Gold Coin Tower

by GFW Dohle

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Magic Male Lead Supernatural

The world of Vanion. A world of magic, monsters and different races.
In this world lives a young man named Vanroc. While he is driven out of his village for an unknown reason, he sets off to look for work.

What will he become? A simple field worker or maybe a merchant?
Will he follow the influence of others or find his own way while learning about the most powerful weapon in the world: money!

Time will tell what will be most important to him.

Maybe money? Knowledge? Or is it his conscience?



--- A (big) part of this Novel will focus on the economy and business of this magic world. ---


[ There will be at least one release on Sundays. ]



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GFW Dohle

GFW Dohle

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