Blue Mountain, once home to the great southern manor of the storied Weilu clan, so immersed in celestial energies that the very stone was stained in the bright colors of the spiritual realm, remains one of the most important spiritual and cultural sites of the Emerald Seas. As the site where the great Diviner and the Horned Lord dictated the barbarians’ surrender, confining the children of the sky to the Wall while his house lasted, its history was storied before the Empire began. In the modern day, Blue Mountain is no less important, containing the greatest library in all of Emerald Seas, as well as the Eight Maidens Pagoda and the Tower of the Five Solar Heroes. Even the brute Ogodei dared not desecrate the sacred mountain in his depredations.

Blue Mountain Sect offers a place for the youth of the Emerald Seas to connect with our great ancestors and find their own ways therein. The Diviner’s library contains storied archives and arts stretching back to the days of the Weilu, and comprehensive material on the topics of formation craft, warfare, qi theory, and every other subject worth noting.

Service in the Hero’s Regiment and the Maidenguard will instill the youth who arrives upon our doorstep with discipline, virtue, and respect for the traditions which have brought greatness to the empire and province, preparing them for careers in service to clan and empire. Alternately, a position as a research assistant in our library facilities will grant the prestige to turn the eye of any Master south of the Living Isle.

Sect History

In the days of the Weilu, Blue Mountain was that clan’s southernmost settlement. A sacred place, overseen by the most devout Weilu, it escaped the depredations which struck so much of that clan in later days. However, in the wake of the vanishing, the holy sites were left unattended and the shrines left to ruin. The first great effort of the Xi clan in their ascension was to see to the restoration of the shrines and the pacification of the spirits running amok. The order of monks founded upon Blue Mountain in those days are the direct antecedents of our fine Sect.

Long existing under only the authority of the ducal clans of the Emerald Seas, Blue Mountain Sect has long been revered for their neutrality and position as unbiased arbiters for disputes among the people of Emerald Seas. Having witnessed the ruin of the Strife of the Twin Emperors and the destruction of so much knowledge at Shang Tsung’s hand, the monks of Blue Mountain began the project of gathering and preserving knowledge within their sacred halls, to be blessed and protected by the New Moon and the Dawn alike.

In the days of the Hui, the fortunes of Blue Mountain faltered, and though even the most decadent of the Hui dared not touch the temples, the Brothers of Blue Mountain suffered greatly in those dark years. Many were executed on spurious executions of treason: left, staked upon the cruel crown of Xiangmen, to die of exposure or from the depredations of the foul things which lurk beyond the Father’s protection.

With the rise of the Great Sects, the dignity of Blue Mountain was restored, the brothers’ ranks bolstered by the many who had found comfort in faith during the dark days of Ogodei’s Invasion. Hail to wise Emperor Si, and wiser Emperor An, for restoring the moral center of our great province!

Since that day, Sect Mistress Ran and Sect Master Yu, whose heroism and faith shielded Blue Mountain from the rapacious nomads, have guided us well, restoring the former glory of the temples and library. The finest scholars in the south arise from our halls, including the regional heads of the Ministries of Commerce, Spiritual Affairs, and Law.

Even the Imperial Minister of Spiritual affairs, Wu Shen who advises the Empress and oversees the Imperial rituals, arose from our hallowed halls…

...The document goes on for some time, listing many people of ministerial and bureaucratic positions.


Enrollment into the Blue Mountain Sect exists on two tracks. The Outer Sect is open to enrollment for all of our fine noble patrons and the talents discovered by the Ministry of Integrity, at competitive rates and conditions. In addition to the Outer Sect, the Blue Mountain also accepts all children of unclear or lacking parentage into our scholastic programs. This program is limited to residents of the Blue Mountain’s dominion and the lands of consenting clans. Students of this program are not eligible for the New Year Tournaments or Exams of the Outer Sect. However, like all Outer Sect Disciples, students of the scholastic program may freely choose to undergo the trials of the Tower or Pagoda to gain entrance to the Inner Sect.

Outer Sect applicants must receive consent from those legally responsible for their persons before attempting the Trials. Once such consent is given, Blue Mountain Sect is not at fault for any wounds, madness, spiritual damage, or fatalities among applicants, as declared in Imperial Decree 27 by Emperor An.


The Blue Mountain Sect offers many internal career paths, as well as strong connections among the Imperial Ministries.

Diviner’s Library: Among the greatest repositories of knowledge in all the empire, rivaled only by the Imperial Library, the Violet Reef of the Thousand Lakes, and the House of the Sleeping Serpent upon the Living Isle, the Diviner’s Library offers many opportunities to those who study in its halls. Research assistants from the Library are sought out across the Emerald Seas for their expertise, and for those with the dedication to serve all their lives, full Researcher and even Section Head positions await.

Maidenguard and Hero’s Regiment: Though the Blue Mountain Sect is not known for its military prowess, the sacred warriors of the sun and moon are not to be taken lightly. The highest secrets are forbidden to all who do not take the lifetime oaths of service; nonetheless, these elite units possess many secrets and arts to pass down to those who wish to continue the Emerald Seas’ martial traditions. Clans in touch with our ancient heritage highly desire graduates of these programs.

Temple Monk: While the position is a humble one, it is nonetheless honorable. Across the Emerald Seas and the empire, as a whole many shrines and temples are neglected and fall to disrepair. There are no callings higher in virtue than to choose to give one’s life ministering to the spiritual health of the Empire, and no temple will turn away a monk with training from Blue Mountain.


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