Kevin was too exhausted to move around too much.

Amanda said, “What is the plan?”

“Um, I don’t know?”

She looked at him for a while then said, “We hang tight here until you can move much better. We have food, water, and shelter. You don’t give up those things unless you have too.”

“How is the disease spreading?”

Amanda shrugged her shoulders then said, “They say it is airborne. But it seems like being bitten works as well. I can’t understand how it has appeared all over the world almost at the same time.”

“How many people in Melbourne have it?”

“Last report had the count at three hundred, with over one hundred turning. Plus you. That means there is no way of knowing how many are sick and turned or survived.”

There was a knock at the door. Amanda got up, opened the door then hugged the old man.

“Hey Dad. Guess what, Kevin is up and about.”

The look of relief was obvious as he said, “Hey Kev, good to see you beat RedEye. Not many are. Shit, the reports are terrifying.”

“Good to see you to Tony.”

Kevin sat down beside Kevin, handed him a can of beer and sat down to watch the news as if it was a sports event.

Kevin said, “Aren’t you worried about catching it?”

“Ah, fuck that, you and Amanda are worth the risk.”

Amanda sat beside Kevin as she said, “What do you think?”

“This is fucked up. Hopefully it will stop, but it looks like it might not stop for a while. The government will organize something soon enough. If they tell us to go to a safe zone, we will go there.”

Amanda noticed her father’s eyes. “Your eyes, Dad, they are blood shot.”

He hung his head down a little. “Yes Peach, they are blood shot and I have this thing. Lets enjoy this time together and not ruin it with sad thoughts.”

Amanda stood up then leaned down to give her father a hug. Kevin put his hand on his shoulder, not knowing what else to do for a man who refused to accept help of any kind.

Amanda burst into tears as her father said, “Hey, I am not dead yet. I still have 10% to 15% chance of surviving this thing. Anyway, I am getting old. You, on the other hand, hung around this infection twat for four days and you look just fine.”

Kevin watched them hug, she was crying while her father, looking as if he wanted to break down as well, remained staunch. Being old meant being less likely to self-delude, he knew he was going to die.

Kevin placed one hand on Amanda, the other on her father. The old man looked at him, gave a wry, knowing smile and a short nod as he mouthed “Look after her.”

Kevin turned the TV off for a while as the three of them discussed the good old days. Laughed at how Amanda was always riding her bike too far off places and her first boyfriend.

After a few hours Tony stood up, then said, “Look, I am getting tired, my joints are hurting, so, it is time to head off.” As Amanda and Tony hugged, Kevin stood alongside for a moment thinking that this is not really happening, that Tony would shake this thing off and things would simply go back to normal. Then Tony gave Kevin a good strong hug.

Tony said, “I like you, I hope I survive this thing to see the grandkids you will give me.” With that, he stood back, smiled and began to head towards the door.

They all heard the scream from outside, a scream that brought them all to a frozen halt. Kevin went to the window to see what was happening, with the others close behind. They saw the man from across the road, middle aged, overweight and kind, screaming at his wife, who as walking slowly with arms outstretched.

“Stop it love, stop it, if you go back to bed, I will call the ambulance.”

The man was covered in blood, his hands had been bitten. When Kevin saw their two pre-teen children coming out the door as well, his heart missed a beat as he realized they were both zombies as well.

Tony said calmly yet forcefully, “Stay inside, do not help them because they are all dead. This is a reminder that I need to leave right now. Whatever happens, do not visit us. Your mother is also sick with RedEye. Do not visit us. I have a gun, if she turns, I will end her.”

Kevin said, “What about you?”

Tony said nothing. Amanda burst into tears again and they all embraced.

As they embraced Kevin was watching the drama outside unfold. The man grabbed his wife to try to stop her, she latched her mouth onto his arm and tore out a chunk of meat.

They all heard the painful cry.

Tony said, “I have to go. This shit is going to explode all over the place. As soon as Kevin is up to moving around, escape the city and head North. Do not come for us, know we are at peace and not walking around as a zombie. Okay?”

They all hugged for a while longer, until Tony broke the embrace, held his daughter by the shoulders as he said, “You are strong, you can survive this shitstorm. Kev, the same goes for you. I love you both.”

With that said, Kevin went to the front door, opened it and walked outside. Amanda went to the porch to watch him get into the car, they gave their probable last wave goodbye as he drove around the unfolding murder on the road.

Kevin, feeling very weak, leaned on the door while he took out his mobile phone to call the police. It took a long time to be answered, made longer as he tried to block out the death screams, murder and the man’s family as they tore into him. People were coming out of their houses to watch, but nobody tried to stop the carnage.

“Emergencies Services, would you like Police, Ambulance or Fire?”


“Hold the line as I patch you through.”

A young man started to talk, “What is your address?”

Kevin gave it to them.

“What is the situation?”

“Well, this may sound like I am insane, but the wife and children across the road just murdered the husband and are eating him as I look on. Seriously, and I know this may sound fucked up, but they are zombies from that RedEye thing.”

“You are not insane. This is a known issue to us. I have organized for a police car to go there. Do not leave your house or intervene in any way. Are there any other zombies walking around?”

Kevin looked up and down the road and saw no others then told the operator.

“Stay indoors. A police car will be there within the hour. If there are any further developments, please do not call back as this situation is city wide. A police car will be there as soon as possible. Again, do not go outside or get involved.”

Then the operator hung up.

Amanda was standing on the porch stairs debating whether to approach the zombie family. The man was dead and being fed on. Then, just as Kevin hung the phone up, they stopped feeding because the man was starting to get up.

“Amanda, we need to stay away from them. Please do not go to them, come inside so we can lock the door on them.”

Kevin talking was enough to gain the attention of the zombies, as were a few shrieks and surprised cursing from others watching on. The man zombie looked directly at Amanda and began his shambolic walk toward her. His zombie wife and kids were heading towards a person standing on the sidewalk.

“Amanda, come inside.”

She looked at Kevin, “He was a good man.”

“I know, but he will try to kill you.”

The pained look on her face showed her competing options of compulsively helping others and self-protection. When the zombie was within several steps of her, she walked up the stairs, across the porch then closed the door behind her.

The zombie came up the stairs, crossed the porch then started to bash against the door.


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