Path of the Whisper Woman

by K. Kirpes

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

For as long as she can remember Gimlea's mother has trained her to become a whisper woman--to do what she never could. When her mother takes her to see the goddess's procession Gimlea makes a vow to see that path through. But not for her mother's reasons of vicarious power and accomplishment. Gimlea will become one of the goddess's chosen so that she no longer has to be under anyone's thumb.

And she will do whatever it takes to make that happen.


I will do my best to post another chapter every Wednesday by 8:00 PM CST!

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K. Kirpes

K. Kirpes

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Ch. 1: On the Calling Road ago
Ch. 2: Sickness ago
Ch. 3: Helping Hand ago
Ch. 4: A Huntress's Lessons ago
Ch. 5: The Seasonal Run ago
Ch. 6: Traveler's Offering ago
Ch. 7: Crossing River ago
Ch. 8: Picking a Fight ago
Ch. 9: Lost Legacy ago
Ch. 10: Storm ago
Ch. 11: The Search ago
Ch. 12: Mourning Ritual ago
Ch. 13: Funeral Pyres ago
Ch. 14: Honesty ago
Ch. 15: Entering Flickermark ago
Ch. 16: Rivalry ago
Ch. 17: Uncharted Way ago
Ch. 18: Discussions ago
Interlude - Confrontation ago
Ch. 19: The Distance in Between ago
Ch. 20: Questions ago
Ch. 21: Small Trials ago
Ch. 22: A Flashback and a Prayer ago
Ch. 23: A Worthy Rival ago
Ch. 24: Bane Pack ago
Ch. 25: Underground ago
Ch. 26: Pathways of Thought ago
Ch. 27: Following the Winds ago
Ch. 28: Statue Garden ago
Ch. 29: Marked ago
Ch. 30: Cold Season Begins ago
Ch. 31: Recovery ago
Ch. 32: Grislander's Maw ago
Ch. 33: Reunions ago
Ch. 34: Inside Grandmother's Tent ago
Ch. 35: Mentor and Apprentice ago
Ch. 36: Storyteller's Prerogative ago
Ch. 37: Burr of Friendship ago
Ch. 38: Murmurs ago
Ch. 39: Mental Trap ago
Ch. 40: Snared ago
Ch. 41: Boar Hunt ago
Ch. 42: Picker Band ago
Ch. 43: Grandmother's Inspection ago
Ch. 44: Mountain Hike ago
Ch. 45: Blooding ago
Ch. 46: Gathering Trip ago
Ch. 47: Preparations ago
Ch. 48: Heartsong Festival ago
Ch. 49: Myths Sung and Told ago
Ch. 50: Awkward Encounters ago
Ch. 51: Unexpected Gifts ago
Ch. 52: Moonlit Lake ago
Ch. 53: The Rules of Poison Craft ago
Ch. 54: Storm's Beginning ago
Ch. 55: Distractions and Details ago
Ch. 56: Final Lesson ago
Ch. 57: Myriad of Myths ago
Ch. 58: Severance ago
Ch. 59: Into the Dark ago
Book 2 - Ch. 1: Seedling Palace ago
Book 2 - Ch. 2: Exploration ago
Book 2 - Ch. 3: First Lesson ago
Book 2 - Ch. 4: Show and Tell ago
Book 2 - Ch. 5: Unbalanced Beginnings ago
Book 2 - Ch. 6: From the Ground Up ago
Book 2 - Ch. 7: Line of Sight ago
Book 2 - Ch. 8: Tree of Amber ago
Book 2 - Ch. 9: The Beloved ago
Book 2 - Ch. 10: Unconventional Training ago
Book 2 - Ch. 11: Revengeful Gardening ago
Book 2 - Ch. 12: Nested Library ago
Book 2 - Ch. 13: New Knowledge ago
Book 2 - Ch. 14: Slow Growth ago
Book 2 - Ch. 15: Misfit's Gambit ago
Book 2 - Ch. 16: Hunter's Quarry ago
Book 2 - Ch. 17: Promises ago
Book 2 - Ch. 18: Old Acquaintance, New Insight ago
Book 2 - Ch. 19: Dichotomy of Choice ago
Book 2 - Ch. 20: Allies in Name Only ago
Book 2 - Ch. 21: Unexpected Absence ago
Book 2 - Ch. 22: Respite ago
Book 2 - Ch. 23: Trials and Tribulations ago
Book 2 - Ch. 24: Fall ago
Book 2 - Ch. 25: Consequences ago
Book 2 - Ch. 26: Breaking New Ground ago
Book 2 - Ch. 27: New Hurts ago
Book 2 - Ch. 28: Water Fight ago
Book 2 - Ch. 29: Clean Up ago
Book 2 - Ch. 30: Watching the Waves ago
Book 2 - Ch. 31: Small Conversations ago
Book 2 - Ch. 32: Lookout ago
Book 2 - Ch. 33: Caught in the Undertow ago
Book 2 - Ch. 34: New Orders ago
Book 2 - Ch. 35: The Seedlings ago
Book 2 - Ch. 36: Ambush ago
Book 2 - Ch. 37: The Best Laid Plans ago
Book 2 - Ch. 38: Convalescence ago
Book 2 - Ch. 39: Push and Pull ago
Book 2 - Ch. 40: Crawler ago
Book 2 - Ch. 41: Vested Interests ago
Book 2 - Ch. 42: Blood Gifter's Gate ago
Book 2 - Ch. 43: Links ago
Book 2 - Ch. 44: Foggy Plans ago

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drakan_glasses BE NICE! Fair critique is fair, but be respectful & follow the review rules. There will be no mercy.
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If you're looking for a good old hard fantasy novel that explores a very different culture to your own, one with myths and magic, goddesses and believers. If you want to lose yourself in another fleshed out well developed world with believable and human characters. If you want all of that and more this is the book for you!

