The Devil in White: An AA Online Novel

by Fool

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Romance Sci-fi Dungeon Female Lead GameLit LitRPG Magic Slice of Life Virtual Reality

Amelia Patrick was your average college student and gamer. Her life was pretty full between her coursework and normal life during the day and her time as a Chronicler and Magical Academy Instructor in Awakened Aspirations Online at night.

Now she's dealing with Aidan, the enigmatic Devil in White himself. Raven, who has more energy than she knows what to do with while she's tormenting Amelia. Forysthe, a swordsman of few words and steely eyes.

...As far as Fred goes? What or who is he? Why should she be, or not be, afraid of him or it?


Guaranteed release of 2 chapters a week for free.

Release dates will currently be Tuesday and Thursday.



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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. The Hidden Sleipnir Prison Tower ago
2. The Devil in White ago
3. The Brack Kingdom Woods ago
4. The City ago
5. The Castle ago
6. Real World Notoriety ago
7. Response ago
8. A Rival Appears! Burn, Flare, Forsythe’s Spirit! ago
9. Recital of the Pig-men ago
10. Fracture. ago
11. Escalation ago
12. Machine Code Ghost ago
13. Welcome to the Grind ago
14. Hey, I want to be Pirate Queen ago
15. Rise of the Legendary Light, the Scarlet Raven ago
16. The Devil is in the Details ago
17. Rise of Shadow Fall ago
18. Super Level One World Quest ago
19. Revival of the Will of Ixiol ago
20. Our Bonds Are As Steel ago
21. Too Much For The Real World ago
22. Revelations ago
23. Flight of MKC Online ago
24. Free of the Death Game, PT 1 ago
25. Free of the Death Game, PT 2 ago
26. Second Floor Progress Pains ago
27. Starry Knight ago
28. Unstoppable Catherine Waide and Breakfast ago
29. The Power of Humans ago
30. Terror of the Deep ago
31. Amelia's parents aren't home - c'mon over ago
32. 15 Hours and 17 Kilometers - LS Beaten. ago
33. Special Secret Sleeping Goddess ago
34. Paralyzing Fear! Sudden Attack! ago
35. Airu Descending ago
36. Don't you ever sleep, Aidan? ago
37. Burn! Crash! Long-Awaited(?) Showdown ago
38. An Obvious(?) Result ago
39. And Then, Some Life Happened ago
40. Unreasonably Strong Parental Mobs ago
41. Wait, did you just call me... ago
42. 15 hours and 17 Kilometers - The Song of Last Sojourn ago
43. Storytime: The Fourth Small Hero ago
44. The Strength of MKC Online ago
45. Unfortunate Prediction ago
46. Elisha, Are You Watching Me? ago
47. Why Does Shadow Fall Have All The Monsters? ago
48. "...And The Horse You Rode In On," ago
49. Mages Are Weak? ago
50. The Order of White ago
51. This Was Always The Plan ago
52. Think We'll Get Exploration Experience? ago
53. Do You Want To Come? ago
54. The Fall of Ominous ago
55. "But, it's not over yet." ago
56. Do Not Anger ******* Lightly ago
57. "...For You Are Crunchy," ago
58. Disappear ago
59. Vol. I Epilogue: E****** Amelia ago
60. Vol II. Empress Amelia, Prologue: The Worst of Us, **** Yourself. ago
61. My Lazy Sunday Isn't Like Yours ago
62. Our Lives Before ... ago
63. Hero Princess? ago
64. Void Does [Not] Come. ago
65. The Shadow Fall...Guild Hall? ago
66. Forsythe Poisoned??? ago
67. And Now, You're Fred ago
68. The Agents of Void ago
69. Rule Breaker / "Hey, let's be..." ago
70. Evil Queen...Raven? ago
71. Shadow Fall Takes the Castle ago
72. Run Raven, Run! ago
73. Queen Victoria, Long May She Reign ago
74. Fight the Future ago
75. Show Me ago
76. Seeing an "Old" Friend ago
77. Void Will [Not] Eat You ago
78. The Insane People Will...Save...Us? ago
79. Inappropriate Touchings? ago
80. The Amazing Kbyte, Pt1. ago
81. The Amazing Kbyte, Pt2, who is definitely not a machine, nope ago

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Great Virtual Reality Story

I really like this story.

