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A note from UnwrittenDreams

Welcome back, as we continue this crazy ride. 

Name: Todd Longfellow, Race: Human

Height: 5’6”, Weight: 130, Sex: Male

Archetype: Fighter


HP: 8 / 18, Mana: 0 / 0



Physical: 4, Moxie: 2, Spiritual: 2, Luck: 2

Agility: 2, Magic: 2, Mental: 2, Energy: 3.


Relevant Skills: Physical - Armored Defense, Physical - Kick, Physical - Melee Fork, Physical - Suppress Vomit and/or Nausea, Physical Melee - Parry, Physical Melee - Sword



"I hope we get more than a pat on the back for this," Todd yelled as he stepped forward. The bandit in front of Todd didn’t answer. White knuckles capped his hands like snowy mountain tops, as he brought the sword down.



Success! Physical Roll 8d10; 4, 6, 7, 5, 4, 7, 6, 9; Three Successes; Skill Physical Melee - Sword gained 3 Experience.

Skill points to the next level 8,201.

Attack! Melee – Sword, Damage 8, Hit!


The blade of the sword quickly cut through the leather shirt of the man standing in front of him and cutting deep through the padding, skin, and muscles of the man's right shoulder down a couple of inches. With a scream, the bandit clutched his wound and fell to the ground. Quickly stepping over the man;


Success! Physical Roll 8d10; 2, 3, 7, 10, 5, 2, 5, 4; Two Successes; Skill Physical Melee - Sword gained 2 Experience.

Skill points to the next level 8,199.

Attack! Melee – Sword, Damage 8, Hit!


Silencing the cries of the bandit under him with a coup de grace, Todd severed the head from the body. The grim task done, he moved forward toward the center of the bandit camp. Several other bodies lay on the ground nearby, as well as a smoldering half of a horse. His muscles ached from the battle, and the weeks of traveling on the road guarding the merchant caravan.


Ahead a man wearing a dented breastplate, looked at Todd. The man sheathed his sword and pulled out a sledgehammer. A cry of pain from behind caused Todd to take a defensive stance and glanced behind him. Charisse was already there silencing the screaming man. Another bandit took off at a run away from the camp, Charisse stood up and gave chase.


"Incoming," Todd said. He stepped forward, slashing upward with his sword. The man stopped outside of the blades range before stepping in, swinging the hammer up. As the weapon went high above the man's head, he grabbed it with his other hand and swung down at Todd's head.


Success! Physical Roll 7d10; 4, 10, 4, 8, 6, 2, 9; Three Successes; Skill Physical Melee - Parry gained 3 Experience.

Skill Point to the next level 9,791.

Attack! 0 Damage from Melee - Warmaul, Parry!


Todd's sword was already at the same height as the incoming attack. Slashing down and to the right, Todd caught the hammer with his sword and knocked it to the side with such force, he was unable to stop his sword from hitting the ground. 


The bandit swung around the hammer and kept his momentum by spinning in a circle.


Success! Physical Roll, 9d10; 8, 6, 4, 2, 6, 6, 7, 4, 8; Three Successes; Skill Physical - Armored Defense gained 3 Experience. Skill points to the next level, 9,506.

Attack! 2 Damage from Melee - Warmaul, Armor Soak!


Twisting to the side, Todd tensed up his abdominal muscles, the maul as it impacted against his armor, rattling his whole body, pushing him a few inches back. With a cry as he relaxed his abs. The chain didn't defend, but the padding he wore under it softened up the strike. 


Growling, Todd smiled and lifted his sword with one hand. As the bandit’s gaze followed the blade, Todd quickly pulled out a fork from his belt. He stabbed quickly with the fork while the man was looking upward.


Success! Physical Roll, 7d10; 3, 3, 9, 4, 7, 9, 7; Four Successes; Skill Physical - Melee Fork gained 4 Experience, Skill points to the next level, 9,976.

Attack! Melee - Fork, Damage 1, Hit!


The fork impaled the man's collar bone. Leaving it there, Todd swung downward with his sword as the bandit looked down to figure out what was poking out of him. Grasping the falling sword with his other hand, Todd swung with all his might.


