Balancing of the world

by Lestatio

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Dungeon LitRPG Low Fantasy Non-Human lead Post Apocalyptic Strategy Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Just as humanity reached the height of its power, it fell again. Mana was introduced into a previously balanced world, sending everything present into chaos. Humanity losing its technological advantages, fell back to the dark ages, back to when survival was all but guaranteed. Mana though useful for enhancing the body isn’t unlimited, and humanity fell behind fast.

From experiments, a being of mana, born into this chaotic world. The first of its kind. Rather than thriving in a world to which it belongs, it has to model the world so it will suit its needs.

As a lone being, it has to use its power over mana to influence beasts and humans alike to abide by its will and further its goals. It will manipulate intelligent lifeforms to do its bidding while believing that they are becoming stronger. It will help lower lifeforms and guide their lives until they fit into the world as envisioned by our being.

Read how our protagonist starts in a small area, changing it to suit its needs, and then grows until the world is balanced and at peace again.


This is my first story, and I don’t have an editor yet. My English should be good enough, but I expect to have to go back and do editing later on.

I would classify this story as litRPG. There will be a type of system with blue boxes and all, though the perspective is the system itself and how it came to be and why it does what it does. As a single mighty being, there will be dungeon core influences such as expanding the area and influencing all within though there is no such thing as an actual dungeon. As humanity is trying to survive, there will also be some city/base building influences, and I will have some perspective changes to show how the forces are being perceived by the affected people.

As I have a busy job, it will be hard to update consistently, but I am quite a bit ahead of what I have currently uploaded.




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