Titan of Steel

Titan of Steel

by I Just Write

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

You know how this goes; a new Dungeon wakes up, starts conjuring their first minions, and ultimately grows into a sprawling complex that adventurers gleefully plunder for treasure and experience points. This particular Dungeon knows how things tend to go too, and wants no part of it whatsoever. Instead, things go massively off the rails as the Dungeon uncovers the secrets of nuclear power, resolves to get themselves mobile by any means necessary, and immediately runs afoul of almost every major power of Terra Magnus. If the newly-minted Titan wishes to survive and thrive the situation they've found themselves in, they're going to need every single advantage they can scrounge up.

This story is completed.

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I Just Write

I Just Write

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Word Count (12)
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: Choosing a Minion ago
2: Let's meet Seth ago
3: Power Requirements ago
4: Defensive Measures ago
Chapter 5: Drake Guard ago
6: Questions and Answers ago
7: T-minus twelve hours ago
8: Blast Off ago
9: Impact ago
10: The Dead Wastes ago
Chapter 11: A Frank Conversation ago
Chapter 12: Broken Bones ago
Chapter 13: Orbital Nuclear Suplex ago
Informational: On The Species of Dragons, On The Nature of Adventurers, The Dungeon Life Cycle ago
14: Boarding Parties ago
15: Re-Entry ago
Informational: Excerpts From the Titanomicon, Tome Of Dungeon Themes, Basic Daemonology ago
16: Stressed Out ago
Monster Profile: Clockwork Knight ago
18: Dragonslayer ago
19: The Amali Offensive ago
20: The Founding of the Republic ago
21: A government Is You! ago
Informational: Common Adventuring Gear, Dungeoneering Survival Tips ago
22: A time of transitions ago
Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Amali ago
23: Election Results ago
24: Updates All Around ago
Amali Department of Public Infrastructure Research and Development Documents ago
25: Dragon Wave Tactics ago
26: Decisive Battle ago
On The Origins of Dungeons ago
27: Recovery ago
Standard Specifications ago
28: A Million Daemon Cultists Is An (Unfortunate) Statistic ago
29: Battle of the Hellrift ago

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A unique, fast paced dungeon story like no other

Reviewed at: 29: Battle of the Hellrift

Okay, i have been impressed by this unique dungeon story. There is just so much i want to cover.

Our MC (whose name is not know) finds himself to be in a new situation, being reincarnated as a dungeon core, in a fantasy world. Knowing how life goes for dungeons and not wanting to be a target for the adventurers who will undoubltly invade his domain for loot, he decides to use his scientific knowledge, to become a different kind of dungeon, a mobile one, one of a kind better known as Titans. Yet everything is not that easy, as the Titan of Steel soon learns, for to stand out like that, brings up the attention of several major powers on him.

Well, im liking the characters in this story, even if they could have been so much more if there was simply more time to develop them better, but alas, like things are, its also fine. Each of the characters shown so far, have been shown to be intelligent, altho i sort of find that the MC has it really easy with his start, being able to develop so fast  from just the knowledge of his past life, even more so since he wasnt specialized in such stuff.

Also, for those who are reading the story, the MC may have major setbacks, but those are part of the story, and it does only get better after those setbacks.

Plainly wow at the world this story does decepit, i can for certain say, its one of the most unique i have ever seen of a dungeon story, with there being so many surprising or unique facts about it. At first it may seem to be a standard Fantasy world, but even from the very start, there are already hints that something is different, and that aspect does show itself throughout the story, with each new chapter more is shown, both in subtle and in clear ways, that this story is simply unique. The fact of how the author handled dungeons alone, deserves quite the praise, when starting it, i had never expected that the author would write the dungeons in his story like that. I really want to explain more, but that would be quite the spoiler, that i rather want to avoid.

Im liking how scientific knowledge is used in this story (mainly by the MC), it quite flows well with the general setting.

Absolutely no problems with grammar used in this story so far, the author has made sure to correct the story, and work out those kinks.

The style, is sort of unique, especially for the kind of story this is (dungeon core). Normally dungeon core stories go in a slow pace, building up every aspect of the dungeon, and explaining it, and so thus falling in the trap of boggling themselves down. This one does avoid that, by doing something unusual, having a pacing for the story, that can be only seen as lightning fast.

So generally the story starts off quite strong, with it being slow-ish for the first chapters, but soon the pace picks up, and it does not drop down anymore, with the story having such a pace for most of the story. This may seem like a bad thing for some readers, but trust me, the pace is handled quite well, even if i personally wish there was more time to let things develop and gain depth.


