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I suddenly wanted to laugh at this moment. I wanted to laugh at my own stupid and pathetic thoughts. Even though I had been hurt so badly, I was still fantasizing about the man who hurt me.

Qin Mochen’s hand paused for a moment as he smiled softly and held me in his arms suddenly.

The familiar embrace raised my hatred. I recalled the empty space where I had suffered so much humiliation, and how it felt to be touched by those group of people!

I was about to push him away when he pinched my chin and said in a cold tone, “Love? Mo Yufei, how cheap you are! Do you think you deserve my love?”


I raised my head in shock and stared at his handsome face. I could see myself clearly from his dark eyes.

Qin Mochen sneered, his thin lips close to mine, but his words were like knives, “From the moment I entered the room, I knew your eyesight has been restored. Are you still foolishly pretending to be blind?”

I shook my head helplessly, and I was in pain at that moment. It turned out he already knew that I had recovered, but instead of exposing me, he made me so embarrassed and even humiliated me again and again.

I struggled and wanted to free myself from his arms as I roared, “Let me go!”

Qin Mochen held me in his arms again. His voice was cold and harsh, “You haven’t been a mass of bruises, so how can I let you go?”

Every word he said broke my heart. I tired of getting away from him, and kept slapping him on the shoulder but nothing worked.

“Qin Mochen, what do you want me to do before you are willing to let me go?” I couldn’t help crying aloud. I slapped his hand, and pinched his neck hard. I hated him, and I wished I could kill him right away!

Qin Mochen pinched my nape with both hands and put his forehead against mine. He smiled charmingly but heartlessly, “You are destined to be intertwined with me forever. Don’t think that I will spare you!”

The door was suddenly opened, and Mo Yulin said sarcastically, “Yecch, lucky sister! You fell into the wrong hands but escaped unharmed.”

She approached me and stared at me defiantly. Then she put her hands on the shoulder of Qin Mochen and said enchantingly, “Chen, I miss you so much.”

Qin Mochen smiled. He threw me ruthlessly on the bed, then turned around and held Mo Yulin in his arms. His eyes were full of irony as he looked at me who was already in a mess, “Mo Yufei, your nightmare has just begun. A bad thing never dies. I will see how long you can hold on!”

Then he left with his arms around Mo Yulin. I lay stiff on the bed and cried silently. I clenched my fist, my hands already bloody.

He would always hurt me in front of Mo Yulin over and over again, then leave with her ruthlessly.

He always snuffed out the flicker of hope that had been kindled in my heart.

I was caught in endless pain and remorse, and I didn’t even notice the footsteps that sounded behind me.

It wasn’t until Mo Yulin’s voice sounded behind me that I realized she had returned back.

I sat up and stared at her with hate, “What are you doing here again?”

Mo Yulin came to me with a sneer. I shrank back subconsciously, but she grabbed my wrist and said smugly, “Mo Yufei, the day after tomorrow is the wedding of I and Chen. You are welcome to come. I want you to see the man you love the most marry the woman you hate the most!”

I raised my hand and slapped her face. She pushed my hand away, frowning in pain and covering her face with her hand. I stood up and pressed her step by step. Once again, I slapped her, which caught her off guard.

She was so angry that she gnashed her teeth.

She wanted to hit me back, but I quickly picked up a thermos and hit her hard. She screamed, but it was too late to hide.

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