The Wanted Wife: Daddy, Mommy Escapes Again!

by Mason

The whole life of Li Jingzhi could be concluded with one sentence: His ups and downs in life is all due to Si Luoming. When he was young, he dreamed to be a person like him…Till the end she finds that he hated her, especially when she "murdered" the one in his heart indirectly. Since then, he has never hidden his hatred for her. And then she knows her life has already been messed up all these years…

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Word Count (19)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
C1. Brian, you will regret it ago
C2. Four Years Later ago
C3. After A Circuit She Is Still Not Able to Run Away ago
C4. I'd rather Kill Him ago
C5. Seventeen-year-old Florence ago
C6. As the Mother, As the Son! ago
C7. Hard and Soft ago
C8. Florence Li, Nice Going! ago
C9. I Didn't Mean to Do What Happened to Antonia ago
C10. Brian, I Will Kill You! ago
C11. Patience Is Exhausted ago
C12. Please Ask Miss Li to Go with Us ago
C13. The Purpose of Austin’s Return ago
C14. Florence Li,Come Over. ago
C15. If They Want to Echo Each Other, Just Let Them Do It ago
C16. See Tabitha Again ago
C17. He Is Intentional! ago
C18. Come to Su’s House ago
C19. You Go,but Leaving Nelson behind ago
C20. The Child Is All to Her ago
C21. Taking Nelson Back Overnight ago
C22. Only Struggling to Escape ago
C23. A Man’s Appearance ago
C24. The Trustee Doesn’t Deserve ago
C25. The Most Annoying Thing Is Betrayal ago
C26. You are the devil ago
C27. A So-called Rascal ago
C28. Inexplicable Feelings of Irritability ago
C29. What She Was Like in Her Dreams ago
C30. Subtle Changes ago
C31. Going to Su Family for Accountability ago
C32. Warning from Tabitha ago
C34. Query again ago
C33. Injured and Go to the Infirmary ago
C34. Query again ago
C35. The Life in Captivity ago
C36. The Crisis of Su Family ago
C37. Throw Jade Pendant ago
C38.  Sadness and Indignation ago
C39. A Bogus Testament ago
C40. An approach ago
C41. Different Attitudes towards the Wedding ago
C42. Something Happens at the Wedding ago
C43. Game On ago
C44. The Diary of That Year ago
C45. Putting the Blame on Others ago
C46. Scheme ago
C47. Happenings in the Past ago
C48. The Dead Person Resurrects ago
C49. Marry Her ago
C50. Escape from Him ago
C51. He is wounded ago
C52.  Birthday Gift ago
C53. A Traffic Accident ago
C54. Torture ago
C55. Human Nature ago
C56. Pampering ago
C57. Conditions ago
C58. The Estrangement Between Sisters ago
C59. To Be Married to a Bad Husband ago
C60. Back and Fili ago
C61. To Spend a Night Together ago
C62. Escape ago
C63. Slum ago
C64. Fall in a Faint ago
C65.  Answers ago
C66. Both of You and Nelson Belong to Me ago
C67. I Miss You Very Much ago
C68. His Revenge ago
C69. Ruining Family Tradition ago
C70. Departure ago
C71. Liu Tong ago

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Needs some polish, but maybe a gem if you like Drama’s

Reviewed at: C27. A So-called Rascal

You have your own unique style with this story, with a series of problems happening immediately after each other, but overall the story feels slightly rushed. It feels like the way it's currently written could use some flashbacks to extend the introduction of side characters  and give us a better sense of who these people are, given all the emotional baghage inherent in your story. You definitely need to have a proofreader go over it, and some of your sentences are awkward. It is readable though, which is a major point in your flavor. Some stories on royalroadl read like a bad google translation.

Your story is interesting, and each chapter makes you curious about the next one, but currently it reads like a web serial, and your characters are slightly shallow, but we're still early in the story and you have time to improve on that. Your antagonist could use some scenes without the main character where you expand on who he is as a person beyond I'm the evil villain who will get my way because I'm rich. Who was the person she was originally in love with? Or you need to show how she was a shallow person who would love a jerk like that in the past.