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Brian has a moment of confusion, and Florence sees the opportunity to break away, but still in vain.

Hearing the big noise in the living room, the nanny comes out from the kitchen, only to see that Brian and Florence are intertwining on the sofa. Her face turns red, and she quickly returns to the kitchen.

"Li, you know what the consequences of telling lies here are."

She turns her head speechlessly. It seems that she doesn’t care if the situation will be worse.

A moment later, her body's shackle disappears. A mint-covered suit jacket falls on her body, covering her seductive body.

Brian stands there, as if nothing had happened. Florence clasps the jacket and listens to his cilly voice, "Wear your clothes, this is not your nightclub."

Then, he picks up his mobile phone and turns and walks toward the floor-to-ceiling window. It seems that he is making a call.

Florence looks his back and takes a long time to get up from the sofa and puts the clothes on her body.Then she reaches for the documents thrown on the coffee table.

The headline of the automatic transfer of custody stabs her eyes fiercely, and she tears the pile of contracts into pieces almost without any hesitation.

She must take Nelson from Tabitha... No, more precisely, she will take it back from Brian.

Brian comes over and sees the shredded paper on the table. But his look does not change much. He only glances at her and says, "Get up, go to the hospital with me."

"Hospital?" She looks up with her tears still on her face. She says with a hint of weakness, "Hmm? Can't wait to confirm? If it is not true, are you planning to let my words become true directly in the hospital?"

Her tone is light, but it falls into Brian’s ears harshly.

His patience has disappeared totally, and his eyebrows are slightly raised. He whispers coldly, "Florence, don't try to challenge my bottom line again and again. There is never benefit to you , even to your son. Maybe, I can let you two meet if you make me happy."

Listening to him mentioning Nelson, Florence’s face becomes paler. This is Brian. He can always catch her point of weakness and control her. So she chooses to bite her lip and keeps her mouth shut.

Her face makes Brian satisfied. Looking at the shredded paper on the table, he orders the nanny who is peeking at the door of the living room, saying, "Clean it up."

Since she knows she is discovered peeping, her face suddenly becomes downcast, and she quickly takes the trash over.

Rodney comes soon.

Florence wears Brian’s coat and gets into the car. On the way, she always keeps looking thoughtfully out of the window until they reach the hospital door. With Rodney’s calling she comes back to herself at last.

Brian gives her a slight look and keeps silent.

After entering the hospital, Florence is taken by the nurse to do various examinations.

Si family has business all over the country. During the past two years, Brian has invested more heavily in medical equipment. Knowing that it is he who takes the woman to check in person, no one dares to neglect Florence.

Taking advantage of the moment when Florence takes gastroscopy examination, Brian comes to the office of the Dean. He stares at the medical report that he had just got in his hand, narrowing his eyes, "Say something."

Dean Hyman and Brian’s father knew each other before, so he knows about Brian roughly. Therefore, he only regards Florence as Brian’s new sweetheart.

But at the moment he looks at the medical record, his face changes.

"Did this lady give birth to a child before?"


Hyman is amazed. Compared with the supermodels whom Brian was photographed with before, the woman who has given birth to a child really shocks him, but also knows that this woman is not that simple.

Pushing the glasses a little on the bridge of his nose, Hyman coughs and frowns, “She definitely went to a cheap clinic for low cost. With such a simple cesarean section, only a cheater doctor without a doctor's license or students in medical schools could have done this bad job.”

Cheater clinic?

Brian surely knows why, just as soon as he thinks that Florence would not even dare to go to a reliable hospital with a big belly in order to avoid him, his heart sinks. He feels sullen.

He raises his eyebrow, "Is there any possibility for her to recover?"

"I am afraid you need to find a professional gynecologist for advice. Maybe surgery will help, but the probability is not great. Moreover, the lady's physical condition is not good. It is another thing whether she can bear the surgical injury."

Brian licks his lips without any word. The dean stands there and doesn't know if he should continue. There is something embarrassing in the air.

For a long time, Brian lights a cigarette and smokes, saying faintly, "I get it."

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