One complaint is with this story, is that the ending is abrupt, not a bad ending per se, just a abrupt one.

A small problem i have noticed, is with the formatting of the story, since it is ported over from another website, the formatting can different, with some  extremes of a chapter having many formats at once. Back to the style in general, i am liking how the author is handling the worldbuilding and delivering information in this story, there are the pure infodump chapters, which to my surprise, turned out to be quite enjoyable to read, expect one... curse that infodump about government stuff, so boring!

The fact that this story does have multiple viewpoints, also really helps with making this story enjoyable and fun to read, and not going stale at all.

So all said, this is one of the most unique dungeon stories i have ever read, being very enjoyable, while being fast paced like nothing i have ever seen, and still managing to make it good. Having a unique world that is very well constructed. To add on all of that, this story is entirely prewritten on another site, and is being posted daily.

Good for a dungeon story for sure, with its different pace, and well built world, go read it if you have some time.


Dungeon Core + Clockwork + Magitech = Perfection of the Highest Order

Reviewed at: 2: Let's meet Seth

Ok, this story is literally everything I could've asked for, to someone like me, it is absolutely perfect!

I'm still early in, but I'll edit my review as I go, though I have no doubt it will remain stellar. Unlike another slightly similar story which I am intimately familiar with, this story wastes no time getting straight into the awesome stuff, if you're like me, you'll be immediatly captivated.

I mean, the Dungeon's starting creature is a clockwork automata, what more could you possibly ask for? :D

I apologize for the simplicity of this review, I'll do my best to keep it up to date!


Original + science without science *shrug*

Reviewed at: 29: Battle of the Hellrift

Nice and satisfying i tell you

Very original and kinda sciency without actual science knowledge >~<

Dunno how that works out, but thx author..i'm enjoying every bit here~


Btw i'd like it very much if the society would need steely a bit more or he becomes a little more vital in the minds of the citizens..thats all~


A mobile dungeon - how intriguing!

Reviewed at: 1: Choosing a Minion

Love the idea - super different :)

Glad to see this moving over from the SufficientVelocity forums!

One thing I'd like to see improve is the random font changes, plus smoothing out the inconsistent sizing, please.


The title, and I would say that this story is pretty light-hearted when next to what I read at the moment, but steal enjoyable, 

About the plot I would say simple, not cliché but diabolously effective it don't loss itself in needless detail, and the pace is fast and the change of speed seems logical no needless description about needless detail, it let your imagination do the work witch give the story something like momentum (not speeding and slowing all the time like in some Chinese novel about pills refinement or whatever) it make the story really easy to read and understand

It's really enjoyable, personally it's one of the rare books when my eyes continu following the line fedding my raw information and my brain just play the scene before my mental eyes with a lot of aded detail, but not from the book (witch would have make somethink like a slow-motion film because of the speed of the imput of information), but from my brain, to me it's like seing a movie with perfect actor play and training my brain(keep your brain well trained) , I genuinely don't remember actually reading the words, I just remember the meaning and that gorgeous 50 meter long blue dragon with that deep lazzynes in the 2 light blue eyes of his, and  .  .  . I should stop there

But maybe that je me that is weird but,. . . Whatever, just read it



A Fantastic Nonstandard Dungeon Story

Reviewed at: Chapter 12: Broken Bones

 Read this during its stay at Sufficient Velocity. It's a excellent exploration of a dungeon becoming something more. Better than that though it has an actual story, follow through to the end on this one, 'cause it's a blast and a half.


This story ramps up and just keeps on going. There is little to no rest before another problem crops up.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Some plot points show up then are mostly ignored except for a passing sentence.

Source is from the SufficientVelocity forums under the same name

Primed Up

 The author cant seem to make up his mind on what he wants to do, every time the mc starts actually starts making a commitment in a direction to build himself in the author has something happen that destroys all the work done so far. For example the mc first goes for a giant robot, but it is destroyed by a dragon. Then he makes a space station, but its destroyed by adventures. Now I am dropping it for an indefinite length of time due to it now going into the 'let's become a boat' phase.

Well, if you are a little bit over a decade old you will remember what it is. Grammar is good. What I would like to mention is a little flaws, such as seemingly unlimited growth, only to be told that it isn't. And a bit of a messy character building. Besides that it is good overall.

It’s a quick and light read, but it’s pretty fun. It’s like the book equivalent of a nice glass of lemonade.