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  It was morning time inside Yellow Jade City and 2 grown men could be seen waiting outside Shell Inn. The two men looked like an unscrupulous bunch as they stood posted outside the inn, scaring all those entering and all those exiting. It doesn’t help the fact that they were also glaring at anyone entering or exiting from it and the fact that they were cultivators. The inn’s owners wished the men would go away but they knew that angering cultivators would only bring nothing but trouble to their business. Cultivators reigned over normal mortals with an iron fist. They were nothing more than cattle and insects to cultivators.

  Most of the laws inside Yellow Jade City doesn’t protect mortals much except in terms of businesses. And if there’s a dispute between a mortal and a cultivator, the mortal better hope that he has some sort of substantial background preventing the cultivator from killing him openly or secretly. But then again there really isn’t some sort of organization inside Yellow Jade City that keeps order around the city unless you count City Lord Wuying’s personal forces.

“When is she coming out?! We’ve been here for most of the morning! We should just rush in there and drag out her.”

“Give her 5 more minutes. A single spirit stone isn’t worth causing that much of a fuss. Especially since it’s a low-tiered spirit stone. But it is enough to pay Lil Qiu’s debts.

“A low-tiered spirit stone is enough to let a mortal live 3 months without a problem if they sold it! What do you mean don’t make a fuss?!”

“As cultivators now, something as simple as living like kings among mortals isn’t something we should be aiming for. The leader sure isn’t satisfied with being the second leader of Yellow Jade City. And we shouldn’t be satisfied finally being shown cultivation methods.”

“Screw off.. I’m satisfied being a king among mortals. And since this little prissy bitch wants to waste my time so badly. My little friend here will have to teach her a lesson after we finished getting what we need.” He said cuffing his crotch aggressively.

  His partner simply sighed at his crude gesture and narrow-minded friend.



“And this is the tongue, this is the esophagus, this is the intestines, small ones, and large ones, This is the liver, this is the pancreas, and….

  A smacking sound issued after each explanation of the organs.

“Hoo.” The bird responded.

“Good! These are the most vital organs most creatures need to live. The brain, heart, kidney, liver, and lungs. And these are the spots to target when fighting humans. It will severely impact their abilities to fight or just cause them a terrible amount of pain.” The human said with a smile on her face.

  A reasonable pep in her voice appeared as she talked about breaking the shinbone, shattering ribs, penile fractures, testicular torsion, jaw dislocation, ruptured achilles tendon, knee dislocation, and….

  Li Li was grasping all this knowledge quite easily but didn’t understand why it made his mother so happy. Sure, sometimes he ate his food alive and had it screaming or squirming a lot but he didn’t really think of what his prey was feeling or thinking. He was just thinking about not being hungry anymore and making sure his food couldn’t escape. Maybe there was something he wasn’t understanding from his mom.

“And that’s it Li Li!” Jing said with a flushed excited face. “Now you should know how to correctly identify most organs and know which ones to target last! I try and save the vital ones for last. Keeping them alive is so much more satisfying. Especially if they are stubborn and willful. Those types of people just make me…!”

“Aaaaah!” She gushed with an exaggerated moan before noticing Li Li staring at her with his head completely upside down.

  She adjusted her glasses and returned to her usual plain look.

“Sorry. Talking about this just gets me a little excited. We’ll go get something to eat in a bit.” Jing told him as she sat on the bed.

‘Time to use those tickets I saved for today…’

  Jing mentally went into her inventory and chose to use the 1 rare ticket and 3 normal tickets.

[Host has received SCP – 222, Farming hoe, 1x Grass seed, and an anomalous pair of dumbbells.]

“Nice.. Let’s see what this SCP is..” Jing muttered as she went into her inventory and was about to choose it.

[Host! To see the effects of certain Gacha results just think “Info!”]

  Jing’s eyebrows slightly scrunched up.

‘But before you didn’t let me find out what the spirit stone was. Why now?’ She questioned.

[Host! The system clearly said “certain Gacha results” not all! If there are anymore questions then blame the system’s creator!]

‘How annoying…’ Jing thought as she tried to get the information for SCP – 222.

  Seconds went by as she read the information about this scp and a devious smile appeared on her face as she finished.

“Well… this should be useful once I find my first underling…” Jing grinned devilishly before focusing on the second item from her Gacha that interested her. “Now what are dumbbells and what makes it so special?”

  She thought about gaining information about the equipment and learned exactly what they were used for and what made them anomalous.

“A pair of strengthening equipment with no label telling its exact weight but when used by anyone, they will state that it is the perfect weight for physical exercise,” She muttered. “Useless. But could be useful through refinement somehow. I’ll save it in my inventory until I find a way to refine them into something useful. But the grass seed and hoe can be of definite use to me after refining them. Unfortunately, I don’t plan on succumbing to being a farmer quite yet. I’ll save those for later as well.” Jing decided as she chose to absorb SCP – 222’s ability into her body.