A pale blue lance split the space between Todd and the breastplate wearing bandit. Glancing off the shoulder of the bandit, shattering into a million little pieces of ice. The bandit was knocked backward away from Todd's swing. Another lance of ice followed striking the center of the breastplate, showering Todd with bits of ice, throwing the maul wielding man backward and onto his ass. 


"That one was mine!" Todd yelled as he stepped forward, stabbing with his sword. The figure wasn't moving, and as his blade pierced its thigh, Todd cursed again. "Mark!" 


Todd looked around for his friend. Several bodies lay on the ground nearby, none of them were his friends. Stepping to the side to see around a tree, Todd saw his friend standing a dozen feet back. Mark gave a smile and shrugged as he met Todd's glare.


'You were taking too long; the rest of them are dead." Mark said. "If you hadn't wasted time with the stupid fork." 


Todd's previous victim, a bandit he had beheaded with a powerful strike, lay on the ground between him and Mark. Taking a quick step forward, Todd kicked the head to his friend.


Success! Physical Roll 5d10; 8, 1, 2, 3, 7; Two Successes; Skill Physical - Kick Skull gained 2 Experience, Skill points to the next level, 8. 

Attack! Ranged - Skull, Damage 2, Hit!


The skull flew a few feet through the air. A brief look of horror passed over Mark's face, but once the head hit him in the stomach, he immediately bent over in pain. Vomit sprayed from Mark's mouth, interrupting whatever he had planned on saying.


"Oh shit!" Todd said as he rushed over to his friend. "Sorry, I didn't mean for that to hit you." Quickly he placed a hand on Mark's shoulders and rubbed gently. Links in the chainmail of the gauntlet pinched and pulled at Mark's robe. 


"Fuuu," Mark gagged as he tried to lift his head. Todd pulled his friend up to look at him and make sure he was ok. Mark opened his mouth to speak as vomit sprayed down the front of Todd's armor. 


Success! Physical Roll 6d10; 5, 8, 10, 3, 3, 6. Two Successes; Skill Physical - Suppress Vomit and/or Nausea gained 2 Experience.

Skill points to the next level, 93


Clenching his jaw and swallowing several times, Todd carefully helped his friend to the ground, before rummaging through his backpack. Once he located his waterskin, he pulled it out and handed it to his friend. As Mark was washing his mouth out, Todd nudged a severed head into a nearby bush.


"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you," Todd said as Mark's hand grasped the waterskin. Standing tall, Todd looked around, "Reggie, Jax?" 


Peace began to fill Todd. A familiar feeling of warmth like the sun was shining upon him, reaching his skin under the armor and padding. A figure in dented plate stepped up next to Todd. It pulled off a mailed gauntlet, reached out, and touched Mark on the shoulder. It flipped up the visor and looked at Todd.


"I'd appreciate it if you stopped hurting your friends," Jax said from behind the helm.


"It was an accident," Todd said, holding up both hands.


"Usually is, maybe if you don't do stupid stuff, accidents would happen less." Jax looked at Mark and touched his shoulder again. "That was the same thing you said about the zombie poo incident."


"That wasn't my fault!" Todd quickly pointed a finger in the direction he last remembered Charisse was in. "It was," Todd looked, but couldn't find Charisse. 


"Yes, but if you didn't show off or goof around, the opportunity wouldn't occur" ,Jax said.


Mark gargled and spat out some water onto Todd's boots.


Jax looked at Mark. "Are you ok? Do you want one of his spare shirts to wear until we can clean that one?


"Na, I'll run some water through it. Not like we can find a laundry place in this world." Mark said.


Todd laughed, then giggled. Jax and Mark stared at him.


"Sorry, was gonna say, this isn't Dungeons and Dry Cleaning." Todd laughed more as his friends smiled. 

A note from UnwrittenDreams

I know it is a little short, expecting the first couple of chapters to be short as I ramp things up. I released this to my patrons on July 11th as I work to building up a buffer, normally they only get a week or so advance. Hopefully you guys enjoy the 2nd half of the book. I'm iffy on the current working name, Sovereign Quest. Am up for suggestions on a different name. 

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Bio: Life long gamer and geek, after decades of RPG's, decided to start telling his own tales. Ones where the players can't derail.

I love fantasy and sci-fi. Have for decades, from the first time I read Dragons of Autumn Twilight to Stormlight archive, the worlds created have entrapped me. Now after years of attempting to complete a story, I've finished a few and am working on a new ones.

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