Here I present a rough historical timeline of the Celestial Empire in Forge of Destiny. In the Empire dates are measured on a regnal calendar, where the year resets to 1 at the beginning of each emperor's or empress' reign. For example the current year in story is Year 43 of the reign of Xiang of the Third Dynasty. As such the timeline here will be presented as a simple count backward from the present day for simplicities sake.
Timeline Key: BP=Before Present

0: Ling Qi enters the Argent Peak Inner Sect
-15BP: Ling Qi is born
-40BP: Sima Jiao retires from his position at the Ministry of Integrity
-43BP: Emperor An ascends and becomes Inexorable Justice
-150BP: Cai Shenhua takes her seat as Duchess
-152BP: Cai Shenhua and gathered clans of Emerald Seas demand the Hui duke step down and surrender the capital
-200BP: Cai Shenhua ascends to the White Realm
-250BP: Cai Shenhua born
-390BP: Sun Shao's conquest ends
-398BP: Emperor An enthroned
-400BP: Sun Shao’s conquest/rebellion begins
-450BP: Great Sect system put in place, granting imperial patronage to certain Sects.
-490BP: Ministry of Integrity established
-498BP: Yuan He corners and slays the Great Khan Ogodei
-500BP: Great Khan Ogodei invades Emerald Seas
-550BP: Cloud Tribe aggression mounts, clans in the foothills of the wall begin decline, and receive no centralized aid.
-700BP: Emperor Si enthroned
-3500BP: Mu dynasty rises to the Dragon Throne
-3600BP: Last Ao Emperor is assassinated
-4000BP: Guo officially recognized as dukes of Golden Fields
-4950BP: Hui rise to ducal seat of emerald Seas
-5000BP: Xi, dukes of Emerald Seas, are shattered by internecine conflict
-6000BP: Lu Guanxi awakens the Purifying Sun to battle the Twilight King, Ao Longshen
-6100BP: Emperor Xu enthroned, elder brother Ao Longshen disappears
-6200BP: Jing clan of Alabaster Sands departs. Jin raised to fill their position.
-6600BP: Islands sunk and cities destroyed by brief clash mostly repaired
-6800BP: The Living Isle and the Father of Depths clash
-7000BP: Savage Seas province and the Seafolk enter open war over contested territory
-7900BP: Emperor Li raises daughter clan of Weilu, Xi to dukedom over the warring factions of Emerald Seas
-8000BP: Strife Ends, Ao dynasty rises to the Dragon Throne
-8500BP: Weilu disappearance occurs
-9000BP: Strife of Twin Emperors/Shang usurpation begins
-10000BP: Xuan peacefully join the Empire
-11800BP: Sage Emperor is slain in marriage bed by the Priestess-Queen of the Red Garden
-12000BP: Sage Emperor officially established Celestial Empire
-12100BP: Bai, Zheng, Weilu, Lu, and Jing subordinate themselves to Sage Emperor
-12200BP: Sage Emperor Establishes kingdom is the Celestial Peaks
-12500BP: Savage Isles consolidated under the Hermit King of the Living Isle
-13000BP: Ji the Mariner, He the Glorious establish Jing and Lu Kingdoms
~15000BP: Yao the Fisher, Zhi the Conqueror, and Tsu the Diviner found Bai, Zheng and Weilu kingdoms.
~16000BP: Cataclysm ends the reign of dragons and erases almost all traces of human civilization
~25000BP: Rise of the first Dragon God

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