Tales Of The World Devouring Serpent

by Yamir Moon

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Cyberpunk LitRPG Male Lead Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead Urban Fantasy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Fang Yun has become a snake and got a system, the system requires him to brush up to 10 million reputation values, or face eternal death. So Fang Yun began to crazily upgrade! 

A beautiful outdoor streamer in the mountains, facing the camera and the live friends sending gifts but was caught by a one-meter-long python. 

3,000 meters above the sea surface, Lake Logar is suspected of the appearance of water monsters, causing a large number of tourists to explore. 

On the calm sea, a luxurious cruise ship is slowly moving forward. Visitors stood on the deck as the sea breeze blow. Suddenly, someone found that under the water behind their cruise ship, a black shadow hundred of meters long is following closely.



WordPress Website: Reincarnation Palace

Author: banana panting

Translator: YamirMoon

Updates will be on a daily basis, with a least a chapter a day.

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Yamir Moon

Yamir Moon

Word Count (13)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Reincarnated As a Snake ago
Chapter 2: Finding prey ago
Chapter 3: Begins to evolve ago
Chapter 4: Tree lizard ago
Chapter 5: Natural Enemies ago
Chapter 6: Rainstorm is coming ago
Chapter 7: wildcat ago
Chapter 8: Accident ago
Chapter 9: 3rd Evolution ago
Chapter 10: Forest fire ago
Chapter 11: latest findings ago
Chapter 12: smart squirrel ago
Chapter 13: Exploring The Area ago
Chapter 14: The Snake and The squirrel ago
Chapter 15: Expanding Territory ago
Chapter 16: Beauty Streamer ago
Chapter 17: shocked Chen Meng ago
Chapter 18: Getting Reputation Points ago
Chapter 19: Strengthening Determination ago
Chapter 20: New Skills ago
Chapter 21: Crazy Hunting ago
Chapter 22: Fifth Evolution ago
Chapter 23: Seasonal Change ago
Chapter 24: Snatching Prey ago
Chapter 25: Life and Death Battle ago
Chapter 26: Close Escape ago
Chapter 27: Zhang Wei ago
Chapter 28: Encountering The Eagle Again ago
Chapter 29: Bold Action ago
Change of Schedule ago
Chapter 30: GoodBye Xiao Ma ago
Chapter 31: New Nest ago
Chapter 32: Exploring New Territory ago
Chapter 33: Group Attack ago
Chapter 34: Surrounded ago
Chapter 35: Patience ago
Chapter 36: Unexpected Discovery ago
Chapter 37: Fish stealing thief ago
Chapter 38: Monkey Group ago
Chapter 39 Fleeing ago
Chapter 40: Fang Yun counterattack ago
Chapter 41: Honeycomb Trap ago
Chapter 42: Humans in the mountain ago
Chapter 43: Dangerous Chase ago
Chapter 44: Killing Peoples ago
Chapter 45: Looking For King Cobra ago
Chapter 46: Meeting Humans again ago
Chapter 47 Peak Match ago
Chapter 48: Finding Lunch ago
Chapter 49: New Journey ago
Chapter 50 Time flies ago
Chapter 51: Reservoir Storm   ago
Chapter 52: Fishing Allowed ago
Chapter 53: Sad Guy ago
Chapter 54: Beautiful Misunderstanding ago
Chapter 55: Mysterious Creature ago
Chapter 56: Where is the big fish? ago
Chapter 57: Entering the Forest ago
Chapter 58: King of the Marsh ago
Chapter 59: Acting With Tyranny ago
Chapter 60: Eating a Leopard ago
Chapter 61: Exterminating Action ago
Chapter 62: Meeting Humans Again. ago
Chapter 63: There is Really a Python ago
Chapter 64: Xiaoma appears ago
Change of Schedule ago
