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Without waiting for me to say a word, Su Chengzhao hung up the phone. Some doubts rose in my mind. However, I was dragged into a dark room suddenly by someone.

The familiar hug made me stiff. In the dim light, I saw the man in front of me was Qin Mochen.

He pinched my chin, kissed me predominantly and held me tightly in his arms.

This kiss didn’t have the hatred and punishment, but rather tempting affection and favour.

My mind was blank now and the revenge plans had already disappeared.

Qin Mochen in front of me was acting very strange. I didn’t know why he became like this suddenly.

Until my breath became rapid and I was on the verge of suffocation, Qin Mochen loosened me. He hugged me tightly with his arms and suddenly grasped my shoulders, then looked at me with dark eyes and growled, ”Where is Su Chengzhao? Why doesn’t he look after you and lets you come out?”

My shoulders ached being pinched by him, but I was shocked by his words, ”What do you mean?”

Qin Mochen frowned coldly and snapped with a shaking voice, ”Who allowed you to come here! Get away! Get away!”

Saying this, he opened the door, tossed me out and told me to never appear in front of him.

Suddenly, an intuition rose in my mind: Qin Mochen and Su Chengzhao kept something from me.

Su Chengzhao said it was dangerous on the call just now, and now Qin Mochen asked me to leave. What on earth was going on?

I seized the handrail and stopped his movement, then stared at him closely, ”Qin Mochen, do you have something to hide from me? What do you want to do?”

Qin Mochen looked at me with a heavy mood and closed his thin lips tightly. But when he was about to say something, Mo Yulin’s voice sounded outside, ”Brother Chen, are you there?”

Qin Mochen’s face turned cold. This moment, I found a sense of killing in his eyes, which was not directed at me but to Mo Yulin who was outside.

I was shocked by the realization, but there were even more doubts in my heart now.

When I hadn’t reacted, Qin Mochen picked me up suddenly. I was frightened by his behavior and exclaimed, but the next moment, my lips were covered by his cool thin lips.

Qin Mochen smiled lightly to me with his tongue licking my lips affectionately and blocking the voice I nearly shouted out.

He put me into the closet and kissed me deeply for a while. Then his deep voice sounded in my ears, ”Fei’er, stay right here. Don’t believe anyone except Su Chengzhao and me.”

My soul trembled at this moment. I hadn’t seen such a gentle and spoiled look and heard such concerned words for me from him.

I even thought I misheard his words, so my body was tense all the time.

Qin Mochen smiled lightly. He held my wrist with his hands and kissed on my forehead, ”Fei’er, I will explain everything in the future. Wait for me.”

He let me go after saying that. Then he lit a cigarette and puffed. The smoke blown by him made his handsome face much more perfect.

I stood there stunned for a long time and couldn’t return to myself.

Everything tonight was unexpected. Qin Mochen’s abnormal behavior made me doubtful and moved.

I didn’t know what made Qin Mochen change his attitude, or he was hiding something. However, I knew that it was related to me.

The strong vengeful feelings when I arrived at the wedding were dispelled totally by the changes of Qin Mochen.

He turned to leave, but I suddenly opened my mouth, ”Mochen, do you... love me?”

I wanted to ask him this question, but I was afraid to withstand the pain like last time in hospital. So what I did was close my lips tightly and avoided Qin Mochen’s eyesight, then I leaned on the closet with a sad heart.

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