Skills, Archetypes, and Demons - First Encounters

by UnwrittenDreams

Original ONGOING Comedy Fantasy Gender Bender LitRPG Multiple Lead Characters Portal Fantasy / Isekai
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

For months Mark has been bugging his friends to try this gaming system he is enamored with. Skills, Archetypes, and Demons. This system has a skill for everything and even different approaches for some skills. Instead of levels, he tells them, each skill has its own experience and level.

"As true to real life as a gaming system could be." at least it says on the box. When the group finally break down and decide to play it, they head over to Hunter's house to start. Next thing they know... trapped in the game.

Everyone dreams of being trapped inside their favorite game. Abusing the mechanics and becoming OP AF. No one ever dreams of being trapped in a crappy system. One ladened with rules and so much record keeping it almost becomes tedious.


Author Notes: 

At the beginning of each chapter, I'll list the character sheet of the point of view the chapter will use. I'll list some skills that will be used during that chapter and the skills that will either gain experience or gain a point in. In S. A. D. RPG system each skill has it's own experience and level. Since the game system has a skill for everything, you shouldn't be surprised if the skill  Body Control - Bowel pops up when a player has to go through hour-long combat trying to not poop on themselves. The S. A. D. system is a melding of several different things I hated about some systems, and it not to be representative of one system.

- I wanted to write a truer LitRPG story and after years of playing many different systems, I know of a few I wouldn't mind being trapped in. There are some that I would rather just die than having to deal with the mechanics of it in life and/or death.  Overall this is to be a light-hearted and hopefully funny story. With hopeful updates at least once a week if not more. I've finished several other stories and books, which I end up throwing on Amazon because I'm a sucker for creating a physical copy for my personal shelf. Hopefully, that will reassure people of my intent to finish this story.


I truly hope you enjoy.


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A. what beautiful god damn comedy. 


B. add more tags. 


This book is great. Truly a blessed piece of enjoyment. I laughed, I had questions, I had more questions, they got answered, I laughed again, beautiful. 

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First chapter was great, I can tell that I'm really going to like this book when there's a little bit more. 

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What wonderful violence - As of Chapter 7

Reviewed at: Crunchy Chapter 7 - By the Numbers

The story is just starting but I am enjoying it.  The characters haven't had much time to develop but they seem to be going in a good direction.  Also contains some fresh ideas, at least from my point of view. 


Good work.