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Absolute trash work ethic. It is good I am not getting paid for this or I would be in so much trouble.

Also, I feel, Fantasy is better for fanfic like this. It's more consise, and has a better setting to it overall. 40k is so sprawling and all over the place, and doesn't have as many enemies to fight as Fantasy does, makes it harder to do a fanfic. Plus, double whammies of having cut out some fifteen ish chapters by starting Estaria as a Captian on patrol and then immediately leading into a siege helped avoid the lengthy work of this.

Plus, melee is just more intimiate to write than ranged. Maybe why I never really went through with Estaria's handgunner dreams. All lead to better paced chapters with better written combat and more content. Hmm indeed....


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Emia woke, a few hours later. Her power armour had locked and she passed out on her feet, though the thing was damaged enough that the mechanics had to pry it apart and chuck it in the scrap pile, eventually freeing her and letting her get some rest on a bed. While she had rested, there was some discussion about what she was going to do and the conclusion that one Angelus without her armour wasn’t going to be of any use to the frontlines. She couldn’t meet up with her sisters and the PDF forces were not drilled to accept someone like her. So ultimately she would have to stay behind and assist the medics with the chimera loads of wounded PDF that came back from the front. As assignments went, she could hardly fault it for being something outside of her desire or expertise, and her faith powers could help them along even further.


Getting a uniform to help people identify her on sight, Emia thought it was a pretty cute thing, but talking to the other medics, they didn’t seem to agree too much. Probably different aesthetics or something. Or having done this for years and gotten jaded with the very thought of all their friends and comrades dying or being crippled permanently. Emia was leaning towards the latter, honestly.


Though, uniform aside, they still had pride as medics, and absorbed Emia as soon as she was assigned to them. Almost immediately she was sent running with supplies, bandaging wounds, feeding the sick and inspiring the wounded with her shining presence. One man came in, shrieking hysterically about the loss of his leg, so Emia took to his side and laid her hands upon him, curing all his ailments and regrowing his leg.


Of course, the capabilities for instant regeneration was something all Medics were sorely lusting after, and Emia was almost clotheslined by the head nurse to spill her secrets. The spark diminished a bit when she learned it came from radical devotion to The Emperor and years of practice in the Convent, but not so much that she wouldn’t take advantage of this. While before, Emia was just spending the time here while they looked into what to do with her, now this was her true duty. And with pride and passion, she would do it well.


Some time into the second day, she got a beep that she had levelled up from all this. That was a surprising thing to be sure but not something she was going to sneer at. Spending some off time, she even went to her status screen and bought a pair of traits - “Nurse” and “Field Medic” - that would even increase the xp gained and the healing she gave. Though, that was some questionable stuff. Would a bandage really help someone heal faster because she was the one who wrapped it around? Was it really that good?


Such thoughts would go nowhere, and so she just helped out with the nurses. There was a pressure building in her head, not something she could point to but something there nonetheless. She felt if she didn’t work she might explode, and that would be no good for anyone. The wounded were increasing and more coming in every day, while the recovered were being sent back to the lines, carrying stories of the golden angel that was supporting them from the camps. It was delightful to be seen like that, and Emia was flattered, heartened by their view of her. This in turn prompted her to push even further and make sure that all who could be saved, would be saved. She had given the Sororitas’ camp over to those who needed somewhere to rest, as it was mostly empty save a few serfs. That was a can of worms she was not going to open because if she even thought about it she would collapse into a broken mess of a woman. And they didn’t need that on top of everything else.


This rabid activity lasted her until the next month, the 5th of the next month, in fact. From there, she looked at the date in her HUD, and glared at it. Tomorrow would be a day she couldn’t afford to spend just in meditation, the people out there needed her. But it also couldn’t be spent not in meditation because she’d go mad. Eventually, she stared at her large stockpile of points, and let out a loud sigh before going all in on a venture that might not go anywhere. She gained a Wisdom point the first time this whole thing kicked off, *should* work.


Dumping some two hundred and eighty points into Wisdom, she didn’t have the forethought to think that might be a bad idea considering how her Faith increases went. Fortunately, the changes were not quite so radical. Instead of burning and massive though easily forgettable epiphanies, she just...lost the pressure in her head. Everything weighing on her heart and mind melted away like ice in the noon day sun. And she was left with a content feeling of who she was. Like an impregnable Self that would weather all storms. Hell, even the Daemon skulking in her soul didn’t seem that daunting to her anymore. And to reinforce that idea, she got some popups.


50 Wisdom: Trait unavalible due to no Psyker Connection

100 Wisdom: Trait unavalible due to no Psyker Connection

200 Wisdom - Mental Fortress: The might of your mind surpasses the strength of walls. Possessing such a tenacity to see your goals through, you are an insperation to follow and a tough thing to stop. Such a mind might throw off the mental effects of The Warp simply by sheer dint of will.

300 Wisdom - Howling Reality: Such a Self, such an understanding of one’s own being, is terribly rare in the world of disillusion and resignation. To be so firm of heart and mind that obstacles, pain, and insurmountable odds are mere pebbles on the road is a great boon. Were you to be cast into The Warp, you could bend it to your own desires by demanding it so. Even lesser Daemons would be forced down by the focused presence of your mind. As Psykers are a Beacon of Immaterium in the Matterium, so are you a Beacon of the Matterium in the Immaterium.


It was nice to read, but the last bit was what she was truly sucked in by. Forcing Daemons to kneel? Would it be enough for her? It was a risk that she would have to take, though a newborn. The rest of the day was spent working, waiting, and then it ended. There was nothing she could do now but wait for it all to pan out and see the outcome in the end.


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