Chapter 65: Famous Fang Yun ago
Chapter 66: Salmons ago
Chapter 67: Morning Hunt ago
Chapter 68: New Skills ago
Chapter 69: Harvest ago
Chapter 70: Aggressive Bear ago
Chapter 71: Discovered Trail ago
Chapter 72: Almost Got Laid ago
Chapter 73: Meeting With Poachers ago
Chapter 74: Killing Intent ago
Chapter 75: Unexpected Death ago
Chapter 76: The Massacre ago
Chapter 77: End of the Event ago
Chapter 78: Was tracked ago
Chapter 79: The Battle With A Tiger ago
Chapter 80: Causing a Sensation ago
Chapter 81: The End of The Journey ago
Chapter 82: Arriving In The Prairie ago
Chapter 83: Entering The Grassland ago
Chapter 84: King of the Prairie ago
Chapter 85: Who is the killer? ago
Chapter 86: Shocked People ago
Chapter 87: Mysterious Disappearance ago
Chapter 88: Lions Hunting ago
Chapter 89: Wandering Lions ago
Chapter 90: 3 Party Convergence ago
Chapter 91: A Legendary Battle(Maybe) ago
Chapter 92: Annoying Cheetahs ago
Chapter 93: Evolution and Lion King Lei Bai ago
Chapter 94: The fall of the king ago
Chapter 95: Fang Yun appeared ago
Chapter 96: shocking the audience ago
Chapter 97: Global Craze ago
Chapter 98: Sci-Fi Movie Replication ago
Chapter 99: Completing the Main Task ago
Chapter 100: Changes in Mentality ago
Chapter 101: Reactions of the parties ago
Chapter 102: Arriving at the Rainforest ago
Chapter 103: Attack of Chimpanzees ago
Chapter 104: Fulfilling the Evolution Requirement ago
Chapter 105: End of Evolution ago
Chapter 106: Finding a Suitable Location ago
Chapter 107: Forest Park ago
Chapter 108: Advertising Plan ago
Chapter: 109: Creating The Fake Monster ago
Chapter 110: Preparations ago
Chapter 111: Press Conference ago
Chapter 112: Diving Service ago
Chapter 113: Taking pictures of the Monster ago
Chapter 114: Underwater Screams ago
Chapter 115: Plan Gone Wrong ago
Chapter 116: Getting Discovered ago
Chapter 117: Luring the Giant Python ago
Chapter 118: Deep Sea Blue ago
Chapter 119: Meeting An acquaintance ago
Chapter 120: Underwater Exploration ago
Chapter 121: Exploration Results ago
Chapter 122: Monsters and Boats ago
Chapter 123 New Journey ago
Chapter 124: Finding an Archipelago ago
Chapter 125: Juvenile Ham ago
Chapter 126: Unconvinced Ham ago
Chapter 127: Shocked Ham ago
Chapter 128: Preparing to Enter the Sea ago
Chapter 129: Sardines ago
Chapter 130: Storm ago
Chapter 131: Fearful Ham ago
Chapter 132: Sea Monster Found ago
Chapter 133: The Giants Hidden Underwater ago
Chapter 134: A Big Harvest ago
Chapter 135: Sunken Ship ago
Chapter 136: Alien Civilization ago
Chapter 137: Mutant LanternFish ago
Chapter 138: Monsters battle ago
Chapter 139: Island Maru ago
Chapter 140: Terrifying Creature ago
Chapter 141: Monster Fish and Giant Python ago
Chapter 142: Soaring Bio-Energy ago
Chapter 143: Are There Monsters In The Sea? ago
Chapter 144: Little Girl ago
Chapter 145: The Turtles Massacre ago
Chapter 146: News Fermentation ago
Chapter 147: Fang Yun's Growth ago
Chapter 148: Sea Monster Appears ago
Chapter 149: The Battle Under the Sea ago
Chapter 150: Is That A Sea Monster? ago
Chapter 151: What Is That? ago
Chapter 152: Stunned Crowd ago
Chapter 153: Becoming Famous Again ago
Chapter 154: Professor Hoover ago
Chapter 155: Catching the Python ago
Chapter 156: Monster Threat Theory ago
Chapter 157: Mutant Octopus ago
Chapter 158: Ham's Encounter ago
Chapter 159: The Giant Sea Serpent Appear ago
Chapter 160: Danger Is Approaching ago
