This time, pulling under the overhang of the hotel, a valet skips around to Saya's door, opening it for her as she steps out, Lan taking a ticket from the one near him. Saya's valet friend plucks out their luggage from the car – but not before Lan stops him in curt Japanese not to take his bag, only hers - before it takes off to be parked elsewhere.
The valet leads them through the automatic double doors and towards the reception desk, setting their bags down. For once, Lan was grateful that tipping wasn't a thing in Japan, considering he didn't have any cash whatsoever.
The woman behind the counter smiles and bows, welcoming them in Japanese, but quickly switching to English based on appearances – yet again.
“Welcome to the Sheraton Grand, do you have a reservation?” She looks up at Lan, which doesn't really bother Saya, imposing height can be a draw to attention.
Lan pauses for a moment before pulling his wallet out and thumbing his ID out of its slot, holding it out to her. “It should be one room, either under this name or hers, Travis,” motioning to Saya.
Before she can pull out her own ID, the receptionist nods and starts clicking away at the keyboard in front of her workstation. “We have one room reserved under Satake, a deluxe Club corner king suite?” She asks Lan, looking between him and Saya, though neither knew exactly what that meant beyond the bed size.
Lan nods and slides his ID back into his wallet. “The room should already have a credit card on file,” to which she nods, placing a piece of paper in front of Lan and holding a pen out to him.
Lan starts to sign his name in English, out of habit, as the receptionist continues. “The Club room you have booked allows for complimentary use of the indoor pool and sauna, as well as breakfast starting at 6:30, tea twice a day, and cocktails in the evening.”
He turns the paper back to the receptionist who takes it and places it in a vertical scanner, continuing her practiced speech. “Should you desire, you can call the Shine Spa at any time to schedule a treatment, including Ella Baché, or the most intensive Germaine de Capuccini."
Neither of those phrases made any sense to either of them, but they nod anyway as the woman slides two keycards across the counter towards the two of them.
“Thank you for choosing the Sheraton Grand, enjoy your stay!”
Lan picks one key up, Saya picking the other up. He glances over at the smiling receptionist before turning away, holding out his keycard to Saya.
“Guess she thought we were a couple,” he chuckles as she takes it, holding both in the hand that doesn't grab her own luggage as they walk towards the elevators.


  They step out onto the 14th floor, looking at the numbers directing them towards the room.
“He didn't have to do all this,” Saya says as they walk down the hall, counting off door numbers.
“You knew he would. Or I did, I suppose.” He tilts his head, thinking, hands in his pockets as he walks beside her. “They know us here, the group puts potential clients and dignitaries here all the time. I doubt the location and price even crossed Reo's mind.”
They come to the last door on the left at the end of the hall, Saya inserts the keycard which makes the lock beep and turn green. She pushes the door open and the lights automatically illuminate the room, even though the curtains were already drawn back, letting in the day's light.
Lan reaches over her and holds the door open as she starts in, looking around, it was a hotel room, yes, but it was a damn nice hotel room at the same time. The massive king-sized bed took up the majority of the room, but there was enough space for a glass business nook.
The bathroom was strange to Saya, almost completely open, the bath in one room, toilet in another, but the sink and mirror faced out towards the bed. She lifts her case up and lays it on the luggage rack, walking over towards the open, corner window and looking out.
It was breathtaking, below her, to the left was Hiroshima's central downtown district, but to her right, an abundance of green crawling its way up over a large hill, with even more forest spanning the horizon as she looks out.
Saya had to admit to herself, the view on its own was worth the room, despite the ample amenities that came along with it. She sighs, looking between the concrete and glass buildings downtown and the greenery next to it.
“Ota has green spaces, but not like this,” she whispers. “Parks don't really compare.”
Lan stands behind her, leaning over towards the left window, looking out the corner at the forest she was seeing.
“Oh, that's Futabayama.” Again with the mountain words, she thinks. But she turns and looks up at him.
“That's not Utsu.. Ush..” she grumbles a bit at already having forgotten the name.
“Ushitayama? No, Ushitayama iiiss..” he leans forward, squinting as he points in the same direction of where they were looking. “Back there. See that taller one in the distance?”
Saya leans up on her tip-toes, but it was fairly obvious: the peak in the far distance was nearly double the elevation of the one closest to them.
Jesus, Saya thinks, and they're all so nonchalant about it.
“Anyway.. they'll be expecting us in a few hours, so I can wait downstairs so you can uh..” He looks back at the room, arms open towards it. “Decompress, I guess? Going there and back would be a waste of time.”
He starts towards the door before hitching in his step and turning back towards her.
“Listen, all we have to do is show up. Tea, dinner, or neither, I could say we have reservations at a restaurant.”
He doesn't have to say them, but they come out at a whisper at her: “Va-ca-tion.”
Saya rolls her eyes at the most obvious of his statements, and responds by mouthing quietly: “De-flec-tion.”
Lan grins a bit and holds up his hands to her, she was right after all. He turns back and pulls open the door, leaving Saya to her on devices.


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