The story follows our life ridden healer Gimley as she fights to prove herself a strong and worthy member of her tribe. It's very well plotted out and clearly the author has a detailed outline for where the story is going. I'm writing this review after the completion of book one and the pacing throughout was though tight, clear, and still managed to surprise me in the best way possible.

The characters are a shining point in the story! Gimley our mc is complex and driven, her history of abuse teaching her to fear connections and seek perfection at every opportunity. Her mentor is kind and strong, with enough patience and determination to reach through Gimleys armor and begin to help her heal. Every character is believable and flawed in their own unique way and each has a clear and distinct voice.

The grammar is quite good, certainly in the high end for this sight with few mistakes in any given chapter. The formatting is industry standard and extremely easy to follow. You'll never be left wondering who said what. 

It's absolutely worth a look and I'm honestly ashamed I haven't reviewed it earlier as it diserves far more attention than it's gotten. I highly recommend you check it out! 

Alexander Bivens

I went into this not expecting much considering i found this by chance browsing 8 pages into latest, but  boy was i pleasantly surprised. I didn't spot any glaring issues with grammar, so no issues there. The style with which the story is told seems strange at first considering we go in knowing nothing and it seems to to be written kind of cryptically and mysteriously, but it's easy to get used to. We learn about the world and how it works rather organically, in how it relates to what the protagonist is doing or what she is worrying about. The atmosphere is really grey, and the story is really riddled with tension, especially when concerning the unsettling and very death-focused religious practices. The protagonist is a young girl who is somehow both mature and immature, and frequently ends up on the side of the fence where the grass isn't exactly green. The other characters feel real in respect to the fact that everyone is just doing their best to survive while staying on the good side of their obscure yet very real dark godess. All in all, a good read that i will come back to months later after more chapters are out and will probably have to reread it, because i have the memory of a goldfish. Keep up the good work, author-san!




Lurker coming out to support a new story. Whisper Woman is engaging in its mysterious world building that feels distinctly different from pretty much anything else I have read on this site. The charcters are interesting and understandable with alot of room for development. Overall a good start with the potential to become a great story.


 As of this review the story has just finished its first book, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

I really love the setting of this story. It's fantasy, but a specific type of fantasy setting that we rarely see. I don't want to blurt it out here and bring in your preconcieved notions though, because the author does an excellent job of easing us into the setting and making it feel natural instead of strange. It also prominently features a very creepy death religion, which is a lot of fun.

The story is primarily character-focused, with the protagonist being pulled in two conflicting directions. On the one hand is a story of abuse recovery and healing, which is done with the tact such a story needs. Progress is slow and halting, in a way that feels very true to life. On the other hand, we have a society that encourages the protagonist's aggressive behavior as a path to power and prestige. This brings with it plenty of intrigue and danger, and we can find ourselves cheering the protagonist on despite our better judgement. Overall, I think the author has done a good job so far of balancing these two elements into something that is both emotionally engaging and exciting.

The prose is well written and fluid, and I have no real complaints about grammar or spelling. The weekly chapter release has been consisent since I started following. I'd definitely recommend you check it out, and I'm looking forward to following along with book two.

Lord Turtle

Short: This has both intrigue and world building in spades. It likely isn't for everyone but personally I think this is worth the read and quite interesting.

Longer: This work is extremely well written and despite me not able to follow as well to start with, however, once it got rolling I found this to be a great story and couldn't wait to read more. Furthermore I think this has the potential to both end up being an extremely expansive but contained story. What that means is the world has so much more to show and offer especially in regards to religion and magic, but also that our MC's arc is so far very self contained but still remains gripping. Worth reading for sure.


Intrigue and Wisdom - This book has both!

Reviewed at: Ch. 19: The Distance in Between

I am captivated by the story so far. The book starts out in a world that is painted to be fairly dark, with curiosity of understanding the world and the characters being the main intrigue early on. As the story develops, the darkness of the world makes sense and the reader sees the light that finds a way through the darkness. Actions taken by the characters early on that seem extreme also begin to be better understood by the reader as the story reveals glimpses into what has made each character into who they are. I typically read books as a means to either escape to a different reality or to learn something I can apply to my own reality. This book offers both. The world building truly makes you feel as if you are there in the world with the characters, the lessons the protagonist learns are lessons I find myself thinking about and applying to my own life, and the character dynamics have a depth to them that allows for the reader to discover more each chapter. I have not donated to support any other works on Royal Road, but I plan to for this book. It is that good! I can see a day where we'll have to pay to read books by this author, so I'm glad I discovered this story while it's free to read now! My hope is that this review helps others discover the "Path of the Whisper Woman" and enjoy it as much as I have. 


First, this story is written extremely well and has fantastic, detailed world building. That being said, I'm not sure I enjoy it for two reasons. First, the world created, while fascinating and very detailed, is very dark. There is very little joy or happiness. The people live under the domain of the Goddess of Darkness & Death. While not evil, the goddess is not kind, gentle, or merciful. Secondly, the MC is broken, even more than other people in this world. Her family is ostracized for being healers ("too much life" in them for a people that worship the goddess of death) and her mother is incredibly verbally and emotionally abusive. This all renders our MC basically incapable of normal social and interpersonal interactions. She actively sabotages and pushes away all possible relationships with people who would care about her. While a believable depiction of what it's like to be that kind of person, it's draining and depressing to read.

So, if you want an excellently written story with tremendous dark world building, this story is for you. If you want something to make you laugh or feel good, move along.