Name: Hunter / Charisse        
Race: Human  Sex: Female Archetype: Rogue Ht: 5'6 Wt: 130lb  
Stats:     Current HP: 6  Relevant Skills:
Physical: 2   Max HP: 6 Agility - Jump
Moxie: 3   Current Mana : 0 Archetype - Awareness
Spiritual: 2   Max Mana : 0

Archetype - Listen

Luck: 3     Archetype - Pattern Recognition
Agility: 3     Mental - Deduct Rationale
Magic: 2     Moxie - Deceive 
Mental: 2     Ranged - Throw 
Energy: 2     Stealth - Move Silent


“Stop fucking around,” Charisse said shaking her head. Todd and Mark were doing little bunny hops as they walked down the road.


“The wonderful thing about Tiggers,” Todd sang as he bounced.


“Seriously there are bandits on the road and that noise will attract them like flies,” Charisse said then she frowned at Jax. “Also there is no way to know if William didn’t go running straight to his buddies to ambush us.”


Success! Moxie Roll 3d10; 6, 8, 10. Two Successes; Skill Moxie - Deceive gained 2 Experience.

Skill Moxie - Deceive has reached Rank 1! Skill points to next level, 9.


Charisse glanced away from Jax before he could react to her statement. She examined her statement and wondered if there was a skill Dialect - Half-Truths.


“If you’re so worried,” Todd hopped, “about getting ambushed,” hop, “why don’t you scout ahead?”


Charisse sighed and shook her head at the sight of two grown men bunny hopping along. Mark stopped hopping and walked near Charisse.


“You know as well as I do, we gotta get skills up, who knows when we’ll need to jump,” Mark said. “I’m still pulling in mana while I do this, and am trying to think of another skill to grind at the same time.”


“Why not hop over each other?” Charisse said before turning and walking fast away from the group. Once she was slightly out of sight, she took a few bunny hops as well.


Success! Agility Roll 3d10; 9, 1, 3. One Success; Skill Agility - Jump gained 1 Experience.

Skill Agility - Jump has reached Rank 1! Skill points to next level, 10.


Success! Agility Roll 4d10; 5, 7, 8, 4. Two Success; Skill Agility - Jump gained 2 Experience.

Skill points to next level, 8.


Failure! Physical Roll 3d10; 4, 3, 5. Zero Successes; Skill Archetype - Awareness has failed.


Failure! Agility Roll 4d10; 2, 1, 1, 3. Zero Success; Skill Agility - Jump has failed.


Charisse’s foot landed on a loose stone as she was coming down. She tripped and went down hard to her knee. Several flat stones embedded into the road were cracked. The stone she had slipped on was one of the broken pieces. Kneeling and pushing the pain aside, Charisse cursed at the stone’s betrayal.


Success! Physical Roll 3d10; 10, 8, 6. Two Successes; Skill Archetype - Awareness gained 2 Experience.

Skill points to next level 3.


Success! Mental Roll 2d10; 9, 4. One Success; Skill Archetype - Pattern Recognition gained 1 Experience.

Skill Archetype - Pattern Recognition has reached Rank 1! Skill points to next level, 10.


The stones under Charisse were cracked in an odd manner. She stood up and took a step backward and noticed the stone was in a pattern that resembled a Venn diagram. One big circle in the middle about five feet across, a couple of three-foot circles sitting at what would be a top and bottom, six smaller foot sized circles between the mediums along one side. Each circle had been a single piece of stone either overlapping or under the other stones.


Charisse looked around and went quiet, slowing her breathing and listened.


Success! Physical Roll 2d10; 7, 8. Two Successes; Skill Archetype - Listen gained 2 Experience.

Skill Archetype - Listen has reached Rank 1! Skill points to next level, 9.


Faint rumbling to her left, light footsteps with a mix of some heavy steps behind her, and all the creatures were silent. She took a couple of steps away from the road to a nearby tree and waited.


Thump, Thump.


“Hopping through the forest,” Mark sang. Thump. “Scooping up field mice, OUCH!”


“When did you become a bard?” Reggie’s voice called out.


“I didn’t, and you didn’t have to…”


“Then fucking stop singing.” Todd, Reggie, and Jax all said at the same time. Laughter and more thumps as the group hopped into Charisse’s view. She frowned then darted to the nearest tree.


“Hey, what's the worst way you’ve seen a group die?” Reggie said.


Success! Agility Roll 5d10; 7, 6, 8, 1, 2. Two Successes; Skill Stealth - Move Silent gained 2 Experience.

Skill points to the next level, 70.


The tree completely blocked any view of her from the direction the group was coming from. Slowly she reached down and grabbed a couple of pebbles then waited. A few seconds later, the cacophony of her friends. Thump, thump, as they jumped along the road.