  A terrible bout of pain wracked her body all over seconds after she chose to absorb SCP- 222. She curled up on the bed in fetal position as she bit the bed to stop herself from screaming as raw and powerful knowledge assaulted her. Li Li flew over and tried to help her but she gestured him that she was okay by showing a smile even though she was going through hell currently both physically and mentally.

  Li Li obviously knew that his mother was in terrible pain but knew not the reason! He looked all over the room for anything that could’ve caused this but found nothing and heard nothing! Was it possible that his mother was being attacked by something he couldn’t see or hear? What kind of thing would that be!? Since he couldn’t attack anyone or anything for harming his mother, the only thing he could do was stay by her side and comfort her as she went through this painful experience.

  Jing hugged Li Li’s soft velvety-like feathers tight as her body and mind was going crazy with pain. It would only be until her door came crashing down through brute force that her focus was taken off the pain assaulting her body. Li Li hissed at the intruders as Jing gripped her whip from inside her clothes.

“Don’t cause too much damage alright?”

“This little bitch had it coming alright?! We’ve been waiting for hours!” The second intruder said angrily as he started pulling down his pants.

“I meant to the building and at least pretend as if you care about the spirit stone!”

“Yeah yeah. She’ll be telling us where it is in like… give me 5 minutes.” The second goon guessed as waddled over to Jing in his undergarments.

  Li Li loudly squawked towards the two and extended one of his wings outward. To the two men however, it sounded much too squeaky and cute to be threatening in the slightest. They ignored the bird and the second man inched closer and closer to Jing.

“Don’t kill them Li Li…!” Jing strained to say. “I can’t let them get off so easily….!” She told him with anger in her eyes.

  Li Li understood the secondary meaning in his mother’s words and flapped his single wing at the incoming trespasser, sending numerous sharp feathers to soar towards the two. The calmer goon managed to dodge in time despite his shocked and sweating appearance. He was no simple gangster either! He was a Qi Gatherer of the second stage! That meant his body was tougher than the average mortal but even he knew that he wouldn’t be able to survive without injuries if one of those feathers managed to hit him! His partner on the other hand, merely scoffed and attempted to block all the sharp projectiles with his palm.


“AHHHHHHHHHH MY HAND!!!!” He screamed with his hand and arm filled with feathers pin cushioned into his skin.

  He fell over from his trousers being wrapped around his legs and screamed even louder after falling on his arm with the imbedded painful feathers. His partner took this chance to take out the dangerous spirit beast. Even though he could sense that the owl was at the first stage of cultivation, those feathers told a vastly different story…

‘This owl must have unlocked its bloodline or…. it’s a mutant.. A simple first stage spirit beast isn’t capable of standing against cultivators like us! It’s just impossible!’ The first thug thought as he threw a vase towards the bird.

  Li Li blocked the vase with his wing and it softly impacted against him before falling gently on the bed. The burglar used this chance when Li Li blocked the vase and his own sight, to attack with his knife. Li Li would’ve rolled his eyes if his eyes were capable of moving around. He easily fended off the man’s blade with his bare foot. The shocked expression of the man meant nothing to Li Li as he gripped the blade and crushed it into pieces with his baby owl talons. The man was stunned to absolute silence as his body shook in fright from the might of this infant spirit beast. It seems the bird also picked up on his fear as it began inching closer and closer to him with its sharp gaze.

  He thought about fleeing and just forgetting this whole situation entirely but before he could put his plan into action, a whip suddenly grasped around him! He was tied up and couldn’t break free even with his cultivation level! His original target was suddenly free of whatever ailments that was acting on her earlier and she managed to capture him! A mortal with no cultivation whatsoever was somehow able to keep him tied.

“Impossible!!! You’re just some little girl! How can you have so much strength!? Have you unlocked part of an ancient bloodline too?!” He asked in disbelief and anger.

  Jing slowly roused herself up and got off the bed. She saw the fainted body of the second goon who wanted to rape her and his shriveled member hanging out. Disgust and pure bloodlust radiated from her body, affecting all those present. Li Li felt like ripping these men into thousands of pieces. The first intruder felt as if he kicked the beehive of the Fire Crystal Hornets, only suffering was present in his near future. And if he was lucky death.


“AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Sleeping beauty cried as a certain friend of his was stepped on. His partner’s little friend immediately shrunk inside itself and he was starting to think that maybe they have messed with the wrong mortal…

“Wanting to use this dirty pathetic thing on me? You should be grateful I didn’t burst your lower parts. But its fine. You won’t be needing this thing anymore anyway.” Jing said cruelly as her voice got significantly sharper and her aura was becoming more demonic.

