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Chapter 67: Morning Hunt


  Salmons immigrate from the ocean to freshwater to reproduce, that is to say, these salmons are from the ocean.

  If he swims downstream along this river, he will reach the ocean.

  Previously, he wanted to go to prey rich places, such as the African savanna or the Amazon rainforest. Unfortunately, he doesn't know the geography of the world.

  If he really can't find a savanna or a rainforest then going to the ocean is not a bad choice.

  The ocean is not only vast but also has an almost inexhaustible amount of creatures, which is a paradise to him.

  Of course, the premise is that he has the strength to remain as a predator there.

  After thinking for a while, Fang Yun made up his mind. After the salmon migration season ends, he will swim along this river and into the ocean.

  Before that, he will try increasing his strength as much as possible.

  After all, the ocean creatures are much more powerful than the terrestrial ones. There are still some creatures in the ocean that have the ability to threaten him.

  After clearing his mind, Fang Yun closed his eyes and fell asleep.

  Early the next morning, he woke up from his sleep. After looking around, he climbed down the tree, beginning today's hunting journey.

  He first slithered to the river and looked in it. Not finding any salmon, he didn't get anxious. He simply turned around and crawled into the jungle.

  The jungle in the early morning is particularly cold and somewhat humid.

  Breathing in such an environment can give people a feeling of suffocation, but Fang Yun felt only a little depressed. The humid air makes detecting preys smell much harder.

  He crawled past a lot of frogs and small animals, such as rats and lizards, but with his current size and ability, hunting them is not worth the effort.

  While crawling around, he continued looking around for any possible prey. Suddenly, he stopped moving.

  He heard some movement in the distance.

  He flicked his tongue and indeed found a strange smell.

  Fang Yun looked in a certain direction, then immediately crawled there, stopping at a cluster of bushes.

  He looked out through the bushes, only to discover that two goats are standing not far from here.

  The two goats were eating grass, not knowing that they have been noticed by a dangerous predator.

  Once Fang Yun stared at the goats, the system prompt sounded in his mind, providing him with these two goats information.

  Each one can provide 500 bio-energy points.

  "Not bad, the day has just started and I already obtained 1000 bio-energy points."

  Fang Yun has already considered these two goats as his bio-energy.

    Tightening his muscles, he jumped at the goats with unprecedented speed.


  His huge body colliding with the ground made a loud noise. After landing on the ground, he immediately bit one goat and injected his venom into its bloodstream.

  Letting go of this goat, he immediately bit into the other one.

  Although it took some time to describe these actions, they actually happened in the blink of an eye.

  Only now did the other goat react. It immediately turned around and fled, using its fastest speed, it ran into the distance.

  Seeing this, Fang Yun quickly chased after it.

  While the goat did its best, running at its fastest possible speed. It's still no match for Fang Yun, not even a minute later. He caught up with the goat and killed it.

  Without an accident, the goat was swallowed by Fang Yun.

  Slithering back to the previous cluster of bushes, the other goat body was still there. Waiting a few minutes for the one in his stomach to get digested, he swallowed the other goat.

  After eating two goats in a row, Fang Yun continued strolling in the jungle.

  Time passed by and it was soon noon. During this time, Fang Yun crawled approximately 10 km. He also ate two more animals along the way.

  These two animals provided him an additional 860 bio-energy points.


  Fang Yun suddenly stopped moving and looked ahead.

  Not far ahead, a big wild boar was leisurely walking, from time to time, it inserted its head in the bushes or sniffed at the bottom of a tree.

  “Target locked, Asian wild boar, Mammal, S.scrofa, can provide 800 bio-energy point.”

  Hearing the system prompt, Fang Yun gradually tightened his muscles, preparing to kill this wild boar with one blow, but he suddenly stopped.

  Feeling that the atmosphere is somewhat wrong, he lifted his head and looked up at a tree not far away.

  He discovered that behind that tree is a crouching beast.

  A Leopard.

  Behind that tree, a leopard was hiding.

  "Target locked, leopard, mammal, carnivore, can provide 1600 bio-energy points."

  This leopard provides less bio-energy than the one he ate at the swamp, but it's already not bad.

  He was originally preparing to hunt the wild boar but Fang Yun has now changed his mind.

  He quietly curled behind the bushes, intending to silently watch the show.

  The leopard hesitated for a bit before suddenly jumping from behind the tree, then directly running toward the wild boar. 

  Obviously, this leopard is also eying the wild boar.

  Fang Yun watched as the leopard attacked the unprepared wild boar, jumping straight toward its back.

  The wild boar was frightened by the sudden attack of the leopard. Turning around, it wanted to escape. Unfortunately, it only managed to run a few meters before the leopard landed right on its back.

  The leopard inserted his claws into the wild boar's flesh, then immediately bit into its throat causing the wild boar to scream in pain.

  Only after the leopard jumped from behind the tree did Fang Yun manage to see its complete picture.

  This leopard is slightly smaller than the one that Fang Yun ate before, but it's equally strong.

  Just after the leopard killed the wild boar and was about to drag it to a safe place to eat. Fang Yun suddenly jumped out of the bushes;


  Fang Yun's explosive power is very strong. He crossed 10 meters in the blink of an eye. The leopard was shocked by the sudden appearance of Fang Yun. It released the wild boar and turned around, preparing to run. Unfortunately, it didn't have the luck to do so. Fang Yun caught up with it and poisoned it.

  After killing the leopard, Fang Yun released it and swallowed the wild boar first.

  After swallowing the wild boar, he didn't wait for it to get digested but immediately swallowed the leopard. He didn't want to waste time here.

  After eating two beasts in a row, his stomach swelled a lot.

  Fang Yun did not stay here and wait for the food to get digested but continued his journey in the forest. Unfortunately, his luck seemed to run out.

  After searching for more than 30 kilometers, he didn't have any gain.

  Suddenly, he stopped moving and his eyes stared right in front of him.


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