Chapter 161: The Python Counterattack ago
Chapter 162: Space Channel ago
Chapter 163: The Beginning of the Invasion ago
Chapter 164: Cretaceous Period Creature ago
Chapter 165: Fighting a Mutant Octopus ago
Chapter 166: The Giant Monster ago
Chapter 167: Great Changes in the World ago
Chapter 168: The Four Sea Kings ago
Chapter 169: Thunder Domain ago
Chapter 170: The Kraken Invasion ago
Chapter 171: The Serpent Appears ago
Chapter 172: The World Pattern  ago
Chapter 173: The Return Of The Kraken ago
Chapter 174: Fang Yun's Whereabouts  ago
Chapter 175: Thousand Ring Islands ago
Chapter 176: Who is The Strongest Monster?  ago
Chapter 177: Hirota's Video  ago
Chapter 178: The 5th Monster King  ago
Chapter 179: Studying The Giant Serpent ago
Chapter 180: The Giant Turtle Secret ago
Chapter 181: The Thieving Serpent ago
Chapter 182: Preparation For Evolution ago
Chapter 183: The Mutant Elsamosaurus ago
Chapter 184: Capturing The Mutant Elasmosaurus ago
Chapter 185: Disappointing Discovery ago
Chapter 186: Mysterious Accident ago
Chapter 187: Mythological Giant ago
Chapter 188: The Prologue Begins ago
Chapter 189: Kaiju Strikes ago
Chapter 190: Desperate Escape ago
Chapter 191: Mysterious Being Appears ago
Chapter 192: Giant Serpent Appears! ago
Chapter 193: The Rescue Arrives ago
Chapter 194: Silicon-based creature  ago
Chapter 195: Overclocking Resonance ago
Chapter 196: Okinawa Island ago
Chapter 197: Godzilla-Wannabe Kaiju ago
Chapter 198: Pitiful Kaiju ago
Chapter 199: Stealing Prey Again ago
Chapter 200: The Beginning of the Crisis ago
Chapter 201: Rescuing the Giant Turtle ago
Chapter 202: Massive Casualties ago
Chapter 203: Space Channel Discovery ago
Chapter 204: Bombing the Space Channel ago
Chapter 205: Strange Sea ago
Chapter 206: Full Kaiju Outbreak ago
Chapter 207: Ruined City ago
Chapter 208: Crocodile-Kaiju ago
Chapter 209: Another Discovery ago
Chapter 210: Nuclear Winter ago
Chapter 211: Humans Advancement ago
Chapter 212: Energy Crisis ago
Chapter 213: Level 5 Kaiju "Mad Cow" ago
Chapter 214: The Divine Snake ago
Chapter 215: Leaving The African Continent ago
Chapter 216: Kaiju Cloning Success ago
Chapter 217: Neural Connection Technology ago
Chapter 218: Animals Mutation ago
Chapter 219: Exploring Grass Sea ago
Chapter 220: Sudden Encounter ago
Chapter 221: New Human Weapons ago
Chapter 222: Technology Explosion ago
Chapter 223: Sky Mothership ago
Chapter 224: Changes In the Ocean ago
Chapter 225: Practical Training ago
Chapter 226: Inflated  ago
Chapter 227: Training Event Begins  ago
Three chapters tomorrow ago
Chapter 228: Conflict Between Countries ago
Chapter 229: Intimidation and Retreat ago
Chapter 230: Devouring Kappa ago
Chapter 231: Second Bloodline ago
Chapter 232: Nubra Island  ago
Chapter 233: 4-Dimensional Computer ago
Chapter 234: Jurassic Park ago
Short Break ago
Chapter 235: Li Zhi's Doubts ago
Chapter 236: Arena ago
Chapter 237: Accidents in the Park ago
Chapter 238: Death Chase ago
Chapter 239: Fang Yun Wakes Up ago
Chapter 240: The Roar of the Serpent ago
Chapter 241: Giant Creatures Frenzy  ago
Chapter 242: Desperate People ago
Chapter 243: The Reinforcements Arrive ago
Chapter 244: True Despair ago
Chapter 245: Aliens ago
Chapter 246: The War Begins ago
Chapter 247: Targeting the Giant Serpent ago
Chapter 248: New Challenges ago
Chapter 249 Blue Star's Counterattack  ago
Chapter 250: Humans Counterattack ago

