
128: Opening Salvo ago
129: Retaliations ago
130: Nova Tactics ago
131: The Gathering ago
132: The Dragon Conclave ago
133: Rent-a-Prophet ago
134: Interlude: A Flight of Dragons ago
135: The Last Sidequest ago
136: Dungeon Waltz ago
137: The Plot Armor ago
138: Before the End ago
139: V-Day ago
140: Landfall ago
141: F&D ago
142: The Yarn Solution ago
143: The Line ago
144: The Arrows of Light ago
145: Interlude: Fullmetal Jelly ago
146: The Darkest Hour ago
147: Endgame ago
148: Drifting Lights ago
149: The Last Battle ago
150: Valhalla ago
151: Left Behind ago
152: The End ago
153: [Game Epilogue], [Credits] & [Afterword] ago

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Lord Shaxx

why haven't you read this yet?

Reviewed at: 122: Slimonies

I wasn't sure at the start but man once it gets going it GOES I would recommend this to everyone the author is amazing and the characters are great it gets extra brownie points for JOJO references 


A overall fun and engaging story with great characters and an interesting concept for a oversaturated genre. 

The fiction has a lot of good humor and doesn't take itself to seriously, which I think works well for this type of story.

Would reccomend to anyone who wants a enjoyable fiction to read.



this is not a joke. i do not have a 5 ton dragon who can melt steel beams with his breath looking over my shoulder. I am not a hostage. i do not need help. I DO NOT NEED HELP

welcome to the story of the second calamity of man. In this story, a dragon's human minion is extorted into making him rich beyond any of the other dragons. This human was never asked to be an isekai protagonist, but became one anyways because a sentient dice thought it would be funny to put a person who was evil on earth into a world who just overcame one calamity in a demon king, and now has a second one coming- the greatest of all dragons. 

I don't think i've ever laughed so hard as i have over the all the things Victor has to go through. Seriously. you need to pick this up. It'll make your day a little brighter. 

All hail The Machine God

Review of Vainqueur the Dragon


The book Vainqueur the Dragon is a story written by Maxime J. Durand following the arrogant dragon Vainqueur as he along with his new Chief of staff Victor Dalton as they go on comedic adventures across the world of Outremonde, along the way crushing and creating Empires as Vainqueur tramples with the subtlety of a bull and Victor tries to make the best of the situation. 

This creates an atmosphere of comedy as minions are recruited and enemies are slain. 


Story: The story is chaotic in a good way which never bores you as situation after situation piles on whether it is at the expense of Minion Victor, or is a consequence of the not so subtle lack of seriousness which manifests in most of the citizens. That is not to say that the story lacks in seriousness, which it definitely does not as the story has its comedic and serious moments which are cleanly switched between showing the authors ability to transparently switch in between scenes.

In total id rate the story as a 4.5/5 as it can still not be defined as a truly flawless masterpiece like Painting the Mists due to the traits which make it such a masterpiece it’s chaos and comedy, but I feel that the story took a hit due to this during the beginning arcs as they didn’t feel as they could.


Grammar: The storys grammar flows much like water in a river without obstructions, the grammar is a strong point of the story as the author is adept at using words to inspire feelings of good and bad. The grammar complements the story and style in such a way that one simply cannot find many issues to take into account.

The grammar is an easy 5/5.


Style: The style of Vainqueur is its strongest point, as I’ll freely admit that the story has managed to make me laugh at many points from it’s unique style of writing. Take examplewise Vainqueur being able to hear the difference between a v and a ‘V,’ it’s a strangely endearing style which entertained me from start to finish leading me to giving the style a 5/5.

Character: The characters which surround Vainquer and Victor(V&V) while they can be comical relief are also wonderfully written so that they feel real and physical when it matters, as characters truly change as events pass and things change in a chaotic but still with a tinge of realism. But while there still do come up issues with the characters of Vainqueur the Dragon but it more than makes up for it with its delude of character 5/5.


Overall Score: Taking all of the aforementioned information into account I give the Story Vainqueur the Dragon a 4.5/5 as whilst the story has its faults it is an incredible story swimming in character and personal style which oozes charisma.


Score: 5/5

Story: 4.5/5

Grammar: 5/5

Style: 5/5

Character: 5/5

Nicholas The Daoist

A Story filled with laughs and comedic moments and filled with characters who make you laugh. The dragon especially is a extremely fun character. The Story so far is very entertaining and am just waiting for more

Flying F-Salmon Extraordinaire

Well... What to say. I stumbled into this fiction, when I got on Royalroad. It had like... 14 chapters released?

And up until its inevitable end, it didn't indeed disappoint. 

But say you, people from the future, did you really expect Void Herald to disappoint? He might not yet be up there with piratebea, but there is a thing to be said about consistency. Everything the person touches is gold. 
Not the occasional diamond some other authors dig up, but as if on a conveyor belt, a steady stream of gold. 
Vain- gold. Never die twice? Gold. The perfect run?... Actually gotta start reading that... And yes. I don'tregret one penny I spend on their patreon.

I like the style a lot. It taking a twist on the Isekai genre is wonderful. 

The story... is sometimes a bit weird, which fully fits within its style. The way every arc turns out, is fresh, new and funny.

The grammar... Well. Is fine.


And the characters are what drives this story home. They are funny, if sometimes stereotypical (which is the whole point... yeah), but always entertaining enough, as not to break the immersion. 

This story is a well rounded package that has everything one could wish from a great story. Nothing godly. But great.


I just spent the last hour laughing so hard that my ribs are aching, my throat is sore, and I can barely read my eyes are so teary.  This is one of the funniest things I've read, and I read a lot.  Strongly recommended - when finished, I expect this to become an all time favorite novel (please, please finish/continue it).  If I could give six stars I would.


How is a book this awesome?!?!

Reviewed at: 11: Multiclassing

This book is BLEEPING HILARIOUS!!! Great premise and execution, and even great grammar and sentence structure! You have to read this book, and I personally can't wait to see where this story goes!


It’s a unique premise, set in a classic world. It’s basically about a dragon who realizes, “Why be the end boss when you can be the one who kills the end boss.”


Thank you Void, please write more chapters

Reviewed at: 22: The Meat is Life

The grammar, spelling, and general technical skill this story is written with do their job wonderfully- they make the story more understandable, flow better and let me just leap in, in addition to doing their basic job of simply not breaking flow or immersion.

Edited because I noticed some mistakes, can't give 5 stars


Void has a certain flair to their works, it feels like a flight of fancy, yet my feet are still on some sort of surface. Kind of like jet-skiing or windsurfing. Which I like.


Despite being a whimsical, light hearted (in tone) comedy there is an emergent (background?) plot. It is emerging very tastefully and organically in my opinion, the hints are intriguing and what has been revealed captivating. I like the shape of the plot and think it adds a dimension to the story without taking away from its premise and style.


Finally,  the characters.  I love reading the character interactions and delight in the personalities on display- both of which fit in to the story's feel by being super-realistic whimsical caricatures of people that could exist.

Thank you Void. To anyone else reading this, try a few chapters