It's a Virtual Reality Adventure, it does NOT (as far as I can tell up to the beginning of Vol II) have any great secret that it actually has a connection with reality or a parallel world or anything else of that trope.

The story is very game center with a little bit of IRL in-between.

I really like the main character and the rest of the group, I especially the fact that the MC is not a super powerful fighter or mage herself but has a more niche role with a lot of potentials.
The core characters are all very nice and unique, they are all pretty over the top and quirky but its fun to read.

I actually read thru the whole 680 pages in just under 3 days it really hooked me.

The only thing I would recommend to change is the cover and the description.

The Cover is just bad, I don't know why, but it almost made me dismiss this story entirely, I can't explain why, but to me, it seems totally unfitting I would rather see a generic colored background with the title instead of what this is supposed to be.
Secondly the description, it is not bad per se, but it has way too much information, with a lot of it not making sense to a new reader, reading it now I can see what you did, but when I first went into the story I had totally wrong expectations (I actually expected a real-world connection from the game which is why I explicitly said that this is not the case in the beginning)
So I would recommend just trimming this down a lot (the Fred reference, for example, is fun but really unnecessary) and all the stuff describing vol 1 to much imo.
I would recommend you just go with the "quite and peacefull girl gets sucked into the greatest VR adventure ever" description without too much detail/too many references.



  • Overall Score

Edit: 17-08-2019

This is really good. I've only read up to rise of shadow fall so far, but I'm hooked. The characters are well written and interesting. Amelia the protagonist might not be the best fighter or the smartest person in the room but that's part of her draw. I genuinly want to know more about her and her story.

I'm going to be honest, I came into this expecting another two dimensional virtual reality, litRPG with nothing going for it and was thankfully surprised. This is really very good and I want to read more.


Edit: 18-08-2019

The story started out good... and only got better from there.

At the moment I just finished reaidng everything that was available at this point in time, meaning I've read up to Vol. 1 Epilogue: E******** Amelia. This story has been an absolute joy to read and masterfully written. I think even the most grumpy of critics would have trouble finding something that they dislike about this story.

In my honest opinion this story is currently up there at the top with Worm on my list of favorite web novels. I fully recommend that people read this. Even if you don't like the virtual reality or litrpg genre I almost certain you'll still be capable of enjoy this. Because the story isn't written with the usual pitfalls they fall into. In honesty the story is written more like a traditional fantasy epic and is all the more engaging a read for it.

If you're not sure whether or not you want to read this, give the first few chapter a read and then decide. Just give it a go and see for yourself it's something worth reading.

I just finished reading so once I've had a bit of time to think on thing and settle down I'll expand this review with an advanced review. Probably after I've had time to reread it one or twice, of course.

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Come for the adventure, stay for the chaos.

Man, where do I even start? 

This is good, like really really good.

I did not expect to love this, I came in expecting to have an enjoyable read that I could finish in a day or two and forget about until there were significantly more chapters.

Instead, I found a novel that kept me awake into the early hours of the morning just so I could read about how the characters relationships could continue to develop. 

Don't come to this story expecting for the numbers to be crunched or status screens left and right. This is a story about an adventure in a fantasy VR world. But is holds itself to the adventure portion significantly more than focusing on stats. This is a story that the world in-game is just as alive if not more active than the real world. 

If you're on the fence about this novel give it 5-7 chapters and then you'll be sold on it. I guarantee it. 

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Magically Pawproved! ( ◐w◐ )

Feels like Magic. 

The prose, the story, the author's dedication to the little I have read shows how good this story can be. Although I am still in the initial chapters, I just love this style. I have read the other story about a dragon called Ruth which is extremely good, can't wait to see how good this one will be!

Thanks Foolish author! OwO ye deserves a pizza!

  • Overall Score

This books lives up to all the other good reviews' hype. It is polished and well written, with characters that stick with you. More than just a brainless litrpg, it focuses on the characters, their interactions, and their personal growth. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ 

  • Overall Score

Enjoyable but rough beginning

Spoiler: Spoiler


  • Overall Score

Chronicler of Chaos

A few kinks in the beginning that get smoothed out in later chapters. Super hilarious moments and a cast of nutcases. Character interactions are very enjoyable.

9/10 would bingeread again.