It was a rather confusing day for the tiny purple humming-bird, that flew around the island of Discordia to collect memes and gave away ratings to some of the nearby storey flowers. 

But the light on Discord was… odd to say the least. Sunlight shone on one side of the island with daytime, while moonlight seemed to dominate the other side in deep nighttime. 

This had been going on for a few days already and it started to really confuse some of the inhabitants. The follow and favourite mice certainly grew restless.

Then finally a loud crack resounded throughout the isle and the normal concept of time returned to Discordia. The early sunlight of a new day approached as the two eggs that started all this confusion… hatched.

Both eggs had large cracks in their shells, but the red one was the first to break open. Rather than slowly widening the cracks, it’s inhabitant fell out in a chaotic, but cute roll. It was a crimson red baby dragon. A bit tipsy, it adjusted its awkward position and greeted the world with a big yawn. And a tiny red flame escaped with it.

The dragon blinked at the small window in front of its head and immediately understood.

Name: Kana
Title: Daj, the Everfixter
You have reached Level 1.
You have learned [Inspect].

Kana booped the windows away with his snout and looked at a tiny rock in front of him. [Inspect], he roared in dinosaur.

A tiny rock.

The tiny dragon tilted its head. He tried it on another rock of similar size.

A tiny rock.

Bored, he gave up and looked at the second egg, that now shone brightly. The top of the egg flew off, as if cut by a skilled swordsman. Then a azure baby penguin levitated upwards, clad in moonlight, before it skillfully jumped down front the edge of the egg and landed next to Kana.

Adjusting her red bow tie, the penguin girl eyed a set of windows too.

Name: Wing
Title: Moonlight Scholar


You have reached Level 1.
You have learned [Inspect].


Wing immediately tried it out on her dragon companion.

Kana. A Dragon.

Wing tilted her head. Kana agreed. It was not really helpful.

Kana stared at the two sheets of paper that rested below the remainders of their eggs. Kana booped Wing in the side and pointed towards the pages. Wing booped Kana on the head approvingly.  As they both picked one up a new window popped up for them.

You have found: [The Rules]
You have gained 100 Experience.
You reached Level 2.
You have learned the Ability: [Ban Hammer].


Ban Hammer
The Ability to obliterate anyone on RoyalRoad[L] according to The Rules.  Impossible to evade or dodge in any way. Can reach over any distance and see through all illussions, working according to the will of the caster.

Wing smiled happily as she looked down from the Island of Discordia. Then she grabbed Kana’s tail and jumped down, pulling the surprised dragon with her.

It was adventure time!


About the author

Florean Fortescue

  • Austria - Digging Plotholes in the Mountainside
  • F. Fortescue

Bio: Give me a pen and I will write about swords. Give me a sword and I will swing it around and drop it awkwardly by accident.

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Wing @Wing ago

It is only fitting I'm the first commenter. Looking forward to see how this developes. 


gary0044187 @gary0044187 ago

I expect great things! also you need a cover

JeanDRacc @JeanDRacc ago

As a person that has felt the power of the hammer, I can tell that its already an OP character...

It will make everyone to feel the worst nausea and crush to the grounds remembering the word: Eithbannukbrella!

Thanks for the chap. Nice chars. I think the penguin needs to waddle a bit more.