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  • Overall Score

The first dozen or so chapters are bad in terms of grammer. They need editing. Getts better edited later in the story. The story itself is pretty good, though it does have a few consistantcy problems and plot armor, though that is course for most Chinese novels. The charachter does not have too much depth to him, but is still better than alot of protags. The rest of the story is pretty good so far. Worth trying out if you are intrested. Will upgrade my score if the first few dozen chapters get edited.

  • Overall Score

Translated novel with all associated problems.

Reviewed at: Chapter 249 Blue Star's Counterattack 

Inconsistent plot rampant filler, and an overuse of cliffhangers. (the author also appears to be running out of ideas at times)

It's clear the original author gets paid per chapter or word, because nothing can get resolved in a chapter (read the next and feed me) and plot points get stretched out as far as they can. The original author also manages to show their ignorance about pretty any topic this story touches upon. 


 That and the casual racism here and there. 

  • Overall Score

Pretty good story so far, considered dropping it around chapters 120-150 but it seems to have picked up again. It's not going to blow any minds but for an easy read it's fantastic. I agree with others when they say it needs editing though. It's not bad english but it is obviously translated.

Story seems to be going well but there was a severe slump around chapters 120-150 where all progress ground to a halt while the author was presumably trying to come up with somewhere to take the story. Story picks up again around chapter 150 though. From there on it seems to be back on track nicely, a bit generic but still interesting.

This story seems to adhear to 'less is more' very well. The story doesn't have any pretentions about being some epic litrpg romp through another generic scifi/fantasy world, it just keeps things simple.

It's a simple story about a guy reincarnated as a snake with a litrpg system which slowly expands in scope as the main character expands in size. The first 100 chapters have almost no pointless character pages or meaningless fluff. Chapters 120-150 unfortunatly have quite a few pointless chapters, this is where an editor would shine as so many of these chapters have the translation problem of 'in other words'.

Saying all that I think the story does it's niche well, so it gets a rather high rating from me.

  • Overall Score

este romance tem muito racismo contra os estados unidos que irrita muito

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A good concept with poor translation and formatting

The concept has potential, but the grammar and formatting are both rather poor. Each sentence being its own paragraph even when they would benefit from being conceptually linked is rough, making it difficult to read. It reads like a literal translation from some other language, with both word choice and phrasing being quite jarring.

As of chapter 3 the character is very shallow, very much just a snake. If all there is going to be to your protagonist is a snake, why have the snake filled with someone whose entire description was "18 years old, a high school student"? Why not just be a snake?

  • Overall Score

U can skip chapters and u won't miss anything, it's the same thing over and over again,  eat evolve, eat evolve 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Extremely short summary: Guy reincarnates as a snake and eats and eats and eats and eats and grows.

Despite that, I can recommend reading this novel.


Since the story is rather limited so far in this way I couldn't give a great score on it. While it is interesting to read what antics he'll get up to now there is a severe lack of tension when the MC reaches a certain point, as there is very little that is still a threat to him. Perhaps a sniper, RPG (not the game, the grenade thing) or cannon can still have some effect, but encountering some would seem a bit improbable. Lets wait and see how the story develops.


Since the MC is pretty much the only character worth noting also not a full score there, but at least many of the temporary characters are actual persons instead of templates, cliches or tropes.


Spelling, grammar and writing style are perfectly fine. Some older reviews said otherwise but I have not encountered the same issues. Yes there are some idioms and proverbs you may not be familiar with, but it's not in a bad way and certainly not unreadable.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Overall, pretty good. I think the grammar is decent (Compared to some truly horrendous stories.) and legible. The story seems to be progressing nicely, at chapter 8 as of writing this review. The style is nice, a little snake getting stronger. The characters are also good, although most beside the MC are not fleshed out, they are all little brained animals, while the MC is decently fleshed out so far.

  • Overall Score

 Basically copied wuxia, and then google translated it and pasted it in here. Worst grammar I've ever read, but one of the best grindy stories I've recently read.

Aty marik
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

A good story so far, but it's obviously a Chinese translated novel.

While there may be a few grammatical mistakes, it's quite easy to read.

After all I have seen translations way worse than this.

Finally I recommend that you post your novel in WordPress, then link it to novel updates.