“Total party kill because none could make a rope use check.” Mark breaking a moment of silence in the group.


“How…” Todd said then he stopped suddenly and looked at the road where Charisse had tripped. “… the fuck?”


“Everyone was wearing armor and…” Mark started to answer.


“No, that,” Todd interrupted as he pointed towards the cracked road.


Sounds of footsteps crunching against the stones scattered on the road. Charisse slowly moved around the tree to keep it between her and them.


Success! Agility Roll 5d10; 7, 7, 10, 2, 2. Three Successes; Skill Stealth - Move Silent gained 3 Experience.

Skill points to the next level, 67.


Slowly she leaned her head around the side of the tree, the group was focused on the cracked circular patterns. Carefully she reached back with one hand holding a pebble.


Success! Agility Roll 3d10; 6, 4, 8. One Success; Skill Ranged - Throw gained 1 Experience.

Skill Ranged - Throw has gained Rank 1! Skill points to the next level, 10.

Attack! 2 Damage from Ranged - Throw.


She threw the rock, aiming towards Todd’s head. The pebble flew true and hit him solidly in the side of the head. His head jerked to the side.


“Ouch!” Todd said.


Charisse already had a second little rock in hand and threw it before anyone looked in her direction.


Success! Agility Roll 4d10; 7, 9, 6, 7. Three Success; Skill Ranged - Throw gained 3 Experience.

Skill points to the next level, 7.

Attack! 2 Damage from Ranged - Throw.


The second rock flew towards Jax, with almost preternatural reflexes, he bent his head forward as if giving a prayer. The rock sailed past Jax and hit a tree opposite of Charisse.


Jax and Mark looked towards where the rock landed. Todd rubbed his head and was watching ahead of the trail. Reggie was looking at the little bit of blood on Todd’s hand when he pulled it away from where the rock hit him.


Charisse darted back behind the tree and slowed her breathing. The sounds of weapons being pulled from sheaths and muttered curses drifted around the tree.


“If your wishing to rob us, you’ve chosen poorly,” Jax called out.


Charisse bit her lip to keep from laughing out.


Success! Moxie roll 4d10; 4, 3, 1, 7. One Success; Skill Moxie - Subterfuge has gained Rank 1! Skill points to the next level, 8.


“Drop your weapons and your clothing, and I’ll let you live,” Charisse called out, deepen her voice and trying to throw it up in the tree.


“Oh, noes!” Jax said his voice shaking a little.


Failure! Mental Roll 2d10; 4, 2. Zero Success; Skill Mental - Deduct Rationale has failed.


Failure! Physical Roll 3d10; 3, 2, 6. Zero Successes; Skill Archetype - Awareness has failed.


Charisse bit back a laugh and peeked around the tree. She jumped backward as a sword point swung near her. Jax was standing a few feet in front of her.


“Jesus! I thought you were a bandit.” Jax said quickly lowing his sword blade.


“Dude!” Charisse screamed.


“I thought you were bandits!”


“Who the fuck throws stones?”


“People with glass houses?” Mark said.


“Shut the fuck up Mark!” Jax and Charisse said. They glared at each other for a moment then Charisse smiled.


“You guys were making enough noise, I thought it would be a good test.”


Jax’s eyes squinted and his left cheek pulled in a little.


“I have a feeling that isn’t all.” Jax’s eyes glowed faintly as he stared into Charisse’s eyes.


“Ok, I wanted to fuck with you all, geez,” Charisse said turning her head away and taking a step to the side. Todd’s head had a little blood on it, but he smiled faintly at her. “Sorry, I saw the broken stone and wanted to show you guys, but I also wanted to teach you a lesson about moving quietly.”


Jax moved between Charisse and the group still staring into her eyes. She kept looking towards the broken stone circles and towards Mark and Todd. She rushed towards Todd and placed a hand near where the stone hit.


“I’m sorry, can Reggie heal it?”


“It’s ok, though reminds me to look into getting a helmet.”


“Mark, can you sense anything about these circles?”


“Working on it,” Mark said waving his hands around in the air.


After a moment he knelt down and dragged a finger in a circle. Licking his finger, he traced a circle on the broken circle. Standing quickly holding his wet finger in the air, he spat away from the group. The whole group was silent as he held their attention.


“Nothing, I don’t even have a clue what skill or how to activate it,” Mark said against breaking the silence.


“Perhaps we rest for a moment and read up on how to identify magic or use knowledge checks,” Todd said as he removed a piece of cloth from his head and looked at the dry bloodstain. “Mark, you and Charisse read, we’ll stand guard and give you a 500 count.”


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