Into the Hulk

by Necrontyr525

Fan Fiction COMPLETED Action Adventure Sci-fi GameLit Grimdark Male Lead Reader interactive Strong Lead Supernatural War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Space Hulks : vast amagations of wrecked ships, stray astroids, and precious lost technology. Casth through the hell-scape of the Warp for uncountable yeras, Infested with the Damned and the Alien, and hazardous beyond reason, they are incomparable prizes to anyone who can take them over. Ships that would take hundreds of years to build can be pried from their sides in only decades, relics of bygone eras fetch fortunes large and small, and every data-vault could contain secrets to shake the foundations of reality.

Part 3 of the Aegisverse Saga.

Second Person is used throughout. If that isn't kosher with you, best to back out now.

A Warhammer 40,000 Dark Heresy / Deathwatch fanfiction
Complete, with a total of 53 chapters.

On the series - This series was first written as a Choose Your own Adventure (CYoA) on the /r/HFY forum. The between chapter votes have been omitted, as they are not part of the story, despite their influence on it.


On the the Author's notes - These were included in the original document, and are included here for the purpose of completeness.


Spelling, grammatical, and formatting changes have been made in the process of archiving this story and re-formatting it for publication on Royal Road. None of the contents of the story has been substantially affected.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0: Character Select ago
Chapter 1: Selection ago
Chapter 2: Item Acquisition ago
Chapter 3: The Other Side ago
Chapter 4: Percussive Maintenance 101 - Apply Fist to Object ago
Chapter 5: Introductions ago
Chapter 6: Unknown Unknowns ago
Chapter 7: Chemical Spill ago
Chapter 8: Gas! ago
Chapter 9: Contact ago
Chapter 10: First Blood ago
Chapter 11: Care Package ago
Chapter 12: Back into the Breach ago
Chapter 13: Modules ago
Chapter 14: Maintenance Shaft Descent ago
Chapter 15: Drone Ambush ago
Chapter 16: Laughter in the Dark ago
Chapter 17: A new Arrival ago
Chapter 18: Into the Unknown ago
Chapter 19: Progress ago
Chapter 20: Heavy Metal Contact ago
Chapter 21: No Battle-Brother Left Behind ago
Chapter 22: Terminal Shutdown ago
Chapter 23: Enduring Night ago
Chapter 24: Alpha Three ago
Chapter 25: Black Vanguard ago
Chapter 26: New Orders ago
Chapter 27: To the Middle ago
Chapter 28: Green Goop ago
Chapter 29: Mob Handed ago
Chapter 30: Second Attempt ago
Chapter 31: Contact ago
Chapter 32: Anklebiters ago
Chapter 33: Hammer and Anvil ago
Chapter 34: Cool Space Marines Don't Look at Explosions ago
Chapter 35: Ventus Calidus ago
Chapter 36: Reliquia, Cavas ago
Chapter 37: Uncertainty ago
Chapter 38: BDA Planning ago
Chapter 39: Writing on the Walls ago
Chapter 40: Dance With the Dead ago
Chapter 41: One Stands Alone ago
Chapter 42: Soul of Vengeance ago
Chapter 43: Ghost of the Past ago
Chapter 44: Ticking Clock ago
Chapter 45: Sounds in the Silence ago
Chapter 46: Fiends ago
Chapter 47: Friends ago
Chapter 48: Foe ago
Chapter 49: Count the Seven ago
Chapter 50: Edge of the Scythe ago
Chapter 51: Poppies ago
Chapter 52: Avenging Son ago
Epilogue ago

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A whole new way to read!

Reviewed at: Epilogue

Absolutely loved this story and hope there will be more like it in the future. There is some spelling errors but none that take away from the story not just telling you what’s happening but showing you. Keep up the good work friend!