Excruciating Deep Love with You

by Mason

He said I was the most despicable woman he ever met...

In order to love him, I lost my family, and became an imprisoned tool used for his vengeance from a noble lady. Everyone said I was the daughter of a rapist... I cautiously maintained the excruciating deep love for him and suffered from mental and physical exhaustion…

I thought someday my love would touch him and then I would live a happy life just as a fairy tale, but in fact I fell into an eternal nightmare...

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Word Count (19)
Top List #2500
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
C1. Fatal Bet ago
C2. The Bride Is Not Me ago
C3. My Father Was Gone ago
C4. Daughter of a Rapist ago
C5. Why Was It You Who Killed My Dad? ago
C6. You Don’t Deserve It ago
C7. Feeling Sick ago
C8. A Nuisance Never Dies ago
C9. Deep Hate ago
C10. I Become the Humblest Servant ago
C11. Do You Want to Kill Me? ago
C12. You Can’t Do That ago
C13. Was That him? ago
C14. If the One I Love Is You ago
C15. The Cruelest Threat ago
C16. My Lover? ago
C17. Know Your Place ago
C18. Is It You Who Saved Me? ago
C19. I Wish I Could Kill You ago
C20. Why Are You Still Alive? ago
C21. Help Me Take Revenge ago
C22. Don’t You Regret? ago
C23. My Heart Was Already Dead ago
C24. What Do You Want to Do? ago
C25. Have You Improved Your Skills ago
C26. Conspiracy ago
C27. A Strange Call ago
C28. Never Be Reincarnated ago
C29. Trap ago
C30. I Went Blind ago
C31. Be Kidnapped ago
C32. Being Set Up ago
C33. Get Him into Trouble Again ago
C34. So Familiar ago
C35. Do You... Love Me? ago
C36. They Were Going to Get Married ago
C37. It’s Dangerous ago
C38. He Became Gentle Suddenly ago
C39. Who Was That Person? ago
C40. The Love of Qin Mochen ago
C41. Revenge for My Father ago
C42. Just Kill Me! ago
C43. Let Her Go ago
C44. He Got Shot ago
C45. Why Did He Take the Bullet? ago
C46. Don’t Shoot ago
C47. Love Never Ends Until Death ago
C48. I Owe Him a Lot ago
C49. Haven’t You Died Yet?! ago
C50. Let’s Go Home (THE END) ago

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