  She saw him in fetal position holding his crushed member and wailing loudly. Jing smirked as she told Li Li to close the door. She repeatedly kicked and stomped the rapist before noticing a particular shiny object in the man’s pocket. She pulled it out and it turned out to be a small knife. Another demonic smile appeared on her face as she gripped the knife in her other hand and freed the other thug.

  He immediately tried to escape through the door but was whipped across the back of the skull by Jing and kicked in the face by Li Li, knocking the cultivator of the second stage in the first realm unconscious.

“Now Li Li. Let mama show you a more in-depth study session about the human anatomy. Since these pieces of filth gladly chose to step up and help me out.” Jing told the young owlet as she used her whip and threw the rapist towards the wall roughly.

  He was about to faint but a swift kick in his family makers interrupted that idea.

“AIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” His shrill voice screeched

“Class is in session. No sleeping allowed.” She cheekily smirked.

  The Shell Inn was forced to listen to a symphony of hellish sounds and noises for hours on end. The sound of a crazy woman screaming, yelling, and moaning loudly throughout the building. Men screaming, shouting for help, and for those unfortunate enough to have rooms next to Jing’s crying. It wouldn’t be till late in the afternoon that Jing finished teaching her class. But this wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary for the citizens of Yellow Jade City. If a cultivator was in a particular bad mood and a mortal somehow pushed their last button there’s no telling what they would do. The situation inside Shell Inn wasn’t anything new or even rare. But this place did have one of the best breakfast and beds all over town so… Most people just got used to it and were happy that it just wasn’t them involved with whatever was happening.

  The room was absolutely destroyed. The bed was in pieces, covers were torn to shreds, the furniture was all broken, and blood was present all over the floor. Some even spilling beneath the front door. Jing could be seen breathing heavily on the floor with her robe slightly loosened, exposing her smooth nice shoulders, modest sweating cleavage, and nice slightly chubby brown thighs. A barely noticeable trail could be seen slowly sliding down her leg that came from farther up her robes. In front of her, were two still breathing mutilated, bloodied, and passed out figures sprawled on the floor.

“This… Place…. Is… A lot more interesting than I thought….” She said speaking between heavy breaths with a bright smile on her face. “Bloodlines, Qi, cultivation methods, Darkmoon Gang, spirit stones, and cultivation stages.” She remembered from her intensive questioning.

  She wiped her forehead and opened up a window letting the cool flowing wind inside. She looked over at the trash bleeding out in the corner and finally made up her mind after a long bout of thinking.

“It’ll be safer if you two don’t bring me any troubles in the future… I don’t know how well liked you are within the Darkmoon Gang but since you told me no one knew about your little mission to come after me, it’ll only be safer for me to do this.” Jing said to the unresponsive quivering and whimpering mess of flesh in the corner.

  She placed her hand on the two men and they were sucked into her palms and into her body. She placed them on the rough setting and a few seconds later a small pile of ash exited from her hands.

“That was a bit easier than I thought… I was kind of nervous killing them directly and trying to hide the body but this is much better. Just suck and ash. There’s a sort of disconnection with it.. Like I didn’t really kill them even though I did. It’s a bit weird.” Jing muttered to herself as she dispersed the pile of ash outside the window.

“Let’s go Li Li. I don’t wanna gain any attention from this. And I’m starving..” Jing said as she stood on the edge on the window.

  Li Li grabbed Jing’s hanfu and flew outside the window with her hanging underneath him. Jing weighed practically nothing with Li Li’s anomalous strength. Normally the sight of a young girl being whisked off into the sky would cause massive attention in the streets below, but no one noticed them at all. Li Li’s silent takeoff and fast speeds ensured that even if someone managed to spot them, they wouldn’t even understand what they saw before it was long gone into the Immortal Forest.

  Li Li flew into an empty spot inside the forest not very far away from Yellow Jade City. He gently dropped Jing onto the dirt path. She staggered about confusedly as she got her bearings back. Holding her head with her eyes spinning, Jing tried to get her sense of balance back and Li Li helped her by forcing her to stand still.

“Flying…. Is not my favorite.. or maybe my body isn’t strong enough to handle those speeds….” She mumbled as she shook her head and got herself together.

“Hoo.” Li Li responded.

“Let’s finally go eat now. I hope I haven’t spoiled my taste buds after eating those berries I improved...” Jing said a little bit worried that she might have to refine every single food she eats in the future on very fine.

A note from CaptainBoyHole

Alright! i made it before wednesday! i have a few ideas for the farming hoe and grass seed in terms of refinement but send in your own ideas on how they should be refined! And if ur not exactly sure how refinement works at this point just ask! I'll tell you if it can or can't do something. 

I purposely didn't explain what SCP - 222 did because it would be more special when i show it off int he future. I didn't intially plan for this chapter to happen though. The next chapter was suppose to be this chapter but i had to follow up with one of the loose ends i had in the earlier chapters with the boy.

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