Titan of Steel

by I Just Write

Original ONGOING Action Drama Fantasy Sci-fi Dungeon High Fantasy Non-Human lead Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

You know how this goes; a new Dungeon wakes up, starts conjuring their first minions, and ultimately grows into a sprawling complex that adventurers gleefully plunder for treasure and experience points. This particular Dungeon knows how things tend to go too, and wants no part of it whatsoever. Instead, things go massively off the rails as the Dungeon uncovers the secrets of nuclear power, resolves to get themselves mobile by any means necessary, and immediately runs afoul of almost every major power of Terra Magnus. If the newly-minted Titan wishes to survive and thrive the situation they've found themselves in, they're going to need every single advantage they can scrounge up.

This story is entirely pre-written and is being crossposted from another site. It will update daily.

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Dungeon Core + Clockwork + Magitech = Perfection of the Highest Order

Ok, this story is literally everything I could've asked for, to someone like me, it is absolutely perfect!

I'm still early in, but I'll edit my review as I go, though I have no doubt it will remain stellar. Unlike another slightly similar story which I am intimately familiar with, this story wastes no time getting straight into the awesome stuff, if you're like me, you'll be immediatly captivated.

I mean, the Dungeon's starting creature is a clockwork automata, what more could you possibly ask for? :D

I apologize for the simplicity of this review, I'll do my best to keep it up to date!

  • Overall Score

This story ramps up and just keeps on going. There is little to no rest before another problem crops up.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Some plot points show up then are mostly ignored except for a passing sentence.

Source is from the SufficientVelocity forums under the same name

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A Fantastic Nonstandard Dungeon Story

 Read this during its stay at Sufficient Velocity. It's a excellent exploration of a dungeon becoming something more. Better than that though it has an actual story, follow through to the end on this one, 'cause it's a blast and a half.

  • Overall Score

The title, and I would say that this story is pretty light-hearted when next to what I read at the moment, but steal enjoyable, 

About the plot I would say simple, not cliché but diabolously effective it don't loss itself in needless detail, and the pace is fast and the change of speed seems logical no needless description about needless detail, it let your imagination do the work witch give the story something like momentum (not speeding and slowing all the time like in some Chinese novel about pills refinement or whatever) it make the story really easy to read and understand

It's really enjoyable, personally it's one of the rare books when my eyes continu following the line fedding my raw information and my brain just play the scene before my mental eyes with a lot of aded detail, but not from the book (witch would have make somethink like a slow-motion film because of the speed of the imput of information), but from my brain, to me it's like seing a movie with perfect actor play and training my brain(keep your brain well trained) , I genuinely don't remember actually reading the words, I just remember the meaning and that gorgeous 50 meter long blue dragon with that deep lazzynes in the 2 light blue eyes of his, and  .  .  . I should stop there

But maybe that je me that is weird but,. . . Whatever, just read it